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Johnny's PwerPnt Presentation


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A PowerPoint Presentation, with information of Galileo and The Telescopes...

A PowerPoint Presentation, with information of Galileo and The Telescopes...

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Galileo to the Hubble Telescope PowerPoint Presentation By Johnny Tran
  • 2. About Galileo Galilei~!
    • Galileo Gaglilei was a 17 th Century Scientist
    • Italian physicist, mathematician, astronmer and philospher
    • Known for Kinematics, Solar System and the Telescope
    • Galileo was one of the first to observe stars, planets or moons using a telescope.
    Galileo Galilei
  • 3. About the Telescope~!
    • The telescope was invented in 1608 in the Netherlands.
    • Galileo was able to contruct one to magnify up to 32x than first telescope. This was known as a Terrestrial Telescope or a “spyglass”.
    Replica of Galileo’s Telescope at the Griffith Observatory
  • 4. Discoveries~!
    • Galileo was able to observe the stars, planets or moons.
    • He used the telescope to determine the period of Jupiter’s Satellites(Moons).
    • He also observe the Earth’s Moon was actually not smooth, but rugged, filled with craters.
  • 5. THE MOON~! The Moon observed with a better telescope~! The Moon observed with a boring telescope…
  • 6. Galilean Moons Io, Europa, (Jupiter) , Ganymede and Castello (Jupiters Four Inner Moons)
  • 7. Grounded Telescopes Herschel Telescope 1.2m Lord Rosse Telescope 2.5m Hale Telescope 5.0m Keck II Telescope 10.0m
  • 8. Hubble Telescope
    • The Hubble Telescope orbits our Earth
    • Therefore, observations have far better clarity than a grounded telescope used on Earth.
  • 9. Galileo Thank yous~!
    • Thanks to Galileo scientists have developed monstrous telescopes used to view the universe.
    • These telescopes were used uncover the universe as what we see today
  • 10. Our Solar System Milky Way Planets Supernova
  • 11. Reference~!
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  • 12. The End ^_^ Johnny Tran