Anna hazare - The phenomenon and the wave
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Anna hazare - The phenomenon and the wave



The phenomenon called Anna Hazare and the wave he has created needs to be understood as positive evolution force to advance democracy and parliament and it’s functioning for the well being of ...

The phenomenon called Anna Hazare and the wave he has created needs to be understood as positive evolution force to advance democracy and parliament and it’s functioning for the well being of humanity, not as a confrontation with parliament. It is a call for transformation of all those who exist and take key position of rule in the government and judiciary. They have to come into self realization. They are called to serve the people and ensure justifiable flow and sustenance of the system, not to seek “self” and thus curtail the flow and thus bring death to the system. Anna phenomena is a call for these people to retreat from the corrupt practices and surrender to truth to get saved. Nothing can stop Truth from manifesting.



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    Anna hazare - The phenomenon and the wave Anna hazare - The phenomenon and the wave Document Transcript

    • Anna Hazare - A Phenomenon and the Wave<br /> <br />The Ultimate Truth of Democracy and Parliament<br />By John Paily – Grace New Age Research<br /> [This article is impulsively written from once own consciousness and knowledge. It may differ from the picture others hold on the subject]<br />Democracy is defined by Abraham Lincoln as “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”. Thus the elected representative in parliament becomes the voice and authority of the country and reflects the mind and thinking of majority of individual at the point of election. A wave develops at the time of elections, driven by the campaigning of the parties involved to catch the attention of the public mind. Parties ride to rule the country on it. But one should bear in mind this mandate is only for a short period and is prone to collapse any time, under any new wave that emerges within the population. To understand democracy and functioning of parliament we need to review the very concept of democracy. <br />
      • Democracy functions to develop information and awaken human consciousness at individual and collective levels. For example assume a leader proposes to begin and end his public address with huge fire works and the public says yes, then the public will end in cleaning the mess and paying for it. This gives information input for the next cycle. Thus democracy has an evolutionary content in it, which awakens human consciousness and unfolds information.
      • In true democracy there can only be two choices and one objective. The two choices are “yes” or “no” at each bifurcating points. The objective is to progress towards peace and stability. The information development here is linear and makes positive progresses in time, unfolding new realities of life and nature.
      • When you have multiple party and multiple choices, it causes a camouflage and delays the development of positive information. Here, the freedom in democracy, gives scope for expression of negative side of human mind and thus system can go into negative state. But it cannot stop unfolding of information. Here the system takes a non linear approach. It gets stressed by feed back to its critical point. At the critical point even a small vent will lead to a huge explosion and transformation of the system. Indian democracy since freedom has taken a negative path of corruption, with leaders fighting the battle of elections on caste, money power, muscle power and such aspect. They drive into power, on votes mostly of the uneducated rural population and the power of anti social selfish elements. Anna Harare has emerged as a vent for inwardly stressed democracy or the Second Type of Democracy [non linear]. America we can be assumed as the First Type of Democracy.
      • This means the basic objective of democracy is to give scope to development of information and knowledge. It is powered by an instinct within humanity to find peace and order and control his destiny. Democracy can be powered by two inherent forces in humanity; the fear and love. One look at the world shows that modern day democracies are powered by fear and thus manifest as conquering motive and corruption. The west or the first type of democracy is largely conquering in its motive and the east [second type democracy] is largely corrupt.
      • This means on the whole the democracy in the modern world is directed the negative way. We are yet to see the positive side of democracy – a democracy that is be powered by Love, Truth and Justice. It should emerge from the darkness of the negative democracy. Probably we are in that critical transition phase from fear based democracy gives way to Love based democracy where truth and justice rules.
      • The first type of democracy [west] that is based on fear and negativity leads to expansion of the material world [unwinding]. It manifest as physical conquering motive. The strength of a country is here measured by its material power. Economy here opens and becomes centered on war. It stresses the mind of humanity to evolve and advance. In the second type of democracy [east], it leads to contraction and corruption. Here economy becomes strangulated by corruption. It stresses the consciousness to evolve.
      • In both the above cases the negative side of humanity manifests. Both the type of democracy [west and east] tends to certain critical state of collapse. The west tends to collapse through unchecked expansion [conquering motive] and east tend to collapse due to unchecked contraction or corruption. The whole system [west and east together] has a direction to self destruction or death. With globalization we have peaked with the negativity. Globalization was unleashed by the west with a negative intent of conquering the wealth of the world. This has back fired on the west. In the east it has given sudden bloom to corruption, widening the gap between the rich and poor and giving immense scope for dark elements in the society and stressing Good ones to limit.
      • The survival now exists in becoming conscious and awakening to truth of nature and life. The negative democracy is stressing individual and humanity as a whole to evolve to know truth and enter the Golden Age of Democracy or Dharma Yuga where democracy becomes based on Love, Justice and Truth and takes New Life.
      • The whole world is at a critical point of transition. It could be visualized as a point of transition form Lower knowledge to Higher Knowledge or mind based existence to heart based existence. A journey from darkness to light, untruth to truth. Anna probably is the wave that is bound to transform not only India but the whole world. India is a Gold mine of knowledge of Higher order [spiritual knowledge]. Unfortunately, this knowledge and light was lost in time as humanity slipped into darkness because of his “self”. Spiritual knowledge of the ancient tells us that universe is conscious and intelligent and we are only individuated consciousness and intelligence born from it in space-time. Even modern science, heralded by west is heading towards the same reality, though clarity to it has not yet emerged.
      • The Vedic knowledge of India classifies universal time into four periods, where truth and justice deteriorates in certain proportions. According to them we are in the last phase, where truth and justice dips to the lowest level. Truth and justice is a vital aspect life and society. It is on this conceptual principle the balance of the system or life is sustained. Truth and justice dipping to minimum invariably means disorder and death is approaching.
      • History, tells us that when ever Justice and Truth is endangered, The Higher Force or God manifest in human forms to fight and lead the world in the right path. The Epics Ramayan and Mahabharat depict this battle.
      • There is a contrast between west and east and its basic thinking. The west thinks universe is material and east thinks universe is Living. Time is inevitable aspect of nature and is the least understood aspect. The concept of time tells us that there is a beginning and end or birth and death. Our ignorance seems to exist in comprehending birth and death cycle in the universal level. Both Science of the west and east fails to answer this question sensibly with clarity.
      • Now that modern science also is inching towards viewing universe as Living being, let us explore the democratic system from living point of view. A living being has a creation phase and created phase. In the Creation phase the Father exists in the Mother. What rules this phase is Unconditional Love. But in the Created phase what rules is Justice and Truth. This means truth and justice is as fundamental as Love. Love Creates and Truth and Justice maintains life. Deterioration and Death begins when truth and justice departs us and Creation simply is a way of restoration of Truth and Justice.
      • Vedas tells us that Vreation occurred through self sacrifice of the Creator [Yajurveda Vs 30-31]. And that this sacrifice was conducted by His own people or lesser Gods. History records such a sacrifice in Christ.
      • Truest follower of Christ I have come across is Mahatma Gandhi, who brought independence to our country from slavery to the west. The call Christ gave to his disciples is a call to fight and bring humanity out of slavery to material force. Mahatma Gandhi liberated us from physical slavery by non violence. But our mental slavery continued to exist and has today manifests as the devil of corruption threatening the very existence of the country.
      • Anna Hazare now emerges as the Hope and platform on which India not only can transform it self but become Light to the World, unearthing the knowledge hidden within its culture. It is a crucial time in universal time cycle. It is a time to become conscious and awaken to truth and find True Liberation – The liberation of both mind and body from the clutches of darkness.
      • What makes Gandhi and Anna Hazare so special is the purity of their intent and the ability to make sacrifices for the liberation and betterment of a population beyond religion, caste and self made boundaries. They are true warriors of modern world. They introduced a unique way of resistance of the evil force and winning over it.
      • The evolution that Anna Hazare hope to make on our democracy can take undisputed clarity, when we visualize it from the point of living system. Life consists of three basic realms - heart, brain and body. The heart forms the inner and vital realm responsible for creating and maintaining the vital flow of oxygen and nutrients to sustain the brain and body. The brain forms the organ around which the left and right parts of the body are balanced. They can be equated to three principle system in democracy, Parliament, Judiciary and the public that make them. No doubt Parliament here is vital. The system deteriorates when parliament deteriorates .The judiciary can be compared to brain. Health of Life deteriorates when the brain fails to function properly. What is vital here is that both these systems exist to serve the body and this serving is only possible with the cooperation of the body and its cells. Thus the individuated cells become primal to the system. The individual and the whole system deteriorate when “self” manifest in individuals and it fails to cooperate with the realm of heart and mind. The knowledge of “self” is thus considered as the highest knowledge in spiritual realm. When “self” manifest death manifest. Christ thus showed “self sacrifice” as means and way to Life. The intent and the direction of thinking of human mind plays an important role in the out come. The Anna Wave takes its force from the purity of his intent. It is consciousness awakening. Democracy is thus designed to awaken human consciousness and make him march from darkness to light. This phenomenon is non linear and takes place in a non violent way. It happens through individual emerging form time to time, to lead the world.
      • The light and darkness are two realities of life. Light has no existence without darkness. Just as male and female makes a unity they are one. But darkness is not the Master and it cannot be. The situation in India is that this vital part of the democracy [Parliament] at all levels from the village to the capital is infiltrated largely by evil elements and thinks it is a safe heaven beyond the judiciary. The wave that Anna has created is a transformation call to all who rules us with evil intent and wins the battle by material power and muscle power. They fail to realize that there exist a parliament and court above them, where the real Judgment happens
      • This reality of Higher parliament and Judiciary can be again understood from living point of view. All life is characterized by two spaces; inner and outer space. All life works to maintain the balance between the inner and outer space through information exchange. This means there are two distinctive worlds; inner and outer, which are one and governs the system. The body is maintained by the brain/judiciary, which actually serves the heart/parliament. This forms the external parliament and Judiciary governing the system. In addition to this, life is bestowed with an inner mind/judiciary and parliament and a spiritual body that connects to the inner space. It is this inner world which actually judges and determines the functioning of the system. This reality reveals from the existence of Autonomous Nervous System in the body that includes three parts; enteric, sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Its general action is to mobilize body's resources under stress; to induce the fight-or-flight response. It is, however, constantly active at a basal level to maintain homeostasis or balance. They are also mainly concerned with control of the internal system and to its functioning that gives life. They control the activity of gastrointestinal track and the beats of heart that are vital to life.
      • This vital component is lacking in the present democratic system. The present thinking is mind and material centered and looks away from the inner world. It has failed to grasp the importance of this control mechanism. Democratic system becomes complete only when the system incorporates an autonomous system that can flush out evils constantly entering the parliament and the governing system. I am not arguing that existence of an autonomous system will ensure a fool proof mechanism to resist corruption, but that is how life is designed to fight corruption and maintain life and it should be approved in to the democratic governance.
      • Indian democracy appears superior, when compared to American in the sense that it has a President, who is all powerful. Unfortunately he is kept as rubber stamp. This inactive state of Indian president should be evoked and made powerful. The inner and external government should be reporting to the President. There should be a great caution in selecting the President.
      • The present time, where in the whole world is deteriorated by virtue of mind that has become slave to material force, is stressing humanity at individual and collective level to become conscious and intelligent to realize his own spiritual nature. All spiritual scriptures calls us grow beyond once own mind “self” and turn it around from outer space to inner space to know the truth and attain the peace and order and gain life.
      • Conclusion
      The phenomenon called Anna Hazare and the wave he has created needs to be understood as positive evolution force to advance democracy and parliament and it’s functioning for the well being of humanity, not as a confrontation with parliament. It is a call for transformation of all those who exist and take key position of rule in the government and judiciary. They have to come into self realization. They are called to serve the people and ensure justifiable flow and sustenance of the system, not to seek “self” and thus curtail the flow and thus bring death to the system. Anna phenomena is a call for these people to retreat from the corrupt practices and surrender to truth to get saved. Nothing can stop Truth from manifesting. <br />