BRAINRIDER ONE-PAGER SERIES                                     “75% of B2B purchasers now use Social Media as part of the...
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Brain rider one_pager_linkedin_tips_v3

  1. 1. BRAINRIDER ONE-PAGER SERIES “75% of B2B purchasers now use Social Media as part of the purchase process and LinkedIn is the #1 tool.” ITSMA 2009 8 Top LinkedIn Tips for B2B Marketers In today’s search-driven world, your brand exists only if it shows up in the first three pages of search results. Google loves LinkedIn so use it to build awareness of your company and your brand. Here’s how to use LinkedIn to promote your business and drive traffic to your B2B website. 1. Complete your profile: LinkedIn displays full profiles first in their search results. Refocus your headline on your companies value proposition not your title. 2. Customize the ‘websites’ listing in your profile: Direct targeted traffic from your LinkedIn profile to your website, blog, and offer with specific calls to action. 3. Make and ask for recommendations: This is an effective way to ask for and showcase client recommendations and testimonials, with the added benefit that the recommendation will also appear in their profile where it can be seen by others. 4. Ask to connect with any prospects you meet: If you’d enter their business card in your address file then it’s worth asking them to connect. This will expand your network and help you and your company get found more often. 5. Join groups and answer questions related to your expertise: Expand your network, reconnect with lost customers and prospects, showcase your expertise, and keep in touch with industry updates. Be active on LinkedIn and reap the benefits. 6. Install these three applications:  Wordpress/Blog Link posts updated blog content to your profile. It’s a great way to add to your company story.  SlideShare lets you embed 3 key presentations on your profile (start with your credentials and core lead generation presentations).  Amazon reading list posts books you want to read, are reading, and have read. This is an effective way to show subject matter engagement  7. Edit your company page: Make sure your positioning, key messages, and keywords are included and telling your story to engage potential customers. 8. Include your LinkedIn URL in your email signature: Make it easy for customers to find the information you want them to find. Click to access these additional resources: A Practical To Step By Step Guide: How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile 7 Proven Best Practice Tips for Your B2B Website Twitter for Business: The 4 Things You Need to Know to Succeed Free e-book “How to improve pipeline performance using knowledge marketing”BrainRider Knowledge Marketing Group | 175 Bloor Street East, Suite 705, South Tower | Toronto, ON Canada M4W 3R8 |