Increasing natural catastrophes


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Increasing natural catastrophes

  1. 1. Why Fire, Floods, Earth Quakes and Tornadoes are increasing? It is Time to Awaken I write this in the wake Fire disaster in Russia, Flood disaster in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Europe and else where in the world. The trend shows that precipitation per unit area per unit time is increasing many folds. Destruction could be heavy in the coming years. It is time we awaken to certain simple Truth of Nature Nature from common sense point of view works on two principle forces - Upward and Downward forces or the force of Sun and Earth which alternate supporting life. It is the balance and gradual change over time that manifest into day and night and climatic cycles. The earth is designed into two parts; West and East. When west awakes to sunlight and goes into disorder, east simultaneously goes to darkness and into new order. When west peaks in light it gives way to darkness and simultaneously east peaks in darkness and give way to light. The process occurs in 12 hours time cycle. A complete cycle occurs in 24 hour cycle. The climatic cycle similarly also has 12 month cycle and so on. These cycles help the system maintain its energy to matter ratio and thus maintain its temperature within limits. Life plays an important role in it Every life instinctively adapts to this time cycle or energy cycle and lives in harmony with nature. The only exception is humans. He by his slavery to material force and quest conquer nature, has virtually disturbed this time cycle and climatic cycle. We are witnessing the struggle of earth and its forces against forces of heat that has turned destructive. We see a sudden rise in heat leading to heat bound destruction; else where simultaneously a sudden peak in rain is leading to water bound destructions. The increased heat and break down of time cycle is weakening the bonds between matter and between systems and they become crucial during phase changes. Consequently earth is becoming fragile amenable to huge break down. These are manifesting into huge mudslide and melt down of polar ice. The sudden unwinding and winding of forces and time directed to the center are also affecting the forces of wind and earth leading to wind bound destruction and destruction through earth quakes. In time this tendency would end in huge volcanic eruptions. The scientific evidences speaks that volcanic eruptions is known to cool earth’s environment and it is the means by which Earth wins the battle. History speaks of many “Mass extinctions” and many civilizations has been dug from beneath earth and sea stand a as a proof. Theses tendencies of the earth and its forces under human reckless exploitation of nature, which I spoke for so many years is happening before our eyes. We must this break down energy cycle or Clock also is the cause of instability of human mind manifesting in war and terrorism. It is common sense that when heat increases the disorder increases and the systems enclosed init experiences a shearing or death forces. Everything suggests that we are heading for big disasters. But the political offices and temples of science seem to sleep over it, to protect its economic and political status. Failure of climate summit Dec 2009 at Copenhagen speaks this. What Good is all the material wealth in this world, when our very existence and our future are endangered?
  2. 2. It is time to awaken to know the “truth of life and nature”. It is time return to our root nature - Love and Peace and work to live in harmony For information – visit “Truth of Life and Nature” Please spread this simple and sensible knowledge of Nature – Let us awaken before the calamity strikes more. – Who know you could be next victim of Mother Earth’s Fury We are edging to self destruction by the ignorance of simple and sensible truths of nature and its working - The earth is collapsing and its forces are turning against humanity. Let us awaken By John Paily