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Smart shopping list investor preview

  1. 1. Smart Shopping List Investor Pitch Deck Seed/Series A funding Goal 1 million+ USD *Finders fee offered for the person who helps broker a successful funding round** These slides do not represent any legal binding contract, used for informational purposes only.
  2. 2. Great Startups Begin With An Idea• To be the de facto SHOPPING LIST app on mobile.• When users think of a shopping list, they think of Smart Shopping List.
  3. 3. Not just an idea, app already exists!• Smart Shopping List has now achieved over 300,000+ downloads for both the Paid and Free downloads with over 1 million items added worldwide.• Smart Shopping List has been featured as Top 5 iPad Money Management App.• Smart Shopping List has been featured in App Store under What’s Hot, Top Paid, and Top Free.• App is integrated to Facebook and Twitter for social integration and further user acquisition.• Users have entered over thousands of items into their shopping lists. The highest known number is 719 items for one user.• Users love the app and the support (from the app reviews and direct user feedback through support).• App Store Search wise, searching for “Shopping List”, “Shopping Lists”, “Smart Shopping List”, “Grocery Lists” puts the app on the top 25.• Effective and scalable support operations that generated very happy and loyal users.• So far, it has been a 1 and a half man show and already achieved this far being bootstrapped.
  4. 4. #1 listed app for “smart shopping”
  5. 5. Users reviews of the appLove it! ★★★★★by Raqamama - Version 6.2.1 - Aug 30, 2012After trying 4 other shopping and grocery apps, this one is thebest. Definitely worth the money I paid. It tracks your totaland lets you customize within the app. I use for grocery listand to keep track of project spending. Thanks for building anapp that is useful, helpful and keeps me on track!Love the app. ★★★★★by ExecJean - Version 6.2.1 - Aug 18, 2012Now I carry my list wherever I go. The new enhancements aresuper, intelligent, and useful. Highly recommend the proversion, well worth the expense.
  6. 6. The next step, going Enterprise!• By enabling the cloud platform with the mobile devices, we can now enable merchants to have real time marketing analytics, and send deals and promotions directly to the user’s mobile device.• Merchants can now have that intimate knowledge of what users will be looking for in their next grocery trip by location!• Users do not have to go clipping coupons, we will build a digital coupon book for them.
  7. 7. Targeted mobile marketing(project #1, disrupt DEALS!)
  8. 8. Only the start• This is only the start, there are more top secret monetization and user acquisition projects after we complete project #1.• Another immediate revenue effort is to use mobile and web advertising channels and offer premium NO ADS packages/In-App Purchases.• I really don’t have to sell this idea more, because you can already imagine the possibilities once this is built out.
  9. 9. What will this funding do for us?• By securing at least a million dollars in funding, this will allow us to RUN with the project.• The next slide shows the breakdown of where the expenses are expected to be spent on.
  10. 10. Here’s how we plan to RUN• Hire developers – 1 cloud developer – 1 web frontend developer – 1 android developer• Hire support – 1 support/QA person• Hire sales (when product is ready for demo) – 1 Enterprise Level Sales Person/Business Development• Campaign marketing through mobile ads to acquire more users and merchants.• Office equipment (eg. MacBooks, Monitors, etc).• Cloud infrastructure cost and maintenance.• Software licensing (eg. JIRA, Confluence, Apple License, Adobe Photoshop Suite)• Business licensing and fees, legal fees and services.• Office space (when we have enough people to justify one, else work from my home office, meet at coffee shops, will work for now.• Travel expenses (traveling to merchant sites for demos and closing deals)
  11. 11. The app is just the beginning• Completion of Project #1 will allow for greater potential and the continued growth of the startup as a company.• Project #1 is also strategic in nature, enabling new products, enhancements, and revenue in a much quicker iteration.
  12. 12. What will funding above target do?• More rock star developers, more features, faster features.• Better office space to provide merchants a better environment for demos.• Offer great benefits to employees to retain talent.• Larger sales force to pitch, demo, and close.• Hire a rock star marketing person.
  13. 13. The Vision BUILD BUILD BUILD
  14. 14. Milestone 1• Build the cloud platform and user database.• Build the Android App and publish in Google App store.• Build the HTML 5 App for mobile and desktop.• Acquire 1st one million users through the cloud platform.
  15. 15. This was just a preview. Want to know more? Contact John Ngoi