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  • I might refer to my clients, but don’t think that these things are only useful for a consulting biz\nWho are your clients?\nWho would benefit from you being able to test and prototype faster?\nWhat would it mean to your department if you could push things out faster, build on feedback, and keep a steady pace?\n
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Cloud tools Cloud tools Presentation Transcript

  • Cloud Tools for fun and Profit! John McCaffrey RailsPerformance.com @J_McCaffrey
  • Agenda• Terminology• Deployment and hosting• Monitoring• Collaboration and Communication• Q&A
  • Why I love this stuff• Allows me to be fast• Show value, get feedback• Build a better product• Build confidence, get more work
  • Terminology• Hosting: how/where the application lives• Deploy: update the application• Production: the official site• Staging: test/qa site that mimics prod.• VM: Virtual Machine• Git: Version control (GitHub.com)
  • Deployment• Getting that sucker out there!
  • Options• Self hosted• Amazon Web Services• EngineYard.com or RightScale.com• Heroku.com• https://appharbor.com
  • Self-Hosted Pro Con • Responsible for everything!• Control over everything! • High initial cost, unused• No surprises resources• Bare Metal (no additional • Upgrades, maintenance layers) • Security
  • Amazon Pro Con• Still a lot of control • Requires deep technical know-how to setup• Easy to scale up more instances • Responsible for various software updates• Pay as you go• No need to maintain • Responsible for some security components hardware• Free trial • Outages and surprises!
  • EngineYard.com Pro Con• Simplified and tailored to the most common needs• Easy to scale up more • Still requires some technical know-how to get started instances, Pay as you go• Full control over the OS • Responsible for various software updates• No need to maintain • Outages and surprises! hardware• Free trial
  • Heroku.com Pro Con• One line deployment• Free instance can go far • No control over underlying software, ports, etc• Easy to scale up more instances • Additional layers of routing• Pay as you go • Outages and surprises!• No need to maintain hardware or software
  • Heroku.com• Ruby/Rails, Java, Scala, Python• Free ‘dyno’ (aka single process)• Simple deployment• Lots of plugins and addons• Easy to experiment with
  • Heroku• Let’s deploy something!
  • Pusher demo• git clone github.com/tarnfeld/PusherChat-Rails.git• heroku create• heroku addons:add pusher:sandbox• git push heroku master
  • Redmine• Project management• Wiki/Documents• Issue tracker• Forums• Calendar• http://gb-redmine.heroku.com/
  • FatFree CRM• Rails based CRM• http://mccaffrey-crm.heroku.com/
  • Agenda• Terminology• Deployment and hosting• Monitoring• Collaboration and Communication• Q&A
  • Monitoring• Sever monitoring• Page monitoring• Response/uptime monitoring
  • Server monitoring• Munin• Nagios• New Relic
  • Page monitoring• Yslow/page speed• webpagetest.org• StillAlive.com• Google analytics, KISSmetrics, gaug.es
  • Uptime• StillAlive.com• newRelic• pingdom.com• apica.com
  • Let’s fire a load Test!• ab -n 100 -c 20 http://yoursite.com
  • Agenda• Terminology• Deployment and hosting• Monitoring• Collaboration and Communication• Q&A
  • Collaboration• Email• Instant message/chat• Screencast (jing, screenr, etc)• Group Chat (campfire, hipchat)• Audio/video chat (google, skype)• Screenshare (teamviewer, skype, join.me)• Code: Github.com, assembla.com, bitbucket.org
  • Google apps• Sites• Docs• Email• Add ons
  • Q&A• John@RailsPerformance.com• www.RailsPerformance.com• @J_McCaffrey