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Thsi is who we are and what we do.

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  1. 1. We are the ultimate venue for Corporate Entertainment Family Days Out Those Special Occasions Clay Target Shooting 4 x 4 Off Roading Dune Buggies Air Rifles Archery Quad Bikes
  2. 2. We are a family run business established in 1989. Originally set up asa Clay Shooting Ground the business has developed over the years toencompass, air rifles, archery, 4x4 off road driving, dune buggies andquad bikes.We pride ourselves on having developed the business to cater for all,corporate parties, private groups, families and those who just want tocome along and have ago.We are totally customer focused, safety conscious and professional.Our aim is for you, the customer, to have a fun and enjoyable day out.Our business has grown through recommendation and client’s comingback time after time. We have achieved this through giving customersthe most hospitable and exhilarating day possible.Situated in the North Bedfordshire Countryside, within easy reach ofthe A1 and M1. North London and Birmingham are but an hours’drive, our closest town is Bedford which has mainline train station.We are also well positioned for local overnight accommodation.
  3. 3. Our Shooting Lodge provides a relaxed and laid back environment foryou to start your visit. We give a warm welcome with free tea andcoffee available throughout the day.The restaurant provides food, cooked to order, from a light bite to afully blown meal. For corporate and private groups, by priorarrangement, we can lay on a buffet to a fully blown silver servicefour course lunch or dinner; the choice is yours.In addition, once your activities have finished, you are welcome toorder alcoholic drinks from the bar, soft drinks are availablethroughout the day.
  4. 4. For Business and PleasureIf you are a business looking to say thank you to your customers;maybe have that monthly meeting in a different location, followed byteam building; or rewarding your sales teams. We offer completeseminar facilities and breakout rooms.The day will be arranged to suite your requirements and time scales inorder to achieve your objectives.We have seminar facilities for up to 60 delegates. We can cater forgroups up 200 on activities.We welcome prospective clients to come and look round the estateand discuss your requirements with us. We have received manyaccolades the most recent being acknowledged as one of the top tenShooting Schools in the UK by The Field magazine.
  5. 5. Private GroupsWe are totally family focused and have specific packages for theunder 18’s, who can come and have a go at our three targetdisciplines, Clay Target Shooting, Archery and Air Rifles, minimum ageis 8 years old and minimum height is 4ft.For the over eighteens we can bespoke a day to suite you.We are happy to give lessons on a specific activity, or we can arrangemulti-activities either over a couple of hours or for a whole day.All our instructors are fully qualified and we carry comprehensiveinsurance.The minimum age for motorized activities is 17 years old.
  6. 6. Example Itinerary for a Multi Activity Day9:30am Guests arrive to a warm welcome with tea, coffee and bacon rolls. This provides you with all of the energy required to maximise the enjoyment of the morning’s activities.9:50am Welcome introduction and briefing. One of our senior coaches will introduce you to your instructors for the day, announce the teams (your decision or we can do it for you), discuss basic safety and issue everyone with the relevant safety equipment.10:00am Your group, escorted by our highly experienced instructor, will progress to one of our many layouts. Groups may start on one of the target activities ~ clay shooting, archery or Air rifles alternatively go straight onto the motorized activities (please pick two of the following for the group) ~ 2 seater dune buggies, quad bikes and 4 x 4 off road course. Wherever you start, each group will spend sufficient time on all of the activities throughout the day to master each discipline and have a superb time12:30pm All groups return to the “All Seasons Restaurant” for a three course lunch that will satisfy even the heartiest of appetites. We can cater for vegetarians (if required) and our highly experienced chefs will produce a menu fit for royalty.2:00pm Having rejuvenated yourself, it’s back to the activities. A competition can be organized to span all activities on an individual, group or departmental basis, however you decide, this will determine the winners of the day.3:30pm As a finalé to the day, we provide a fast and fun flurry. A barrage of targets is thrown at a team of guns who have to work fast and together as a team to “dust” all the targets.4:30pm With the activities completed, it’s back to the Shooting Lodge where homemade cakes will be served along with your tea or coffee. We can also open the bar (shooting and alcohol do not mix). It is now time for the results of your activities to be announced and where accolades are lavished on the well deserving winners and humor abounds when the wooden spoon is announced (if appropriate).5.00pm Depart at your leisure
  7. 7. Example Itinerary for a 2 hour Clay Shoot9:30am Guests arrive to a warm welcome with limitless tea, coffee and bacon rolls. This provides you with all of the energy required to maximise the enjoyment of the morning’s activities.9:50am Welcome introduction and briefing. One of our senior coaches will introduce you to your instructor for the day, announce the teams (your decision or we can do it for you), discuss basic safety and issue everyone with the relevant safety equipment.10:00am Your group, escorted by our highly experienced instructor, will progress to one of our many layouts. With your Shotgun “in hand” the Instructor will show you how to stand and mount the gun correctly. In a very short period of time you will have learnt sufficient to “dust” your first clay ~ a truly exhilarating experience. A competition can be organized to an individual, group or departmental basis, to determine the winners of the day.12:00pm With the activity completed, it’s back to the Shooting Lodge for a welcome cup of tea or coffee. We can also open the bar (shooting and alcohol do not mix). It is now time for the results of your activity to be announced and where accolades are lavished on the well deserving winner.12:30pm Depart at your leisure
  8. 8. Clay Target ShootingWhether you are a novice or experienced shooter, an individual or group, we have the spaceand verity of targets for all. With in excess of 100 traps to launch targets from our 120 foottowers, to more novice targets we can ensure that we put together a layout that suites yourrequirements and ability.For novices we will provide all the equipment you need and guidance from qualifiedinstructors, to ensure you break as many targets as possible. Subject to a minimum age of 8years old and height of four foot we have a variety of shotguns to match your stature toensure comfort and enjoyment.If you are a group of experience shots we can put together a layout to your specifications andprovide escorts or qualified referees to score your shoot and guide you around the ground.If you are looking at a multi-activity event then we would highly recommend Clay Targetshooting to be part of it. We are happy to arrange sessions from an hour to a whole day butwould suggest for novices that a two hour session would be the maximum.Clay Target shooting is a great team activity and is ideal for groups; family and friends;entertaining clients; rewarding customers; birthday treats and team building.
  9. 9. 4x4 off Road CourseMany people own 4x4 vehicles, but few will actually use them for what they are designed for,serious off roading. Our course offers you this opportunity, using our vehicles, a Land RoverDefender, Discovery and Range Rover.The course covers steep hills, tight turns, rutted tracks and, depending on the weather, watersplashes and mud, not to mention the see-saw. Often done blind folded, with friends orcolleagues giving verbal instructions as to where to turn, this can be truly exhilarating for all.We don’t insist you drive the vehicle blindfolded, but it adds an extra dimension to yourexperience.Next to clay target shooting this is our most popular activity, often put together to make amulti-activity event.The minimum age for the activity is 17 and we do not insist you have a driving license; wehave both manual and automatic vehicles.
  10. 10. Dune BuggiesThese are by no means everyday vehicles, built for two people in a space frame chassis andpowered by a motorbike engine; these buggies are about as much fun as you can have onfour wheels. We have a bespoke off road track for these buggies, the course itself changeswith the seasons, during the summer it tends to be dry and fast, wet weather will bringpuddles, mud and plenty of skidding.This is a very popular activity on its own as well as being combined with others. You don’tneed a driving license, but you do need to be at least 17 years old.If you are looking at a group booking then twinning this with 4x4 off roading will keep thegroup in the same area and allow plenty of opportunities for spectators and taking pictures.NB: Dune Buggies have restricted availability during the winter months and adverse weatherconditions for safety reasons, please ask when booking.
  11. 11. Quad BikesWe challenge you to take our Quad Bikes over the bespoke obstacle course; this activity isnot so much about speed, but skill and precision. If you find the obstacle course too much wecan take you on a nature trail through the estate.This activity is more often than not included with multi-activity events especially forcorporate groups as it is a great event to score, and provides plenty of laughs and photoopportunities.This is a great event to combine with either one of the other motorized events, especially forgroups, as it takes place in the same area.
  12. 12. Air RiflesOur Air Rifle range offers a multitude of targets to shoot at, with the opportunity to haveseveral people shooting at the same time it will keep everyone active.This is a very popular event with our younger visitors and those groups looking to book amulti-activity event. The skill set for a high score is very different from that of a shotgun so isa great leveler.
  13. 13. ArcheryOut of all our target sports Archery always produces the most laughs. You may think this is aneasy activity, but it requires a definite technique to get it right and it is trying to perfect thisthat produces the laughs.This is a great activity for families, corporate days and groups of friends either as astandalone event or part of a multi-activity day. We have a variety of bows so whatever yourstature we will be able to accommodate you, subject to a minimum age of 8 and 4 ft inheight.The targets are placed about 20 meters away from you and once you have mastered thetechnique and your aim you will be on target.Our qualified instructors will demonstrate the technique and assist you in achieving your bestpossible score.
  14. 14. Food Options The Bar MenuMeals are freshly prepared to order so please allow at least half an hour for us to prepare. Any mealsnot on the set menu will be charged accordingly.Please see our ‘Specials Board” for additional mealsFreshly Cut SandwichesHam & SaladCheese & SaladCheese & Tomato with Onion or PickleEgg mayonnaise with Salad LeavesTuna mixed with Mayo, Onion and Red PepperTuna Mayonnaise and CucumberFried EggBaconSausageTriple~Decker SandwichesBacon Special ~ Filled with SaladBacon and EggSausage and EggSausage and BaconSausage, Bacon and EggToastiesWith Cheese plus ONE of the following:Ham, Tomato or OnionLight MealsBeans on Toast (two slices)2 Fried Eggs on Toast1 Fried Egg with Chips2 Fried Eggs with Chips
  15. 15. Full MealsScrambled Egg on Toast with BaconOmelette with SaladTomato, Cheese, Onion or MushroomsFull English Breakfast ~ with Two slices of ToastSausage, Bacon, Egg and ChipsSausage, Egg and ChipsHam, Double Egg and ChipsScampi, Chips and PeasChicken Nuggets, Chips and BeansBeef Lasagne with SaladHam or Cheese Salad(mixed salad with pickles & 2 slices of Bread and Butter)Cottage Pie with PeasChilli Con Carne with RiceChicken Tikka Masala with Pilau RiceJacket Potato with a Choice of Filings:CheeseBeansChicken, Bacon and SweetcornTuna MayonnaiseSide OrdersPortion of Chips2 Slices of Toast and MarmaladeBread and ButterExtra Portions to be added to existing meals onlyBeans BaconEgg SausageMushrooms CheeseSweetsHomemade Cake (Per Slice) Muffins ~ Various Flavours
  16. 16. Restaurant Dining Set Dinner OptionsPlease note when choosing your meal options for your Event it is I item from each course only per set group Based on minimum of 12 people Starters Prawn Marie Rose Farmhouse Pate Smoked Mackerel (V)Egg Mayonnaise (V)Stuffed Peppers Main Menu Options Steak and Mushroom Pie Served with roast potatoes and a selection of seasonal vegetables Roast of the day Local meat served with crispy roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables Chicken Breast Cooked in a delicious creamy sauce and served with rice or seasonal vegetables (V) Vegetable Lasagne Served with a mixed salad (V) Mixed Salad Freshly made, mixed leaf salad, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, peppers and lightly drizzled in olive oil and seasoning. Served with bread and butter. Desserts Apple Pie Apple or Rhubarb Crumble Bread and Butter Pudding Fruit Salad Vanilla Ice Cream A selection of cheese and biscuits are available as an extra course Coffee and mints will also be served if requested
  17. 17. Based on a minimum of 12 people Set Buffet Options Please choose one of the following set buffet options. Hot BuffetA hearty selection of warming foods including: Oven baked jacket potatoes with homemade chili con carne, beans, cheese topping, chicken wings, farmhouse sausage rolls, egg mayonnaise rice, pasta & fresh salad dishes, and crusty bread. Meats from the Grill A selection of meats cooked on the grill: Burgers, sausages, marinated chicken strips, lambsatay on skewers and served with a selection of rice, egg mayonnaise, pasta salad, beetroot, coleslaw and pickled onions and crusty bread. Based on a minimum of 6 people Cold BuffetThis offers a Choice of two cold meats: Ham and Beef. With a variety of salads: Rice and pasta dishes, egg mayonnaise, coleslaw, beetroot and accompanying pickles mustards, sauces and crusty Bread. Sandwich Buffet Here we have a selection of freshly made sandwiches in brown and white breads, sausage rolls and crisps.
  18. 18. One Course Meal Options One choice only Soup of the day Hearty homemade broth, a meal in a bowl served with bread and butter Homemade Cottage Pie Delicious homemade cottage pie served with three seasonal vegetables. Lasagna Served with a crispy salad. Beef Hot Pot This hearty beef hot pot is served with three seasonal vegetables. Steak and Mushroom PieMeaty and tasty with a crusty topping, creamed potatoes and two seasonal vegetables Jacket PotatoWith Beans and cheese topping and served with a salad, coleslaw and bread and butter
  19. 19. If you would like to discuss the availability of activities and dates please call Tesson 01234 708893, or alternatively email: TimesMonday to Saturday 9.00am – 6.00pm or dusk if earlierSunday 9.00am – 2.00pmWednesday (Summer Time) Open till 8.00pmMinimum AgeShooting, Archery, Air Rifle 8 years old(Minimum height 4ft)4x4, Dune Buggies, Quad Bikes 17 years oldAll activities are supervised by qualified instructors and all protectiveequipment and consumables are provided.All activities can be mixed and matched to customer’s requirements and all aresubject to availability.We are happy to photograph your event, so let us know when you book.Dress Code, we recommend that you dress for the weather, with sensible shoes. Sporting Targets Limited Knotting Lane Sharnbrook Road Riseley Bedfordshire MK44 1BX Tel. 01234 708893