NEW DATES!!! International Leadership Master Class Retreat London June 9 - 12 v5


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Invitation!! International Leadership Master Class Retreat - London May 26 - 29, 2014

Theme: “Building Sustainable Leadership: Key to 21st Century Personal and Organizational Success”

Please join us for an inspirational and transformational experience surely to renew and reinvigorate us all for challenging days ahead.

Dr. John

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NEW DATES!!! International Leadership Master Class Retreat London June 9 - 12 v5

  1. 1. International Leadership Master Class Retreat (LS010) (Part of ILGE’s Senior Level Executive Diploma Program) Theme: “Building Sustainable Leadership: Key to 21st Century Personal and Organizational Success” Who should attend: President's, CEO's, CFOs, Division Heads, General Managers, Senior V Presidents, EVPs, other senior level executives with top-level responsibilities, executives from div organizations, those being groomed for executive-level posts. Earn credits you deserve ! Earn credits you deserve ! Description: Organizational leaders and business executives today have to grapple with immense responsibilities as their companies and organizations undergo significant changes. The dimensions and complexities of these changes are of such scale and intensity as never witnessed before. The most important ingredient that will ensure success today and the future is for Leaders to further enrich, deepen and develop their own knowledge, skills and competencies to match and exceed the requirements of the challenging work environment. This will require paradigm shifts, acquisition of new mind sets and attuning to right mental maps and appropriate competencies. This four days high impact Master Class Retreat is designed to focus leaders to achieving this. Retreat qualifies for ILGE “international certificate” and transfer credits to US University graduate degree programs Knowledgeable faculty and peers, special exercises, simulations, and case studies help stimulate new thinking, and provide renewed energies to face the tough choices back in your own organization. Topics focused on include: leadership competencies for the 21st century, re-defining the role of the senior-level executive, how to maintain poise under pressure and keep you’re your mental edge, how to keep your own vision and passion ignited and fostering change, developing human capital and fostering high performing teams, creating a culture of engagement and participation, and successfully implementing strategic plans and other organizational initiatives to achieve high performance. Senior Level Executive Leadership Diploma Program Core Competencies for Senior Level Executives Executive Decision Making High Performance Leadership for Executives Leadership Skills for the 21st Century 34% Part 1 Part 2 Transformational Leadership and Change for Executives Part 3 Personality Style and Diversity Motivation and Drive Leadership Style Ethical Idealism Strategic Leadership Systems Thinking Planning and Change Full Spectrum - Whole Brain Thinking Analysis Creativity and Innovation Performance Dynamics and Techniques Building High Performing Teams Coaching for High Performance Attentional and Interpersonal Style Building Culture of Excellence Courage and Will Attention Control Training “Learn how to master and develop the proven skills and competencies that will ensure your ongoing success. “ Shown here is the competency diagram for this International Leadership Master Class Retreat ( LS010) June 9 - 12, 2014 London, UK “ Great ! This is the best “culture changing” information I have ever heard! - Anthony D’ Arne, Plant Manager, Union Carbide Canada, LT, Toronto Citia & Associates,LTD U.A.E U.S.A. UKU.S.A. Nigeria Who should attend: President's, CEO's, CFOs, Division Heads, General Managers, Senior Vice Presidents, EVPs, other senior level executives with top-level responsibilities, executives from diverse organizations, and those being groomed for executive-level posts. Nigeria
  2. 2. 2 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 Today’s challenging work environments need "leaders" - not just "managers". This engaging and impactful Retreat helps those participating become strong, agile, and empowering leaders. With increasing competition, a more demanding workforce, accelerating change, and increasing levels of stress, new leadership skills, mind-sets, and competencies need to replace obsolete ones. This Retreat is one part of three challenging seminars designed specifically for the accomplished or high potential senior level executive. Their focus is to help participants reach their personal and corporate best. Also, this Retreat is one component of ILGE's new "PQ-21TM Change Model" that includes the "PQ-21TM Strategic Implementation Model (SIM)", ensuring that program learnings have impact on execution at organizational peak performance outcomes, as well as the "PQ-21TM Performance Coaching (PC)" component that ensures long-term transformation at leader and team levels. Who should attend Ideal candidates for this International Leadership Master Class Retreat include senior-level corporate executives, managing directors of major business units, and executives leading governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. The Master Class Retreat is designed for senior-level executives who have achieved significant positions in their organizations and careers but are looking for a renewed vision for themselves and their organizations through an immersion experience in a program that challenges their thinking, their identifies, and their vision for the future. Positions reflected for attendees in this program include: Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Division Heads, General Managers, Senior Vice Presidents, EVPs, other senior level executives with top- level responsibilities, executives from diverse organizations, and those being groomed for executive-level posts. Proficiency in written and spoken English is required for successful participation in the Retreat.
  3. 3. 3 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 How You Will Benefit This Program will provide the following benefits: This Master Class Retreat will provide the following benefits: 1. Understanding the new roles senior level executives must master and display to drive their organizations to new levels of accomplishment and success in a highly competitive 21st century global environment 2. Refining executive level leadership styles to harmonize with latest models and best practices drawn from the study and analysis of successful executives from across the globe 3. Enhancing leadership skills and becoming a more agile, effective, and strong senior-level leader 4. Understanding new business and corporate strategies linked to success. 5. To expose participants to all aspects of how to engender a leadership growth that is sustainable 6. Knowing how to turn potentials into tangible, bottom-line results 7. Understanding the importance of building leadership acumen at all levels in their organizations to achieve success in the 21st century economy. 8. To expose participants to new contemporary ideas and leadership approaches and how to implement them. 9. Show how leaders can cultivate the right organizational culture that can become a source of competitive advantage. 10.Provide strategies on how leaders can innovate, initiate, implant and implement organizational changes. 11.Show how leaders lead in times of chaos and complexity. 12.Provide guidelines on how leaders can craft and develop holistic strategies for sustainable development. 13.Developing the discipline to sustain higher performance levels at both the individual, team, and organizational levels 14. Develop project team skills through participating in project team assignments tackling real issues and organization problems and developing solutions based on applying program insights 15. Formulate a plan for change related to your own and your organization’s development “One of the best I have ever attended…rank( it) above programs at Harvard and University of Michigan. It was well planned, organized, and run. It provided many beneficial and practical insights. I will recommend it to others.” - James A. Satchel, Litigation Attorney, Michigan Department of Transportation
  4. 4. 4 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 Master Class Retreat Outline Executive Leadership Competencies for the 21st Century/  8-core roles and competencies  PQ-21 Leadership Performance Model  Leadership Quotient  Ideal Leader  Full-Range Leadership Model  Transactional Leadership Strategies  Transforming Leadership Strategies  Personal assessment: your strengths and improvement areas Executive Decision-Making and Problem Solving  Anatomy of a decision model  Team development  High performing team rating  Project team assignment and report Leveraging Organizational Culture for High Performance  Troubling facts  Strategies to build a high performance culture  Organizational leadership- pre and post-21st century  "Organizational Leadership Culture-21 Inventory"  PQ-21 Change Model  Personal assessment: your strengths and improvement areas Personality type and leadership style/ Simulation/ Action Planning  Identifying and developing your leadership style and personality type (MBTI/Assessment)  Differences in perception, judgment, and energy source  Overcoming blocks to development and your personal effectiveness  How to supplement and augment areas overlooked or not as well developed  Increasing motivation of yourself and others  Working with different personality types  Simulation  Transferring what you’ve learned to your work environment “I want to take a moment to express how much I enjoyed (your leadership program). The learning experience was unique in and of itself. I have already found practical applications in both my professional and personal life! … Thanks again and I hope to see you at future seminars.” - Maria W. Anderson, CPCU, Vice President, Munich American Reinsurance Company, New York.
  5. 5. 5 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 Why This Master Class Retreat Is Unique This Master Class Retreat is unique because you will not find the combination of elements present in this program anywhere else. Special features include: • accredited at international top-level standards as measured by the US Commission on Higher Education and Regional US Accrediting Bodies as being at quality levels to warrant for transfer credits into doctoral or master's level degree level at top-ranked US Universities, • practical, applied, and linked to bringing change to knowledge, mind-sets, skills, and competencies of attendees, • grounded in an integrated and research-based leadership curriculum developed over a 20- year period, • linked to developing the organizations “Performance Quotient (PQ) and bottom-line results through focus on improving the organization's "Leadership Quotient (LQ)", • proven in it's effectiveness in various cultures across the globe including the U.S., Asia, Middle East, Europe, Central and South America, Africa, and the Caribbean, • conducted by world class faculty with credentials from top-level universities as well as practical, real-world business experience, and highest ratings as presenters and speakers, • continuously refining it's quality and focus through ongoing action research studies, • based on global case studies, best practices, and feedback from knowledge experts, • is validated through a pre-and post-program competency assessment process, • is presented via ILGE's proprietary learning methodology, based on a new 8-dimensional learning model that is inclusive of the latest findings related to depth, life-long learning approaches.
  6. 6. 6 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 Guaranteed, Documented Improvements!! “We guarantee an average 37% -51% improvement in the knowledge, skills, and competencies of those taking this Master Class Retreat. You can expect that those that successfully complete it will be prepared to take the lead in creating a culture of excellence, full engagement of employees, and making a concrete difference in improving your triple bottom-line!!!” “A wonderful program! Best seminar I’ve attended, and I’ve been to Michigan State, MIT, etc. This was a wonderful soul searching opportunity. I'm fortunate” - Daniel S. Philippe, Planning Specialist, 3M Company
  7. 7. 7 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 Master Class Retreat Design and Delivery This PQ-21TM Executive Education Program is conducted at the post- graduate level and focuses on developing senior-level executive 21st century knowledge, skills and competencies. It is competency-based, conducted on a multi-level approach, hands-on, practical, and highly participatory. The Master Class Retreat includes:  Assessments  Benchmarking  Group discussion  Simulations  Case study analysis  Exercises for skill-development,  Project team assignments, and  Some lecture sessions. The Master Class Retreat includes project team work focusing on solving real issues, problems, or opportunity areas in attendee’s working environments by applying concepts and tools introduced in the program. Attendees will be afforded benefits of extending project work into the work place between the blocks. The program also includes support via ongoing communication and coaching from program faculty throughout length of the Program. Six basic criteria are incorporated in both the design and delivery of each part of the Program: (1) a competency-based curriculum based on diverse leadership models and research; (2) applying learnings from each part of the Program to actual work-place contexts through an individualized Executive Development Plan (EDP); (3) full engagement of participants via project work, exercises, simulations, and group discussions; (4) benchmarking progress and development via diverse assessment inventories; and (5) a journal-diary that integrates learnings into the leadership development progress of the individual.
  8. 8. 8 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 Assessment Instruments Used During This Master Class Retreat Participants will complete powerful, proprietary and validated assessment inventories throughout length of the Program. Benchmarks utilizing surveys are set before, during, and six months after completion of the Retreat. Assessment Instruments used will include:  ILGE “8-Factor Leadership Competencies Inventory” (8- FLCI) measures the eight core competencies required for successful leadership of any organization based on 21s century standards (360 Degree).  ILGE “Organizational Leadership-Culture 21 Inventory” (OLC-21) measures the 14 core dimensions of an organization’s culture measured against 21st century organizational characteristics.  Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) measures a broad range of leadership behaviors and styles with associated impacts on organizational outcomes;  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) provides feedback on personality type and temperament along with impacts on leadership style and teamwork; Diploma Program Requirements Those seeking a to complete the full Diploma Program will have to satisfactorily complete a practicum experience between each part of the Program with support and guidance provided by selected ILGE faculty. The following requirements are in addition to participation in the full length of the Diploma Program taken: 1. Assessment Inventories. Complete all assessment surveys throughout length of the program. A benchmark will be set before beginning of the Program via ILGE’s 8-Factor Leadership Competencies Inventory” (8-FLCI), at middle-stage, and six month’s after completion of the Program. 2. Executive Development Plans (EDP). Individuals will create an “Executive Development Plan” at the end of each part of the Program building from the topics covered in that part of the Program and focusing on improving selected leadership behaviors in the context of the role in their organizations. Each EDP
  9. 9. 9 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 will be reviewed for accomplishments and learnings before starting the next part of the Program. Participants will complete a final EDP at end of the full Program to work on after Program is over. 3. Reflective Journal-Diary. Each participant will maintain a reflective journal-diary throughout length of the Program that integrates program learnings with application to work-place issues and circumstances. 4. Performance Coaching. Each participant will be assigned an ILGE faculty member to provide them performance coaching during length of the Program. Faculty will review and give guidance with respect to assessment inventories completed, Executive Development Plans (EDP), and Reflective Journal Diary. 5. Internet Connection. Participants will be able to maintain continuous internet connection and interaction with our ILGE listserv. ILGE will also continue interaction to participants via our Leadership Mentor newsletter and various relevant papers, case studies, and research studies to continue to stimulate their learnings. 6. Diploma of Acquired Competencies. Those completing the requirements listed will be awarded a framed “Diploma of Acquired Competencies” by ILGE along with list of Program competencies. Master Class Retreat Accreditation This Retreat is accredited by the Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE) for post-graduate-level program content and by faculty qualified to present at Postgraduate University-level standards. Those successfully completing the full Diploma Program will be able to transfer 9 doctoral level credits to Nova Southeastern University's Doctoral Degree Program or 6 credits to their M. S. in Leadership Degree Program after completing admission requirements. All Master Class Retreat attendees completing full requirements of the Retreat will receive a Diploma of Acquired Competencies from ILGE. A Certificate of Acquired Competencies in each program area will be offered to those who do not complete the additional requirements for Diploma status. In conformity with the guidelines established by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training, these programs are authorized for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and are recognized by various professional associations for meeting professional education yearly requirements. CEUs are awarded only on satisfactory completion of program requirements with 1.0 CEU unit awarded for every 10.0 hours of instruction. “Constantly challenging, surprising and effective – very revealing, very practical, very exciting.” ….Highly recommend….” - Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE)
  10. 10. 10 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 Customized Version of the Master Class Retreat Available: The Master Class Retreat can be customized according to the culture, needs, and special context of the organization. They can be presented in alternative formats and timings as best fits scheduling for the organization. They can be offered on-site or can be delivered off- site at location of company’s choosing. ILGE Faculty Program Director and Professor of Leadership Studies John P. Keenan, Ph.D., is Founder, President and Professor of Leadership Studies of the Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE) , an international, interdisciplinary-based, and non- denominational institution of higher education focused on bringing the best thinkers, faculty, researchers, practitioners, and leaders together to address the major leadership crises and educational needs on local, regional and global levels. He has been presenting leadership, team building, and high performance workshops, seminars, and providing consulting services to organizations throughout the world. John brings to his position over 30 years of experience and is internationally recognized as an organizational psychologist and as a leader in the design and development of leadership and management educational programs. Dr. Keenan provides consulting services to organizations such as SONY, Inc., Shell Oil Co., Caterpillar, Inc., Dubai Airport FreeZone Authority (DAFZA), MAF-Dalkia Inc. of Dubai, Singapore Ministry of Education, Supreme Education Council of Qatar, Trinidad-Tobago Ministry of Education, Lucent Technologies (AT&T), Honeywell Inc., Lands’ End, Inc.; Harley-Davidson, Inc., Freeport Medical Center, Bellin Hospital, Wisconsin Medical Association, General Mills, Inc., American Airlines, Inc., Asia Inc. School of Management, Ersnt & Young, Human Resource Management Association of Trinidad-Tobago (HRMATT), Asian Institute of Management (AIM); Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources, Arabian Society for Human Resource Management (ASHRM), Civil Service College of Singapore, Camcar/Textron, Inc., Eaton Corporation; Bell Laboratories, U.S. Department of Energy; Ameritech, Inc., Fairchild Semiconductors, Inc., Alkar (a Division of DEC International); Sammons Financial Holdings, Inc., American Institute of Banking; M & I Data Services, Inc., Personnel Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), Oasis Hospital of Al Ain - UAE, American Society for Training and Development(ASTD), World Future Society, Integrative Learning of Singapore, and Posbanc of Singapore. John holds a Ph.D. in Sociology/Anthropology from United States International University in San Diego as well as an M. A . in Sociology from San Jose State University, and a B. A. in Sociology from the University of Santa Clara. John has held a tenured faculty position and been Founding Director of Leadership Programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Business, been a Dean of the School of Leadership and Human Development at St. Bonaventure University (Buffalo, New York) and Founding Director of their award winning Master’s in Professional Leadership Program, as well as been a faculty member at a number of Universities including Pepperdine University, Chapman University, College of St. Rose, and been a Dean at a Community College in South Carolina. In addition to conducting seminars throughout the US, he has conducted
  11. 11. 11 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 keynote addresses and made presentations to audiences throughout the world including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Ireland, Norway,. Austria, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Cost Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico , Canada, and Spain. John, a gold-medal winning author, is the author of seven books, “Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Problem Solving and Decision Making, and Conflict Resolution”, “FASTSTART: An in-depth seminar for managers”, “ Foundations of Leadership: New Manager Leadership Guide”, “Foundations of Leadership: A Facilitator’s Guidebook”, “Whistleblowing: Managing Dissent in the Workplace”, “Whistleblowing Research: Methodological and Moral Issues” and “Cognitive Maps of Violence”. He has published more than sixty articles in major journals such as “The Journal of Business Ethics”, “Journal of Social Behavior and Personality”, The International Journal of Values- Based Management’, “The Journal of Business and Psychology”, “Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal”, “Management Accounting”, and “Futures Research Quarterly”. He has presented more than fifty research papers on such subjects as performance enhancement, team building, leadership, work stress, identity as a manager, management ethics, whistle-blowing, and terrorism. He is a favorite with audiences throughout the world becausis special skill of being able to translate new concepts and unique insights into practical learning experiences. He also is President of the Association on Employment Practices and Principles (AEPP), Editor-in- Chief of the Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, and a member of the Academy of Management, American Psychological Association, American Society for Training and Development, The Institute of Managerial Sciences, The International Association of Conflict Management, Organizational Development Network, and World Future Society. John is also listed in the Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in Finance & Industry 1996-present). Dr. Keenan Testimonials!!! Core Senior Faculty (Partial Faculty Listing) Scott J. Simmerman, Ph.D. is a senior level faulty associate of the Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE as well as President of Performance Management Company in Taylors, South Carolina. He is consistently rated as a top presenter of team building, change, leadership and organizational effectiveness programs. With a broad base of business, research and academic experience, Scott has delivered workshops, executive retreats and presentation worldwide over the past two decades. His company publishes 5 Square Wheels books and distributes The Search for the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine, Seven Seas Quest and Buccaneer team building/collaboration games. These and other training tools were designed by Scott and are used by organizations and “I’ve worked with John for 10 years. I found him to be a man of utmost integrity and always willing to help others reach their goals. He is cool under fire and always well organized. His influencing skills are very well honed. His intelligence and quick wit make him a pleasure to work with. He is very fair and just. He is the kind of person that leadership books have been written about” - Robert Preziosi, Ph.D. – Professor, Huizenga School of Business, Nova Southeastern University. “John developed and presented a series of leadership development programs that raised proficiencies over time among various levels of our managers. He was sensitive to customized skill needs and designs, and he partnered well with us across several phases of delivery. John also provided critical measures and summaries of program effectiveness.” - Jim Zegers, former Executive Director of Planning, Wisconsin Department of Transportation
  12. 12. 12 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 consultant worldwide. Clients include widely recognized multinational corporations, governments, small businesses as well as independent consultants and trainers using these materials. A sampling of diverse presentations and programs include:  Presenter of pre-conference workshops and concurrent sessions at conferences for the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and Association for Quality and Participation (AQP). A frequent presenter at a wide variety of quality and organizational developmental conferences for government agencies and training conferences.  An invited presenter at the 2003 through 2005 conferences of the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA). Elected to the NASAGA Board in 2004.  Delivery of a highly-rated leadership development and school improvement program used by the Trinidad Education Ministry, the Singapore Education Ministry and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  Top-Rated Presenter at the Arab Society for Human Resource Management (ASHRM) in Dubai (2003) and Bahrain (2005).  Consistently top-rated presenter at nine different ASTD International Conferences.  Keynote speeches and programs to diverse organizations such as Sprint, Nortel Networks, Emerson Electric, Mayo Clinic, Hong Kong Civil Service, Emerson Electric, AT&T, Malaysian Trainers Association, Wells Fargo Bank and many others.  Invited presenter for programs in Hong Kong, South Africa, Mauritius, Macau, Portugal, The Netherlands, Singapore, The Philippines, Sweden, Denmark, and New Zealand – 30 countries in all thus far. A former professor Psychology at Furman University and University Teaching Fellow at the University of North Carolina, Scott received a Ph.D. in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1976. He was founding president of a local chapter of the International Customer Service Association and is Past-Chairperson of the Palmetto Chapter of the American Society for Quality. Consulting and training since 1978, he as Human Resource Director of the Home Silk Shops (a chain of retail stores) and Senior Vice President – Operations of the Wherehouse (a West Coast retailer) and other positions in consulting and training organizations. He has been a Managing Partner of Performance Management Company continuously since 1984. Raj Parikh, Ph.D., C.M.A., C.F.M. is senior faculty associate of the Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE), as well as Dean of the School of Business at Southern Oregon University. Dr. Pariikh has also held the position of Commissioner of Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates and has held the posts of Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Delaware State University, Dean of the Harold Siebens School of Business at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa, and Founding Dean of the School of Leadership and Human Development and professor of Accounting and Finance at St. Bonaventure University. Dr. Parikh holds a Bachelor of Technology (Honors) degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Accounting and Finance from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Dr. Parikh became a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in 1986 by receiving the highest examination score in the nation, for which he received the Robert Beyer Gold Medal. He became a Certified Financial Manager (CFM) in 1997 and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in 2001. Dr. Parikh has taught a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in accounting, finance, business strategy and
  13. 13. 13 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 leadership. In 1998 he founded a Master’s program in Professional Leadership. This program was the first Leadership program in New York State and received the 1998-99 PaceSetter Award for innovation. He started a similar program (M.S. in Organizational Leadership) and a Weekend MBA program at Wilmington College in fall, 2002. These programs were also the first such programs in the state of Delaware. Robin Pratt. Ph.D. is senior faculty associate of ILGE as well as president of Enhanced Performance Systems Robin W. Pratt helps people enhance their performance under pressure, reduce stress, and improve listening and teamwork. He has shown many organizations how to use advanced performance technology to improve their ongoing efforts in leadership development, succession planning, coaching, sales training, and risk management. Combining his expertise in psychology, management, education, and athletics, Dr. Pratt has, since 1979, presented unique programs to a variety of audiences. His management seminars are spiced from the sport idiom and training programs for athletes and students get a taste of business executive fare. All benefit from Pratt’s knowledge of the psychology of learning and gain new insights into poise under pressure from his training in the martial arts (taijiquan). He has had return engagements with the American Bankers Association, Bank Marketing Association, Graduate School of Banking (Wisconsin), Management Institute (U. of Wisconsin), the Illinois CPA Society, Leadership North Carolina, NEOCON, and the International Interior Design Association plus many leading business organizations (such as Nortel Networks, RBC Investments, Herman Miller, EntreMed, LabCorp, Intier Automotive Seating, Columbia Forest Products). Since 1984, Pratt has worked extensively with financial institutions, helping them train and select personnel for their sales and customer-service efforts and build executive teams. He has written several articles on profiling and selection including challenging businesses to take selection and training as seriously as do professional sports teams. With Robert Nideffer, Ph.D., the founder of Enhanced Performance Systems (EPS), Pratt has written several articles, books, and workbooks about The Attentional & Interpersonal Styles inventory and Coaching Attention Control Training in Business. He produced the decision rules and narratives for TAIS for Windows software for scoring and generating reports for business and sales people (programs that have been imported onto EPS’ website for TAIS via the Internet). By working with elite performers in sport, business, and the military, EPS has taken the lead in identifying and measuring the highly specific concentration and communication skills that determine the difference between success and failure in highly competitive arenas. Since 1983, Pratt has played a major role in exporting EPS technology from the sports world into business arenas. Pratt recently has integrated some new techniques into his repertoire, including Lominger’s Leadership Architect suite (especially VOICES and CHOICES, to assess Learning Agility), Baron’s Emotional Intelligence quotient, and the CPI 260 psychological inventory. These are dimensionality to his leading expertise with TAIS inventory and capacity with the MBTI. His practice now has even greater capacity to identify and develop high potential leaders and sales champions.
  14. 14. 14 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 H. James Harrington, Ph.D. is senior faculty associate for ILGE and CEO of Harrington Institute. Dr. Harrington is a Certified Grand Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma Excellence. He has eExpertise in Process & Innovation Performance Excellence, Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Problem Solving, Accelerated Performance Improvement and Policy Deployment. As Chairman of ASQ, was one of the leaders in getting the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award through Congress and approved by the President of the U.S. He also served as the first Treasurer of the Malcolm Baldrige Consortium that set up and developed the award. He is a government-registered Quality Engineer, a Certified Quality and Reliability Engineer by the American Society for Quality Control. The Harrington/Ishikawa Medal presented yearly by the Asian-Pacific Quality Organization was named after Dr. Harrington to recognize his many contributions to the region. In 1997, the Quebec Society for Qualite named their Quality Award “The Harrington/Neron Medal,” honoring Dr. Harrington Roger Neron for their many contributions to the Quality Movement in Canada. In 2000 the Sri Lanka national quality award was named after him. Dr. Harrington’s contributions to performance improvement around the world have brought him many honors. He was appointed the honorary advisor to the China Quality Control Association, and was elected to the Singapore Productivity Hall of Fame in 1990. He has been named lifetime honorary President of the Asia-Pacific Quality Control Organization and honorary Director of the Association Chilean de Control de Calidad. The European Partners from the European Universities Network established the Harrington Best TQM Thesis Award in 2004; awards are given out yearly in Europe and the Middle East. In 2005 the Sudan University established the Harrington Chair in Performance Excellence. In 2006 Dr. Harrington accepted the Honorary Chairman position of Quality Technology Park of Iran. Other Senior-Level Executive Master Class Retreats in the Series to be offered: Dates: TBA Transformational Leadership and Change (LS-030) - Dubai Dates: TBA High Performance Leadership (LS020) “…..hard hitting, fast paced, with lots of energy. Makes you want to let go of traditional methods for positive change.” - Richard L. Baker, Pennsylvania Power and Light
  15. 15. 15 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 ILGE Institutional Profile The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE) is a private, international and interdisciplinary, non-denominational institution of post-graduate level higher education that has over 20 years of experience in transforming mind-sets and organizations to 21st century peak performance levels. Our PQ-21TM Model is built on the underlying principles that guide Olympic and professional teams to the “gold medal” and separates them from “runners-up”. These principles apply simply and directly to performance on the playing field and arena that organizations and businesses compete in. PQ-21 TM is a holistic and integrated strategy that is comprised of three major components that include: 1. PQ-2 TM Executive Education Programs. Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) Degree Program, Diploma Programs, Certificate and Special Topic Programs - all of which are conducted on a multi- level approach, hands-on, practical, and highly participatory level . Programs include assessments, benchmarking, simulations, case study analysis, project team assignments , and some lecture sessions. Diploma and Certificate programs offered include leadership development, change management, human capital development, organization development, total quality management and process improvement, foundations of business, and focused business development. The core components of these Programs were developed by Dr. John Keenan, ILGE’s Founder and President, when he was Associate Professor and Founding Director of Leadership Programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business. They have since then been continuously revised, newly updated, and expanded via ongoing global leadership studies conducted by ILGE. These programs have been evaluated via the US Higher Commission on High Education and US Regional Accrediting bodies as being at level which qualifies them for credit transfers to US University accredited Doctoral, Master’s level, and Undergraduate Degree Programs. 2. PQ-21TM Strategic Implementation Model (SIM)TM focused on optimizing an organization’s performance through results-based tools and execution strategy. SIMTM provides a structure and process for fully integrating learnings and competencies acquired from the Executive Development program into practical, day-to-day job applications. Participants will be required to solve a real work- place problem by applying the proprietary SIM tools and process to initiate transformation prior to adapting to a full organizational transformation project. 3. PQ-2TM Performance Coaching involving one-on-one professional performance coaching throughout the length of the PQ-21TM process. The focus is on providing guidance so each person is 33.3333% 21st Century knowledge, skills and competencies Transformation at leader and team level High impact execution at organizational peak performance PQ 21 SIMTM PQ 21 PC PQ 21 EEP PQ 21TM CHANGE MODEL PQ 21 Strategic Implementation Model PQ 21 Performance Coaching PERFORMANCE QUOTIENT 21 PQ 21 Executive Education Programs ILGE Copyright 2006 ILGE The Institute for Leadership & Global Education (ILGE)
  16. 16. 16 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 challenged to new performance levels. They will be assessed and benchmarked during the Executive Education Program and at each phase of SIMTM . Countries and Organizations Engaged and Being Served (partial listing): We work with companies, organizations, governmental agencies, universities and colleges, ministries of education, and associations around the world – including the United States of America, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Norway, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Trinidad-Tobago, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, and the British Virgin Islands. ILGE faculty and consulting associates are carefully selected from a global network of the leading minds, scholars, and practitioners possessing top credentials and hands-on experience. We have worked with such companies and organizations as SONY,Inc., Shell Oil Company, Ersnt & Young, Caterpillar, Inc., Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA), IMO State Government (Nigeria), Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (TAKREER), ADMA-OPCO, Lucent Technologies (AT&T), Honeywell Inc., BHP Billiton – Trinidad-Tobago, Lands' End, Inc.; University of Wisconsin, Harley-Davidson, Inc., General Mills, Inc., American Airlines, Inc, Camcar/Textron, Inc., Eaton Corporation, Bell Laboratories, U.S. Department of Energy; Ameritech, Inc., U. N. Emergency and Disaster Relief Program, Fairchild Semiconductors, Inc., NEC Semiconductors, Philip Morris, Panasonic, Nestle, Alkar (a Division of DEC International), Sammons Financial Holdings, Inc., American Institute of Banking; M & I Data Services, Inc., Institute of Managerial Accountants, Land Transport Authority (Singapore), Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Delaware State University, Sudan Presidential Commission on Quality and Excellence, MAF-DALKIA – Dubai, Ministry of Education – Singapore, Ministry of Education – Trinidad-Tobago, National Association of Freight Logistics (Dubai), Planning Council - Government of Qatar, Oasis Hospital of Al Ain, Marafiq Power and Utility Company for Jubail and Yanbu - Saudi Arabia, Hilton Jumeirah International, Arabian Society of Human Resources Management – ARAMCO, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, American Business Council of Dubai, Personnel Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), Nutshell Forum (Pakistan), Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education (Karachi, Pakistan), Billerica School District -Boston, MA, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), Vietnam National University - Hanoi, University of San Jose Recoletos (USJR) - Cebu, Philippines, Cankaya University (Ankara, Turkey), Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), M & I Bank, Sammons Financial Holdings, American Library Association, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Credit Union National Association (CUNA), Integrative Learning of Singapore, Posbanc of Singapore. and World Future Society. For further information, to register for this Master Class Retreat, or to arrange for an -in- house customized version of this retreat, please contact: Dr. John Keenan, Founder, President and Professor of Leadership Studies, The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE), Email:; Tel.: +1-716-390-9657; Fax: +1-320-514-6309. Website: “A refreshing change to attend a program that wasn’t just pure theory, but rather provided the opportunity to connect this with real life, on-the-job activities.” - Mark D. Quehl,. Sales Manager, Polymer Chemicals.
  17. 17. 17 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 ILGE REGISTRATION International Leadership Master Class Retreat (LS010)* (PQ-21 Executive Education Post-Graduate Level) P Code Program Title Date Duration Location Fee Tick choice below LS010 International Leadership Master Class Retreat June 9-12 4d London UK Reg. $2950/ w. grant $2495*  Register * DISCOUNT!!! Register and pay within 21 days of program take 10% off. Enroll 3 from same company 4th comes free Guideline for Completing ILGE Registration Form 1. Indicate program code, program title, date and location selected on RF. You are required to provide your legal name, mailing address, e-mail address, and contact numbers (mobile and office). 2. You must register at least 21 days before the program. Late registrations must be alerted to your Program Coordinator. 3. You can register through e-mail, fax, and soon online. If eMail – Scan form, and send accomplished form to; If FAX - Accomplish form and fax to +1-320-514-6309 (US) ON-LINE – in process of being set-up 4. Lodging. Overnight guest rooms are available at locations of programs and held at discounted rates provided for attendees if booked 14 days prior to program date. Lodging information will be sent with your Registration Confirmation. If you have special needs- like dietary sensitivities, please let us know at the time of registration. Request will be kept confidential. 5. Substitutions. If you are unable to attend, you may send a substitute at no cost. You must notify the registration office with written letter sent through email or fax to +1-320-514-6309 specifying who the substitute is with proper accomplished registration form. 6. Cancellations. Cancellations must be in writing and acknowledged by ILGE and must be received NO less than 3 weeks prior to program so you get 99% refund and a registration fee of 1% will be deducted. You will not get any refund if cancelled less than 3 weeks prior to program. 7. No shows. If you do not attend the program, and have not made arrangements with the registration office, you will be charged 100% of the program fee. 8. If the program is not held for any reason, the institute’s liability is limited to refund of the program fee paid. However, we aim to uphold our commitment to provide excellent service to our clients. Cancellation of programs may only be for reasons beyond all avenues considered. 9. Please accept and/or sign and date the form if sending via fax or e-mail. Please complete forms legibly and send payment promptly to ensure your enrollment. Certificates will not be issued if payments are not received. Class size is limited for optimal learning. Please register early. ILGE The Institute for Leadership & Global Education (ILGE)
  18. 18. 18 International Leadership Master Class Retreat - LS010 - London The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE). June 9-12, 2014. V5 ILGE REGISTRATION - Registration Form (RF) Program Code Program Title Date & Location Mr. Ms. Dr. - Legal Name: Last First Middle Address: Number, street, and apartment number Citizenship Designation/Job Title Department Company Name Company Address; Street, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal address, Country Primary Language e-Mail (provide main email only) Phone number (including area/country code) Mobile number (including area/country code) FULL PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY THIS FORM. Please indicate method of payment below.  Certified Bank Check  Company Purchase Order  Money Order  Pay Pal/Credit Card. We will contact you with follow-through with payment processing.  Wire Transfer: Contact ILGE for details. Select one kind of payment:  Payment – International Leadership Master Class Retreat (LS010) = $2950 reg/ Special Rate: $2495 USD NOTE: Value of retreat is $2000 USD if applied to University Degree Program. *Your Program Coordinator’s name: Education Level Some College*  Associate Degree* Bachelor’s Degree*  Master’s Degree* Doctorate* (*or equivalent foreign degree) Sex Male Female Date of Birth Month Day Year    Please tick if attending as: Individual; Team. Send quotation for __ number. ; Need In-house/customized version. ;  Send information for other programs also. I accept full responsibility for the information provided and certify that this is complete and accurate. I agree to the guidelines for registration. Date: Signature: Student Number Credits ILGE RF2014 ILGE The Institute for Leadership & Global Education (ILGE)