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Cloud Credential Council - Buliding Recognized Cloud Competence Standards
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Cloud Credential Council - Buliding Recognized Cloud Competence Standards


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The Cloud Credential Council is a global member-driven organization, with a mission to accelerate successful cloud adoption by advancing cloud competences across business and technology roles.

The Cloud Credential Council is a global member-driven organization, with a mission to accelerate successful cloud adoption by advancing cloud competences across business and technology roles.

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  • Cloud Computing has attracted attention at CXO level and is on its way to mainstream adoption.Gartner placed cloud computing as the No. 1 strategy technology investment for CIOs globally in its 2011 CIO survey, and has characterized public and private cloud computing as transformational technologies that will hit the mainstream in less than five years.US federal CIO VivekKundra released a 39page strategy guide that outlines the government Cloud First policy, which will require government agencies to evaluate cloud computing services before making any new investments in traditional infrastructure.
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  • Notice that only 1 of these issues is related to technical perspective of how to operate & manage cloud computing?All the others are related to lack of general awareness and fear or misunderstanding.
  • Ditkanallemaal,maarhoeftnietallemaal. Probeertebegrijpenwat de klantwil.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Cloud Credential CouncilBuilding Recognized Cloud Competence Standards
    • 2. Contents1. Introduction2. Why do we need a cloud credential council?3. What does the council do?4. How can you join the council?5. What certification does the council manage?
    • 3. 1. INTRODUCTION
    • 4. Introducing the Cloud Certification Council The global industry representation body, mandated to drive alignment of the cloud computing domain;  Not-for-profit  Vendor-neutral  Closely aligned with end-user organizations, vendors, professional associations and certification bodies. Aligning all professional training and certification initiatives related to cloud computing.
    • 5. Objectives Building Recognized Cloud Competence Standards Acting as a cloud competence platform for vendors Assuring quality of training by accreditation
    • 6. The Organization Defined syllabus and materials offers easy access to a growing Training Organizations marketCustomers benefitfrom baselineunderstanding Hardware / Valuable certificate that is Software Individuals Vendors recognized and appreciatedEasier to adoptproducts and services Cloudfrom solution provider Certification Program Develop knowledge Professional Exam Expand portfolio by offering a Organizations Institutes in the membership new certification program to customers
    • 7. Who is involved with the Council?
    • 9. The Buzz “Professionals The cloud market Feel they need will $120B by 2015 to gain new skills” The cloud market will be $56B by 2014 The cloud market will $150B by 2015
    • 10. Cloud Computing is Booming Cloud Market Growth USD USD 121.1Bn 37,8 Bn 2010 2015 (26% CAGR) Grail Research, 2011
    • 11. All Corporations are Going into the Cloud? ?
    • 12. Top 10 reasons not to go Cloud 1. Security risks 2. What is the cloud? 3. Legal issues have not yet been tackled 4. No fit with current infrastructure 5. Risk of vendor lock-in 6. Risk of unavailability of data 7. Cloud is just a hype 8. Fear of change 9. Costs higher than yields 10.Cloud is only for major corporations VMWare, June 2011 survey
    • 13. There is a lack of awareness & competencies  Basic terminology  Business-IT alignment  Basic awareness  Resistance
    • 14. The Current Market Situation 1. Vendor-Specific Certification It’s impossible to take a “neutral” position if all training includes a specific technology solution. A standardized, baseline understanding needs to be developed first, before a professional specializes in a specific domain 2. Self-Study/Browsing/White Papers An abundance of reference material is already available, but this is not sufficient, nor appropriate, as a structured approach to build organizational capability. 3. Unknown and non-certified Cloud training Training organizations may offer “non-standardized” cloud training, but the one-off trainings fragment the market and create confusion as there is no defined guideline around the training. In turn, it will slow down maturity of the cloud domain / adoption
    • 15. What your people need
    • 17. The Cloud Credential Council  Laying down a foundation in Cloud Certification  Building bridges between vendors and their certifications  Listening to the needs of the market
    • 18. Goals of the Council Ensuring that:  Exam institutes appropriately accredit providers and administer the exams.  The training providers are able to provide learners with a positive learning experience.  Individuals and organizations benefit from a coherent and globally recognized certificate.  The exam syllabi are up to date and aligning with latest insights and standards.  Mapping needed cloud competences and developing new certifications that align to this market need.
    • 20. Membership – being part of the council Membership Membership Executive Members General Members are Executive Members are organizations who organizations that would would like to actively participate in the like to associate further development of the Cloud themselves with the Certification Program by active participation Council without active in working groups of the CCC. participation.
    • 21. Partnership –getting involved with training & certification Partnership Certified Learning Certified Training Partners Content Partners Trainers Certified Training Partners Certified Training Partners Trainers are professionals are organizations that are organizations that who deliver these training commercially offer training commercially offer training programs. programs to the market. programs to the market.
    • 22. Why Join The Cloud Credential Council?  The CCC brings together all industry leaders involved with cloud computing  Create a unified cloud baseline  Join, organizations such as Cisco, EMC, IBM, HP, Vmware, Virtual Clarity and ING Group who provided input to the certifications  Create cloud awareness and take away uncertainty  Generate more exposure to your solutions  Ensure cloud competencies are available to support cloud
    • 23. Benefits of joining the Council  Become associated with a global brand  Take part, and contribute, through representation, with relevant cross functional industry stakeholders to govern and extend the program  Join organizations such as IBM, Siemens, Atos Origin and Global Knowledge  Benefit from CCC marketing  Increased brand awareness, visibility and consideration in a lucrative virtualization and cloud market  Sell More Products & Services  By “educating” the cloud market, organizations and end-users can adopt the cloud, quicker, and thus purchase cloud products and services sooner.
    • 24. Here’s What You Will GetPartner logo on website and all external communication √Use of CCC logo, marketing materials, co-branded collateral √Listing in CCC member database √CCC branding campaign √White paperInvitation to virtual meetings √Participation in working groups √Dedicated page of vendor cloud products on CCC website √
    • 25. Join the Cloud Credential Council How to join? Learning Learning Certified Content Partners Content Partners Trainers 1 2 3 Review the Web site to Complete Trainers are professionals familiarize yourself with the application form. who deliver these training our vision, members, the programs. Certification Program, and partnership possibilities.
    • 27. What does the Cloud Certification Council Provide?An international standard for foundation level training  Foundation level certification Cloud  Vendor-neutral Virtualization Essentials Course  Globally recognized Essentials Course + + CompTIA Cloud Virtualization Essentials Exam Essentials Exam = = CompTIA Cloud Virtualization Essentials Essentials Professional Professional Certification Certification
    • 28. Cloud Foundation Certification The Business Perspectives Compliancy Service & Security Management Types of Clouds Roadmaps to Implementation
    • 29. A certificate with authority Cloud Essentials Course + CompTIA Cloud Essentials Foundation Exam = CompTIA Cloud Essentials Professional Certification
    • 30. CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam SyllabusLEARNING OBJECTIVES:Understand the common terms and definitions of cloud CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam:computing. • The course includes an Exam Preparation module,Understand the characteristics of clouds and cloud services preparing participants to complete the CompTIA Cloudfrom a business perspective. Essentials™ Exam on the second day of the course.Demonstrate how the characteristic of cloud computing lead to • The exam consists of 50 questions, the passing score isbusiness value. 720 (on a scale of 900), and is web-based in the EnglishUnderstand various types of clouds from a technical perspective language.and provide examples. Balanced approach toExplain the steps that lead to a successful adoption of cloud learning the businesscomputing services. perspectives, technicalIdentify the organizational capabilities that are relevant for organizationrealizing cloud benefits.Understand the impact and changes of cloud computing on IT Principles forservice management. operating andExplain and identify the issues associated with integrating cloud governing cloudcomputing into an organization’s existing compliance risk and computingregulatory framework.Understand how to maintain strategic flexibility.
    • 31. Virtualization Essentials Exam SyllabusLEARNING OBJECTIVES: Virtualization Essentials Exam:Specify the technical capabilities and operating model for virtual infrastructures. • 40 question multiple choice•Discuss how business benefits can be described and measured. exam • 60 minutes closed book exam•Describe the implications for direct costs and cost allocations. • Exam available through testing•Explain relevant barriers to adoption and success with virtualization and appropriate centers and at the end ofmitigation strategies. training courses•Outline the technical approaches, components, capabilities, and techniques ofvirtualization technologies.•Explain the steps that lead to successful adoption of virtualization technologies.•Understand the impact and changes of virtualization on IT service management.•Identify the issues associated with integrating virtualization into an organization’s Balanced approach toexisting compliance risk and regulatory framework. learning the business perspectives, technical organization Principles for operating and governing virtualization
    • 32. More InformationFor more information or to sign up as amember, please visit us at:www.cloudcredential.orgFor questions related to memberships:membership@cloudcredential.orgGeneral