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Some helpful tips and tricks for using IBM Maximo Version 7.5. These tips and tricks were presented at a local Maximo User Group in the Boston area.

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IBM Maximo Tips & Tricks

  1. 1. John Connell, JFC & Associates Welcome NewMug MAXIMO Tips & Tricks October 13, 2011
  2. 2. 8 MAXIMO Tips and Tricks Administrator Tips New Classification Functionality Report Portal Listing Multiple KPIS Portal with Report Links Smartfill Options Escalations for Unblocking End Users End User Tips Query Records Short Cuts Hot Keys
  3. 3. The Business Visibility Control Automation How will your changes effect the requirements? “You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new.” - Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011 )
  4. 4. Classification Tip Under Classifications, in the Attributes section, you can make a particular input line mandatory by clicking the icon "Use with Object Detail", at which point a new dialog comes open, and then, you click the mandatory box. Consider an "Road inspection PM" where data needs to be captured. various inspection capture points as attribute lines. Make this Classification applicable to both workorders and jobplans. Link the classification to the Jobplan. Link the Jobplan to the PM. when the workorder is generated, and User updates the workorder, The user will be prompted to add the attribute data upon saving the workorder.
  5. 5. Report Portal Listing Did you know there is a Portal for Listing Reports?
  6. 6. Report Portal Listing In order To enable the Report List Portlet, perform the Setps below 1. Get the file - 2.Stop the Maximo Application Server. 3. Copy and Place the downloaded file in <maximo>toolsMaximo directory 4. Run pkginstall.bat from that same directory 5. Rebuild and redeploy EAR files 6. Start the Maximo Application Server 7. The new Report List Portlet should now be available from within the Security Group Application.
  7. 7. KPI Portal Linking Multiple KPI's to Reports
  8. 8. KPI's Report Link Simply add the report Link to the KPI.
  9. 9. Smartfill Properties modify the global value, save check off the checkbox in front of it, select action menu, do a live refresh. A pop up box will be displayed to show you the properties that are going to change and thats it.
  10. 10. Escalations Tip #1 Notification when escalation fails Description You want to be notified when an escalation fails without looking through the log files. Solution When an escalation executes, an entry is made to the ESCSTATUS table. One of the attributes of each ESCSTATUS row is the status of the escalation result. The valid escalation status values are SUCCESS and ERROR. You can set up notification for escalations based on these status values. specified in the communication template.
  11. 11. Automate the monitoring for Failed Escalations 1.Create a communication template for the escalation. For example, create a template that includes the details of the escalation that failed, when it failed, and the reason for the failure. 2.Create an escalation against the ESCSTATUS table that looks for ESCSTATUS rows with a STATUS of 'ERROR'. 3.Associate the communication template with the escalation point notification. When the escalation point is triggered, (in other words, when the escalation finds an ESCSTATUS row with a status of 'ERROR'), the communication is sent to the role specified in the communication template.
  12. 12. Escalations Tip #2 Unblocking of User Passwords Description You want to Unblock users Automatically after several Bad attempts and Get Notifications when they do. Solution When a User gets blocked the User Status is changed To Blocked. With Easy Steps MAXIMO can update the Status to Active Automatically and Sends an email notification. 1. Create an escalation 2. Create an action 3. Create a Notification using a communication Template
  13. 13. Escalations Tip #2 cont. 1. Create an escalation
  14. 14. Escalations Tip #2 cont. 2. Create an Action
  15. 15. Query Records Tip Do you want to query multiple records using the filter box? Solution - Simply string your records or filter criteria separated by commas. The example below uses a description field however you may use key fields too.
  16. 16. short Cuts Auto MAXIMO USer Login http://localhost:7001/maximo/ui/login?login=url&username=smith&password=smith1 Auto Login for application http://localhost:7001/maximo/ui/login?login=url&username=smith&password=smith1&event=loadapp&value=wotrack Auto Login for application & Query http://localhost:7001/maximo/ui/login?login=url&username=smith&password=smith1&event=loadapp&value=wotrack&additionale vent=sqlwhere&additionaleventvalue=reportedby in('WINSTON')
  17. 17. MAXIMO HotKeys HotKeys for Workorder status change buttons while in the Work Order Tracking Application Approve: CTRL + ALT + V In progress: CTRL + ALT + X Complete: CTRL + ALT + Y Close: CTRL + ALT + Z For field help All Applications Alt F1 Key - Persistant Feilds Alt I Key - Non-Persistant Feilds
  18. 18. Questions???
  19. 19. Thank You JFC & Associates "People Helping People" John