Cloud Based Dev/Test Environments for .NET and SharePoint Using CloudShare


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Cloud-based platform and software environments are a hot topic these days. Why bother hosting, managing and licensing VMs and software for your development projects and test labs when the VMs are often only required for a few months or a year. Explore the possibilities with CloudShare for your .NET and SharePoint development environment and tools.

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  • Infrastructure options include:cloud vs on premisespre-configured vs build your ownrent software licenses vs buy your ownOther options include:Windows AzureSkytappossibly others
  • Take a straw poll: At the start of your current project, how long did it take to get your dev environment?1st day?2nd or 3rd day?1 week?Longer?On a recent project we got our:Domain accounts and a shared sandbox server after 8 daysAssigned work area after 10 daysPrimary use of our desks and workstations after 14 days
  • Cloud VM is different from cloud hosting, in the former you get full access to the OS, software platform eg SharePoint, and servers/serviceseg SQL, IIS, in the latter you get only limited access to a portion of the software platform eg SharePoint site collections and restricted adminCloudShare founded in 2007. used by over 50% of Fortune 100 in USASkytap founded in 2006, in 2013 has 250 enterprise customers & 2 million VMs launched
  • Tailored to dev & QA – full domain and OS admin accessVM Templates: and
  • Create trial account with email address ms-spug-talk@hotmail.caSelect SharePoint 2013 RTM VMShow list of standard and showcase templatesConnect via web and RDPAssign copy to johnmcalvert@hotmail.caAssign contributor to
  • Priced and licenses per environment which can contain multiple VMs within an overall cap for RAM, CPUs and diskAssign contributor: invite collaborators to access and modify the same environment and its VMs, under owner’s licenseAssign copy: send an isolated snapshot copy, limited lifespan 48 hrs (or 14 days if starting a new user trial), can upgrade to full fledged environment by assigning a licenseEdit environment to add RAM and disk space
  • FQDNWeb accessLocal drives
  • Worst case scenario: recreate changes made in the running environment since last suspended
  • Most/all modern browsers supported, MSIE, Chrome, FF, Safari (?)CloudShare claims improved RDP performance with their browser plug-inWindows Server 2008 R2 last patched May 2012SharePoint 2010 VM templates are at SP1 patch level, you will have to apply any CUs and SP2Windows Server 2012 last patch May 2013SharePoint 2013 VM templates are at March CU or RTM patch level, you have to apply further CUs
  • SharePoint 2013 VM template from gallery:Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Trial on Windows Server 2012 Datacenter. Virtual Machines created with this trial image will expire on March 17, 2014. This image includes a complete installation of SharePoint Server 2013. Some SharePoint Server 2013 components require additional setup and configuration. You can set-up Active Directory and SQL Server required for your SharePoint farm by provisioning additional virtual machines. Minimum recommended virtual machine size for this image is Large. To evaluate the advanced capabilities of SharePoint Server 2013, we recommend that you use a virtual machine size of Extra Large. Publisher: Microsoft SharePoint GroupOS family: WindowsLocations: East Asia; Southeast Asia; North Europe; West Europe; East US; West US
  • More expensive than CloudShare for both pay-as-you-go or annual subscription assuming 40hrs / week of Azure usage, CloudShare is unlimited usage with the same period
  • Other features:Advanced networkingFTP access2 concurrent VM imports100 GB Max import depot10 GB shared driveFeatures not available during self-service trial:VPN accessPublic IPsPrivate branding of Skytap interface
  • Cloud Based Dev/Test Environments for .NET and SharePoint Using CloudShare

    1. 1. John Calvert (Software Craft) Nov 7, 2013 Ottawa IT Community - .NET Stream (Ottawa, ON)
    2. 2.        Intro .NET / SharePoint Dev/Test Infrastructure Challenges Cloud VM Options CloudShare ProPlus CloudShare TeamLabs Other Options Conclusion
    3. 3. Who am I?  .NET / SharePoint solution architect  Over 18 years experience developing business solutions for private industry & government  Recent clients include Justice, NRC, NSERC, DFAIT, CFPSA, OSFI, MCC  Specialize in Microsoft technologies
    4. 4. First several days on a new project are spent:  Building a dev environment, installing and configuring the software, or  Waiting for someone else to provision a dev environment, installing and configuring the software  Worst case waiting could be weeks
    5. 5. Need a clean fully-configured platform to:  Develop new features and components  Test configuration changes  Demo / training  Test Windows, .NET, and SharePoint updates and upgrades  Analysis of defects eg heavy logging
    6. 6. Build on premises  Time consuming and expensive to build, maintain and host multiple .NET platforms / SharePoint farms and configurations Rent in the Cloud  Is the cloud available when I need it?  Where is my code and data held?  What is the security and privacy?
    7. 7.      Cloud VM versus cloud hosting CloudShare Windows Azure Skytap Others?
    8. 8.     Tailed to development and QA needs Pre-config virtual environments (1 or + VMs) Many templates, esp. SharePoint 2010 & 2013 Pre-installed software already licensed
    9. 9.  New SharePoint 2013 VM environment
    10. 10.     Easily to collaborate or share an isolated copy Multi-user access for webinar / demo Priced per environment and per 8G RAM 14 day free trial capped at 8G RAM, 2 CPUs
    11. 11.     Connection options: Accelerated RDP, RDP, Console Access VMs live in Terramark data centre, Florida
    12. 12.       Persistent fully qualified domain name Web access and permalink Access local drives Simple Visual Studio extension to manage environments and VMs Environment vs machine Single snapshot / backup
    13. 13.  New SharePoint 2013 VM environment
    14. 14.     Running environment on high availability disks, not redundant, considered temporary Suspended environment on slower more reliable disks, with redundency CloudShare does not have access to VM, eg change pwd for Administrator NSA owns everything
    15. 15.     Pure browser-based access possible Browser plug-in/extension for enhanced RDP experience Windows and SharePoint updates required in VM Capture snapshot with precise time-of-defect VM state
    16. 16.       Multiple environments Multiple snapshots / backups Projects to organize environments Upload your own VM Join VMs to corporate domain TFS build actions including remote compilation and deployment
    17. 17.      Install/configure the infrastructure and install the software from templates Free 30-day trial / $220 of compute time SharePoint 2013 VM template from gallery 16 page lab guide with around 100 steps to set up SharePoint 2013 VM I haven’t tried the setup, but sounds heavy
    18. 18.      MSDN subscribers, Bizspark members, Microsoft partners get free credits –Yeah! Everyone else pays market rates, eg $60 per month for 8hrs x 20 days pay as you go More expensive than CloudShare Cost uncertainty, eg if you forget to turn off machine $$$ Check if the dev software you need is included and licenced!
    19. 19.    Targeted at advanced, multi-VM configurations and priced accordingly Value-add is tooling for those configurations Bring-your-own license keys model 30 day trial capped at  750 Skytap-VM hours  5 Concurrent Skytap-VM machines  250 GB storage
    20. 20.  Demo
    21. 21.   
    22. 22.  John Calvert (Software Craft)  johnmcalvert at hotmail dot ca  softwarecraft dot ca  at softwarecraft99