What You Should Be Doing to Integrate the Tools of Technology into Instruction


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Presents 5 ideas on how to "integrate" technology into instruction.

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What You Should Be Doing to Integrate the Tools of Technology into Instruction

  1. 1. What you should be doing (now) to integrate the Tools of Technology into your Teaching John G. Hendron Goochland County
  2. 2. Buzzword 1: integration
  3. 3. combine merge unify unite consolidate fuse homogenize
  4. 4. “Integration” means… Change the way you teach. Change the way students learn.
  5. 5. Change is difficult.
  6. 6. Buzzword 2: access
  7. 7. Buzzword 3: Accountability
  8. 8. I want to know this is going to work. I want effective solutions for teaching.
  9. 9. Buzzword(s) 4: Connected Learning
  10. 10. Too many times, what’s done on a computer is inauthentic. Quality learning must connect to the real world to make a lasting impression on the lives of learning children.
  11. 11. Buzzword 5: Enhance [Instruction]
  12. 12. complement improve augment Will technology enhance what I’m already doing? What’s the value of enhancement? intensify improve quality supplement
  13. 13. My Five Classroom Blogging Research and Problem Solving Let Me See It Let Us Collect Practice Makes Perfect
  14. 14. Classroom Blogging
  15. 15. This is easy to do—for students, and for teachers. Students become publishers. With RSS, blogs are easy to handle administratively. Blogging is at once social but also fosters introspection and self-evaluation.
  16. 16. Research & Problem-Solving
  17. 17. The future is content that is imperfect that requires scrutiny... so— Teach students skills in information literacy by conducting research online + Use the power of collective intelligence that the Internet provides.
  18. 18. Have students construct their own new knowledge by finding it. Use technology (hardware + software) as one or more tools to solve problems, answer questions, or enlighten perspectives.
  19. 19. Let Me See It
  20. 20. Digital photography, and stock photo sources make finding visual media easier than ever before in the history of humankind. It takes longer than writing words, but we are visual animals, and many of our students learn well visually.
  21. 21. So... Let’s Tell a Story
  22. 22. What do you know about me? What do you know about Goochland High School? Are images coming to mind? Or only what I talked about?
  23. 23. Let Us Collect
  24. 24. Where do we put Information? Do you forget things? (I do) What would happen if we cataloged, or collected our knowledge, so we could browse it later?
  25. 25. What’s the Idea? Use technology to help students provide their own scaffolding by collecting and organizing the products of their knowledge. Databases, wikis, blogs, digital portfolios
  26. 26. Practice Makes Perfect
  27. 27. Is drill and practice software effective? What do others say?
  28. 28. Drill & Practice Is most effective when: it’s targeted for students who require practice, but who are also self-motivated the software provides feedback connections are made by the teacher for the student from the software to the real world
  29. 29. Conclusions Where We Are in 2005-2006
  30. 30. Integration National, State, and Local Mandates Access Change!—Professional Development Effectiveness of Technology
  31. 31. Which Strategies? Something easy Something that accommodates access issues Something that is based in sound educational/pedagogical theory Something that targets discovery, constructivist learning, and higher- order Blooms
  32. 32. 5 Strategies Classroom Blogging Research and Problem-Solving Let Me See It Let Us Collect Practice Makes... Perfect
  33. 33. Thanks! John G. Hendron www.johnhendron.net Goochland County Public Schools www.glnd.k12.va.us