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  • 1. The limitlesspromise of global ecommerce,delivered by Pitney Bowes.
  • 2. Pitney Bowes offers the world’s most comprehensive Global Ecommerce solution. > No other company can offer a solution combining our industry-leading cross border Ecommerce technology with seamlessly efficient delivery networks from Pitney Bowes, one of the most trusted names in global ecommerce. > It’s a fully integrated, complete suite of innovative technology and shipping services from a single provider you can trust.With our Pitney BowesEcommerce Solution, international commerceis as simple as domestic.For most Internet retailers, the limitless promise of Global Ecommerceis dancing, literally, on the far horizon, tantalizingly out of reach.A sale that’s just one click away on the web can be miles, days or weeksaway in the real world. Pitney Bowes helps retailers succeed in their questto tap into global markets, by enabling simple and efficient fulfilmentof international customer demand for their products.
  • 3. Our ClearPath technology makes growingyour international business simple.Think: “One integration, many services.”Our Global Ecommerce Solution is a modular suite of web serviceswhich includes our proprietary ClearPath™ technology.ClearPath enables retailers to grow their business by sellingto an ever-expanding set of online customers around the world.Here are some of its key benefits:It’s flexible, powerful and simple to integrate. Ongoing support from one trusted> A single integration accesses our entire suite of source brings convenience and confidence.solutions, which is much simpler, more cost-effective > Pitney Bowes provides world-class professionaland less time-consuming than integrating across service expertise. We offer full, expert implementationmultiple suppliers. and technical support, eliminating the need to> Integrating with our SAAS-based technology means contact multiple resources. With Pitney Bowes,no issues with software installation or compatibility, the people who integrate are the people who helpand no concerns about scalability or load limitations maintain and operate.as needs grow.
  • 4. Our efficient distribution and shipping servicesput international customers on your doorstep. Our comprehensive Parcel Distribution Services combined with our ClearPath technology form the backbone of our Global Ecommerce Solution. The benefits of our distribution and shipping services are numerous: > Price transparency elevates buyer confidence to increase sales. Conducting global transactions that create customer confidence depends on meeting customer expectations and reducing uncertainties. With our DDP (delivered duty paid) service, tax and duty fees are calculated and displayed at checkout, providing the price transparency customers want. Displaying fully-landed costs up front increases sales conversion rates at checkout, while minimizing costly customer service calls. > Low shipping rates boost shopping cart conversion at checkout. We provide a full spectrum of shipping options, supported by a global network of international postal administrations and private delivery agents, which offer a high level of service and competitive pricing. Our established relationships within the shipping industry let us deliver volume discounts to retailers, helping to keep shipping costs down and improve shopping cart conversion.
  • 5. > Managed returns process helps improve customer experience.A simple returns process is an important ingredient of running a successful ecommercebusiness and keeping customers coming back. We can manage every stage of thereturns process, including refunding of all applicable duty and tax costs to customersand retailers. Consolidated returns reduce the shipping cost per returned order.> Parcel insurance provides peace of mind.Affordable global parcel insurance coverage protects against mishaps and reducesexposure to risk associated with lost/stolen/damaged merchandise. We can provide100% global coverage for US origin-based parcels, up to $25,000 of insured coverage,working within an entirely API web-based service.> Take the stress out of the export process.We help you simplify the export process by managing export compliance andtrade documentation to meet ever-changing customs requirements, and ensure thatshipments are cleared through customs quickly and efficiently.> One-stop, multi-carrier tracking improves customer service.We operate a simple-to-use web service for tracking packages across multiple postaland commercial carriers, so shipments can be tracked from door to door across theworld. This helps retailer customer service personnel provide more accuratetime-to-market expectations, and allow customers to track their own orders, reducingthe volume of inbound inquiries.
  • 6. Why choose our Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce Solution? It’s simple. Celebrating our 90th year of innovation, Pitney Bowes is a $5.6 billion company that employs 33,000 worldwide and provides software, hardware and services that integrate physical and digital communications channels. Long known for making our customers more productive, Pitney Bowes is increasingly helping other companies grow their business. With our comprehensive Global Ecommerce Solution, there’s no need to cobble together a confusingly complex array of platforms, technologies and suppliers to create a well-oiled, smoothly-running international Ecommerce machine. Trust us to make things simpler every step of the way as we deliver the limitless promise of Global Ecommerce. To learn more, visit pb.com/ecommerce now, or call us at 1-877-962-4578.pb.com/ecommerce Every connection is a new opportunity™