Predictions to 2012


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The 2012 appears critical. All the spiritual scriptures, speaks of end time disasters. This accurate prediction may not go well with Christians for it is written that only Father Knows the exact time. The Mayan predictions come from observable facts in solar system. But all observed action should be preceded by spiritual action. So both appears true. Even if we overlook spiritual reality, one look at the modern world, with global warming, climate change, increased natural catastrophes, war, terrorism, epidemics and so on, clearly tells us we are some where near the boundary where humanity need to awaken to truth and take guard of our abode

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Predictions to 2012

  1. 1. Predictions to 2012 The Endangered World – The Prediction to 2012 and Solutions to Survive • Introduction • Predictions • Proof • The Cause • The Truth and way to Survive 2012 • The Living Science of Nature • The knowledge Behind the Prophesy and hope I carry • Actions to survive 2012 Introduction My gift does not permit to prophesy and prediction but speaks the tendency of the system and the cause of this tendency. My gift speaks to you the design and function of the system that could help us to awaken and save our selves from the impending disasters. You don’t have to be gifted or need to be scientist to tell the tendency of the system in which we live in. All you need is common sense and a will to find time to observe nature and your action with out “self”. The tendency of the system and the predictions I make actually dates back 1987, when I began to observe nature form a point of freedom. It created fears of total destruction of humanity. My search for Truth was triggered by it. The tendency and the visions of nature I visualized are increasingly turning true. I am writing them to you. Predictions 1] We are going to see some of the hottest as well as coldest years. In other words the nature peaks violently causing huge catastrophes. Mother Nature is designed to support life. But she is getting violent because of human extreme intervention to her functioning out of ignorance. By its design and function she is capable of self sustaining. We are forcing her to show her destructive face. This means we are going to see fire bound, water bound, wind bound and earth bound destruction as never seen before. The possibilities are We will see huge uncontrolled fire destroying many eco systems because of the intensity of sun and its radiations. When the climate changes or when mother earth reacts, it leads to huge water bound destructions. We will see flood, snows as never before. The rain and snowfall per unite area in unit time could exceed all the records by many folds. It is apparent that where fire arises there will be wind. This means the wind bound destruction will increase as never before. These huge fluxes 1
  2. 2. in the energy can disturb every thing in nature. It could lead to climatic changes as never seen before, gigantic earth quakes to release the energy from the inner cores and so on. History records that one of the way nature cools her self is by bursting volcanoes and putting the dust into the atmosphere. Many of the major volcanoes of earth are already due for eruptions. That could be very destructive. The fragility of earth means there will be huge History records that one of the way nature cools her self is by bursting volcanoes and putting the dust into the atmosphere. Many of the major volcanoes of earth are already due for eruptions. That could be very destructive. The fragility of earth means there will be huge land slides, ice slides and so on. One of the thing that modern world has to bear in mind when nature is peaking with heat content, fluctuating and volatile, is the fact that the world is using highly inflammable materials. When the system is peaking, these inflammable materials can catch spontaneous fires. This would be the final catastrophic signal. This can cause chain of fire bound destructions. The drastic climatic changes can cause behavioral changes in animals and cause extinctions of various plants animals and eco systems. It can cause quick and increased mutations in viruses and bacteria leading to outbreak of new diseases. With human health at individual and collective levels being at low level and the fact that the world is fast communicated, invariably means huge epidemics can break out any time and spread quickly. Our system and its planning will not be able to contain it. Our research facilities may not get time to generate solution to it. The expenses incurred fighting these pandemic can trigger economic collapse and total disorder. It can weaken defenses of the nations and the nations can become sitting ducks to terrorist mentality that individuals and communities are developing because of stress on their life. The disturbed energy cycle that humanity has created without the knowledge of oneness is actually hitting back at him. It becomes evident, if you observe the society. The mind of individuals, the collective mind of the family, community and nations are turning disturbed and violent in the absence of Truth and oneness. This means violence, war, terrorism and such self destructive tendencies will only increase. Disturbed minds can precipitate nuclear, biological, chemical war causing huge catastrophes. The suicidal tendencies and terrorism are the creations of the inferior minds that are ruling the modern world with self. It is time we stop and go back to the drawing room and review our knowledge of nature. Otherwise we will see some of the most horrific destructions form nature as never seen before. 2
  3. 3. The Proof Reports from NASA, shows that sun is violent, the solar system is unstable. The observation of distant cosmos shows violent activities. Some of the explosions witnessed in cosmos are reported to be next only to big bang. In the interconnected world these explosion are bound to influence us. The fire bound, wind bound, flood bound, earth bound [earthquake] destructions that has happened in the past 10 years should give us enough reason to open our eyes. The best equipped countries have failed against the raw forces of Mother Nature. America and its technological means was helpless against the forest fire, which destroyed thousands and thousands hectares forest and homes. The years ahead to 2012 are very critical. The year 2012 is recorded in Mayans calendar as end of time and the beginning of New Time Cycle. This phase transition is supposed to be highly catastrophic. Though not recorded with such precision, Bible, Vedas and other Spiritual scriptures also records similar catastrophic and testing period for humanity before the New Time emerges. Many solar events seems to coincide in 2012, the earth axis is expected to flip, the solar system is supposed to align with milky way, the sun spot cycle is supposed to peak in 2012 see graph below. The sunspot cycle is an indication of radiation emerging from sun. The cycle shows definite pattern. In 2009 we are seeing an abnormally low sunspot activity that is indicative of huge aberration in the climatic cycle to come. Such aberration not only influences the heat content of the system and fire bound destructions, but can also cause earth quakes, large floods, snowfall, and wind born destruction. 3
  4. 4. The cause The cause is simple. We have been recklessly exploiting the material nature and have been releasing huge amount of heat content into the system. All heat creates disorder in the system enclosed in it and also in their interactions. The interaction lacks order and control when heat increases. This is common sense as well as basic sciences taught at us in school levels. By our reckless exploitation of material nature we have created a unilateral time direction to the environment that is directed to greater and greater disorder and lack of control. It is apparent it can not go on endlessly. The increased heat content is creating the disorder in all the system that is contained in it. Thus all ecological systems in the global system are getting unstable. The human system is not an exception. The Soul a mind and body of a human is being stressed to critical point and is not able cope with it and maintain the order. Hence the systems are getting violent. The Soul is getting violent, the mind is getting violent, and body is getting diseased. This violence is being expressed back in to nature. This is a vortex that is increasing in strength by the passing of every minute. The only good sign in this critical state is the revival of Spirituality that is helping humans to survive. However, Spiritual revival in the name of religion and the lack of knowledge of oneness is emerging as the biggest threat to humanity. The only way to survive is to know Truth and bow to Truth. The Truth and way to Survive 2012 Both nature and life are designed to control and balance the system. When subjected to stress and pushed to the critical limit they react violently to gain new order. They turn inside out and change the direction of the flow. This is how a New Time cycle begins and New Order comes in to being. It is a quantum phenomenon. We the human beings the propagators of this time direction fail to perceive this quantum collapse and reordering process and thus get caught in the fury of nature and fight a vain battle. Everything else transforms smoothly the transformative state of nature smoothly except humans. However, the scenario changes when we open our senses and awaken to Truth of nature and the energy flow in it. My sites/book is an attempt to bring out the simple Truth behind nature and its functioning. My writing and my site may not be sophisticated but tries within my limits to pass to you vital observation of nature. Since this is an important aspect I will briefly call your attention to the basic problem of humanity. The basic problem of humanity is that we fail to perceive the simple Truth of nature, but live in complex world and create more complexity in order to survive. He struggles with his mind and “self” to create divisions and create space for himself and in the process the whole and the oneness is forgotten. This is a philosophical statement that covers both Spiritual and material world we know. Let me summarize it in a way common people can understand. 4
  5. 5. If you stand back and observe nature we note that when west awake to sunlight and the material matter in it goes into disorder, the east sleeps to darkness and goes into an ordering phase and vice-versa. When the sun light peaks in the west by design it gives way to darkness simultaneously the east peaks in order and gives way to disorder. The east and west are instantaneously communicated and there is information flow. This flow of energy and information in earth seems to function like a double pump or the human heart! This means Universe is Living and the modern science is fundamentally wrong in its perception of nature. The recent developments in science increasingly point to it. All ancient Spiritualists advocate Living Universe Theory. This means the ancient Spiritual scientist had greater knowledge of the universe than the modern scientist. All life, you and me take energy and matter from this 24 for hour day and night cycle of order and disorder. We know that matter is gravitational and centripetal. But if you observe life, all life by instinct is anti-gravitational. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living system and material system shows this opposition. This means even the existence of one living cell should stop the gravitational collapse. Life is designed to survive time direction. This means we can wipe out Modern Big Bang Theory and seek the answer in life for the origin of perpetuation of the universe. There is a little problem here in totally wiping the Big bang Theory. The energy flow in nature is stable and is capable of self sustaining. But this stability seems to break down when we bring in the adult human beings and his mind centered life. His material centered life actually joins hands with material force and becomes centripetal. No wonder that God after creation put a law on Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree at the center. Adam broke the law to create a time direction to death. We the descendent of Adam and Eve are influenced by the Adamic mind and strive for material gains and align with material force. No wonder death is gaping on us. We are increasingly becoming aware of it and we are going restless. Even slight disturbance is causing great recession and collapses and destructions. This means the world and the universe as a whole takes the time direction because of human mind, its self and its attachment to matter. The “self” of humans manifests as conquering motive and corruption. It pushes nature to a limit at which she reacts violently. Modern man’s reckless exploitation of material energy actually is breaking the energy cycle of earth in which we all live. What it means is that nature’s capacity to repairs and reorder herself is restricted. Eventually it leads to a quantum collapse, where the system inverses and collapses into new order and changes the direction of flow of energy in the system. This collapse is inevitable in the Living Universe Theory. This transition phase and its initialization could be highly painful, destructive. But its end would be a joyful one. Jesus compared the end time to pregnant woman undergoing the pains of delivery. The pains and misery turns into joy when the birth takes place. 5
  6. 6. So in spite of all the destruction we witness, there is light ahead. Jesus said He will come to lead every one to Kingdom of God. Vedas say that kali Yuga or dark age will give way to Golden-age. The entry to Kingdom of God comes when we awaken to Truth of nature or Know Jesus Christ. I am not advocating a religion but a Living science of nature. My belief in Christ tells me that we will awaken to the Truth; the only question left behind is after how much of destruction The Living Science of Nature The living science of nature is simple. Time direction originates from the mind of humans that break the law. The breaking of the law directs the time to the center. A collapse and big bang becomes inevitable. We ruled out this collapse in the material world because of the existence of life. But reintroduced when we observed human and their actions in the ignorance of oneness of nature. The vortex that we create out of ignorance directs back to us. This means one Soul/mind and body in the center of the whole and time should be the recipient of this gravitational collapse. If the universe should survive, this one soul/mind/and body should convert all death forces back into life force. It should conquer time directed to the center and change its direction and crate a time flow from the center to the out side and initialize the whole system into a New Time cycle at the periphery. In short God should recreate and give us the dominion. God should illuminate human mind such that the death forces that comes from human by his ignorance and his forgetting nature are defeated. This reality of nature is happening through Christ, is the scientific Truth I am speaking to you. Christ is a Life Science. This reality is well written in other scriptures too. The Vedas very clearly write that the universe is conscious and intelligent and we are the individuated consciousness and intelligence born from it. Yajurveda Vs 30-31 tells us that the universe is created by the self-sacrifice of the Creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by His own people. This is called Purusha Medha Yajna. The knowledge Behind the Prophesy and Hope I carry Let us now see how the energy cycle is creating the disorder in the modern world. To understand it let us observe the 24 hour cycle that is divided into day and night and earth that is divided into west and east. The cycle can be imagined from number 8. See Fig - 1. The Figure represents the day and night cycle and energy flow in it. Here when one cycle is expanding the other cycle is contracting giving it stability. There is an inner and outer limit for this cycle. You and I, at any moment can only exist in one of the 8 components in the Figure -19. Now, think of one Mr. X , an idiot who thinks material power is superior and hopes to rule the world with it, explodes an atomic bomb in one of the component of 6
  7. 7. the above time cycle, this causes a bump in the flow. If it is beyond the critical limit, the flow reacts. This is shown in Fig -19 The flow twitches energy and holds it out. This action is communicated instantaneously and leads to opposite reaction in the opposite side in a dynamic system and this balances the system. We are seeing the formation positive and charges. When the night cycle comes, the system tries to balance it self, which means when time changes, Mr. X will get the reaction to his action. The reaction is communicated in time but it is inevitable that it has to occur by the fundamentals of dynamic system and its quantum design. These pockets are the pockets of negative energies tapped in the system. Nature works relentlessly to balance it. Much of this balancing process happens in the dark cycle. The negative energies that nature cannot balance in immediate next cycle, because of over lapping actions, is held as negative energy pockets and is released when the climatic cycle changes. There is a method working behind this. What cannot be balanced, in 12 month climatic cycle is balanced 12 year cycles and so on. What cannot be done in all these cycles need to be straightened when the universal time cycle changes and initializes it self. We are going through this process of end time collapse and reordering process. When time is directed to the center, the collapse directs to one point or one Soul/mind/body - The Soul/mind/ body of Christ. Christ successfully conquered the time directed to death and changed the direction from contraction to expansion. We are some where in the boundary where the time needs to change and get initialized to a new time cycle. However this change is bound to affect every created Soul/mind/body. Not one Soul can escape this warping of time. We individuals and the collective hierarchies are going through this stress. It can be catastrophic unless we awaken to the Truth of nature or the Mind of God and understand the relationship between man and Nature. This knowledge of oneness can only save the situation for the 7
  8. 8. world. This is not going to come to us by our effort but by the Grace of God for the Divine Purpose of sustaining life. What is important to note is that when the dynamic system is balanced and strong, that is when it is near and around its equilibrium state it can withstand fluctuations. However when the system is stressed and is in near critical state, these aberrations cause spontaneous catastrophic reactions. In an interrelated world these creates chain of reactions. For example, say a container of petrol catches fire 100 degrees. If the environment is near 80 degree there is less risk involved in handling it. Suppose the environment is 99 degrees. The container can explode with little friction and heat is released in the environment. This explosion and heat released can cause explosion in another distant container of petrol existing in 95 degrees and together they can create explosion in another container existing in 90 degrees and so on. The world knows this as non linear science, a science by which life works and communicates. Common sense tells us that with reckless exploitation of fossil fuels and industrial activity, we have increased the heat content of the environment. In the night cycle nature works to cool and transform this into biological mass. But with human reckless intervention in this ordering phase, we have been increasing the heat content of nature. Our thermometers cannot record it. For all the matter readjusts to the temperature changes in the environment. This means various ecological system will get stressed and begins to collapse spontaneously. Actions to survive 2012 The first action we should take is to understand nature and its oneness. I by His Grace and guidance have struggled one life time to speak to you the simple design and law on which nature works. It is time we all awaken to this simple Spiritual Truth of nature. Knowing the knowledge of oneness and spreading it will help us transform from inferior knowledge into superior knowledge and take guard of the endangered world. The second action is to apply the knowledge. The time direction we have created is unidirectional; this means the heat content of the system is increasing every moment. The violent reactions from Mother Nature are coming because we are giving little time to Mother Nature to repair herself. We have disrupted the 24 hour day and night cycle. Our first action should be to give nature some time to recover herself. I have suggested in my article on global warming we can survive global warming and even survive catastrophes coming our way, if we can reduce our intervention into night cycle of nature by few percent. We must allow nature to cool and give her space and time to repair herself. Much of the root cause of our illness and miseries also relates to the fact we do not give time and space for the consciousness and intelligence with in us to work and repair the system. The ancient seers and Spiritualist, seems to have understood this 8
  9. 9. Truth of nature and thus designed cultures and practices to be adopted in daily, seasonal and in life time cycles. We in the modern world have failed to understand its significance and thrown it to wind. It is time we reinvent them. This means the ancient Spiritual cultures have immense significance and needs to be rediscovered. I wonder how much more destruction humanity has to undergo before he can open his eyes. Any of you who read this article finds any sense in it, please spend some time to call yours friends, your communities, your leaders and your governments attention to it. If you fail because you have no time to do it now, at least remember this article and do the act, when a great catastrophe strikes your life and if you survive it by Grace and think to start a New Life. 9