Gillette Brand Proposal Updated3


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Brand Audit Presentation for a marketing class

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  • Retro/Sleek design  Old style brush and razor Retro/Sex  Personal Lubricant, Pheromones Green/Personal Care  Biodegradable razors, Organic Shaving Cream Individualized/Personal Care  Personalized color, Engraved Handle Green/Sleek Design  Wooden Handle, Biodegradable plastic Portability/Shower  Fogless Mirror, Warming Shaving Cream Shaving Entire Body/Innovation  Small razor blade for hard to reach areas, contoured razor head Sun Safety/Personal Care  After shave with sun-screen, After shave with sunless tanner, Shaving cream with sunless tanner On-The-Go/Innovation  Packaged towel that creates a rich shaving cream lather
  • Does Extension Help Brand? Attention/business gained: Huge potential for both Like Venus, could help solidify Gillette's position as a "Master Brand," framing it above other brands
  • The opportunity is large Gillette could produce a high quality, functional product Instead of thinking of razors and blades, consumers may think of the many other things in their bathrooms
  • Does Brand Help Extension? Linkage – Smooth, Feminine, Soft elements of Venus brand link well with product's main function Salience – Femininity of Venus brand suggest skin care products that promote smoothness Uniqueness – Venus brand will make this cream more recognizable than competitors Does Extension Help Brand? Adds depth to Venus brand and product lines Consistent with parent brand associations Conforms with consumers views about Venus
  • The Venus brand is strong, yet underdeveloped; can be used to increase market shares in many more categories Product links perfectly with Venus brand, will benefit from association with Gillette and Product will enable Venus razors to provide a closer, smoother shave leaving customers happier with both products
  • Does Brand Help Extension? Linkage – Scents and feelings associated with Gillette brand link perfectly with a shower scented body spray Salience – These scent associations directly suggest a product that makes you smell that way Uniqueness – Opposed to other body sprays, a Gillette body spray is free of any age-specific associations   Does Extension Help Brand? Perfectly consistent with parent brand, target market Could help Gillette brand make transition out of the bathroom
  • Gillette attempted a similar product just before the popularity of Axe body spray, but it failed
  • Gillette Brand Proposal Updated3

    1. 6. Analysis
    2. 7. Brand Emotional Modifier Descriptive Modifier Brand Function Gillette Dependable Innovative Grooming Products
    3. 9. Price Performance Bic Schick
    4. 11. Gillette High-tech Sleek Premium Cutting-edge Proven craftsmanship Sexy Empowering Modern but Retro I would recommend it Reliable Feminine Desirable Masculine Someone you want to date Tough-guy Rugged Man’s man George Clooney Goddess Soft & Smooth Durable Pricey but worth it Quick and easy shave Best shave you can get
    5. 12. Old Style Brush and Razor Lubricant, Pheromones Fog-proof Shaving Mirror Lubricant, Pheromones Shaving Cream Towelettes