p2e2 energy efficiency model


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p2e2 pollution prevention and energy efficiency is a preventative model for a cleaner sustainable environment. The principle is straightforward, Preventing contaminates entering the eco-system is far more effective and lower cost than attempting remedies after the water, soil, or air is polluted.

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p2e2 energy efficiency model

  1. 1. p2e2by John Herbert Director Kelcroft E&M Limited www.kelcroft.com.hk © Copyright 2014
  2. 2. What is p2e2 p2e2 is the abbreviation for pollution prevention = p2 energy efficiency = e2
  3. 3. what is c2 carbon credit = c2 A result of energy efficiency options for carbon certified emission reductions and or carbon credits emerge
  4. 4. the core Think Forward Your mum said Prevention is better than cure, she was right. The core idea is simple, prevention is simpler, faster, and more cost effective than attempting any type of remediation afterwards
  5. 5. protecting preventing pollutants from entering the environment preserves the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we rely upon for food.
  6. 6. proactive Attempting to scrub pollutants out of the atmosphere, air, soil or water after dispersion to the four corners is plainly not cost effective. In some cases (e.g. nuclear) is not even a viable option, contaminated material is buried
  7. 7. remedial Once the genie is out of the bottle, removing contamination afterwards is an expensive time consuming business. In Hong Kong heavily contaminated soil from a shipyard was excavated, transported, and treated at great expense….prevention is faster and cheaper
  8. 8. finite Natural resources are finite, it’s a fact. It reported coal will last another 250 years, so that not our problem today…. and once that million old year barrel of oil is spent it can’t be replaced overnight.
  9. 9. efficiency e2 energy efficiency means doing more with the same or fewer resources create contracts with service providers that reward actual performance
  10. 10. finance use the esco finance model, reward energy service companies for performance delivering energy efficiency projects
  11. 11. obstacles In principal supported by MNB, such as IFC and ADB but only the mega projects Smaller projects deemed to have high transaction cost esco’s are service companies with limited balance sheet, that equates to limited number of projects.
  12. 12. explore There are other alternatives, finance by esco is one. Thank You