The aim of this project is to bring the choir and dancers from Sithobelumthetho Primary School in the township ofMadadeni ...
4.                                                       During the visit the children will be hosted                     ...
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  1. 1. The aim of this project is to bring the choir and dancers from Sithobelumthetho Primary School in the township ofMadadeni in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa to the UK for a three week concert tour in summer 2013. During the visitthe children will perform traditional songs and dances from Zulu culture at some of the leading venues in the SouthWest, as well as on television and radio. We aim to raise £22,000 to bring the children to the UK. We expect thatthey will raise at least that much again during the visit, all of which they will take home and use to install solar panelsat their school. We are seeking a charitable contribution to contribute towards the substantial cost of return flightsfor the choir and some of their teachers. Purposes of the project... 1. Sithobelumthetho Primary School faces many challenges in educating its 900 students. One of these is the cost and reliability of their electricity supply. Money raised during the visit from concert ticket sales, donations and the sale of a CD (to be recorded upon their arrival) will fund the purchase of solar panels for the school. This will save them money and provide a consistent source of renewable energy. 2. As with many developing nations, the journey towards prosperity for all in South Africa has taken its toll on the survival of indigenous cultures. During our 15 year involvement with Sithobelumthetho School we have witnessed the gradual devaluing of traditional songs and dances among young people. This project aims to reconnect pupils with their rich Zulu heritage by enabling them to share their vibrant, harmonious singing and spine tingling dances with audiences here in the United Kingdom. 3. The students will visit several UK schools during their visit, performing, sharing concerts and attending lessons. This will be an enriching experience for both South African and UK pupils. Pupils from the both countries will exchange musical ideas and experience, South African children learning how music and song are taught in UK schools and UK pupils being taught Zulu songs and dances. We aim to establish lasting links between pupils and schools in the two countries.
  2. 2. 4. During the visit the children will be hosted primarily by Bristol families who will look after their needs while they are here and continue to support them after the visit by paying their school fees (£20 per year) until they leave primary school. Rather than simply raising and sendingmoney to the school, this model of development is reciprocal........Establishing lasting relationshipsValuing cultural heritage and cultural exchangeOffering a once in a lifetime, memorable experienceBroadening UK school pupils’ horizonsImproving the educational opportunities of an entire school by providing a cheap,sustainable, reliable power source.... Costs....26 children and 5 adultsAn experienced team.... Flights £15,000 Coach travel in the UK £4,500 Insurance £1,000 Contingency £1,000 Admin & Marketing £500 Total £22,000 We are a team consisting of teachers and lecturers in education and performing arts from Bristol. We have a long standing relationship with Sithobelumthetho School and have previously organised a similar visit. The above picture shows the group on Downing Street with Tony Blair in 1998. The children had just arrived in London and were excited having been given clothes by a local Sainsburys branch This project has the potential to do a great deal store in Southampton. of good in the areas of education, sustainable The children went on to perform in concert halls energy, performing arts and cultural exchange. and theatres up and down the country. We hope after reading this short presentation, we hope you agree that it is worth supporting. Thank you.