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Final Warning of Gaia from the father of Gaia Hypothesis is unfolding in the form of sudden peaks in heat and fall leading huge forest fire and to flash floods. We are edging to disaster from the four forces of nature. It is time we become conscious and intelligent and understand the Truth of Nature at least now.

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Final warning of gaia

  1. 1. Home 2012 Science Meets God Is Final Warning of Gaia Unfolding? Why Natural Catastrophes are increasing?  Addressing climate change from basic perspective  The role of Life in Climate Change  Real Cause for the Instability and Increased Natural Catastrophes  How Destruction Manifests  Do we have hope of Surviving 2012  Three steps to survive Addressing climate change from basic perspective Some thing is happening to earth. It is evident to every one. Climate change, disturbed climatic patterns and increased natural catastrophes speaks it. If you look back on the past ten years, you would see an alarming increase in number and magnitude of natural catastrophes. The first four months of 2010 has claimed more than 220000 lives. Since then we had many great floods, mudslides. The number is yet to emerge. The question is what is disturbing nature? Why the four forces of nature, which smoothly changed supporting life have now turned destructive? The leading nations of the world, who exist on material and money power, may play down climate change to protect their economic interest. But nature and its forces are not ruled by our economic interest and cannot be bought by money. It is designed in indestructible and non conquerable way. We are edging to a time period, where if we do not awaken to the reality of nature we would end in paying a heavy price. The Father Gaia Hypothesis and Noble Lauert James Lovelock, has given Final warning [Ref- 49, 48, 47, 46]. The following reference video talks give the grim picture. [Ref 2, 3, 4, 5, 5A] Modern science tends to speak climate change in terms of CO2 emission and industrialization. This is very much true. But the problem needs to be addressed from more fundamental way from the perspective of heat and energy cycles. In short it needs to be addressed form dynamics of space-time and energy flow. Noble
  2. 2. scientist James Lovelock has addressed problem very nicely from the premises of His Gaia Theory, but ends in rather pessimistic end to humanity. [Reference: 49, 48, 47, 46]. I wish to add some more vital observation and thinking that I carried as a researcher and bring it to your attention. Our earth is super dynamic system of the third order in space with a minimum of 144 grid points. I do not wish to confuse you trying to explain it. [This part is explored under the article “Dynamic of Nature” where various dynamics systems are discussed in depth]. Let me try to bring this vital reality of nature from the premises of some simple realities of nature, which even a common man can understand. Stand back and observe the day and night cycle in which we all exist and from which we take the vital energy and food for sustenance. Also spend a minute to think of the four forces of nature manifesting and changing to give climatic pattern that sustains life on earth. Here is what we see 1] When west awakes to sunlight and energizes [heats up], expands and goes into apparent disorder, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness, de-energizes [cools] and goes into new order. When the sunlight peaks up in the west it gives way to darkness and simultaneously darkness peaks in east and gives way light. This means the west and east is instantaneously communicated and designed to flip and change directions. This flip happens between two points spontaneously and this spreads into the system as a wave in time. The cyclic process of day and night cycle takes place in a slow manner that comprises of 4 steps of 3 units forming 12 unit cycles. Two units of 12, completes one day and night cycle or disorder and ordering cycle. Earth is designed to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter ratio and thus temperature of earth by this design. 2] In addition to the 12 unit cycle where heat peaks and gives way to the opposite we also note 12 month climatic cycle where we experience a peak in heat which gives way to the opposite. This is a vital cycle. We will discuss this later 3] There are other cycles such as 12 year cycle and so on to form what we call Universal Life Cycle or Time Cycle. The enigma of Mayan Calendar and 2012 is related with it. Let us not bother about them here.
  3. 3. What we call global warming and climate change is natural phenomenon that exists in all cycles. It exists in day and night cycle in a subtle way and becomes evident during the climatic cycles. When dry heat [summer] peaks and life is stressed for water, the clouds begins to form leading to wet heat or warming. Eventually the situation give way to cooling forces and it manifest as rain. The Warming is a good sign here. Most plants and animals sense the change coming and even make physico-chemical changes in their body in anticipation of life force coming. This is a stressing period that has great importance to life and its evolution. Lot of weeding and destruction occurs in this transition. The problem of global warming thus needs to be understood, not just from CO2 cycles but from much deeper level of design, energy and forces of nature. James Lovelock spoke of it his Gaia Hypothesis and Talks [Reference 45, 49 ]. But modern world is still struck with Theoretical Physicist and their material vision seems to fail to perceive its importance. If you closely observe nature, you note that nature function by virtue of two forces, a force that is moving upward and force that move down ward. The force from sun seems to unwind earth and force from earth seems to protect earth from sunlight, by winding it self. The system is designed such that when one peaks it gives way to the other. What we are now visualizing is action of material worlds and its forces. The problem of understanding global warming and climate change cannot be complete, unless we look at our role or the role of life in general in the climate change. This need to look at the world in a composite way, where life and material system are intertwined as one system is emphasized by Gaia Hypothesis [Ref -45] The Role of Life in Climate Change Now let us look at plant life and how it influences the climatic cycle. Plants absorb light and heat. In this sense it actually works against, sunlight and its unwinding principle. It supports earth and its forces. When night falls, the plants use the absorbed energy and uses matter to create biological mass that grows against gravity. Now I should call your attention to the most fundamental reality of science on which modern world developed – Gravity. Gravity is considered as a centripetal force directed to a center. There are only two unflinching laws to science. They are first and second law of thermodynamics. According to second law of thermodynamics, everything that revolves should loose energy and eventually
  4. 4. collapse to a point. Here in plants we are witnessing a second force that instinctively works against gravity and supports the world from gravitational collapse. When night falls plants utilize the absorbed light and heat convert it into biological mass that grows against Gravity. The second applied material system and living system gives opposite results. This opposition is proven fact in science, but its implication is over looked by Theoretical scientist in spite that masterful work Noble Lauret James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn. We are discovering a second world where time is directed in opposite manner to material world. More than a decade back, in the early part of my search for truth, this led me to state that what we call Big Bang is impossible even when one living cell exist. The earth with plants becomes a two dimensional system. Time in plant life has potential to lead the world to anti-gravitational collapse. But then this is controlled by the existence of herbivore that feeds on plants, the herbivore is controlled by carnivore and thus forming a self sustaining and self organizing system. It is a Gaia [Ref:45]. The earth with plant and animals is three dimensional. Now let us visualize earth with plant animals and children’s. It is still self organizing. Let us go one step ahead to imagine earth with adult humans who live a mind centered life, “seeking self” and become salve to material force. Suddenly we see a time direction to the whole system - A time direction that is aligned with gravity and leads to gravitational collapse. Thus human and his activity create a situation where disorder increases at the expense of order and eventually lead to a collapse and reorganization. Noble Lauret James Lovelock probably understood this and thus gave “Final warning” to the World. He said the system in such state goes into positive feed back, leading to sudden jumps in peak and fall in heat causing huge destruction [Ref:49,48,47,46] Real Cause for the Instability and Increased Natural Catastrophes The real cause for the instability and increased natural catastrophes is our intrusion into day and night cycle or energy or time cycle and its functioning to maintain certain energy to matter ratio and there by heat of the system. This is a vital point to which I have strived to call the world’s attention.
  5. 5. Now think about the pre industrialization age before the advent of electricity. Probably humans used to sleep early and used get up with day break. The nights were pristine and nature used to get more space and time to gain new order. Compare those periods with the modern time, where human activity and industries that are working round the clock. It is very clear that the ordering phase of the energy cycle is shortened, disturbed and weakened. The disordering phase of the cycle is expanded and strengthened creating a time direction. Nature and its energy cycle are being disturbed in following principle ways. 1] The reckless exploitation of fossil fuel and industrialization that is increasing atmospheric CO2 levels. 2] The loss of forest and green cover that actually use up CO2 and release Oxygen and thus support all life. This is the traditional broad frame work thinking of scientist and it is very much true, but I have tired it to reduce it down to more fundamental level of heat and energy cycle inline with Gaia Hypothesis exposing some inner dimensions of it 1] The plants actually absorb light heat and thus works against time directed disorder in the material world. 2] In the night they convert the energy absorbed into biological mass that grows against gravity, thus creating opposition to disorder, destruction and collapse. In short it opposes the time direction to gravity and gravitational collapse. Here I introduce a physical reality or a second force for the physicist to ponder. It should be recalled Einstein struggled to introduce anti-gravity, he once introduced and retracted. I am not sure why. 3] When we intrude into the night cycle, the phase in which earth works to create order is disturbed, earth is stressed for space-time for creating order. Thus we hinder earths working to maintain certain balance of energy to matter and there by the temperature of earth increases unilaterally. The disorder is augmented by decrease in green cover increase in concrete jungles.
  6. 6. 4] The earth and all the life in it would have collapsed if not for earth’s ability to unwind and thus creating new space-time to sustain the system. This helps her maintain the energy to matter ratio or the temperature. Note - this means, the earth and cosmos is enfolded space-time. This aspect is discussed in the site by reviewing the foundations of science and visualizing the universe as living thing not a material thing as modern science thinks. The earth and cosmos is conscious and intelligence field of the Creator that has enfolded dynamically in time. This is discussed and argued all along my site. Read article “Dynamic Nature”. Let us not bother about it, because what I try to convey to you can be understood with out going through this ground breaking thinking and vision. 5] But there is a limit beyond which, the system cannot unfold and is prone to implode on it self, thus destroying everything to start a new journey. In short the big collapse destroying every life becomes inevitable if humanity does not awaken to simple truth of nature. This vision probably is the foundation of destructive visions of James Lovelock [Reference – 49, 48, 47,46] How Destruction Manifests When the unfolding stops, the fabric of space-time through which the climate changes gradually becomes constricted and get disturbed. In the article “Dynamic Nature”, I suggested earth as “super dynamic system of third order”. This should have minimum of 144 grid point. The work of Nassim Haramein and David Wilcock also speaks this [Ref -42 and 39 respectively]. When the grid point is decreased below this minimum, the climatic patterns should get upset severely. The symptoms of this disturbance and approaching implosion and destruction then would manifest as sudden peaks in heat, in various parts leading to huge fire bound disasters. The earth, we already noted is designed to oppose the rise in heat. This means on the opposite side of earth the forces produces huge rain or snows falls [dramatic increase in precipitation per unit area in unit time]. This leads to flash floods, mudslides and so on. Fire is associated with wind and water is associated with earth. This means we also would have huge destruction through hurricanes and earth quakes, mud slides and so on. All of this we are witnessing on earth in unprecedented manner. The world connected by media is seeing this reality almost everyday and it fall in line with what Lames Lovelock spoke [Ref-49]
  7. 7. Theoretically scientists are aware of this. Second law of thermodynamics applied to cosmos says that in time energy is lost into space will begin to create a shearing force on all the system enclosed in it. It also says that matter that is loosing the energy winds to collapse to a point. If, you stand back and observe, we are actually observing this reality happening on earth. The increasing heat of the environment is stressing every system in nature. This includes even life. The instability of individual and collective mind of humanity taking destructive path could be related to break down of energy cycle. The time ahead will be highly destructive with four forces of nature taking a huge toll of humanity. The winding of matter could lead to huge earth quakes and eventually this should end in volcanic burst turning earth inside out. Earth is known to cool herself from volcanic dust. History speaks of 5 previous mass extinctions [Ref – 9A, 48]. Archeologists have unearthed many civilizations beneath earth and sea. So the forces of earth and its ability to sustain herself cannot be questioned. Do we have hope of Surviving 2012 My answer is yes. Provided we become conscious and awaken to truth of nature and its functioning. Nature is stressing us to become conscious and intelligent and awaken to our true nature. We would awaken to truth but I am not sure how much more destruction humanity has to bear before he realizes the Truth. The perception of James Lovelock of huge destruction, through huge snow falls and destruction of humanity and there by reduction of human population [Ref: 47,48] is not an entirely unfounded imagination. In fact I carried this vision for quite some time till, I was spiritually touched. We need to change the very foundation of our thinking. Modern world is constructed on material vision of nature. This is fundamental fallacy of modern world. The universe is living and it is conscious and intelligent as written in spiritual scriptures and argued by James Love Lock and Margulis Lynn in Gaia Hypothesis. There is immense depth and wealth in ancient spiritual scriptures to sustain the world and give it new life. But with in the frame work of religion they are inaccessible and in fact this spiritual force can be potentially be more destructive than nuclear bombs. We are experiencing as communal fire exploding within. We need to evolve
  8. 8. scientifically from material to living vision of nature and at the same time discover God beyond religion. Three steps to survive 2012 1] First step is to understand the “Living Reality of Nature” and know that nature is built only on two force gravity and anti-gravity. The four forces discovered by science is product of their wrong approach and visions. At the fundamental level nature is two dimensional. God and its force are living and ordering. His basic nature is Love and peace. Humans are made in the image of God and his basic nature is peace and order. When we grow beyond the mind and matter and link to once own consciousness we can release power of anti-gravity that can save the world from imminent collapse and evolve into Golden Age. The visions of many new age scientists and advocators of movement of consciousness such as Amit Goswami, John Hagelin [Ref- 10,11] David Wilcock and David Icke [Ref:42, 30,31 ] are real. A good thing I observe is that there is silent movement developing within in science and religions that is heading to real light or Truth. When this gets a simple sensible universal foundation, it can create an expansive force to counter the collapse. This then can help quickly transform the whole world. 2] At the practical and immediate action level, modern world should lessen its interference into the night in which earth functions to maintain order. 3] It should reduce the heat released into environment. Technologies need to be developed that releases less heat into the environment. In this arena life can give us simple clues. Once the human mind is grounded on the “Living Reality of Nature”, the minds in temples of science can work quickly to develop these technologies. Max Planck said “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it”. Yes new generation are growing, that are increasingly becoming conscious and intelligent. The Mother earth and Spirit the Master, is stressing us to evolve, both scientifically and spiritually to survive. The collapse is inevitable; nature is struggling to gain new order. The only resistances to her process are the human beings, who instead of working with life force are working against it. Only a quick and mass awakening can help us survive.
  9. 9. There is still, hope for humanity, it is not too late as visualized by many intellectuals that includes James Lovelock [Reference -48,49 ]. I and thousands out there are striving at it against many odds, but much depends on people existing in temples of science and political offices determining our fate. They must take initiatives at least now to understand the Truth of Nature and Life that exist next to their skin. Please Viral this article Help is needed to produce some Videos that can be Viraled through the internet so that Nations Awake. There is little time Left Home References 1] 2012 - What the World Says 2] NASA confirms 2012 Polar Shift 3] NASA Predicts Arctic ocean Melt down and Catastrophes -2012 4] NASA warns of Super Solar Flare 2012 5] NASA – Speaks of Giant Breach in Earths Magnetic Field 5A] Stephen Hawking “Abandon Earth or Face Extinction” 5B] The Girl who silenced the world for 5minutes 6] A collection of 5 Series on 2012 By History Channel  A]  B]  C]  D]
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