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Web twc newsletter autumn 2012 24pp

  1. 1. NEWSletter Autumn 2012Wimbledon beat Northernto be ECB National InsideTwenty20 winners Page 5 New Hon Sec, RichardIn a thrilling night fans watching on Sky The success completes what is probably HollidayTV and at the Edgbaston ground saw the best year in the Wimbledon CC’sWimbledon Cricket Club beat Northern 150 year history.Cricket Club to become winners of the Page 9ECB National Twenty20, on 6 September. Neil Turk was man of the match. He scored 30 and Graham Grace scored London & SEWimbledon bowled Northern out for 32. In the semi-finals Wimbledon Squash Club90 runs in 19 batted and made 91-3 161- 4 beat Cuckney (Nottinghamshire of the yearin 16.2 overs. Premier League) 144 all out by 6 wickets. Page 11 Best year ever dedicated to Bill Page 16 New junior working team
  2. 2. Individual sessions Call practitioners for an appointment Bar opening hours Monday to Saturday from 9am – 11pm Personal training Dean Hughes, 07956 186373 Sunday 9am – 10pm Osteopath Tuesday & Thursday afternoons, Restaurant opening hours Richard Searle, 07931 542317 Tuesday to Friday 7pm – 10pm Massage Thursdays & Friday evenings, Saturday & Saturday 12 noon – 9pm Sunday afternoons: Teresa Stopa, 07881 902688 Sunday 12 noon – 4pm Closed Mondays Massage Saturday & Sunday mornings, Last orders are 10 minutes before closing time. Travers Barr, 07884 331378 To book a table in the restaurant, 020 8971 8091 Classes Pilates Krithia Wildfire, 07759 614766 Court booking number Tuesdays 12 to1.30pm, 7.30pm to 9pm, After noon weekdays and all day weekends Call to check availability. 020 8971 8099. Krithia also does individual lessons Cancellation number: as above or 020 8971 8090 for cancellations on the day only. Lisa Newsom Davies, 07855 822902 Mondays 9:15am and 8pm Subs due dates Tuesdays 9:15am and 10:30am February: Fitness suite Thursdays 10:30am and 1:15pm May: Tennis, Associate, Cricket September: Squash Yoga Heather Kemp, 07979 614766 October: Hockey Wednesdays 10am and 7:30pm Discounts Zumba Angela Oliviera, 07900 334 952 Generally 10 per cent is offered to members by:– Coaching The Tennis Gallery Tennis Alex Morris, 07808 224 603 Tennis artefacts and memorabilia, next to Rod Booth, 07984 492 998 Wimbledon Park Tube at 144 Arthur Road. Squash Stacey Ross, SRA coach 07811 465073 020 8715 8877 Paul Reilly, 07787 122494 Ahmed Indian restaurant, 2 The Broadway, Sarah Davis, 07833 668499 SW19, Cricket Sean Davies, juniors 07766 082496 020 8946 6214 Playball, Angie Dillon, 07919 157748 PWP Sports shop, 258 Wimbledon Park Road, SW19, 020 8780 3062 Clubhouse Reception opening hours DeMont Digital Services Monday to Friday 9am – 5:30pm Certified Help Desk Specialist, 020 8549 9553 Contents 1. Winning cricket 11. Cricket - Crispin Lyden-Cowan 3. News - Richard Holliday 13. Tennis - Mary Preece 5. Obituaries 14. Hockey - Ben Marsden 7. News from the Bar 16. Juniors 8. Squash - Stacey Ross The Wimbledon Club Newsletter, Autumn 2012 Editor: Jan Comer at Aurora. Production: thecircus.uk.com The Wimbledon Club Editorial committee: Andrew Preston, John Williams. Church Road Printer: Stabur. Wimbledon, London SW19 5AG Photographs by Sam Lloyd, Johnny Bouchier. Tel: 020 8971 8090 Fax: 020 8971 8095 Thanks to all our contributors. www.thewimbledonclub.co.uk2
  3. 3. News Hon Sec - the first few weeks Richard Holliday, Club honorary secretaryAs I think John Major said on becoming Prime Minister, management committee had all stepped up and“Who would have thought it!” Nobody was more were seeing to it that all the jobs that needed doingsurprised than me at my appointment as Hon Sec and were done.I am sure that some of my hockey friends are probably There was, however, a feeling that the Club had becomestill in a state of shock! so much more focused on high sporting achievementI joined the club 43 years ago and, because my family and success through the appointment of professionalhave lived in close proximity, we have all spent a good sports directors on one hand but still relied heavily onmany weekends playing or watching sport at the Club. part-time unpaid honorary officers on the other.On one occasion our sons, Oliver and David were ball In the modern world of work finding volunteers withboys for Gabriella Sabatini and her coach on the the time to manage on a day to day basis was, it wasgrass courts. thought by my interviewees, going to be harder andInevitably, of course, there have been great harder to achieve.changes at Church Road (on both sides of It was also clear that the panel felt therethe street) and I have watched as the littleclubhouse in the corner first morphed into “Who were many administrative and management areas where improvement was required anda new clubhouse in the 70s and was then would would indeed need a focused professionaldemolished to make way for the grandbuilding that we now enjoy. have to identify and implement new systemsAs an inevitable result of this long thought it!” and provide leadership. To be honest, I was surprised how much timeassociation my family and I of course was required of those in honorary positions, how difficulthave a deep affection for the Club and I count it is to be on top of all the issues that constantly crop upmyself extremely lucky to have been able to play and have good management contact with all the stakehockey in such splendid surroundings for so many holders, all of the time.years and with so many members who havebecome lifelong friends.So it wasn’t too hard a decision to take when I New directorwas asked if I would stand for election as Hon Sec. Well, you will now know that Clare Wood has been appointed as Club director and I am sure that she andSWOT her achievements will feature in future editions of thisMy first thought on my appointment was that I should newsletter.try to understand what the issues were among members Let me say here how pleased I am that, after an intensiveof the General Committee and staff. So I set about and comprehensive search and interview process,asking questions, trying to find out what the general we have been able to secure the services of suchconsensus was regarding Strengths Weaknesses a highly successful athlete and sports administrator.Opportunities and Threats. The Wimbledon Club has developed and thrived in theI conducted 23 interviews and was able to present my highly competitive and ever changing world of sportfindings to the Gen Com. over the years I have been a member and I am sureIt became clear that the general view was that the that the era to come led by Clare will see continuedappointment of a Club director was a most pressing development and sporting success.requirement. I am sure we will strive to be the best we can be inI should point out, I think, that as far as I could tell the all our sports but still maintain, I trust, the friendly,club was running very well. Members of staff and the family club atmosphere that we all cherish. 3
  4. 4. News In Brief The end of an era Mary Preece, chairman of Tennis Lesley Charles Lesley Charles, our Club coach since 1989, retired at the end of July this year. Club gardens, winner of Merton in Bloom’s Best Commercial Premises in 2011 and nominated in Of course she remains a 2012 – green fingers crossed member, so we will still see her – but probably not at the social mix-in sessions! Bridge success Lesley has given wonderful service to the Club over the years, managing to for Tennis be endlessly positive and encouraging regardless of the standard of her pupils. She will be a hard act to follow. We are pleased to have Rod Booth back at the Club as head of adult tennis, responsible for all aspects of our Add a picture of two adult programme, including: cards of cards??? • Social tennis sessions on Wednesday evening 6-9pm and Saturday afternoon 2-5pm (full members only) • Associates class on Monday evenings 8-9pm (associate members / self rating 1) The Tennis section enters a team in the Surrey Tennis Clubs’ bridge league every year. The league has been • Improvers class on Monday evenings 7-8pm running for 13 years and this year our team won the (self rating 2-3) Broadbent Golder Plate, which can be seen in the trophy Rod will also be organising new member play-ins; cabinet in the bar, in the knockout competition – our first running box leagues, a tennis ladder, and the summer success. The team members were Tony Hughes, Wendy and winter tournaments. Rod is available for private Johnson, Gill Martin, Mary Preece and Judy Tomline. individual and group adult tennis lessons and can be contacted at: tennisadultcoach@thewimbledonclub.co.uk or on his mobile: 07984 492998. Alex Morris, who will be familiar to most members, has been promoted to head of junior tennis, responsible for all aspects of our junior programme. This includes mini-tennis sessions four days a week for U8/U9/U10 with junior tennis academy squads for stand-out players; junior mix-ins on Friday afternoons; team training sessions on Saturday mornings and an academy squad for older juniors on Monday evenings. Our teams compete in AEGON Team tennis in all age groups throughout ptures ervish ca the summer and we are committed ember Karen D went to ensuring all our juniors have the opportunity to mittee m ame as it Te nnis com the O lympic fl reach their full potential. Alex is available for private raph of a photog Road in July . individual and group junior tennis lessons and can dow n Church be contacted at:4 tennisjuniorcoach@thewimbledonclub.co.uk or on his mobile: 07809 434165.
  5. 5. News The new Hon Sec - Richard Holliday By Ben ReaAlong with several school friends Richard joined deputy chairman. With determination and zestWimbledon Hockey Club fresh from school in 1969. these two almost single-handedly reversed theAnd apart from a brief sojourn with Hampstead he Club’s fortunes to such an extent that withinhas remained a hockey stalwart ever since then. four seasons the first Xl had been promoted toUntil he became Hon. Sec. at the 2012 AGM, the England Hockey National League, a higherRichard may not have been too well known outside position than ever before in our illustrious 130the hockey section, but almost everyone will have years as a hockey club. And of course under Benbeen aware of his lusty tenor voice, often heard in Marsden, appointed by the two Richards asthe bar when singing was the order of the day. director of Hockey, we are now on the brink of promotion to the premier league of the top 10In his hockey career Richard has played at almost clubs in the country. Not surprisingly Richard wasall levels over the years, from first Xl down to nominated and elected as a Club vice president atmasters (over 40) standard. A bustling centre this year’s AGM. It was only after his nominationforward he often upset the opposition during that he was asked to take on the job of Clubmatches, but was always the first ‘to kiss and secretary. Luckily he agreed to take on this jobmake up’ in the bar afterwards. Not everyone and is now settling in well and coping with allremembered his name, but no one forgot the the onerous tasks now required of him.character. As well as being a Club man Richard is aClub’s first England Hockey coach Wimbledon man having lived with his wifeRichard was the first England Hockey qualified Carolyn and two sons in SW19 for the past 40coach in the Club and again he has been single years or so, being involved in many local activities,mindedly dedicated in offering his coaching advice not least as lead tenor with the Wimbledonand help to both the ladies’ and Junior sections, Light Opera Society.as well as, of course, all levels in the men’s section.But it is as a player that most will know him best,not least for being the Club’s leading goal scorerin eight separate seasons and for his successfulcaptaincy at some of the lower levels. As hisplaying days became less frequent so he took upumpiring, not only for the Club but also for Surreyand latterly for The Southern Counties UmpiresAssociation.In 1995 he was elected a hockey Vice President,but loath to sit on his laurels put his talentstowards sorting out the masters/veteran part ofthe Club. So he might have continued, but in theearly 2000s the Club began a disastrous run onthe pitch with relegation seemingly happening atall levels every year. In conjunction with RichardCreed and a few others Richard decided thatdrastic action had to be taken to prevent theClub disappearing into the lowest reaches ofhockey. Richard Creed became chairman andRichard Holliday hon. sec., hon. treasurer and Richard Holliday 5
  6. 6. Obituaries Bill Burton (1928-2012) past president 2008-2011 The sudden death of Bill Wimbledon over some 20 years, his tactical Burton came as a great shrewdness, strength of character and equanimity shock to all who knew of temperament held together constantly changing him. His many friends teams, who in those laisser faire pre-league days were deprived of often contained a fair proportion of gifted but a charming and dilettante performers whose commitment fell far entertaining companion, The Wimbledon Club lost short of his own. a most loyal and supportive member and cricket and cricketers everywhere a shrewd and knowledgeable Paradoxically, a bowling action memorably described devotee of the game. as ‘like an octopus falling out of a tree’ and a batting technique based on a dour defence and an attack Bill obviously enjoyed his wartime Malvern schooldays, that relied heavily on a swing of the bat that even when exiled to Harrow, and in years to come he despatched the bowling, irrespective of where it was often yearned for a life as a schoolmaster in one of pitched, beyond long leg seemed quite at odds with the ancient public schools, a position his humanity, the elegance of all his other activities. sympathetic judgment of character and love of books would have served him well. However, economic While committees were an anathema, Bill dutifully factors decreed that after a period in the RAF heavily served his time on wider club matters and he will involved in the Berlin Airlift he joined Sandemans, be remembered especially for his leadership and the well-known wine shippers, where his charm guidance during the eventful years of his Presidency and acuity gained him worldwide respect. 2008 to 2011. Yet it was for his connections and love of cricket that Summers at Church Road will never be quite the he will be most remembered. His great strength lay in same without Bill. Our deepest sympathies go his ability to assess objectively the state of the game to his family and to Mona; it may be some small and equally the strengths and weaknesses of those consolation to them to know that their loss is involved, be it friend or foe. As a captain of shared by so many others. Ron Oliver (1936 - 2012) club bar steward 1984 - 2003 Older members will be following the 1969 typhoon. In 1981, Ron received saddened to hear that a Commendation for Brave Conduct after averting Ron Oliver, the former a potential gas explosion at his barracks. His army club steward, passed career culminated in 1984 on receipt of the British away on 14 June at the Empire Medal from the Queen. age of 76 in Spain, to where he and Carol had Reluctant to leave the unique camaraderie of the retired. Ron’s career at forces, Ron joined the staff of The Wimbledon Club the Club spanned almost with some trepidation following his discharge in 19 years (1984 – 2003). 1984. Most of Ron’s jokes and anecdotes cannot be He exemplified all the attributes of a Wearsider and repeated in a family newsletter; however, Sam Lloyd an army veteran: loyalty, integrity and an infectious used to hold a fairly comprehensive anthology of sense of humour, coupled with a robust aversion to Ron’s ‘funnies’. patronising members and unruly children. Leaving behind an extensive family of children and Born in Sunderland in 1936, Ron left school at 15 and grandchildren, Ron and Carol decided to embark spent the next 11 years working three miles under on a new life in Torrevieja in southern Spain, with the sea at Vane Tempest Colliery in County Durham. Ron operating a taxi service to nearby Alicante Fearful of contracting silicosis, Ron signed up with the airport and Carol arranging changeovers for Army Catering Corps in 1962, though we never let holiday accommodation. him loose on our food counter! As a staff sergeant, We extend to Carol and the family our deepest his tours of duty included Singapore, Malaysia, sympathy at their sad loss. Northern Ireland three times, and Bangladesh, where he was engaged in resettlement and reconstruction6
  7. 7. RememberingPatsie,firstLady PresidentBy Ben ReaI was already a member, albeit of the hockeyclub, when the Staniszewskis arrived at ChurchRoad to join the Club in 1954, so I think I canclaim to have known Patsie longer than most.She was already a formidable tennis player in herown right. In those days the tennis section wasa bit stuffy and tended to turn up for a casualgame of social tennis followed by a cup of teaand then went home. Patsie and Andrej were toogood not to realise that the section needed a bitof a shaking up, which they duly achieved. All ofa sudden matches were now played and won atall levels, but of course the social side continued.When Andrej became Tennis hon secretary and in 1961. But Miss Wade soon moved to Tunbridgeruffled feathers that needed ruffling, it was Wells and then to international stardom, whilePatsie who was quietly in the background Patsie was able to once again reign supreme assoothing damaged egos and picking up the the champion of The Wimbledonpieces with all her charm, tact Tennis Club, which sounded veryand patience. When Andrej “four ladies grand until one remembered theeventually stood down asTennis secretary to be replaced singles titles, six small establishment across the road, the AELTC, famed for itsby the less abrasive Patsie therewere audible sighs of relief ladies doubles titles croquet, or so I hear.from the cricket section who, and five mixed Patsie served as Tennis secretaryrightly, saw an end to the for some 25 years, duringendless arguments about the doubles titles” which time playing membershipmerits of club funds being quadrupled. It was her proudspent on a heavy boast that she knew every one of them,roller or whether two or four tennis courts which was true.should be sited on the cricket outfield. Latterly as her prowess inevitably waned, PatsieIf you look at the many honours boards at the gradually became a very caring Club member.Club you may well be surprised, but probably She was interested in how all the sections werenot, that the name Staniszewski appears more doing and was often to be found as a spectatorthan 100 times. Patsie was no slouch, winning at sports other than her beloved tennis.four ladies singles titles, six ladies doubles titlesand five mixed doubles titles. In her pomp in the Patsie was the first Lady President of Theearly 60s she would have won the ladies’ singles Wimbledon Club, an honour richly deserved andfour years on the trot but for the intervention of that gave her much pleasure. We shall miss herone Virginia Wade who had the temerity to win smiling friendly face and her words of wisdom. 7
  8. 8. News from the bar By Mandy and Geoff Spicer The unpredictable weather and the Olympic Tennis We have quite a few functions coming up. Some over the road is certainly reflected in how much will have been and gone by time the newsletter is we have seen you all over the spring and summer. published, but they are worth mentioning as they It wasn’t what you’d call Pimm’s weather really. sound fun. There’s Hockey’s party on 29 September However, draught Peroni, which we added several with an emergency services theme and live music, months ago, is proving to be very popular with Midnight Train jazz and blues band on 5 October Club members and visiting sporting teams. We to entertain us all and World Squash Day on 20 will be expanding our range of bottled lager and October which is being celebrated by an after ciders soon, so keep your eyes peeled for some new event party at the Club with band Riot. additions. Our guest bitters continue to cause much interest, most popular so far has to be Harvey’s Sussex Bitter. For your diaries Hope to see you at: • Saturday 8 December: Winter Wonderland Christmas Party and The Quiz Night Danny Lee Band for all members and their guests at the Club • Friday 8 February: • Wednesday 9 January: Please see Club notice boards for further details and buy tickets early to avoid disappointment. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs panto at See you in the bar! the Wimbledon Theatre starring Priscilla Presley and Warwick Davis End of season works By Edward Thom, Chairman Grounds committee The Grounds Committee (GC) has be scarified, seeded and top dressed. This will now been running for 21 months, repair and start the preparation works for next and was formed by the General season. The grass tennis courts will have similar Committee as a formal sub group following the works starting on the first Monday in October. extensive works on both the grass tennis courts This work is necessary to ensure that the grass and on the cricket outfield, also used by the germinates and starts the growing process before hockey section. The GC is made up of one there is a drop in ground temperature. representative from tennis, hockey and cricket I am advised that grass does not normally grow when with support from Brian Gibbons and Paul Brind, the ground temperature drops below 5 degrees. head groundsman. The Tennis Dome project is being managed The remit of the GC is to monitor and to oversee through the Tennis committee, and once all external facilities, ie those outside of the construction has been handed over post clubhouse and indoor sports hall. completion, will come within the GC remit. The key tasks for the next period concern the The GC would like to thank Paul Brind and his end of season ground works. In the second half team for their sterling work over the summer of September the cricket square and outfield will coping with an unusual mix of weather.8
  9. 9. Wimbledon Lakeside Squash London and SE Squash Club of the year Stacey Ross, director of SquashSurrey cupThis 2012/2013 season will see a change in how members did exceptionally well last season tothe top end league is structured. Division one, get promoted, meaning we now have two teamswhere our strongest team plays its squash, has, on in Surrey Cup’s division one, a great achievementa trial basis, been expanded to encompass division no doubt. The aim for this season will be to2. Our second team consisting of home-grown Club keep both teams in the top division.Lakeside Mens First team Surrey Cup 2012/13 Division 1R DAY date OPPONENTS H/A TIME RESULT W/C 8-Oct Rac 1 a 7.30 Wed 17-Oct West Byfleet 1 h 7.30 W/C 22-Oct Wimbledon R & F 2 a 7.30 Wed 07-Nov Colets 2 h 7.30 W/C 12-Nov Surbiton 1 a 7.30 W/C 19-Nov WEEK OFF Wed 28-Nov St. Georges Hill h 7.30 W/C 03-Dec Surrey Sports Park a 7.30 Wed 12-Dec Christophers h 7.30 Wed 09-Jan Rac 1 h 7.30 W/C 14-Jan West Byfleet 1 a 7.30 Wed 23-Jan Wimbledon R & F 2 h 7.15 W/C 28-Jan Colets 2 a 7.30 Wed 06-Feb Surbiton 1 h 7.30 W/C 11-Feb WEEK OFF W/C 25-Feb St. Georges Hill a 7.30 Wed 04-Mar Surrey Sports Park 1 h 7.30 W/C 11-Mar Christophers a 7.30Team round-up: summer Surrey Cup Lakeside venue for Silver junior event Lakeside hosts three events a year to outside Finishing positions players, two junior events and one adult, all Lakeside 1: Mid table of which are now well established tournaments Lakeside 2: 6 out of 8, remaining in the same division on both the junior and senior circuits. Lakeside 3: Top half Lakeside 4: Last and face relegation The culmination of our successful track record in hosting these events has lead to England Squash allowing a Silver event to be played out here atQueen’s cup – good start Lakeside next season. Silver events attract theLast season was the first year the Lakeside women country’s elite junior players and are the pinnacleput in a team for the Queen’s Cup inter-club of the junior calendar. This will be a greatleague. Matches were played against Hurlingham, showcase for our facility and will makeQueen’s Club, Lambs, Charing Cross and Lakeside the venue for one of the mostCumberland and captained by Louisa Knight. prestigious tournaments in the UK.The girls finished middle of the table; a respectableplace for their first year in the league. Good luckin the season starting off again this October. 9
  10. 10. Wimbledon Lakeside Squash London Squash Camp England internationals and national coaches descended on our courts over the summer to provide training camps for our adults and juniors. Peter Barker WR 6, Daryl Selby WR 11 and Adrian Grant were among other players who delivered a master class to many of our members. The weekend was a mix of squash and gym-based training that allowed those who attended to pick the brains of the top players in the world and get an insight into their views on the game. Off-peak court usage Running 13 teams from five courts and a healthy schools in order to fill this gap. Ricard’s Lodge, general demand for match play in the evening can St John’s Bosco College, Rutlish, Southfields put a strain on court availability post 6pm. While Community College and Albemarle Primary evening time sees us sweating the assets, the off- School are all now making good use of our peak hours have previously posed a challenge as courts during the day alongside established to find ways of how to avoid the courts lying idle. Willington School. Other schools are also in the pipeline as are alternative groups such as Time has been spent forging links with local U3A, a group of retirees. Club of the year England Squash has revived the Club of the Year award by inviting active clubs with a good all round programme of squash to enter. The criteria on which clubs are judged include the overall coaching programme for juniors and adults, beginners and team players, the quality of the club’s facilities and the provision the club makes for the local community. Lakeside was the winner of the London and South East division and runners up nationally. This is acknowledgement at the highest level of the standard the club has set in terms of the coaches we have delivering squash to our members, as well as overall programme we At the awards Club chairman David Johnson, have in place. Julie Quester, Stacey Ross, Sarah Davis10
  11. 11. Wimbledon Cricket ClubBest year everdedicated to BillComplied by Crispin Lyden-CowanWimbledon CC can rightly claim to have had their best We were profoundly sad to lose one of the Surreyyear ever, winning the top three premier titles and runners Championships’ greatest advocates, and our formerup in the 4XI Premier league. However, to win the President, Bill Burton, in January 2012. We dedicate ourNational T20 title, live on Sky Sports at Edgbaston, 2012 success to Bill, who would have been our proudestrepresenting Surrey, must surely be the greatest of supporter.accolades that will live long in the memory. and then simply chasing down the runs needed to win week after week. It seemed that no matter when a bowler needed changing we had the quality to keep attacking the opposition without a let up in performance despite the change of bowler. Seb Franke-Matthecka took two five wicket hauls in as many weeks and Tim Monteleone seven wickets at Normandy. The captain joined in with five at Malden. While the batting seemed nervy at times, it’s always worth remembering that all 11 players may bat in a game of cricket and it matters not how many wickets you lose so long as you win. Other teams may have felt that they pushed us close, but we found a way to win, and the confidence you can achieve through getting through a tight game is infectious. We felt enormous pride as a side when two opposing captains commented that, ‘we just couldn’t believe your depth....we thought we were throughFirst XI: Back Row: Tim Monteleone, Gerry Penford, you but then another quality player came to the crease’.Andrew Loubser, Darren Hooey, Dylan McNeilage, J Snape By mid season we were top of the league after a draw atFrom Row: Barry Perry (Scorer), James Brown, Graham Grace, home to Guildford and that is where we stayed for the rest ofNeil Turk (c), Ray de Passos, Seb Franke-Matthecka the season. The title would be retained if we won two of our last five one day games. At Guildford the opposition felt theyFirst XI had scored enough setting us 270 to win but a skilled runThe aim for the 2012 season was very clear, retain the Premier chase, which included our only ton of the year, put us on theLeague title and win the Surrey Twenty20 Cup. Similarly to last brink of the title. We won in no small part to the batting ofseason the League Title was won with two games to spare and Turk and Grace who formed a solid base all season thatwas a perfect addition to the Twenty20 Trophy that was won allowed the more free spirited players to take risks.at Sunbury in July. Eventually the Championship was Wimbledon’s after aPre-season was a virtual washout and in the initial 50 over Saturday when all games in the League were abandoned.matches we won two matches against Camberley and Reigate While it was odd to win the title in the bar, we felt we hadbut lost to Banstead. A disjointed league table showed been the best team all year and deservedly took theWimbledon playing catch up cricket as other teams completed Championship - finishing the season with good wins againstrain affected games. Against Camberley we chased down 260 Sutton and Normandy at home.and were indebted to James Brown who throughout the We amassed fewer points in the league than last year, due toseason played to his maximum potential, winning games for the rain, but the seasons were quite similar in how we played.the club in whatever situation was presented to him. A second The team winning always comes first. Every individualaway win at Reigate was very exciting for the club as they contributed a match winning performance at some pointcouldn’t chase down the 276 runs we set them with and much were not just what many would consider statisticaldisciplined accurate bowling from all the attack. highlights. The importance of ‘winning one for the team’Time cricket needs quality bowlers who can perform over goes beyond 50s, 100s and five wicket hauls of an individual.a sustained period of overs. The team was blessed in this The only statistic that matters within our dressing room isdepartment by a quartet of tall fast bowlers who shared where we are in the league. It is with great honour andout the new ball and first change roles dependent on what pleasure that we can say, we are at the top.opponents we faced or the pitches we found ourselves playingon. Add in the wicket taking ability of Tim Monteleone and the Our grateful thanks go to Barry Perry, our omnipresent scoreraccuracy of Will Leith and we had control of large parts of and to groundsman Paul Brind who battled all the odds tomatches and a pattern emerged of restricting the opposition produce good strips. 11
  12. 12. Wimbledon Cricket Club Second XI games over five years, assuming his position behind the stumps with 72 catches and 15 stumpings. The defence of a league title is always a challenge, none more so in 2012, with wet weather and soggy outfields Our grateful thanks go to Alex Anderson our scorer and giving everyone a slow start to the season. our omnipresent umpires. The early win on the first day of the season, when a lot of other matches were abandoned, got us off to a good start, and victories throughout the season, punctuated by some spectacular losses, such as at Normandy being bowled ridiculously cheaply, meant we were always in contention. Our star performers with the bat included Johnno Gordon (356 runs and our only centurion), James Reynard (355 runs), Joe Lukens (336 runs) and Mark Costin (316 runs). Our bowlers were dominated by Johnno with 28 wickets and Gavin Yell (19) and Duncan Howells (15). Our season was one of team performances, with someone stepping up to the plate in most matches, inspiring the Second XI: Back Row: Andrew Loubser, Gavin Yell, team to great catching, sublime fielding and all round Charlie Leonard, Joe Lukens, Alex Hunt, Mark Costin. magnificent cricket. Front Row: Faiz Ebrahim, Tom Eaves (c) Dylan McNeilage, We are sad to see Faiz Ebrahim retire, having played 71 Johnno Gordon, (missing Pete Thompson). Fourth XI After a tough start to the season, which included three close losses and a tie, finishing only four points behind worthy leaders Dulwich was, while frustrating, an excellent result. Consistency of availability remained an issue throughout – we used 14 opening pairs over the season We were delighted that so many of our younger players have established their places and look promising for future years. Inconsistent batting, Amjad Husain and Josh O’Rourke being notable exceptions, contrasted with a bowling attack that performed well week after week: Kane Laurence and Ian Caskie took 60 wickets between them, and both went at less than 3 an over. A settled batting line-up next season will be a priority if we are to reclaim the title. Premier 3rd XI Champions: Back Row: Jonathan Broad The season’s highlights came mainly in August and (scorer), Grant Turtle, Paul Warbis, Chris Nolan, September, by which time a solid side was developing, James Watson, Tom Linley, David Lewis (Umpire) which bodes well for next season. Best moments? Amjad Front Row: Dilshan de Silva, Ali Muirhead, David Wills, batting like it is 1987, before ‘retiring-tired’, Ian Caskie top- Harry Houlder (c) Grant Kuiler, David Roberts scoring wearing prescription sunglasses, Kane rolling back the years (to 2010), and not breaking down (more than Third XI once), and, of course, Sami’s ongoing incomprehension 2012 was an interesting season for Wimbledon Third XI. of London’s transport network. Over the winter, we were unable to secure a home ground, and so our home fixtures took place at one of four different Wimbledon Lakeside Fourth XI venues. The team did not let this affect them however, This year, Wimbledon Lakeside Fourth XI has some 37 players returning a 100% winning record at home. representing the team during the season, with many a Friday Throughout the season, our bowlers excelled, regularly spent scraping a side together. After six games, Lakeside was bowling teams out for under 150. Tom Linley and Kishore rooted to the bottom of the table with a solitary win. Seshadri share the prize of leading wicket-taker, with 23 This is where the season was transformed. With many young each, both at under 13 runs apiece, and we had eight players returning from school and university cricket, the side bowlers take 10 or more wickets. On pitches affected by went unbeaten in the last eight games to finish third. such a wet summer, the batsmen found the going tougher, and yet we still had some great performances – David Wills The batting was led by Mark Cairns (148 at 29), Tristram Moody topped the runs tally in the league with 405, including a (145 at 48) and Jamie Andrews (139 at 70), whose captaincy hundred and two fifties, and Chris Nolan and Grant Kuiler was a major factor in winning so many games. But it was the also scored over 300 runs. strength of the bowling that made the difference. Numerous games were won inside the first 10 overs with the opponent’s Great appreciation must go out to the core of the team, top order lying in ruins! Ben Roe led the attack with aplomb consisting of Tom Linley, David Wills, Chris Nolan, James despite his young age and was renowned for devastating Watson, Grant Kuiler, Grant Turtle and Dilshan De Silva, opening spells. He was supported by Dinesh Thuru (13 at 8.38), whose regular availability and consistent performances Jamie Andrews (9 at 6.44) and Charan Singh (9 at 9.89). paved the way for Wimbledon to take the league title, which was secured on the last day of the season, in front Special thanks must go to Bob Cairns for managing the team, of around 100 supporters, completing a stunning season ferrying players around, umpiring and frequently having to for the team. play as a last minute replacement!12
  13. 13. Wimbledon Lawn Tennis ClubWarm weather at lastfor finals day By Mary Preece, chairman of TennisThe weather this year has been very disappointing and as a In the Open Tournament the results were:result the grass courts were opened very late. On the positiveside the three new synthetic clay courts have played extremely Men’s Cameron bt Alex 6-3,1-6,well in the damp conditions and have proved to be very singles Hulett Morris 7-5popular with most members. The air-dome is now up again Ladies’ Melissa singles Pine bt Lisa Pryce 6-2, 6-2and prices and booking procedures are generally the same as Alex Morris Traverslast year. The one change is that the session time for the singles Men’s doubles & Stephen bt Barr & Cameron 6-1, 7-6court is now one hour to fit in with coaching times, the price Morris Huletthas been reduced accordingly. If you have forgotten your Georgie Ladies’ Debbie-Lou Careypassword or how to use the system, you can get a reminder doubles MacPhail & bt & Alice Shimmin 6-1, 6-3by emailing tenniscom@thewimbledonclub.co.uk. Lisa Pryce Mixed Nicholas Massiere Travers BarrSix Americans doubles & Lisa Pryce bt & Melinda Massiere 6-1, 6-2We plan to run six indoor American tournaments in the air- Men’s vet Martin Cornish bt Duncan Riefler 6-1, 6-4dome and sports-hall this winter and booking details are on singlesthe tennis notice board at the Club. The dates of the Martin Men’s vet Dan Maynard &tournaments are:- doubles Cornish & bt Paul Zoltowski 6-3, 7-5 Duncan Riefler• Saturday 27 October • Saturday 24 November Debbie-Lou• Saturday 26 January • Saturday 16 February Ladies’ vet Denise Gwatkin 3-6, 6-4, Carey & Penny bt & Alice Shimmin 6-3• Saturday 16 March • Saturday 13 April singles Wyatt Mixed vet Duncan Riefler Jonathan Salmon bt 6-3, 6-2Tennis finals doubles & Wendy Riefler & Liz Dale Men’s 55 Graham Last year we had appalling singles Alan Tarney bt Gillett 6-1, 6-0 weather and our Club Finals day Men’s 55 Peter Janzten Steve Evans & was a complete washout. It was doubles & Jim Whittaker bt Phil Hazlewood 6-1, 6-1 therefore something of a relief Men’s 55 Brian Snapes & to wake up this year to excellent doubles Jim Whittaker bt W/O weather – in fact, one of the best days of the year. It was very warm with a light breeze – In the Handicap Tournament the results were:- perfect for all of us who were watching from the balcony. Men’s Adam Wood bt Paul Wickman 6-1, 6-4 And we were very well singles entertained by some good Ladies’ 7-5, 5-7, singles Liz Dale bt Liz Touquet 6-4 tennis and exciting matches. Ladies’ Rona Chester Anna Pankratva doubles & Alison Sim bt & Liz Touquet 6-1, 7-6We held the prize giving in the evening at a buffet BBQ, whichwas well attended. As usual, Kim and Dave looked after us verywell and we enjoyed being entertained by a young Jazz singer. Men’s Peter Scull & doubles Paul Wickman bt W/OTeamsOur Men’s and Ladies’ teams have had mixed fortunes inboth the winter and summer leagues but they have generallyretained their positions in the top divisions of the Surreyleagues. Our Junior boys’ teams have done very well thissummer winning both the Division 1 leagues at 14 andunder and the 12 and under age groups.Re-surfacingThe Tennis committee has started the process of investigatingthe options available and obtaining quotations for resurfacingthe three artificial grass courts next year. As things progresswe will have a small group of members trying out the varioussurfaces before we make our final decision. We will keepyou informed as things progress. 13
  14. 14. Wimbledon Hockey Club A great year in all areas Ben Marsden, director of Hockey With a record breaking crowned national champions for the second season for the entire club,the year running. question is where to start? The men’s 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s and 6s have all finished The ladies’ sides have gained in the highest positions in the club’s history five promotions this season with the ladies’ first with the men’s fourths promoted to join the team joining the men in the National leagues. thirds in the London league and the current The ladies’ vets did us proud again and were men’s first team fielding three Olympians. Ladies It was great news as the ladies’ first team won the South League Division 1, gaining promotion to the National League Conference East. Special congratula- tions are due for the exceptional work of Sarah Kelleher (coach), Ann Baker (manager) and Lolly Glossop (captain). The ladies 1a’s team won the Surrey Premiere Division, gaining promotion. The ladies 2s came third in the Surrey Ladies Division 1. While the ladies 2a’s were relegated from their league, the Ladies 3s (Academy side) had a superb season winning the Surrey Ladies Division 3 and gaining promotion to Division 2. The ladies have enjoyed fantastic success, with consecutive promotions for the Wimbledon ladies 1s Men in the last two seasons, into the National League East The men’s first XI finished third in the East Conference Conference – a new challenge that will raise our level of of The National League, the highest level ever hockey and an exciting prospect for the future. The girls achieved by our club. It was a great all round team have worked very hard and deserve their success. Their performance with notable hat trick performances example and leadership has filtered through inspiring from Ben Hawes and Simon Lanyon. The award for success at all levels. Players’ Player of the Season went to Ben Dando. A special mention must be made for our player of the The men’s second XI also finished in a record spot for season, Tamsyn ‘The Bullet’ Naylor for her consistently WHC by coming third in the London League Premier excellent performances, Amy Couture in her first season division. The highlights including a first away win was our top goal scorer, Abi Fincher-Jones (GK) for against Hampstead and Westminister HC in 10 years, a stand out season. and the first double against Canterbury. Many thanks are due to the leadership of Guy Harding and Will We are extremely fortunate to have Sarah Kelleher, Grant. former Irish international and captain as our coach. Men’s third XI finished fourth in London League 1 – The ladies have also become the driving force behind thank you to Morgan Knight and Jim Sayer. the Club socials, which is helping WHC to become the MUST JOIN club. Most improved players were junior protégés Alex Newman and Robbie Stenning. National League promotion team Men’s fourth XI were promoted to join men’s 3s in London League Division 1, a compliment to the excellent leadership of Captain Shaun Lazarow and erstwhile team manager Brian Hanlon. The men’s 4s have achieved four promotions in four seasons and were voted Higgins League Team of the Season. The 5s have consolidated in the London League Division 4 and did us proud by finishing fourth14 in London League Division 6.
  15. 15. Wimbledon Hockey Club Golf day Coaching Another great The quality of coaches, increasingly from first success by Nick team players with national honours, continues Burt saw hockey to improve and drive the growth and success of players out at our junior members. Particular thanks to Tarek Hampton GC in Abdullah, Dean Davis (Hems), Ben Dando, Matt plus twos and Garnham, Jim Sayer, Jared Treadaway, Jonny brollies Kinder, Brad Sellars and Shaun Lazarow. (unfortunately). Umpiring Nick Burt We rarely thank our umpires enough. We are seeing a growing A special thank you awareness by both must go to Andrew the NPUA and ‘twinnie’ Sortwell SHUA of the great for his massive strides made by contribution to the Wimbledon HC in club. Twinnie does on pitch manners. a fantastic job We are particularly organising the grateful to Ruth fixtures and booking Hampson for her for the entire section challenging role which in itself is as umpire liaison. a part time job. Ruth Hampson Andrew SortwellOlympic yearThis has been a wonderful year for the GBHockey spectator, with or without a goldmedal; Boris Johnson aptly reminded usof the role Wimbledon Hockey Clubplayed in codifying the sport back in thelate 19th Century. The Riverside Stadiumbrought together so many enthusiasts,including 40 WHC members againstSpain, and many others in some thrillinggroup matches. The loudest cheers werefor Ben Hawes who showed yet againwhat a talent he has been for GB overthree Olympics and several world andEuropean Championships since 2002.Ben was recognised with Life Membershipin a splendid evening in his honour at theClub, attended by players, supporters,members of the General Committeeand board of the Club. Ben Rea (President) receiving an Olympic shirt from Ben Hawes.For further information and latest news visit our new website www.wimbledonhockey.com 15
  16. 16. Team New Junior Working Team A new Junior Working Team is to give a cross be taken to ensure coaching standards are section view on all aspects relating to junior maintained and that coaches have the required sport at the Club, Junior coordinator Julie qualifications, including in First Aid, and comply Quester reports. The remit includes a number with CRB Disclosure, Equal Opportunities, Child of tasks aimed at helping to develop juniors, Protection and the accreditations for each sport coaching, qualifications and communications. (Clubmark – Cricket and Tennis, Club First – Hockey and Club Charter – Squash). The team is to develop strategies to help the transition from Playball to junior and then to senior A new Junior sports website is also planned. sports and is to link junior sports into the structure If you have any queries relating to any of the above of seniors sports. please do not hesitate to contact any member of There are to be more opportunities for junior the working team. We are here to help you. If we players to achieve coaching qualifications within do not know the answer directly, we can normally their chosen sports. As a part of this steps, are to find someone who does know. Stacey Ross, Squash director Sarah Davis Head Sean Davies, Junior Squash coach Angie Dillon, Cricket director Simon Eaves, Junior Playball Cricket coordinator Junior Working Team Tarek Abdulla, Junior Alex Morris Junior Hockey, head coach Tennis head coach Georgina Headley, Paul Riley, ladies Hockey senior Tennis Ben Marsden, Julie Quester, Junior Hockey director coordinator16
  17. 17. Cricket The wettest season on record for the Wimbledon Junior Cricketers Playing record: Scheduled 156 Won 75 Lost 23 Abandoned 58 By Simon Eaves, Junior Cricket coordinatorThe story of the season - Rain Cricket cancelled – almost 40% of matchesU15s Mid Surrey Cup Winners and League Runners Up U15Bs Fifth in NEC League – combined U15Bs and U14BsU14s Mid Surrey League Champions U13s Mid Surrey Cup Winners and U13B League Champions 17
  18. 18. Cricket U12s Mid Surrey 8th and U12B League Runners Up U11s NEC and Mid Surrey Cup Winners, third in League and Beddington Finalists - U11Bs NEC League Runners Up U10s NEC League 10th - U10Bs 3rd in NEC League U9s Lots of games cancelled some good wins and semi finalists in the NEC Tournament U8s Excellent wins and NEC Tournament Champions U7s on Sunday mornings U6s playing for the first time on Sundays Juniors at the Oval in August The coaching Team 201218 Many thanks to Junior sponsors Robert Holmes & Company
  19. 19. Hockey Bigger than ever By Tarek AbdullaThe Wimbledon Hockey junior section will be accommodate on Sunday mornings.the biggest it has ever been this year. October These additional sessions mean that we2012 will see the start of a Quicksticks session have 70 new juniors signed up to play,for 4 to 7 year olds, as well as a Friday night aking our total to more than 400.session for juniors that we are unable toGirls runners up County playersOur girls U10 played fantastically in the Surrey Once again we have seen an increase in Wimbledontournament finishing runners up and progressing players representing their county, with 28 playersto the South round. Showing the great strength turning out for Surrey. Also huge congratulationsand depth in that age group, the girls were able to the following players who were selected toto finish fourth in the South with a vastly changed attend Junior Regional Performance Centres (JRPCs)squad, due to the Easter holidays. Only narrow • U18 Helen Clemmow, Alice Moseley,1-0 losses kept them out of the medals. Rebecca Stormer, Alistair McFarlane, Bruno VandersticheleBoys • U17 Emma Headley, Kate Sullivan, James WilmotOur boys’ squads have been able to testthemselves against teams from a bit further afield, • U16 Kristin Read, Tilly Swan, Jack Wallerwith teams coming from Belper as well as Holland • U15 Florrie McParland, Joshua Coniglio,and Germany. Rory Jones 19
  20. 20. Squash Phenomenal number of active juniors Stacey Ross, director of Squash Fit for squash We have in excess of 100 juniors who regularly taking part in the organised Friday and Saturday sessions and a healthy uptake of new junior members this September has kept our junior membership around the 165 level.This number of active juniors is nothing short of phenomenal in comparison to the national average and is testament to the quality of coaches we have delivering the weekly sessions. Paul Reilly, Sarah Davis, Doug Revolta and Dominic Sleeman work hard to keep weekly lessons fresh and interesting using new and innovative routines, warm ups and games such as squokey, squicket and squiing to name a few. Sadly we will be losing a great coach, Dominic Sleeman in December. Dominic took on a full time role at Milbourne Lodge School in Claygate in September last year. Having juggled for more than a year his 9 to 5 teaching role Monday to Friday at the school, working weekends at Lakeside and that of full time dad, he has very reluctantly been forced to call it a day at Lakeside after four years. Dom has been an inspiration to the hundreds of children he has coached and he will be missed enormously by the coaching team. We are truly very sorry to be seeing him go and wish him huge success at Milbourne Lodge. Tennis More juniors playing at tournament level Alex Morris, head of Junior Coaching It has been great to see juniors developing Winners through the tennis programme and playing We have had great successes with our 14 and more at tournament level. under boys first team and our 12 and under first Aegon team. Both won their groups in the Surrey Division A total of eight teams represented the Club in the 1 league. Congratulations to the players for all their Summer Aegon Junior Team Tennis. Next year, the commitment and hard work on the practice court. size of our squads and the great momentum we We are all grateful to all the parents who took on have should mean that we are able to add even captaining the teams and helping to organise all more junior and mini teams. the matches.20