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Social Media Makeover was an event sponsored by the Young Executive Committee at the Metropolitan Club of Chicago. The event covered makeover tips for the individual, both on-line and in the real world.

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  • “Google before you speak”Peoplegoogle before then contact someoneThis covers meeting new people, people & things you recommend, and your own historyHave you googled yourself lately? Nothing coming back is just as bad as something negativePersonal Branding is more important than your companies marketing & advertising budgetMore important is what you say about youSocial media lets other people talk about you – out of your control – for better or worseYou will have many jobs and/or careers, but just one brand our grandparents had one career, two jobs on average 3 careers, 6 jobs for someone who entered the workforce in the past 20 years
  • “Social Media Experts” or “Social Media Consultants” generate content for hire. I use social media to distribute content I generate. Social Media is just another channel for me – the same as advertising or cold calling
  • I decide what I tell the world I write everything, so I know 100% of what gets written no ghost writers, no botsI decide who can see itI lock down twitter and facebook so you have to ask permission to read my contentOnce I allow you to read, you can read everythingI am the voice-no ghost writers, no bots- No marketing teams or review
  • Blog437 blog entries in 2009Over 2k unique users a dayOptimized for SEOLinked thru content aggregators like PlanetLotusTwitterLinkedinFacebookslideshare
  • Zain Africa ChallengeZain Africa Challenge is a technology solution for a educational program in Africa18 countries, televised live on tvDonates over 400k a year to african universitiesWon the IBM Lotus Award for Best Philanthropic Solution in Jan 2009My blog on the entry got LinkedIN Recommendation leads to clients1 Tweet = $500,000
  • Social Media Makeover Presentation

    1. 1. Making over your image, on-line and in person Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    2. 2. Welcome & Introductions You, Your Brand, and Social Media? Your Makeover for LinkedIN Your Makeover for Twitter Social Media Case Study Raffle Your Turn – Personal Social Media Makeovers Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    3. 3. Mark J. Carter Founder, TweetNetworking, LLC and Networking For A Cause Christopher S. Rollyson Managing Director, CSRA, Inc. John D. Head Director of Enterprise Collaboration, PSC Group, LLC Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    4. 4. Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    5. 5. It’s something my kid’s use Time Consuming Too much information Formal vs. Informal Work vs. Personal New Habits are Difficult Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    6. 6. Social Media Revolution Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    7. 7. Social Media effects YOU just as much as it effects your company “Google before you speak” Personal Branding is more important than your company’s marketing & advertising budget You will have many jobs and/or careers, but just one brand Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    8. 8. Imagine having one person write a recommendation … … and getting 10 new customers directly linked back to that recommendation No Advertising No Marketing No COST! Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    9. 9. Christopher S. Rollyson Managing Director, CSRA, Inc. Facebook: Linkedin: Twitter: Web: Email: Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    10. 10. LinkedIn Makeover: Profile 1 Apps 2 Groups Answers 3 Network 5 4 Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    11. 11. Static Content: 1 Picture Keywords, language Professional Summary Specialties Edit Positions, Education Your best foot forward Additional Information The wonder of keywords Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    12. 12. Static Content: 2 Writing Reward your strongest connections Be specific, sincere and short How the person made impact Requesting Specify what you want Ask diverse people LinkedIn: recommended people contacted 3x others Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    13. 13. Interacting: 3 Practical way to extend your profile Automatic interaction with your network Invoke content from outside Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    14. 14. Interacting: 4 Discussions & News Controlled exposure Private groups invisible Create your own affinity group Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    15. 15. Interacting: 5 Professional crowdsourcing! Build your expertise by answering questions Ask for advice by asking questions The entire LinkedIn community Only your trusted (1st Level) connections Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    16. 16. Interacting: The two poles Tight ties Loose ties: let the LIONS roar Manage expectations Know yourself… what suits you? Know your people… what suits them? Your role as host See the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn: Free Guides Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    17. 17. Imagine a Single blog entry … … That was communicated via a single Tweet That ended up generating $500,000 in new business! Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    18. 18. Mark J. Carter Founder, TweetNetworking, LLC and Networking For A Cause Facebook: Linkedin: Twitter: Email: Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    19. 19. HOW PERSONAL BRANDING RESULTS Twitter is a 24 hour a day/7 day a week networking event Twitter is a CONVERSATION Twitter is a COMMUNITY Twitter is an OPPORTUNITY Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    20. 20. The conversation is happening NOW – with or without you Twitter is a VERY open forum with people that (usually) want to connect Build your personal brand by adding to and controlling the conversation Building credibility and word of mouth marketing Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    21. 21. 3 Ways To Tweet Water Cooler (“I’m walking my dog”) Broadcasting (“Check out my link…”) Networking (Creating conversations & connections: Relationships) Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    22. 22. 3 ! 1. BE SOMEWHERE 2. DO SOMETHING 3. FOLLOW UP Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    23. 23. Say SOMETHING Start building your network The Met Club vs. The Night Club Hash Tags Start a conversation Join a conversation Re-tweeting Pick a NICHE (or three) to talk about Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    24. 24. Links you Tweet (and find on Twitter) can also be posted on: LinkedIn & Facebook: Your profile Groups (news and discussions) Blogs and Forums **People remember the person that posted the information Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    25. 25. John D. Head Director of Enterprise Collaboration PSC Group, LLC Email: Linkedin: Twitter: Facebook: Slideshare: Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    26. 26. I am not a “Social Media Expert” Director of Enterprise Collaboration I work at a technology consulting firm I am a former full time consultant I spend my time today doing sales I talk with customers and sell I am successful with Social Media because I control the message Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    27. 27. • I decide what I tell the world 1 • I decide who can see it 2 • I am the voice 3 Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    28. 28. My Blog Twitter LinkedIN Facebook SlideShare Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    29. 29. Zain Africa Challenge LinkedIN Recommendation leads to clients 1 Tweet = $500,000 Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    30. 30. 1. Be Authentic 2. Build Trust 3 Build Your Personal Brand 4. Collaborate 5. Say Thank You Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    31. 31. Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    32. 32. Ellehomme Holistic Medspa Mark Beier Metropolitan Club Robin Walker Shinettes Shoe Shine Nicholas Joseph Halo [For Men] Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
    33. 33. Social Media Makeover 2/3/2010 ©
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