The DJ Handbook (Please Read carefully and take                           everything into consideration)                Th...
would be nice to see DJ’s helping out others and getting them to the high expectations. Eventsduring your show what be Han...
Reviews will be posted on the forum every Sunday around 6pm so make sure you read yoursand write: I have read and understo...
Abbie: Hey are you ready to go on air?John: Yeah.Abbie: 1:30mins.John: OkAbbie: 1:00mins.John: OkAbbie: 30 secsJohn: OkAbb...
anyone else the connection details or there will be serious issues and please check that youhave the right information bef...
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The DJ handbook


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This is Madhabbo DJ

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The DJ handbook

  1. 1. The DJ Handbook (Please Read carefully and take everything into consideration) This is the Madhabbo Handbook which all new DJ’s will receive and will read to know all the key facts that they will need to know while djing here. Thehandbook will include rules, tips and many more facts new DJ’s will be looking for. We tryour best to keep the handbook updated and we hope you follow everything the way that isexpected and we hope that you will never make a mistake. Being a professional DJ isaccepted and no childish behaviour is tolerated. Where not saying don’t have fun but wehope that you don’t take it too far on air and you act professional as you can. Please followthese and take them into consideration. Rules of Madhabbo DjingThe main rule we have here at is that you RESPECT your members off staff andespecially higher staff than are bigger roles than you. Make sure you do what they say and don’targue back. Everyone will be treated they want to be treated and no-one will be treated the waythey don’t want to be and everyone will be friends and get along.We also DO NOT accept Illegal songs here at Madhabbo as DJ’s shouldn’t have songs that are Illegaland it can also have unprofessional name such as ‘gotye-somebody that I used to know (HD VIDEORECORDING OFFICAL)’ A name like that for a song looks very unprofessional and will not be suitableto be played on the radio and will result in a warning. We at least have One Illegal song which is stillunacceptable and shouldn’t be played by if you are going to be playing it make sure you have asuitable name such as ‘Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know’ which looks professional.Swearing songs shouldn’t be played on the radio as it can harm young children who might be tunedinto the radio and might want to hear the explicit language coming from your song. It is easy to gethold of a clean version of a song and they are easy to buy off iTunes or other music stores. We dostress that you listen to yours when bought and make sure none of them are swearing as if reporteddue to this it could cause you receiving a warning.Attending and Booking slots are also a high expectation at Madhabbo. All Djs and Head DJ’s shoulddo a minimum of 4 slots per week and attend them. If you are unable to attend your slot pleaseunbook, 2 Hours before your show. If you are not able to attend your show and can’t unbook, pleasefind a cover who will DJ for you and unbook then so they can book that slot they did for you. If youare unable to 4 slots each week it will taken into consideration, if it happens every week your jobcould be at risk.Helping Fellow DJ’s and events during shows while you’re a DJ at Madhabbo. At Madhabbo you areable to help fellow DJ’S out if they are stuck or need any help with any details or Sam problems. It
  2. 2. would be nice to see DJ’s helping out others and getting them to the high expectations. Eventsduring your show what be Handy and can also get the listeners up. The best ideal event is a giveawaywhich someone at Madhabbo could host for you and means you get the certain amount of listenersyou are asking for and when got that amount, you say the code and people will receive free furni.This is the best event to get the listeners up and also gets everybody tuning in and applying.When on air it would be nice if you didn’t mess with the volume of the song and left it how it wasand it also sounds better when you don’t talk over the song and you wait till your backing trackcomes on.We hope you follow the rules that are listed above and by following them you won’t get awarning but if any of these aren’t followed it will result you in receiving a warning. All theserules must be followed and you will never receive a warning. Covering SlotsMany DJ’s will cover slots while at Madhabbo. Covering a slotmeans when a DJ is unable to do the slot they have booked orhave to go while they are on air. All DJ’s must find a cover beforedisconnected off air during their show so please add all the DJ’semails in case this ever happens to you. If you have covered a slot go on to the forum anduse this template:[QUOTE]DJ Name:DJ you covered for:Time/Day/Date of slot:Reason(s) on why you covered:Pic of the recorded message to show you have covered (Use tinypic): [/QUOTE]And post into that thread so we can record it for you. Reviews At Madhabbo all DJ’s will be reviewed every week and you will be able to see how you are doing and what you need to improve on. Reviews will include you getting a certain colour and a member of the Radio Management or a Head DJ writing some information about you so you can read it and you know what toimprove for the week coming up.
  3. 3. Reviews will be posted on the forum every Sunday around 6pm so make sure you read yoursand write: I have read and understood. Radio Jingles At Madhabbo, we currently do not have radio jingles but will be looking into getting some so you will be toplay them while you are on air. If you have your own radio jingle please let a member of theradio management team listen to it and they will tell you if it is okay to be played onlinewhile you are Djing. Going awayMany DJ’s will be going on holiday or going to meet family down in London or anything. Weneed to know that you are though as we might think you are inactive but you are actuallyaway so by using this template: [QUOTE]Originally Posted by Going Away?DJ Name:Date Going Away:Date Returning:Reason: [/QUOTE]If you don’t want to say why please contact a radio manager and tell them why throughthere and they will understand your problem and will let you off. Make sure you do tell usthat you are going away as we will not know unless you tell us. Connecting to the Radio (NWC)Connecting to the radio is one of the most important things that you will need to knowwhile you are here at Madhabbo. We want DJ’s connecting fast so we don’t lose anylisteners and we are online most of the time. You might be wondering what NWC means,well it means ‘next word connect’ so when someone writes that to you on the computeryou will put ‘ok’ and there next word will probably be ‘CONNECT’. Below you will see what amessage should say when you are about to connect from one DJ to another-:
  4. 4. Abbie: Hey are you ready to go on air?John: Yeah.Abbie: 1:30mins.John: OkAbbie: 1:00mins.John: OkAbbie: 30 secsJohn: OkAbbie: Alright NWC(Abbie pre types Connect, then watches the time for the last song and once he gets to about5 sec left. Presses enter to send his "Connect" then quickly disconnects from the radio)(John minimizes the chat window and click on his encoder with mouse hovered over thestart button.)Abbie: Connect!(John sees the chat blink and hits the start button)BAM he’s connected and it was smooth and good to go.You will have a faster connection if you follow this tutorial and take it into consideration. Double Djing At Madhabbo, DJ’s might want to get another member of staff on air to DJ with them which are known at Double Djing. Here at Madhabbo, we use VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) instead of stereo mix and we also use the program Skype to call another member of staff so you can double DJ. All DJ’s and Head DJ’s will need a Double Djing Licence whichmeans you are able to double dj at Madhabbo. To get a double djing licence, you will needto contact a radio manager which will give you a trial on the trial radio and they will makesure everything is suitable for your show and there are no major problems. If anyone isfound to be double djing without a licence they will receive a warning and will get told. Using the staff panelAt Madhabbo, everyone will receive a panel account which will allow you to view request,set the DJ’s says, book your timetable slot, and view the connection details, staff emails andmany more. Everyone should receive a panel when they come to Madhabbo, if you don’treceive one, please ask member of staff and they will give you one. We do stress that youuse the panel in a sensible way and don’t do anything you shouldn’t do. If you have anyproblems with the panel, please contact a radio manager if they can’t sort it out then theywill contact a higher member of staff. As soon as you receive your password, please changeit straight away to something you like so it makes the panel much safer. Please do not give
  5. 5. anyone else the connection details or there will be serious issues and please check that youhave the right information before you DJ. Getting the Listeners up (Tips)At Madhabbo, we want the listeners to be at least 15 for each show you DJ. We know thereis times where you might only get 2 but we still want you to try your best and not want youto give up in anyway. The best of getting the listeners up is by doing a competition on air orhabbo and you can say ‘ Will do a competition at 15 listeners’ and this means the listenersthat are tuned in will get spamming so there is more listeners and the competition starts.The best competitions to do are -: Giveaways, Fallin Furni, Cozzie Change, Guess thePassword, Name That Lyric and many more. Giveaways are the best kind of way to get thelisteners up so if you have a lot of furni on habbo it is ideal to do a giveaway on at least oneof your shows and it gets the listeners up very high.Also spamming the likes of msn, Skype, BBM and social networking sites will get peopletuning into Madhabbo and coming back for more.We hope that you have understood what is wrote in this DJ Handbook and you takeeverything that has been written down into consideration and follow it in the right way. Wewant all our DJ’s to get along and be professional as they can and have the best shows asthey want. If a DJ does disobey it can come to them receiving a warning which means if youget three warnings your job will be thought about. Please take criticism if it is positive ornegative as it can make you a better DJ here at Madhabbo. We also want you to join in withthe community on the forum and want you active all around as we want the forum to haveloads of members that are active. As a DJ, we also want you to get your friends applying andbecoming a DJ too so as your reading why don’t you get a friend on msn/Skype to apply andthey could have the chance of working alongside you as a Madhabbo DJ which iseverybody’s dream.If you have any issues please contact John (UK) or Ghada. (International) The two radiomanagers here at Madhabbo.