E-Governance and ICT for Government Managers


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A presentation on the fundamental alignment of "E" services to leading, directing and controlling. Key to effective governance is communication and information. It elaborates the context of "E" governance around mobile presence, BYOD, web apps and crowd sourcing.

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E-Governance and ICT for Government Managers

  1. 1. E-GOVERNANCE AND HARNESSING ICT FOR MANAGERS Integrated Gabay ng Paglilingkod Career Executive Service Board Resource Person: JOHN MACASIO UN-APCICT MODULE 7 CO-AUTHOR
  2. 2. COURSE AGENDA Part 1: “E” Context of Governance Part 2: “E” Services Planning and Architecture Part 3: ICT Project Management UN APCICT Module 7
  3. 3. BRAINSTORMING 1: Show Me Governance • Identity three (3) important descriptive words to connect the activities of governance.
  5. 5. LEAD-DIRECT-CONTROL COMMUNICATION • Connection • Collaboration • Coordination INFORMATION • Knowledge • Decision • Record
  6. 6. LEADERSHIP & COMMUNICATION .Leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could. STEVE JOBS
  7. 7. MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION .Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do. STEVE JOBS
  8. 8. COMMUNICATION & LEADERSHIP . We communicate. Do we connect?
  9. 9. COMMUNICATION & LEADERSHIP .Connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them.
  10. 10. COMMUNICATION & LEADERSHIP . To be successful, you must work with others. To do that at your best, you must learn to connect.
  11. 11. COMMUNICATION & LEADERSHIP To add value to others, one must first value others. JOHN MAXWELL
  12. 12. COMMUNICATION & LEADERSHIP . JOHN MAXWELL People pay attention when something that is said connects with something they greatly desire.
  13. 13. COMMUNICATION & LEADERSHIP . JOHN MAXWELL In the end, people are persuaded not by what we say, but by what they understand.
  14. 14. COMPONENTS OF CONNECTION What people see Connecting visually What people understand Connecting intellectually What people feel Connecting emotionally What you hear Connecting verbally
  15. 15. BRAINSTORMING 2: Make Us Communicate What is the format of communication that enables leaders to connect?
  16. 16. MOBILE PRESENCE OF GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT Smartphone Tablet PC Mobile Apps Portable Data Wireless Access means
  17. 17. MOBILE PRESENCE OF GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT Living in the Now-Leadership-Space means Bring- Your-Own-Device to lead, communicate, direct and control the emergence of strategic outcomes.
  18. 18. MOBILE PRESENCE OF GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT Mobile Presence defines • the location and media of knowledge, • the point of presence for continual dialogue, • the hub of command and control, • the social network of influence and value, • the service platform of production and consumption.
  19. 19. NOW-LEADERSHIP-SPACE The effectivity domains of leadership and management to align the mobile presence. • Lead • Communicate • Direct • Control
  20. 20. NOW-LEADERSHIP-SPACE Mobile Internet devices and application creating value to enable the controlled objectives for communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing and service delivery. • Strategic Communication • Performance Collaboration • Knowledge Management • Service Management
  21. 21. B.Y.O.D AND MOBILE APPS TO LEAD, DIRECT AND CONTROL The use of both emerging and leading technologies on mobile communication, collaboration, application services and knowledge sharing are fundamental in enabling capability of leadership and management to lead, communicate, direct and control strategy and operation.
  22. 22. CLOUDS OF MOBILE PRESENCE Unified Communication Social Media and Network Broadcasting and Publishing Business and Services Application Data and File Repositories Secure Log-in and AuthenticationMeeting and Collaboration Space Location Services Information Assurance Web Searcher and Crawlers
  23. 23. Enterprise converses with customer or citizen in the public booth of communication The leading technologies on unified communication enable the interactive exchanges.
  24. 24. Enterprise has to be in the public space to accept the customer or citizen as “friend” or “follower.” In the open social page of enterprise the customer or citizen is enabled to like, dislike, write comment, follow news feed, know events, upload photo, send messages...
  25. 25. Enterprise must be able to collaborate their functional tasks and share files of work and outcome. On line collaboration is possible through sharing of productivity application and data storage.
  26. 26. Enterprise has to be published in the public space of self presentation and collective interest. In the public file sharing site government allow itself to be read, viewed and heard in the media that influence understanding, sentiment and enjoyment.
  27. 27. Enterprise has to be found in the public search box of knowledge, location and services. In the public search box allows government to be found, and for the citizen to be linked into web enabled services.
  28. 28. Enterprise makes itself present in the downloaded web apps of services for the citizen. The leading technologies on social network, mobile devices and cloud computing are driving transformation in realizing digital inclusion and service delivery.
  29. 29. Living-in-the-Now environment of governance and management means… the practices of mobile enabled communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  30. 30. BRAINSTORMING 3: Are you connected? If you do, what are your gadgets and apps of continual conversation? If not, what do you need?
  31. 31. KNOWLEDGE SHARING johnmacasio@gmail.com LEADERSHIP &
  32. 32. “KNOWLEDGE” EXPERIENCE ? Are you •Finding •Creating •Performing •Remembering •Sharing knowledge in the “NOW” desk of differentiated experienceLEARNING?johnmacasio@gmail.com
  33. 33. “NOW” KNOWLEDGE SHARING It is mobile presence, any platform, multi-dimensional experience, multimedia-enriched presentation, multitasking performance and interconnected sharing. johnmacasio@gmail.com
  34. 34. “NOW” KNOWLEDGE SHARING It is virtual community, create-your-group, own-your-channel, share-my-gallery, immediate feedback, collaborative project, inside-my-chat-room, show-files-to-all, talk- see-me-anytime and send mail.. johnmacasio@gmail.com
  35. 35. “NOW” KNOWLEDGE SHARING It is bring-your-own-device, content-on- demand, ready-to-use knowledge, experts-on-line, interactive whiteboard, web apps, virtual laboratory, pop-up references, error-checker, e-book reading, open sharing, social media, net storage, e-library for all and file repository of docs, image and video. johnmacasio@gmail.com
  36. 36. Web of Social Media johnmacasio@gmail.com
  37. 37. SOCIAL MEDIA & KNOWLEDGE johnmacasio@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/johnmacasio
  38. 38. SOCIAL MEDIA & KNOWLEDGE johnmacasio@gmail.com Present discuss remember collaborate share aggregate organize participate search link dialogue feedback evaluate interaction references The social dialogue to educate the senses show real time touch
  39. 39. SOCIAL MEDIA & KNOWLEDGE johnmacasio@gmail.com publishing slidecasting videocasting livecasting conferencing filestoring socialnetworking forum The social dialogue to educate the senses
  40. 40. SOCIAL MEDIA & KNOWLEDGE johnmacasio@gmail.com www.blogger.com www.tumblr.com www.slideshare.com www.scribd.com www.youtube.com www.teachertube.com www.ustream.tv www.authorstream.com www.skype.com www.google.com/talk www.docs.google.com www.facebook.com www.ning.com The social dialogue to educate the senses
  41. 41. • B.Y.O.D . consumers spend for the differentiating experience of connectivity, content, interactivity, creativity, family, entertainment and self image. • The differentiating experience is mediated in their acquired personal devices –smart phones, tablets…. of information and communication.
  42. 42. B.Y.O.D. TRENDS
  43. 43. • 2012 Top Mobile OS =Android and IOS • 2012 Most Popular Apps =E-mail =Browser =Social Media =Games =Entertainment =Information =Publication B.Y.O.D. TRENDS
  44. 44. B.Y.O.D. reshapes government relationship with ALL citizen. B.Y.O.D. connects the citizen-centric platform of service delivery, governance transparency, people participation and open communication.
  46. 46. LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE johnmacasio@gmail.com • Technology and Social media has to be the context for responsible discovery and interaction to build the habits of thinking, acting and believing necessary to actualize the person.
  47. 47. LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE johnmacasio@gmail.com • Technology and Social media has to be a positive companion to augment the ability to see, hear, remember and get connected in improving one’s character, decision and skills.
  48. 48. LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE johnmacasio@gmail.com • Technology and Social media has to be a living platform to participate and be transformed by the text, images, video, sounds and manipulative composing the knowledge experience.
  49. 49. NETWORK SOCIETY SHAPING IDEAS johnmacasio@gmail.com
  50. 50. PRESENTOR John J. Macasio johnmacasio@gmail.com john.macasio@redfoxtechnologies.com www.scribd.com/johnmacasio +0917-329-7993