Future of the World
The Evolution of Nature – the Disorder and Destruction
                  ahead and the End
Man is an i...
you care to study ancient spiritual scriptures, it speaks of two paths to Human to mind
and its extension into space and t...
Energy is the foundation of everything. Matter is formed from energy. Light is a form of
energy. Energy encapsulated in a ...
the fundamental reality of existence. It calls us to connect to the consciousness,
experience the spirit and light existin...
The singularity emerges from human mind that attaches to matter and seeks self.
Material matter and its force [gravity] we...
With out knowing the Truth of Nature, humanity is stressing himself and moving to self
destruction. But the Good News is t...
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Future Of The World - The Evolution of Nature


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Future of the world exists in knowing the truth of nature and its functioning. Modern world is edging to disorder and destruction for the lack of knowledge of interrelationship and oneness of nature. There is necessity to change the very vision of nature that the modern science has developed. Nature nerds to be visualize as living one. This would help modern science to evolve and know the truth ancient spiritual knowledge written in Bible, Vedas and so on.

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Future Of The World - The Evolution of Nature

  1. 1. Future of the World The Evolution of Nature – the Disorder and Destruction ahead and the End Man is an integral part of the world, influencing it and getting influenced by it. The Truth that life has the capacity to mold its environment is scientifically proven by Gaia hypothesis. This hypothesis even fetched its proponent’s [James Love lock and Margulis Lynn] a Noble Prize. Gaia hypothesis took the example of plants to explain the hypothesis. However, the scenario changes when we replace plants with humans who live by his mind and enquire into nature with conquering motive and corruption. If we stand back and observe nature around us, we note the power of human mind and its potential to change the world. The world has changed enormously in last two decades. This Change is caused by science and its advancement. There is a knowledge explosion. It is said the knowledge accumulated till 1950, doubled in the next 40 years. This in turn doubled in next 10 years. Since then it has been doubling in shorter and shorter period. It is said the present knowledge is about double by end 2010. This knowledge explosion is of sever concern to humanity. By definition knowledge should have brought order, peace, happiness, security, control and so on. But one look at the modern knowledge shows that it is giving the opposite results. The disorder and destruction in the world is increasing as never before. The earth and its forces are unstable and it is manifesting as increased natural catastrophes. The sun is reported to be highly unstable by NASA. It is already showed an unusual solar minimum, with a solar maximum coming our way by 2012. The last unusually huge solar flare was directed away from earth. NASA tells us that solar flares of above some order directed to earth can cripple the world by braking the electric grids and communication satellites. It also can cause immense change in the four forces of nature. This invariably means we are heading for a period that is terribly disturbed and destructive. The natural catastrophes will increases in magnitude and number causing huge destruction as never seen before. This is explained in the article “Predictions to 2012” All the systems in nature are interrelated. When natural forces are in disturbed state, it invariably means many ecological systems exist disturbed and fragile. This also could be related to instability of human mind and its destructive trends manifesting as war and terrorism. With humans already in possession of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction, the future of humanity hangs on the edge of possible near total annihilation. The cause for the present state of the world Applying Gaia hypothesis, the cause for the present state of the world exist in the human mind. It exists in the negativity of human mind, its conquering motive and corruption. It is apparent that we create our environment by our thought and affinity of our thought. If
  2. 2. you care to study ancient spiritual scriptures, it speaks of two paths to Human to mind and its extension into space and time. A mind directed to consciousness [inwards] connects to life and its force. It attains peace and order and meets the True Knowledge governing the system. The mind that directs to outer world of matter gets attached to the material force and is lost in the illusions. It moves from order to disorder and inches towards destruction and death. The modern world since Christ is an enquiry into material world and is dependent on material force and power to rule the world. A prominent loophole of the modern material knowledge is its inability to explain the interrelationship and oneness of nature. It has learnt to exploit material force or energy to advance his self, but has failed to understand how nature works and sustains it self. World has advanced so much on scientific knowledge, but fails to answer why free fall acceleration is independent of weight. What gives the property of attraction or gravity or mass to a system? Why wave particle duality? Why speed of light is the maximum speed? Why ratio of acceleration tow interacting bodies is always 3. Why gene is triplet code? Why DNA is double helical? Why chromosome pairs? Why dominant and recessive genes? Why mitotic and meiotic division and so on. The world is paying the price for the lack of knowledge of interrelationship and oneness or the Truth of Nature and its functioning. It is paying the price for the negative orientation of the mind. Truth of Nature and its Functioning – A knowledge that can save Humanity from impending disaster The world is the product of two realities that are one - The Energy and Matter. Modern science is developed with a partial outlook and a mind that predetermined to exploit the material energy and matter. The partial observations are then twisted to fit certain mathematical language. The modern world is based on a single force or energy called gravity that is centripetal. The picture of nature they developed largely based on this partial out look. The second law of thermodynamic applied to gravitational theory eventually led them to visualize, universe collapsing into point and originating in Big Bang or the world shredding it self under the energy lost to the environment. These visions speak of no cause for origin and existence of nature. Einstein, whose work led to Big Bang Theory, was uncomfortable with extension of his theory in time. So introduced a second force called anti-gravity, but retracted it probably failing to perceive a root for it. If we detach from the vortex of modern science and observe nature form a point of freedom, we note that life is anti-gravitational. This is the most prominent reality of nature that has escaped our attention. The second law of thermodynamics applied to material system and living system shows this opposition. The material system in time tends from order to disorder, where as life tend from order to greater order. This observation and many more such vital observations remained in the book as the humankind got preoccupied in exploiting material world and its force recklessly creating the modern world of disorder and chaos. Let us now look back and develop a new foundation for the world to transform to order.
  3. 3. Energy is the foundation of everything. Matter is formed from energy. Light is a form of energy. Energy encapsulated in a matter is given by the equation E=mc2, which tells that the matter is formed from the collision of two light particles. The energy is the force that drives the world and its existence. The principle source of energy for the world is Sun light. Earth and the solar system is deigned such that when west awakes to sunlight and the material mater in it gain energy and goes into disorder, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and goes into order. When west peaks in sunlight, simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and they give way to the opposite. The system is instantaneously communicated and works dynamically. There is an information flow between the two worlds which are one. There is a perceiver and controller to the system. Two opposing cycle of order and disorder seems to balance the system. The second law of thermodynamics applied to the system tells us that the system should loose energy and wind and collapse to a point. Now let us introduce plants into the system. We note that the Plants absorb light and heat from the sun and thus in effect cool the environment. In short it works against disorder. As the night falls the plants converts the absorbed energy and matter into biological mass which unwinds into space and time. Thus plants acts against the tendency of directed time in material nature. The nature thus is self sustaining and two dimensional and has no time direction. If you imagine animals along with plants then nature and energy flow in it becomes three dimensional. All plants and animals abide by the law of nature and do nothing to disturb the energy cycle of nature to a collapsing point. Now imagine adult human beings in the above energy cycle. We now see a time direction or fourth dimension to energy flow in nature. This fourth dimension emerges from the mind of humans that breaks the law and seeks self. I am tempted here to call the rise and fall of humans spoken in Bible, Vedas and other ancient spiritual scriptures Rise and fall of Humans - Truth of Evolution from Spiritual Perspective Bible tells us human fell from Grace of God and His Kingdom, when Adam broke the Law and ate the fruit from the tree at the center. It tells us that he was originally made from His image. The Bible speaks that Gods image is Truth and Light or Knowledge Supreme. This means humans knew the whole Truth of Nature and basked in the glory of Light of God and this knowledge was lost to him because he broke the law and there by the balance of the creation. Vedas tells us that the whole world exists in the conscious field of the God and it is governed by His Intelligence. It visualizes the whole universe as living one and that we humans are individuated system born in His image to the left and right in space and time. It speaks that there is a Universal Self and we humans are individuated self that are born form it in time and space. There is a Law for relationship and existence that is linked with Time force. The law limits the expression of self and reminds that our life is linked to the existence of the Universal Self. The life exists when spirit or energy has smooth flow between the two. Life begins to collapse when we break the law, seeks self and fails to connect to its root. Most of the ancient spiritual scriptures speak of love and faith as
  4. 4. the fundamental reality of existence. It calls us to connect to the consciousness, experience the spirit and light existing in it and work from its realm. The cultures and practices developed and advocated by enlightened ancient scholars reflects a struggle to keep humanity from falling from the Light of Life that exist in the conscious field. All the cultural practices of spiritual scriptures speak one thing in common, that is the existence of a power that is beyond the comprehension of human mind. The Vedic teachings of the east, speaks of elaborate techniques to silence the mind and go beyond it to the realm of consciousness where Truth and Life exists. In summarizing the ancient spiritual scriptures, we note humanity begins to fall when his mind matures and becomes self centered and fails to connect to its root but begins to seek self. The life begins to deteriorate when mind gets attached to matter and its force. This means the path back to life exists in acts that are beyond the mind and exist in the realm of Heart and Love. From the ancient spiritual knowledge, the rise and fall of human’s is related human mind and its self and this forms the so called Universal Time Cycle. It is understood as a psychological evolution and involution of human mind towards Truth and Life and away from Truth and Life. Vedas very clearly depicts evolution as five fold psychological transformation leading Life and Truth. The first is Gross material [Annamaya Kosha or world]], when this sheath is broken human enters the next level called Pranamaya Kosha or Vital air. Beyond this exists the world of mind [Manomaya Kosha]. This is followed by world of Ego and Intellect. This is called Vijnanamaya Kosha. We are living in this phase, where human mind is attached to matter and material gains and exist bonded to His Ego and intellect and fails to see the Truth and oneness beyond it. The last stage of evolution emerges when our Ego and intellect is broken. This is called Anandmaya Kosha or the world of enlightenment and life where truth prevails. We are on the edge of this transition phase. Human and his ego at individual and collective level are being broken. The world has hope and I see light at the end of the tunnel. This light shines when we Awaken to Truth of Nature. I am trying to speak this truth to the world. I am not sure how much more destruction humanity has to endure before the collective ego and intellect of humankind breaks to give way to life force. Understanding the Truth of Nature Truth of Nature exists in the Singularity and Duality. Duality is manifested Life. It is the reality of life. The law exists in the world of duality. Imagine a balance here. Singularity is a forbidden state. The duality is reflected in the design of earth and cosmos and its functioning. The earth is the only known place where life exists. Invariably this means it takes some pivotal position in the universe. The design of earth is such that, when west awakes to sunlight and goes into disorder, east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and goes into order. These two opposing cycle seems to work to balance the system. There is information flow and communication between the two which helps the system to maintain it self.
  5. 5. The singularity emerges from human mind that attaches to matter and seeks self. Material matter and its force [gravity] we know is directed to the center and collapse to a point. Thus a mind that is attached to matter and its force creates vortex that is directed to disorder, death and destruction. Biblical law, not to eat from the tree at the center relates to it. Every soul and mind gets caught into it and directs themselves to death. We are witnessing the peak of such vortex. This means the whole system is edging into “Singularity” and collapse. We can call it “Dark Singularity”. The singularity and duality can visualized from a balloon that is twitched into two with right or left winding twist. The reality of nature is duality; the singularity is transition phase when the system is open and poised for collapse to a point and death. The other option the other option is the system collapses changing the twist. Death cannot be the end of the created world. This means there should be a secret plan by which the death is conquered and New Life is restored. In short nature should have a way to conquer time and initialize it. This reality of nature can only be understood from Biological perspective. Life conquers time and initializes itself by a process of called reproduction, where “Father’s Essence” enters the womb of the opposite and unites to form one. This is the “Singularity” state of the system which gives life. We can call it “Light Singularity”. Everything about the Life is determined in the first few moments of unification or the “Light Singularity”. The first 3 division of cells to fill the space determines the whole system. A new system is then formed out of the old and delivered to start a New Time Cycle. A New World is formed within the old. In this context the Calvary and teaching of Christ becomes a science of higher order. Calvary becomes the conceiving point of time of the universe and the Second Coming the completion of Creation act. This secret of Calvary as the creation point of the universe is well described in Vedas. Yajurveda VS : 30-31, tells us that the universe is created from the self sacrifice of the Creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by His own people. Thus Vedas uphold Bible and Christ. With Calvary the Living Light, went recessive to recessive. This means after Calvary, a new phase began where human mind and his inferior intelligence and knowledge began to rule the world. We are facing the consequence of this inferior knowledge that has moved away from life and attached to matter and its force. The self force and the negativity of human have got its full expression. The result is the increase in disorder taking the world to the edge of collapse. Our reckless exploitation of nature has led to breaking the energy cycle. The ordering and disordering phase of energy cycle of earth is now favoring the disordering phase, leading to global warming, climatic changes, instability of earth and its forces leading to increased natural catastrophes. This also has stressed human mind making it unstable leading to war and terrorism.
  6. 6. With out knowing the Truth of Nature, humanity is stressing himself and moving to self destruction. But the Good News is that end to which humanity is going out of ignorance is already conquered. There is a Second World [Space and Time] within to which, the soul and mind can transform to take life. The stress of disorder and death is awakening the human consciousness. The recent spiritual revival is related to this natural design and evolution force acting on humanity. It is not long before humanity awakens to the Truth of Nature and takes control of the world. We are on the Edge of Time and are being stressed by nature to become conscious and transform into “new space and time” being formed. It is calling us to discover our self and the Universal Self of which awe are part. It is time to awaken to Truth of Nature and our true reality and take guard of our abode. There is little time left behind. The earth and the whole cosmos are going through the birth pains. It is inevitable that what is conceived has to be delivered. This delivery has to two steps 1] The transformation of individual from the old space and time to new space and time. 2] The transformation of the whole into new space and time. This is bound happen when majority of soul is transformed to New World and when the Truth of Nature is revealed. The revelation of Truth helps the smooth the transformation and evolution into New Time Cycle.