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  • 1. John HeffernanAssignment 2Location: Ballina & Crossmolina Co. Mayo Ireland* due to the fact that I have misplaced my camera usb cable, I have photos take that Ican’t add to this doc. I will give a quick description of the location & hopefully add ata later stage. I then thought of using links to Street View in Google Maps but theimages go back to Sept 2009.Ballina is a town in the West of Ireland with a population of approx 8,000 but as thelargest town in the local area it would have a larger footfall due to local governmentoffices etc. located there.Crossmolina is a village approx 7 miles/11 km from Ballina and as a result is farsmaller population of approx 1000.Munnellys Centra Crossmolina  This is the largest of the local grocery shops in Crossmolina which has a carpark and designated parking for wheelchair & mothers  Has two sliding doors at 90deg to each other, catering for carpark and street customers  Designed in Centra branded pastel colours and very bright and airy.  Plays local talk radio, playing more loudly at cash registers presuming for staffInsight & observation  Potential to create a window alcove if they could remove the wall between the two sliding doors which would bring in more light and reduce the requirement to use fluorescent light  Lines of shelves are very linear- what about shifting them 90 degrees for a changePanada Ballina  It is a coffee shop that also makes and displays wedding/specialty cakes- it also displays art works from a local artist.  With all the cake models and pictures on the wall, it is very cramped and the dark wallpaper and furniture makes it very dark.  There is no design in layout but it is quirkyInsight & observation  Create a “carousel of art” from the ceiling which is the only unused space in the public area  Tables of four could be changed for a long table or a quirky designed cubby holes to help jazz it up a bitPJH Ballina  It is a very small shop that sells in England would be called bric- brac. It is a shop that would sell everything that you would not find in more mainstream shops.  At present, predominantly selling Halloween stuff
  • 2.  As school pupils are on holidays, customers were of this age buying the last of Halloween tricks with pocket moneyInsight & observation  Create a little videos display showing youtube clips of how products work  Have had to invite people to rummage through the large bins of merchandise – involve a game element- find two different items with same price tag for a discountDunnes Store Ballina  It is large national brand of large supermarket in Ireland. It is built to a set design and branding.  All aisles are in straight line which were getting clogged up with shopping trolleys  Layout would have been designed by the company for that storeInsight & observation  Make the aisles in to a maze or a one way system similar to ikea.  As they were beginning to stock Christmas decorations etc, they could have brought in a post Halloween pre Christmas gimmick, dress a witch in Santa Claus outfit to break the monotonyEason Ballina  It is a chain bookstore that again is built to a set design and branding.  All the divisions are clearly delineated, stationary separate from magazines etc.  No warm feeling if you wanted to whittle a hour browsing- you would have to stand and wall shelves more like a library than a shopInsight & observation  Create a more comfortable location with more chairs similar to Borders or Barnes & Noble.  A childrens play area or decorated areaHickson Store Crossmolina  This shop is an old fashioned show store which is closer to 1880s than the present day! It was once a style of shop common place in Ireland. I really regret not having photos for this piece. The shop is owned and run by an elderly gentleman who is more inclined to chat than sell shoes.  To the outsider, there is no organization to how merchandise is structured. Boxes are piled everywhere. But Dick knows where every box is located.  It caters for a more older clienteleInsight & observation  Needs a little coffee or tea stand to give it a more “community” feel. The shop reminds me of the barber shops in 1950’s USA where patrons seem to hang around all day reading paper etc.  Make it more a “Victorian” shopping experience