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PSCGroup XPages Case Study - Building on a Construction Company's Foundation
PSCGroup XPages Case Study - Building on a Construction Company's Foundation
PSCGroup XPages Case Study - Building on a Construction Company's Foundation
PSCGroup XPages Case Study - Building on a Construction Company's Foundation
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PSCGroup XPages Case Study - Building on a Construction Company's Foundation


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PSCGroup, LLC case study about one of our latest XPages projects

PSCGroup, LLC case study about one of our latest XPages projects

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. case studycase studyBUILDING ON A CONSTRUCTION COMPANY’SFOUNDATIONPSC seamlessly integrated a construction services’ current software and data whileimproving aesthetics and functionality. We utilized XPages as a way to layer new andbetter capabilities on top of their legacy system – and streamlined IT updatingprocesses with their internal and external communication.THE BENEFITS THE TECHNOLOGY CONTEMPORARY XPages INTERFACE On top of On top of Lotus Notes and enhanced Domino Legacy data, capabilities utilizing all across the existing board information % 50 LESS IT WORK Due to one code stream instead of two Technology for technology’s sake is a wasted opportunity. At PSC we realize that every project can make your business better, but only if we understand your needs. Listening and collaboration are as much a part of our toolkit as laptops and code. © 2012 PSC Group LLC - -
  • 2. case study THE DETAILS PSC recently work with one of the largest professional construction services firms in the nation with 2,000 employees throughout the United States. This company has remained a family-owned firm that specializes in world-class construction services, including Integrated Lean Project Delivery®, construction management, general construction, design/build, real estate development, program “We are a recognized management, consulting and technical service. A nationally ranked firm, their leader in our field. Thanks brand and work streams were threatened by an old and aesthetically unappealing to PSC, we look the part project management system that gave partners and clients an unfavorable more than ever.” impression through an outdated user interface while creating unnecessary layers of IT work and inhibiting efficient communication with their external contractors. THE CHALLENGE This company had been using a 10-year-old Lotus Domino and Notes project management system to manage records and communicate with employees, clients and third-party contractors through every phase of large and complicated construction projects. As an industry-leading construction services firm, their outdated Domino and Notes “By building on what we system made a potentially image-tarnishing impression to clients and partners. In already had in place, we addition, the system was managed with two cable streams, which meant any not only saved time and functionality changes that were made for internal users had to be developed for money, but ensured the the Web-based interface serving third-party contractors new system would be They needed a solution that would offer more than a pretty face – a nimble and compatible with our vast intuitive solution that allowed all parties to communicate in a single medium, one amounts of data and our that made a favorable impression through enhanced aesthetics, positioned the established internal company as a leader in contemporary technology, and offered improved processes.” functionality and the ability to make easy, unilateral improvements. THE DISCOVERY We started by learning the structure and functionality of the current system. We met weekly with the client throughout the project, and by listening to and working closely with their representatives, we quickly realized the best solution wouldn’t be one created from scratch, but rather one that leveraged the functionality the client had developed over the previous decade with their Domino and Notes system. Valuable data already was available; it became a matter of streamlining back-end processes and creating user-interface improvements for employees and contractors. © 2012 PSC Group LLC - -
  • 3. case study THE SOLUTION With a commitment to building on the significant investment already made in their legacy system, we recommended an IBM XPages solution and helped them understand the capabilities of this emergent technology. “XPages is so new; I can understand why so few IT XPages – available using the most current version of Notes – is the next logical firms seem to be phase of their existing system. It seamlessly integrates with their current software comfortable in its and data while improving aesthetics and functionality. We saw XPages as a way to environment. But with a layer new and better capabilities on top of their legacy system – in short, we company like PSC ahead worked with what they had. of the curve, it won’t be a The most current technology in the Lotus/Domino world, XPages provides the secret much longer.” same user experience for internal and external users, consolidates functionality into one platform, and provides an enhanced user interface. And by eliminating the need to create separate code for different platforms, they saves valuable IT resources. THE IMPLEMENTATION With a team of creative designers and IT professionals dedicated to this significant “Twice the functionality overhaul, we were able to customize the new XPages technology to meet the and half the work? Works client’s specific needs. At the heart of it is a single set of new code we wrote that for us.” consolidates the capabilities of the two code streams the company had been using. That means no more creating one set of code for internal users and then re-doing it all for external users. They now give both user groups the same exceptional experience, allowing for communication among all parties through a single efficient and effective code stream means upgrades, improvements and fixes need to be made only once. “From improved THE RESULTS functionality for current users and the potential to More appealing, contemporary interface displays reach new clients, the Enhanced capabilities across the board XPages solution PSC Improved user experience and satisfaction designed continues Faster navigation paying dividends.” Better communication with outside contractors 50 percent less IT work due to one code stream instead of two Streamlined process and easy ability to make system upgrades and improvements © 2012 PSC Group LLC - -
  • 4. case study PSC Group is a professional services and information technology consulting firm that understands technology is fundamental in the development of business solutions. Success is collaboration, creation and innovation. It’s about helping businesses take what they do best and doing it even better. When it comes to the evolution of technology and how it can help make companies successful, PSC is there every step of the way. It all starts with listening, and that’s one of the things we do best. We then match experienced professionals with proven and emergent technology to design, deliver, and service solutions that meet specific and unique business needs. We turn IT into an effective strategic resource that improves efficiencies and work streams, delivers a measurable return on investment, and helps companies grow. Learn more today at | copyright 2012. PSC Group LLC © 2012 PSC Group LLC - -