Internet Safety - Cyberspace Ethics


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This presentation is used in a K-12 staff development class focused on copyright ethics and internet safety for students.

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Internet Safety - Cyberspace Ethics

  1. 1. Copyright Ethics of Cyberspace & Internet Safety John Hendron | Goochland County Public Schools October, 2007
  2. 2. Resources Worksheet Packet Wiki Page This Presentation Handouts/CopyrightEthicsSafety
  3. 3. This is Your Guide! PowerSchool Goochland County Goochland County All of Goochland’s schools use the centralized Power Using the Internet involves responsibility—help Public Schools Public School student information system. This system is used to your child understand how to cite sources they nd maintain student data, from scheduling classes, to gener- online for school and which websites you encour- ating report cards, and keeping attendance records. age them to visit. Help your child realize that not all information found online is reliable. A recent As a parent of a student in Goochland County, you can ac- cess your child’s attendance and grades at any time with a survey found that over 40% of information found on connection to our website. Using a unique username and Parent’s Guide the Web is bogus or inaccurate. password provided by the school division, you can log-in to check grades or sign-up for an e-mail update of your to the Internet Goochland County Public Schools relies upon the child’s progress. More information about using Power- power and convenience of technology through School is available on our website: powerschool/. instruction and book-keeping. The school board is committed to providing an infrastructure, hardware, If you experience trouble with PowerSchool, you may software, and instruction for Goochland students. contact our PowerSchool Help Desk at: (804) 556-5630. Throughout the K-12 curriculum, Goochland’s Weblogs & Podcasts teachers cover technology standards prescribed by Two emerging and popular forms of online communica- the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL). Still—the tion are alive and well in Goochland. Blogs are websites safety of our students at school and at home is a that are easily updated, and maintained by teachers to top priority. help keep students and parents informed about what is taking place in school. Check your school’s website for Take the time to explore the content in this bro- links to teacher weblogs. chure. Learn about online safety, how to access Podcasts are audio or video les that users can download Online Safety student records, and about our initiatives to keep and listen to on their computer, or on a portable player. parents informed through our website. Many teachers are exploring this medium as an instruc- Recommended Sites tional tool. Look for information at a teacher’s blog to see if they are podcasting too. PowerSchool —Dr. Frank Morgan, Superintendent of Schools Students are also exploring podcasting and blogging in the classroom. Student podcasts are published through Weblogs a teacher’s weblog, but student blogs are not available to the public. To learn more about blogging & podcast- w w w. g l n d . k 1 2 . v a . u s ing, visit our website: and
  4. 4. GCPS takes copyright concerns seriously. We must model appropriate use for our students. Consult with your media specialist. Copyright of Printed/Broadcast Content
  5. 5. Copyright and Fair Use Internet/Web Ethics Internet/Web Safety Elements of This Class
  6. 6. Develop and Teach a Web-Safety Lesson Plan (by May 30, 2008) Requirement for Class
  7. 7. Rationale
  8. 8. Web 1.0: Read what others had to say.
  9. 9. Web 2.0: Read/Write/Publish and Collaborate
  10. 10. Flickr
  11. 11. Docs & Spreadsheets
  12. 12. Blogger
  13. 13. YouTube
  14. 14. MySpace
  15. 15. Digg
  16. 16. The new web makes publishing content easy.
  17. 17. We have to be careful about how we use online tools.
  18. 18. 71% of teens report to have received messages from strangers.
  19. 19. 41% of teens online are asked for personal information--from strangers.
  20. 20. 30% of teens online have considered meeting someone whom they met only online.
  21. 21. 14-15% meet in person someone they’ve met online.
  22. 22. 40% of teens surveyed said they will respond to messages initiated by strangers. Only 18% said they’d tell an adult about it.
  23. 23. 20% of teens report that it is safe to share personal information on a public blog or network site.
  24. 24. 48% of teens, aged 16-17, report that their parents or guardians know little to nothing about what they do online.
  25. 25. statistics and video from
  26. 26. One in seven received a sexual solicitation or approach over the Internet in the last year.
  27. 27. One in four had an unwanted exposure to pictures of naked people or people having sex, in the past year.
  28. 28. One in seventeen was harassed or threatened.
  29. 29. The majority of sexual solicitations and unwanted exposure episodes do not get reported to parents or the authorities.
  30. 30. One-third of the parents of these children report having installed filters or blocking software.
  31. 31. Let’s look at
  32. 32. Search: 16-18 year olds 20-mile radius of a zip code 3,000 hits returned
  33. 33. “MySpace” is their space... • How much is being shared? • What is being shared? • Is the content for you—your friends—the public? • Will what you write, say, keep youafrom getting into college—or finding job?
  34. 34. Internet Predators Cyberbullying Online Etiquette Web Site Evaluation Passwords & Security E-mail Communication Fair Use/Copyright
  35. 35. Check-out the resources to come up with your own fair-use guidelines.
  36. 36. Review these resources and come up with some ethical guidelines. What surprised you or caught your attention in these resources?
  37. 37. From the resources on page 2, what are the three types of copyright infringement? Five Rights? What’s illustrated in the continuum?
  38. 38. Questions/Comments/Wrap-Up