AbleGamers And The Inevitability of Inclusive Gaming
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AbleGamers And The Inevitability of Inclusive Gaming






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  • Outreach - Perception has changed – “how?”
  • We’ve got a lot going
  • Adroit, braille, kinect setup
  • Includification - 508
  • Solutions - Alienate players, TCR Reqs
  • Vision - Most hard to explain to developers, because games are so visualTarget marking – Guild Wars 2Speed – MP3In the pit
  • Hearing - Games for fully deaf are harder to come by
  • Cognitive - Category with the widest breadth because encompasses so much
  • Only so much to say at this pointPrecisionMobile - (A lot of assistive tech not on mobile)Speed Kittens, Yesterday, ArkanoArena
  • … with caveats

AbleGamers And The Inevitability of Inclusive Gaming AbleGamers And The Inevitability of Inclusive Gaming Presentation Transcript

  • Johnny Richardson
  •  Games, Web Developer and Consultant @ Jack Morton Worldwide Disabled Gamer Accessibility Evangelist Director of Industry Outreach, AbleGamers Mission and specialty: to make games and entertainment software more accessible
  • The AbleGamers Foundation is dedicated to bringing greater accessibility in the digital entertainment space so that people with disabilities can gain a greater quality of life, and develop the rich social life that gaming can bring. Player and caregiver support Developers Events and community Editorial Grants Accessible hardware
  •  For disabled players…  Empowerment  Self-efficacy  Escapism  Social experiences  Aids in rehabilitation Audience diversification
  •  Events such as  PAX and GDC  AbilitiesExpo  World Congress on Disabilities Day-to-day support and consulting Sponsors: Microsoft, Rockstar, PopCap, Harmonix, IndieGala
  •  Includification First-ever permanent accessibility arcade in D.C. New advisor and Board of Directors member  Paul Barnett (EA)  Larry Goldberg (WGBH) Weeklong of coverage on AAPD Paul G. Hearne Leadership Award and documentary
  •  Located at the MLK Memorial Library in D.C. Several gaming stations featuring a variety of games and hardware  Kinect/Xbox, PC, Adroit, Quasimoto Axis  Fruit Ninja, Forza First-ever arcade of its kind open to public Generated a lot of attention “When properly used, video games can be an important learning tool for literacy, spatial reasoning and curriculum support as well as a wonderful social experience.” - Venetia Demson, Chief of D.C. Public Library’s Adaptive Services Division
  •  The “How” Comprehensive Best Practices  Good, Better, Best Case Studies Developer Exercises Testimonials Will be updated annually in print and often online Has gotten excellent feedback
  • “There should be no barriers to fun” Solutions for Developers Hardware Business Ethical Imperative
  •  Don’t add lots of time (for the most part) Are not technically infeasible Do not violate platform requirements Will not alienate your player base …or ruin your gameplay Accessibility is accessible to everyone Realistic
  • Never saysomeone wouldnt want to play yourgame a certain way
  •  Remappable Keys, Camera Options  Dragon Age, Rift, Resistance Third party access Moveable UI, Macros  WoW, Dark Age of Camelot Save Points Speed
  •  Font colors Colorblind options Target marking Change fonts Customizable interface Speed Text-to-speech
  •  Closed Captioning  Needs to account for dialogue and events Fonts/colors Alternative indicators  Call of Duty Hard to come by
  •  Tutorials/training  “Starter” areas Sandboxes/freedom  Open-world games Difficulty adjustment Good menu systems Camera options Auto-pass
  •  Still evolving very rapidly Most of these practices apply Modified multi-touch Alternative input  iOS/Android both have their strengths Accessibility not heavily enforced Can be more accessible than other platforms …or far less, depending on need.
  •  Adroit Quasimoto Axis, etc. Motion controllers  Wii/Wii U, Kinect, Move Coming along…  Brain enabled
  •  42 million disabled people in US alone Average household has some kind of gaming device Audience represents major untapped revenue Money is an excellent motivator
  •  We’re getting through Developers who act see happier players Changes design process Medicine is major proponent Increasing awareness
  • Gaming as an accessible activity is inevitable, in the long run Market demand Maturation of the art form Industry changes constantly New gen of developers Obsolescence of AbleGamers would be welcomed
  •  It’s about playing  Not rewards, points, etc. Innumerable benefits for player Social options Ethical and cultural imperative
  • 585 944 4841 /ablegamers /ablegamers @ablegamers @johnnycrich