Japanese pokemon


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Japanese pokemon

  1. 1. What is ?• Pokemon is a videogame in which the main character goes on a quest to capture and train all 151 types of creatures called pokemon.• Pokemon started in Japan in 1996 as Pokemon Red and Green. It sold so well that it came to America as Pokemon Red and Blue.• It has expanded into an Anime, Manga, Cards and many other forms of media.• Red/Blue has several sequels on several different platforms including the Gameboy, GBA, and Nintendo DS.• Pokemon is the second most popular game franchise following only Nintendo’s Mario.
  2. 2. Satoshi Tajiri• Pokémon was created by Satoshi Tajiri.• He based Pokémon on his early childhood collecting bugs.• Tajiri wanted to be an entomologist, then as a teenager fell in love with videogames.• He went on to create Pokémon.
  3. 3. Game Play• The Pokémon trainer is given the choice of one of three Pokémon to start the game with.• In all 5 generations of games the choice is always between a fire type, a grass type and a water type. There are 17 types of Pokémon and many are related to natural elements. This is evidence of some of the Shinto/ Taoist principles of Japanese culture.
  4. 4. Cont.• The main goal of Pokémon is to go around the land capturing, training and raising all the different Pokémon to their full potential.• Along the way the player must solve puzzles and accept different challenges from other trainers, Gym Leaders, the main villains, and finally the Champion.• Each generation of the game has a different ‘Team’ that acts as the bad guys. The first being Team Rocket, the most recent is Team Plasma.• The Leaders of these Teams are usually some of the hardest opponents faced other than the Champion and possibly the player’s rival.
  5. 5. Raising• One of the best parts of Pokémon is raising different Pokémon and allowing them to evolve.• Some Pokémon change their forms into completely different but related Pokémon, this is called evolution.• Some Pokémon evolve through trading, leveling up, or using certain stones that allow them to evolve.
  6. 6. Legendary• In all the games there existed several Pokémon that only existed once in the game these were called Legendary Pokémon.
  7. 7. Special Event• Some Pokémon can only be captured by attending a special Pokémon event or give away. This was started in Red/Blue with the Pokémon Mew and has continued all the way through until Victini in Black/White.
  8. 8. In Conclusion• Pokémon has grown to enormous proportions. There are five generations of main games, well over 500 new Pokémon have been added, and the series has branched into manga, anime, cards, and toys. Numerous related Pokémon videogames have been released as well.• Pokémon has become intricately linked to Japanese culture and is in no fear of dying out any time soon.
  9. 9. Any Questions?