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Geography paris

  1. 1. Geography
  2. 2. Paris??????
  3. 3. Watch it! the video and answer thequestions…..
  4. 4. Paris__________Video WorksheetName 3 historical monuments/buildings yousaw in the video:1. ___________________2. ___________________3. ___________________What’s the name of the river that flowsthrough Paris?________________________________________Name 3 types of food you saw in the video:1. ___________________2. ___________________3. ___________________Describe Paris in one word:___________________________________________
  5. 5. The Eiffel TowerIn 1889, the people of Paris held acelebration for the 100thanniversary of theFrench Revolution.It was a chance for them to show their skillsin art and design to the rest of the world.The organisers decided to build a tower asthe centre-piece of the entire event. Thetower was designed by an engineer namedAlexandre-Gustave Eiffel. (the same manthat built the Statue of Liberty)It is 300.5metres high and took 230workmen over two years to build. TheFrench people had only planned that thetower would stand for about 20 years.
  6. 6. The LouvreThe Louvre, is located onthe right bank of The Seinebuilt on the citys westernedge. The museum openedon 10 August 1793 with anexhibition of 537 paintings.Today nearly 35,000 objectsfrom prehistory to the19th century are exhibitedover an area of 60,600square metres.
  7. 7. The Mona LisaMona Lisa is a portrait of aFrench lady named LisaGherardini. It is a portrait bythe Italian artist Leonardo daVinci. It is a painting in oil,completed around 1503–1519. It is on permanentdisplay at the Musée duLouvre in Paris.The image is widelyrecognised as the mostfamous painting in the world.
  8. 8. L’arc de TriompheThe Arc de Triomphe is oneof the most famousmonuments in Paris.It stands in the centre of thePlace Charles de Gaulle atthe western end of theChamps-Élysées.The arc honours those whofought and died for Francein the French Revolutionaryand the Napoleonic Wars,with the names of all Frenchvictories and generalsinscribed on its inner and outersurfaces.Beneath its vault lies theTomb of the UnknownSoldier from World War I.The monument stands 50metres in height, 45 m wide.
  9. 9. The Tomb of theUnknown Soliderfrom WWIL’arc deTriomphe
  10. 10. The Champs-Élysées
  11. 11. MontmartreMontmartre is a hill (the highest pointin Paris) of 130 metres high, giving itsname to the surrounding district, in thenorth of Paris,a part of the Right Bank.Montmartre is primarily known for thewhite-domedBasilica of the Sacré Cœur.Many artists includingVincent Van Gough used to workfrom studios in the district.
  12. 12. Notre DameNotre Dame de Paris (French forOur Lady of Paris), also known asNotre Dame Cathedral, is a Gothic,Catholic cathedral on the easternhalf of the city of Paris, France. it isthe church that contains thecathedra (official chair) of theArchbishop of Paris. Notre Damede Paris is widely considered one ofthe finest examples of FrenchGothic architecture in France andin Europe.The first period of construction from1163 into 1240s and it was finallybuilt by 1345.
  13. 13. Disney’sThe Hunchback of Notre Dame
  14. 14. MAP SEARCH!Pair work..Find the monuments on your map
  15. 15. Monument Matching
  16. 16. FRENCH!Bonjour – HelloMerci – Thank youSil vous plaît – PleaseAu revoir – ByeCa va? - How are you?Ca va tres bien, merci. - I’m very well,thank you.
  17. 17. The Facts:Population of France: 64,876,618Population of Paris: 2,152,423Location: Western Europe, bordering:Andorra 56.6 km,Belgium 620 km,Germany 451 km,Italy 488 kmLuxembourg 73 km,Monaco 4.4 km,Spain 623 km,Switzerland 573 kmClimate: generally cool winters and mild summers, but mild winters and hotsummers along the Mediterranean; occasional strong, cold, dry, north-to-northwesterly wind.Government: republic
  18. 18. ReligionRoman Catholic 83%-88%,Protestant 2%,Jewish 1%,Muslim 5%-10%,unaffiliated 4%France is a secular country where freedomof thought and of religion is preserved.
  19. 19. SportThe French "national" sport is Association football, = calledle foot‘.The most-watched sports in France are football (soccer),rugby union, cycling, tennis, handball, basketball andsailing.
  20. 20. France is notable for holding (andwinning) the football World Cup in 1998.Stade de France
  21. 21. France is also famousfor holding the world famous cyclingtournament:“La Tour de France”which finisheseach year on theChamps-Élyséesin Paris.
  22. 22. the tennis Grand Slam tournament:Roland Garros, or the French Open isanother famous French sporting eventworldwide.
  23. 23. Sport is encouraged in school, and localsports clubs receive financial support fromthe local governments. While football(soccer) is definitely the most popular,rugby union and rugby league takesdominance in the southwest, especiallyaround the city of Toulouse.
  24. 24. The modern Olympics was invented inFrance, in 1894 byPierre de Coubertin.
  25. 25. PetsIn 2006, 52% of French households had atleast one pet:9.7 million cats,8.8 million dogs,2.3 million rodents,8 million birds,and 28 million fish.
  26. 26. QUIZ TIME!!!!!!!! 
  27. 27. Postcards!Bonjour Mr. O Meara,Today we travelled to Paris and saw theEiffel Tower. It is over 300 meters highand is very beautiful. We also visited theLouvre museum. Tomorrow we are goingto see the Tennis at the Roland Garros. Ihave to go now for dinner. We are havingfrogs legs and croissants.Au Revoir,Mark