Jesus Christ And The Truth Of Calvary


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Jesus Christ and Calvary sacrifice is a secret science of creation of the universe that can be explored and can be understood from biological science and some vital observations of nature. This discovery can break the Good News beyond the fold of religion as truth and science of nature.

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Jesus Christ And The Truth Of Calvary

  1. 1. Jesus Christ and the Truth of Calvary The Science that can Elevate Humanity beyond Religion into Truth Introduction Calvary Sacrifice is still a secret. Its full implication is not understood. A huge religion and population is built around it, which breaks a piece of bread and drinks little bit of wine every Sunday to remember the sacrificial event and then goes his way expressing his human nature. The modern world is the product of Christian thinking without Christ in the middle. Our world that is disordered and inching to self destruction is led by Christian leaders. Forgive me if I am wrong Christ spoke of forgiveness, and winning through love. He spoke the language of the heart. He saw the world through His heart and not by His Mind. He sacrificed His self to the will of God the Father and accepted the death. Bible tells He conquered Time and death in the process. He asked His disciples to follow His way to enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus declared himself as the Savior of humanity. He Professed His death and resurrection. The disciples responded to His call. But I doubt if any of the disciples actually understood or believed Him. Christ is beyond human mind. They were actually mesmerized by the miracle cure that Christ effected. They thus became His followers. The reality of Christ struck them as a bolt from the blue when they witnessed the resurrection. But even that probably did not make them TRUE believers. The Disciples actually became believers when the power of the Holy Spirit descended on them and they experienced New Life. Forgive me if I am wrong. It is the power of the spirit moving within them that gave the insight into Bible, increased their faith and led them to spread the Good News. Christ told His disciples that they are being sent to a dark world that would persecute them. However He assured them that they are not alone and that He will manifest again to give life during the end of time, when the darkness peaks and death actually surrounds the world. A true Christian life is a life in anticipation of this Second Coming. The completeness of Calvary occurs with Second Coming. Bible tells us that Christ manifested when there was none left in this world who could be justified before God. So God sent His only Son to salvage everyone and restore everyone to the kingdom of God. Bible is simple. It has two parts the old and New Testament. This classification can be simply understood as 1
  2. 2. 1] The manifested state and manifesting state. 2] It also can be compared to creation and created state. These states have totally opposite characteristics The Created state The Creating State 1] The law and punishment is the central Love and forgiveness is the central aspect prominent aspect 2] The world is two celled state. God is The world is in singular state. God is external to the world and sits as the internal and creating Entity. He is in conscious, intelligent and perceiving passive state, yet in control aspect that controls, rules and gives judgment and sustains 3] Begins when everyone is justified It begins when not one human soul is left before God and when everyone bows to on this world who could be justified before God – Knowing the Truth and Light of God Life and Nature. In short it begins when humans know the whole Truth of God, humans and Nature 4] The Living Light or Knowledge or The Living Light retreated from the world Mind of God revealed to humanity, but and leaving the mind and light of humans prone to deterioration under time and its to rule this world. The Mind of the humans force. that is inferior thus takes the world to disorder and destruction. But within this state the Light of God exists as a secret conquering time and death and restoring. Everything to life. 5] Comparable to the “Father’s Essence” The “ Father’s Essence” in creation state in emerging from the womb of the mother the womb rebuilding of New World out of with a New Body conquering time and the old, by transforming and giving New Beginning New Time Cycle Life the system. Pre Calvary Post Calvary Calvary thus is the beginning point of creation and restoration of the universe. It is the “biological beginning” of the universal time. This Truth is very explicitly described and the life science of nature is explored in minute details in Eastern Vedic Culture. Yajurveda VS: 30-31 clearly write that the Universe was created with the self sacrifice of the Creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by His own people or lesser Gods. Thus it upholds Christ’s manifestation. What this means all of humanity today is bonded to darkness or death force and God sent Christ to salvage [transform] the souls and restore everyone back to Kingdom of God before death strikes. In other words God is working to defeat death force and set us free. One of the key teaching of Christ is “Seek Truth and Truth will set you Free” Bible is all about the Truth and science of life, nature and its working. 2
  3. 3. This means the world can enter Kingdom of God only when it understands the Truth or when God reveals the Truth to defeat the darkness. Truth is the Light that emerges in the peak of the darkness. It can be viewed as the “Superior Knowledge” that brings order and peace defeating the inferior knowledge. Knowledge should have brought order, peace, happiness and control and so on. One look at the world tells us it is giving the opposite results. The modern world is exploding with this knowledge. It is said the knowledge man acquired till 1950 doubled in the next 40years and this turn doubled in the next 10years. This has been doubling since then. The present knowledge is expected double by 2010. The inferiority of the present knowledge is becoming increasingly evident. The earth and its forces are violent, Global Warming and Climate Change is threatening the world. Natural catastrophes are increasing as never before. The mind of individual and collective mind of nations are restless and are becoming increasingly violent and self destructive. Nearly 50% of most nations’ budget is spent on invention of weapons of mass destruction. We are living in the fear of our own inventions. Corruption and injustice is increasing as never before. Health of individual and the whole is deteriorating. What rules us is the market and material force. The temples of science or the knowledge center that has the responsibility give knowledge support to sustain world and humanity wastes its time in search for water in moon, exploring mining possibility in Moon, creating ladders into space, searching for God particle and so on. However one look at the world tells us that the modern science and its inventions have made our earth inhospitable. Billions of public money, that should have been spent on the well being of life and humanity is being wasted on these exercises. This is happening when thousands and thousand are dyeing for want of food and protection over His head and earth is endangered by global warming and climate change. There is necessity to advance our knowledge and know the Truth of Nature and come to life. I see some hope in the spiritual revival. However spiritual revival with in the frame work of religion is the ultimate weapon for the evil and death to destroy the world. Truth needs to be discovered as science beyond religion only then the Good News can break the barriers of religion and explode to neutralize the death force and bring life to the world. Our hope now exists in knowing the Truth beyond religions such that the whole world can come to life. I believe I called for this purpose and I have struggled one life time towards it. I place before everything. You are my judge. Truth of Calvary Explored as Science. The world is built and functioning on energy or Spirit. Everything in Nature eventually can be related to energy. The modern man rules and exists on the knowledge of power or energy of matter. The ancient spiritual knowledge also rest on spirit/energy or power. However, they visualized universe out of two spirits the Good and bad spirit. In contrast the modern world visualizes universe from a single force called gravity or centripetal force. 3
  4. 4. The first law of Thermodynamics tells all energy or spirit can be reduced to one single form or heat. The second Law of thermodynamics is a reality of nature and it states that there is direction to nature. When ever an action takes place some energy is lost in heat form. This means the heat or energy content of earth will increase in time and at some points it begins to shred the world. When this law is applied to nature Einstein’s work it ended in visualizing the origin of the universe in a Big Bang. This Big Bang Theory is beyond the comprehension of most scientists. All the laws of science break down here. Scientists have failed to find the cause for this collapse, the cause for origin and existence sensibly. Science has failed to comprehend nature sensibly both at micro level and macro level but is preoccupied with exploiting the material force. In the process he has been increasing the heat content of earth unilaterally thereby increasing the disorder in every systems enclosed init leading to collapse. The causes for all the problems of the modern world can eventually be deduced and related to unilateral increase in heat content of the system. Unless humanity reviews the flaws in his thinking and advances to know truth of nature, there is little hope for humanity. We need to change our vision of nature. The ancient spiritual scriptures appeared superior in comparison, they visualized two heat, two spirits, and two worlds. They understood and deduced the building blocks of nature as “souls” not matter. They thus pictured universe as living. We need to change our fundamental vision of nature to know the “Truth of Calvary” and take the Good News beyond religion such that world awakens to truth before the end approaches. The following point should help us change the vision of life and nature and bring in a shift in thinking discovering Christ and “Calvary Secret”. 1] We need to visualize a second force that works against time and collapse of nature to bring stability. Einstein whose research led to Big Bang theory was uncomfortable with extension of his work in time and thus he introduced a second force called anti-gravity. He introduced it and then retracted it. Probably he could not visualize the root for this second force. 2] I by His Grace introduce this second force or anti-gravity. I point its root to life. For proof, look out of the window and see the grasses grow and a lily flower. All life is anti-gravitational by instinct. The second law thermodynamics applied to living system and material system shows this opposition. 3] Now two opposing force can never be equal and yet produce an action. This means one of the force at any moment should be dominant the other recessive. Now if you assume matter force is dominant, then it invariably means the whole system should collapse to a point and have no reason for origin and perpetual existence. Now if we visualize life as dominant and controlling, then we have the 4
  5. 5. scope to visualize nature as intelligently designed, self organizing living system that conquer time and death and perpetuates in time cycle. This will lead us to the Secret of Calvary Sacrifice. This gives a whole new dimension to humanity to explore. This vision is supported by all the ancient spiritual scriptures. Even the emerging modern thinking such as non-linear science, system thinking, gives credence to the vision. The Gaia hypothesis proposed by James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn, even fetched them Noble Prize. The world now needs a foundation to transform and visualize universe as a Living System. This would lead the world to new order and take it into Golden Age or kingdom of God 4] Now to understand and develop the Living Universe Theory and know the Secret of Calvary we must understand life and its process and draw some parallels with nature. No life is beyond time. But life is a dynamic, conscious and intelligent system that is designed to resist time and death. Three basic processes help the system to conquer time and death. They are. • Breathing, this helps the system to sustain through constant exchange of energy and information between its left and right or inner and outer world. • Mitotic division, which unfolds information and enfolds information and creates new worlds, thus grows against gravity or centripetal force • Meiotic division, where the “Essence of the Father” leaves its body or world and enters the world of the Mother and unites with its essence to create new body out of the old and thus conquers time and perpetuates in time cycle. I used the word “Essence of the Father” because, DNA and genes or the information is only a built up thing. Behind it there exists some thing subtle, which actually perceives controls and survives. This is a higher realm which science is yet to discover. The “Essence of the Father” is Light that Give Life. The Mother is the field in which the Light creates and exists. The whole plan and design of life is set when “Fathers Essence” enter the egg cell. Later the cell divides and begins to manifest. The Spirit or Light of the Father that created binds the cells formed exists as a balancing element. It sits as the judge. This truth is explored from the quantum particulate level in the site - Awakening to Truth and links there off Note – all these processes have tow phases. In one it gives way to material forces and then transforms its force sustain itself and expands 5] Now to prove that universe is living and discovery Christ and Calvary secret, we need to develop parallels. Stand back and observe the energy flow in nature in which all life lives we note that the earth has “biorhythm”. The earth in principle is divided into two parts – the west and east. When west awakes to sunlight and the material matter in it goes into disorder and expands. The east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and winds. It acts as a sink for the energy and 5
  6. 6. goes into ordering phase. Thus a disordering and ordering phase simultaneously coexist. They are designed to function between two limits. The earth is designed such that, when west peaks in sunlight, the seed of darkness emerges in it, simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and seed of light emerges in it. The left and right are instantaneously communicated and information and energy exchange occurs between the two to balance it self. Now if we care to think deeply into this functioning of earth, we note it resembles the double pump or the working of heart. Further the position of earth in the solar system is off centered as the heart is off centered in life - Is it coincidence or design? We are now seeing the first level of parallel between life and nature. Life has a second level of stability that happens by renewal of information and growing against gravity through division. This phenomenon is known as mitotic division and renewal of information and growth. At the level of nature we note the 12 hour day and night cycle is embedded 12 month climatic cycle, where a disordering phase gives way to ordering phase reviving and expanding nature. Every time this happens, a second level of exchange and energy flow occurs in the system, which gives new stability and growth to earth and the whole natural system. Life flourishes in this process.– More clarity to this argument emerges as we proceed. Here we see a second level of parallel. Life conquers time and death by a process in which a reduced selected male [n] joins with a reduced female [n] to form one cell [2n]. Here only the “Essence of the male” enters the female. The union predetermines the whole system. From this cell in time a whole new system is differentiated which conquers time. The process is called dedifferentiation and differentiation of information or unfolding and enfolding of information. The question is how we can comprehend it at the natural level. From both spiritual and scientific point, we know that 12 month climatic cycle is embedded in 12 years cycles and so on to form big a cycle which has an end. This reality gave raise to origin and end to the universe. All spiritual scriptures speak about it. Mayan Calendar tells us that the present time ends in 2012 December 21. Christians may not accept it because it is written that only Father knows it. Spiritual world speak of spiritual action which actually precedes the observed action. This means they do not contradict. All spiritual scriptures speak the time nearing end would be highly catastrophic, but all the spiritual scriptures also raises hopes of Light at the end of tunnel. The instability, disorder, destruction we are witnessing today raises us a question - are we in the end, If so and how end is conquered? Before we deal with this question let us look at our role in nature and its energy flow. Note – Modern science tells us the information or DNA from Father enters the Mother cell unites with DNA of the Mother to create a new information that develops new body out of the world. But it should be noted information is developed one. There is something behind information that acutely develops information and survives. If you observe, breathing and cell division we note that 6
  7. 7. begins as wave starting form a point. This point should contain particle and the secret of life exist in it. Thus life consists of two particles and associated waves and it exists in one world. One of this wave is dominant the other is recessive. This motion and expression and sustenance of the whole system is controlled by the dominant irrespective of whether it exist in recessive state or dominant state. In the recessive state it exist in the womb of the feminine and feminine actually feeds it. Human Role in Nature and its Energy Cycle and Biblical Secret We saw a day and night energy cycle. If not for life, this cycle under the second law of thermodynamics, should have collapsed to a point in time. When sun emerges and the material world is disordered, the plants absorb the energy and matter thus acts against disorder giving stability to the system. When the darkness fall they convent the energy and matter and grows against the gravity. The earth with only plants is two dimensional in its energy flow. Now imagine the animals. The energy flow in earth with plant and animals becomes three dimensional and brings a control of unilateral growth against gravity. The plant and animals adhere to the energy cycle and cause nothing to disturb the energy cycle beyond a limit. They help the biorhythm of earth. Now imagine earth with plants animals and humans, now we see a fourth dimension to nature. The time dimension to nature comes from human’s beings that lives a mind centered life and aligns with material force or gravity by breaking the law. Here we need to recall Biblical creation which states God created humans in His image and he was given an dominion over his kingdom but was resisted from eating from the tree at the center [called as tree of death]. The law and life and its existence The law or resistance God placed should be understood in many ways 1] Live in faith and love to the creator 2] To respect the creator and live a justified life. 3] Not to live a selfish and mind centered life but live a heart centered life 4] It is a call to love the opposite 5] Most importantly not to become slave to material force and forget God. 7
  8. 8. The universal time cycle should be understood as biological cycle with conception, birth, child hood, early part of adulthood, second part of adult hood and old age leading to death. Time is inevitable reality of nature. Any thing that is conceived should take birth and anything that takes birth should die. The law God laid was a resistive law that helps us fight time and its deteriorative influence. In fact when Bible tells us he created humans in His image and gave him dominion over his kingdom it invariably means God gave humans the secret of Time or the light or the knowledge of life that helps human fight times its deteriorative influence. The law is vital to maintenance of the manifested world. But time takes its toll and human fall into the grip of the time and deteriorative influence. The time cycle has three phases. The first is dominated by the knowledge of Life and God. Her peace and justice exist. The second phase is the phase when human breaks the law. It is the critical point at which life enters the second part of adult hood, where self and mind fully manifest, distancing from the parent. This is the moment when Adam eats the forbidden fruit and is thrown from the kingdom of God. Here the forces of evil or material force takes over. God disperses and sets in disorder to extend time. This the longest period of the life cycle Non Linear Science tells a time direction exist in disorder, This means the created world leads to death or inevitable big collapse. Human begins increasingly attached to material forces and thus are lost to life force. This necessitates recreation and restoration. The God the Creator is now forced to salvage and recreate everything and restore the world into New Time cycle. It is this secret that manifested in Calvary. The God and the dominant force gave way to the recessive and went into creation state. THIS IS THE BIG BANG ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERESE. This is conception of time. The God opened his templates for human come back and get New Life. During this period the recessive knowledge of humans [forming the body] that is attached to matter rules. Human lives in illusionary word seeking truth and life in matter. The Creator during the process recreates giving New Life. Just as the end reaches the God the Creator reveals His Mind [Mind of God] and Truth such that the whole world as a mass comes to life thus defeating death forces. Conclusion This leads us to an important conclusion that brings forth beauty of spiritual scriptures. The world exists in the conscious field of a person called God. We are simply individuated cells born to the left and right of it. The field is feminine and has a Master. The Master is Light which illuminates and powers the Life and its existence in time. The Light I speak is not the light of the matter or sun, but the Light of the Soul that is anti-gravitational. It is the intelligence that sustains the whole life by enfolding and unfolding the information. This is the Superior Knowledge that the spiritual scriptures speak. God creates the 8
  9. 9. world in His image to the left and right. It invariably means creation is spiritual. Behind the Gene and DNA there is spiritual realm. What we see as DNA duplication is a controlled process occurring in the Spiritual Realm. By creation we humans have the Spirit of the Father [soul] and also the Spirit of the Matter. This is because creation involves matter. Recall DNA duplication. The Spirit of matter is inferior. What we see and experience with our sense is the Spirit of Matter. By creation man is given the dominion to rule over all the creation. This means he was given the intelligence and knowledge of the whole system and its functioning in the beginning. The only law that God puts after creation is not to align with matter and becomes slave to this force. What this means is that we should be loving and obedient to the Creator or the Father and live by virtue of His Force. This means universe is one whole family. An unseen Father and Mother Spirit exist that bind us into one. When humans align with material force and directs to death, what is endangered is the Living Universe. The survival now necessitates the intervention of the Creator or the “Fathers Essence” or the Living Light. It should leave its central position and enter its own body to recreate every thing and restore everything to new order. In this phase what rules us is the Inferior mind and knowledge, which aligns with material power. We are in this phase. It is said knowledge accumulated from Christ till 1990, doubled by 2000. The knowledge that exists today is expected to double by 2010. But what is exploding is inferior knowledge that is going to cause huge disorder. Yet I have hopes because, the Light of God is in creation mode and He would deliver us into New Time Cycle. The non- linear science tells us that when disorder peaks in a system a Great Attractor emerges in the system and the system collapses into new order around this Attractor. This attractor is nothing but the Light of God. This is the cause of revival of spirituality. The next step to this is to understand the secret of God and Calvary as biological science, Beyond Genes and beyond religion. This is bound to change the way humanity thinks and the world would spring up to develop nature compatible techniques and technologies to sustain the world. It will give us new realms of energy generation and management which are nature compatible. The truth is discovered from Quantum Particulate Level. To know more about it read 1] Awakening to Truth 2] Biology and Physics of Creation 9
  10. 10. 10