C-REEL Results Introduction


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Learn more about C-REEL Results and Fitness & Nutrition Coach John Henry Creel

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C-REEL Results Introduction

  1. 1. C-REELRESULTSPresenter John Henry Creel, Author, Fitness CoachCertified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialistjohnhenry@c-reelresults.com(216) 464-6117
  2. 2. How long does it take to lose theweight and/or get in shape forThe moment you decide Enough is Enough and YOU are worth it!I have the information you need to knowTrain your mind and your body will followIt is your birthright to feel good about yourselfYou were special the day you were born, so why should nowbe any different?It is your duty to take care of yourself, but you have neverbeen given the right information.
  3. 3. MetabolismThe number one question you need to askyourself is “What is METABOLISM”The answer is MUSCLE! The more you have, thefaster you metabolism is….•But If I lift weights I will bulk EWWWW.Impossible ladies not enough testosterone•True or False Muscle weighs more than fat.FALSE If you cant get past this answer, then youwill always struggle with weight loss1 pound of fat is the same as 1 pound of muscleIncreased Muscle = Increased Metabolism =DECRESED FatFACT. Get to this belief, and you will neverstruggle with weight loss againYou are not a victim of yourmetabolism, YOU are thecreator
  4. 4. How most people try to loseless muscleslower metabolismless foodlessenergyfatstorageMUSCLEReduce caloriesStart cardio only…and maybe someyoga and pilatesFAT
  5. 5. Diet-cardio cycleless muscleslower metabolismless FoodlessenergyfatstorageMuscle= SKINNYFATMuscle DecreasesFat Increases= Initial Weight LossFAT
  6. 6. Diet-cardio cycleLess muscleslower metabolismless foodlessenergyfatstorageMuscleMuscle losscontinuesMetabolismcontinues to getslowerLess fat is burnedCaloric needs godownResults start todiminish andweight loss stopsT h e b o d y n o wmaintains weight onfewer caloriesFAT
  7. 7. Fat building cycleMuscleBody uses muscle as energywhen calories are lowered- The person stops dieting- The person stops exercising- Back to old eating habitsYou start to pack on the weightcause all the dieting and cardioyou did reduced your musclewhich reduced yourmetabolismOver 95 percent of those wholose weight following a diet,gain 110 percent of the weightback within three years I will teach you the Fat Burning cycleFAT
  8. 8. Fat burning cycleburnfatmoreenergymore nutritionmoremuscle metabolismhigherThis person isfrustrated andscaredThey decide toapply theknowledge givenLearning thatmuscle ismetabolismNow see whathappens!!!LIFTFEEDREST80/20 ruleFATMuscle
  9. 9. Fat burning cycleburnfatmoreenergymore nutritionmoremuscle metabolismhigherThey decide to joinC-REEL ResultssolutionThey put 80% morefocus on nutritionThey start buildingmuscleFeeding muscleGet a fasterMetabolism which= fat lossFATMuscle
  10. 10. Fat burning cycleburnfatmoreenergymore nutritionmoremuscle metabolismhigherThe metabolic cycleis beginningMuscle is becomingdenserEnergy begins toincreaseYou become leanerand thinnerFATMuscle
  11. 11. Fat burning cycleburnfatmoreenergymore nutritionmoremuscle metabolismhigherMetabolic cyclecontinuesMuscle strengthincreasesM u s c l e s i z eslightly increases,h y p e r t r o p h yoccurs resultingin a slimmer youSignificant fatloss beginsFATMuscle
  12. 12. Fat burning cyclemuscleburnfatmoreenergymore nutritionmoremuscle metabolismhigherMetabolic processis establishedFat loss isacceleratedResults aremaintained easier,month to monthTotal bodycomposition haschanged thecorrect wayYou can return tonormal life style.FATMuscle
  13. 13. The ScaleWe don’t have a weight problem we have afat problem and all we care about is whatthe number says on the scaleWhen you stand on the scale it weighs 4componentsWaterFatMuscleBone/organs blood etc…Most of weight loss is comes from Waterand Muscle so if you are down 5,10,15pounds in muscle and water, who cares, it’sthe fat you want to lose.
  14. 14. Results…After Another Program Before Program After the CRR ProgramAll Other ProgramsJust weight lossLosing vital lean tissueGaining weight back rapidlyC-REEL Results ProgramBody composition, not just lbs. LostGain/maintain lean muscle tissueSustain your “fat weight” loss
  15. 15. What Do You GetAccountability Site: Site where you can ask away and get answered by qualifiedExercise Science staff, certified personal trainers, and certified nutritionists. Yourconsultant will grant you access once you have joined the programExercise plan: An exercise plan designed for anyone at any gym of your choice.We will have trainers available for hire if you desire. Exercise is encouraged butnot required for contestWeekly Fitness Tips: Weekly tips will start you off on the right foot. Tips willunravel fitness myths so you can be a more educated on how to obtain andmaintain a fit body30 Day Arbonne Fit Kit: Everything you need to rev up your metabolism and feedyour bodyMeal Plans: Sample meal suggestions to keep you on track and feeling great Step Up Program: There is a second and third phase for those that wish tocontinue their body transformation
  16. 16. As Your Fitness Coach I am asking you totake better care of yourself starting now!If you want something you have never had before, you are going tohave to do things you have never done beforeGive me just 30 days, turn that switch on for 30 days and see whathappensI know this is hard to do, but you are worth it. The time is now! Lets bedone with this weight issue and move forward…
  17. 17. Next StepsDecide you are ready NOW to make a changeContact your C-REEL Results Wellness Consultant in the next48 hours. They will then send you your entry packetAsk a few friends to join you empower othersPurchase your getting fit kitTake your before photos and send them to meGet excitedLive nutrition workshops ongoing, inquire with your C-REELResults Fitness Coach for more information
  18. 18. Lean in 13If your not happy with the way you lookand feel, only YOU can make the changeNow that you are informed, I am tellingyou to take that step. You took the timeto be on this call, YOU are ready