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IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage : The Social Business Edition (MWLUG Edition)
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IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage : The Social Business Edition (MWLUG Edition)



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  • 1. SB103: IBM Lotus Notes/DominoApplication Development CompetitiveAdvantage : The Social Business Edition John Beck, BUE, Worldwide Messaging Sales, IBM John Head, Director of Enterprise Collaboration, PSC Group, LLC
  • 2. John BeckNo, I am not very talented at basketball (thats why I have a job at IBM!).“Who am I?” I am responsible for global sales of IBMs messaging portfolio (Notes/Domino, Traveler, Protector, Symphony) – Previously, I have held sales, product management, development and support roles within IBM all focused on the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio.Working with Notes since R3 in 1995 and managed production Domino environment on NT Alpha (really!?!).Recently moved my family to Wisconsin from Massachusetts (yes it is colder).“Why am I here?” As companies analyze their investments in messaging, they are realizing the incredible value that Domino applications have to their business and processes. They are also looking to shift that investment to new access modes and transform their end user computing environments.Follow/contact/link to me: +1 508.414.0734 twitter.com/jhnbck http://www.linkedin.com/in/jhnbck john_beck@us.ibm.com
  • 3. John Headjhead@psclistens.com Facebook.com/johndhead Facebook.com/PSCGroup Twitter.com/johnhead Twitter.com/PSCGroup1051 Perimeter DriveSuite 500 LinkedIN.com/in/johndhead Linkedin.com/company/psc-group-llcSchaumburg, IL 60173 Slideshare.com/johnhead Slideshare.com/PSCGroup(847) 517-7200 Youtube.com/johnhead Youtube.com/PSCGroup(847) 517-7600 fax www.johndavidhead.com www.pscgroup.com
  • 4. PSC consultants specialize in all things IBM Lotus, from infrastructure to administration toPSC Group, LLC is a professionalservices and information technology development. From health checks to installation to find tuning your applications. Our specialty isconsulting firm that understands in transforming your Notes applications into the next generation of XPages applications. We cantechnology is fundamental in the modernize your critical business applications and infuse them with social and mobile functionality. development of business solutions.Success is collaboration, creation andinnovation. It’s about taking what abusiness does and making it better. F O U N D E D I N 1 9 9 0
  • 5. Agenda• Domino Application Development Today “not your Fathers Designer” • Advantages of Domino over Microsoft SharePoint• Notes from the field – PSCs real world experiences• Domino Application Development Tomorrow The IBM Social Business Toolkit
  • 6. Lets talk about Domino applications but not these Domino applications, please...
  • 7. Designer 8.5.X - a world-class RAD environmentBusiness-process-driven applications that enable people to collect, organize,share, and track information• An open, point and click GUI development environment• Support for developers at every skill level – Lotus, Java, Eclipse• Bundled templates that require no coding to use• Component re-usability saves time and increases responsiveness• Centralized administration for quick deployment and easy maintenance• Pervasive security• Universal access: online or offline - rich, browser or mobile clients• Integrates multiple data sources
  • 8. Thousands of enterprises around the globe trust their core collaborative and business applications to Lotus Notes & Domino. Notes Apps “by the numbers”:  280,000 active developers  $45m investment by IBM since 2007  10,000,000 applications in  Discussion databases  Inventory and project management  use  Community forums Process tracking  Document storage and collaboration  Sales force automation  Customer relationship management  Product catalogs and price lists  64,000 developers and 200  Help desk and customer support  Billing systems projects active in open  Human resources  Audit and assessment source community Todays Notes/Domino offers the easiest, fastest and richest development of Web 2.0 apps.
  • 9. From this... Jacobs eLite 1.0
  • 10. To this with xPages - Jacobs eLite 2.0
  • 11. IBM Lotus Domino Mobile Applications• Today: Web browser mobile apps • Supported via XPages in IBM Lotus Domino Designer • Mobile controls - see http://mobilecontrols.openntf.org/• Domino Designer 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 • New tools for XPages Extension Library • New mobile controls • Domino REST services • Available now! • OpenNTF version continues to evolve http://extlib.openntf.org/
  • 12. Domino XPages Mobile Specific Controls View Panel Navigation Bar Form with Outline/Menu Validation Search Bar Filter
  • 13. Adobe Flash cant run on Apple iOS … … but Domino applications can!"XPages have allowed me to deliver classic Notes database applications to the iPhone without having to change the template. I can simply create one database with an X-page, and it will connect to the database that is appropriate for the particular user - even if the other database is on different server. "• Mark Hughes – HughesConnect.com• (Developer of ITANA task management solution)
  • 14. Agenda• Domino Application Development Today “not your Fathers Designer” • Advantages of Domino over Microsoft SharePoint• Notes from the field – PSCs real world experiences• Domino Application Development Tomorrow The IBM Social Business Toolkit
  • 15. Domino is a Premiere application platform• Claims heard about why one should move to SharePoint • SharePoint could easily replace the Rapid Application Development feature set of Notes/Domino • SharePoint is self service driven and therefore will need less development resources than a new Notes/Domino environment• While in reality • What most consider to be simple Notes client applications often require moderate to significant development effort that cannot be done with SharePoint Designer, instead requiring Visual Studio and .Net development skills • Complex applications with business logic and workflow are not suitable for SharePoint and require .Net development and additional Microsoft products to provide the same level of capability you get in one product (Notes/Domino)
  • 16. Factors to Consider Content taken from Microsoft published feature documentation on microsoft.com/sharepoint and IBM Project Liberate presentations
  • 17. Factors to Consider continued... Content taken from Microsoft published feature documentation on microsoft.com/sharepoint and IBM Project Liberate presentations
  • 18. What To Do With What You Already HaveBring your Notes/Domino client applications to the Web with XPages!• Preserves your investment in your current applications data and business logic while providing a modern Web 2.0 user experience• Provides browser and mobile access and still allows you to take that application securely offline with all application logic available using the Notes rich client• Expands the reach of your Domino applications to other IBM platforms like WebSphere Portal and IBM Connections thru iWidgets and Activity Streams• Integrate Xpages apps with Sharepoint for Create, Replace, Update, Delete (CRUD) through web services and Open Data Protocol (oData)
  • 19. Agenda• Domino Application Development Today “not your Fathers Designer” • Advantages of Domino over Microsoft SharePoint• Notes from the field – PSCs real world experiences• Domino Application Development Tomorrow The IBM Social Business Toolkit
  • 20. F O U N D E D I N 1 9 9 0
  • 21. Our OurPeople Clients Our PSC Solutions Ecosystem
  • 22. People Clients DirectionProspects Delivery
  • 23. • Integration • Mobile Enablement• Workflow • Custom Applications• Rules Engines • Dashboards• Collaboration • Process Improvement• SOA • Agile/Sustainable• Portals/Websites Architectures Our Partners
  • 24. PSC’s real world experiences with XPages“The impact of a consumer economy on the business and enterprise application space”
  • 25. 2012 State of the Application • We are at an application crossroad • Email has become a commodity • Domino or Exchange or Google • Cloud or On Premises or Hybrid • Email and application platforms being broken apart • New platforms • Smartphones are common place • Tablets are here and growing • The Burning Question – “What about the apps?”
  • 26. What Applications are Your Users Using?
  • 27. What Applications are Your Users Using?
  • 28. What Applications are Your Users Using?
  • 29. What Applications are Your Users Using?
  • 30. What Applications are Your Users Using?
  • 31. Do you think they really want to use this?
  • 32. I know what your thinking …Your users aren’t like others.They use the apps we tell them.They do all their businesson approved tools.
  • 33. Youre wrong. More than 50% of business users bypassinternal applications for public tools.
  • 34. Because the internal tools are:Too slowToo restrictiveNot accessible at homeNot on the mobile deviceNot Sexy
  • 35. End Users Expect Modern Applications • End User expect consumer Web 2.0 Experiences at work • End Users will find their own solutions if applications are not updated • Corporate IT must modernize or become irrelevant
  • 36. How modern are your applications? • PSC’s experience is that once a business application is put into use, it is rarely updated • Minor changes made to support business needs • The more line of business the app is, the less care it has gotten. • Many companies using the same app since late 90s / early 2000s with NO changes. • Have you done an internal application audit?
  • 37. Existing Domino Application Types Documents & Enterprise Business Discussions Applications Applications 40% of total apps 25% of total apps 35% of total apps Based on Templates Highly transactional Mission Critical that come with or huge volumes of Organization Unique Domino data Heavy use of custom Recommendation: Recommendation: workflow and/or Move to standard Rebuild on top of security platforms/apps Enterprise Java, Recommendation: Update with new .NET or other Move to the web via XPages Templates technology XPages from IBM (2011) Use third party tool(s) SmartCloud Engage Other Offerings Taken from PSCs Application Modernization White Paper and Presentations
  • 38. Leveraging The Notes/Domino Platform • Once you decide to stay on the Notes Platform • Maximize your investment in Lotus technology! • Modernize your applications • Make your users happy with appealing look-and- feel of applications • Develop once, use many times • Extend your applications to the web and mobile devices with XPages
  • 39. Modern Notes/Domino Applications Modern Notes apps have: Techniques used • Appealing Web 2.0 front-end • Web 2.0 Tools • Modern Business Processes • HTML • JavaScript • Standard Corporate Web • AJAX Branding • Java Toolkits • User Self Service • Sencha • Auto / Self Updating • jQuery • Works across platforms • XPages • Windows / MAC / Linux • Mobile Platforms • Works across devices • iOS • Android • Smart Phones • Blackberry OS • Tablets • Blackberry Playbook • Laptops • Windows Phone 7 • Home Computers • Flash / Air
  • 40. Why XPages? • ‘Develop Once, Use Multiple Places’ is finally reality • Works in Notes Client, Browser, & Mobile • User base can decide how they want to work, where they want to work • Corporate Web Branding easily applied • Source Code Control (SVN, etc.) • Most rapid updates of development tool in the platform ever (ExtLib, etc.)
  • 41. Why XPages? Performance of modern web applications brought to the platform Notes Application XPages Application • Opening on Server thru • Opening on Server thru VPN VPN • ~ 30 to 60 seconds • ~ 6 to 10 seconds • Opening Replica • Opening Replica • ~20 seconds • ~ 3 to 5 seconds • Open in Web Browser • ~ under 2 seconds
  • 42. Why XPages? • XPages is developer friendly • Notes developers w/ web skills can transition easily • Web developers can pick up XPages with basic Domino training • New Hires / College Grads can pick up XPages development with a week of training* *results may vary
  • 43. Samples of PSC’s XPages DevelopmentThese are real world applications
  • 44. App #1: Standard NotesDocument Library
  • 45. App #1: Standard Notes DocumentLibrary • XPages Version
  • 46. App #2: Notes Client Application
  • 47. App #2: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 48. App #3: Notes Client Application
  • 49. App #3: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 50. App #3: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 51. App #3: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 52. App #3: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 53. App #3: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 54. App #3: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 55. App #4: Notes Client Application
  • 56. App #4: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 57. App #4: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 58. App #4: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version Mobile Version
  • 59. App #5: Excel Application
  • 60. App #5: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 61. App #5: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 62. App #5: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 63. App #5: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 64. App #5: Notes Client ApplicationXPages Version
  • 65. App #6: XPages Application
  • 66. App #6: XPages Application
  • 67. App #7: XPages Application
  • 68. App #7: XPages Application
  • 69. App #7: XPages Application
  • 70. App #7: XPages Application
  • 71. App #7: XPages Application
  • 72. App #7: XPages Application
  • 73. App #8: XPages Application
  • 74. App #8: XPages Application
  • 75. App #8: XPages Application
  • 76. App #8: XPages Application
  • 77. App #8: XPages Application
  • 78. App #8: XPages Application
  • 79. App #9: XPages Application
  • 80. In Summer of 2010, IBM asked PSC to review a Notes application and compare modernizing the application with both XPages and Microsoft SharePoint. This is the result of that effort.
  • 81. Notes Client to XPages – PSC’s Process 1. Take an existing Notes Client Application 2. Catalog the Notes Client Assets 3. Create XPages Application 4. Create Custom Theme 5. Build Mobile Interface 6. Compare with SharePoint application
  • 82. Existing Notes ApplicationDocument Workflow App
  • 83. Existing Application Details • 1 User Form – Agreement • 4 Dialogs • 5 System Forms – Keywords, Lookups • 30 User Views • 17 System Views • Workflow & Business Logic • 20 Agents • 2 Script Libraries • Export to Excel for Reporting • User Interface Elements
  • 84. Document Workflow AppXPages Version
  • 85. Document Workflow AppXPages Version - Mobile • Uses the OpenNTF.org Mobile Controls Project • Provides Custom UI for iPhone and other mobile devices
  • 86. Document Workflow AppXPages User Interface Details • Created a New XPages Interface • Created Custom Theme with custom branding and color scheme • Only Interface Changes • Home Page • Document Workflow Form • Views • No changes to Workflow or Business Rules • Used the XPages Mobile Controls on OpenNTF.org for iPhone interface
  • 87. Document Workflow AppXPages Development Details • Notes: • Custom Theme is a one time effort. Can be reused by all future XPages Applications • Mobile Controls were created as Custom Controls that can be reused
  • 88. Comparing XPages to SharePoint • Same Notes Client application • Document tasks to build feature comparable SharePoint application • Use SharePoint development best practices that PSC uses with our customers • Estimate development costs
  • 89. SharePoint Development Details • Create SharePoint Site • Create Agreement Form & Dialogs • Create Web Parts & Reports • Create Keyword Lookup Lists • Build Windows Workflows (not SharePoint Designer) • Implement Security – Groups and Building Form Filters • Build Excel Export • Move Data using Third-Party Tool • Create Master Page • Create iPhone on top of SharePoint Mobile Extension
  • 90. SharePoint Development Estimates
  • 91. SharePoint Development Estimates Notes • PSC recommends Windows Workflow over SharePoint Workflow using SharePoint Designer due to it’s quality and support • iPhone development would be ASP.NET development talking to SharePoint Web Services • Security would use Active Directory Groups and function by applying Filters to parts of the Form • Data Export using Third Party tools would include documents, field data, and attachments • Master Page Estimate includes colors, corporate branding, logo, and simple menu changes
  • 92. Estimates Side by Side XPages Task Hrs. SharePoint Task Hrs. XPages User Interface 64 SharePoint Site 4 Custom Theme 16 Main Form 24 Excel Export 8 Web Parts & Reports 16 Mobile XPage 16 Windows Workflow 24 Implement Security 40 Excel Export 8 Move Data 16 Create Master Page 16 Create iPhone Interface 40 Offline ?? Total 104 Total 188
  • 93. Application Modernization in 2012 • Your users are demanding modern applications in the workplace • Smartphones and Tablets will force you to embrace modern and consumer driven development platforms and techniques • XPages is ready to build real-world production applications • You dont have to migrate to get Modern and Mobile
  • 94. Application Modernization with PSC • PSC views the process of modernizing application platforms from a holistic, enterprise perspective. Building from our Hub Services, our AMC provides extensive services in each of three critical areas – providing our clients with a 360o View of the process.
  • 95. Your users will work withapplications that match the experience they have at home.You have to decide if they use your apps or something else.
  • 96. Agenda• Domino Application Development Today “not your Fathers Designer” • Advantages of Domino over Microsoft SharePoint• Notes from the field – PSCs real world experiences• Domino Application Development Tomorrow The IBM Social Business Toolkit
  • 97. IBMs software portfolio provides a strong foundation for delivering SocialBusiness solutions and infrastructure
  • 98. Enterprises are increasingly looking for a mobile platform IBM can deliver a complete suite of mobile enterprise solutions Extend business capabilities to mobile devices Transform and enable business processes via mobile and social IBM Mobile Enterprise Build mobile Solutions applications and Manage mobile sites devices and Connect to, and applications run enterprise Secure mobile systems in support business of mobile
  • 99. Choice and flexiblity for devices
  • 100. Work faster and smarter with embedded experiencesthat reduce context switching and improve productivity 101
  • 101. XPages in Activity Streams
  • 102. XPages in Activity Streams
  • 103. XPages in Activity Streams
  • 104. XPages in Activity Streams
  • 105. XPages in Activity Streams
  • 106. XPages in Activity Streams
  • 107. XPages in Activity Streams
  • 108. XPages in Activity Streams
  • 109. Risk Based Inspection +Challenge: Capturing Asset Knowledge across a multi functional team – The ABB RBI+© consultancy process is used by leading process industry organisations to ensure the continued safe operation of their plants.Solution Description – The XPages solution underpins a highly collaborative process combining the knowledge and experience of both the ABB Consultants and the client operating teams.Benefits: – 30% reduction in time taken per study – $3m + savings for ABB and their customers – Visualises ABB’s RBI+© methodology – Full fidelity Notes and browser functionality allows seamless off-line working – Deployable on premises using IBM XWork Servers
  • 110. Pathfinder: Client Services XPage Interface Challenge: Client information managed in multiple, independent Domino databases – No one place to see entire client portfolio – Excess navigation and data duplication – Difficult to use and support Solution Description: Single web interface developed using XPages – Single point of entry for all client information – Client/Activity focused interface – Complete relationship available in single UI Benefits: Improved efficiency – More time available to serve clients – Improved coordination among providers – More efficient service delivery – Improved case management
  • 111. i-Bank & Safebook. Raiffeisen SalzburgChallenge: Modernize and “socialize” the i-Bank Banking Software – Transforming CRM, Sales & Marketing processes – Change Product Management by user involvement – More flexibility in customer facing advisory processesSolution Description – Universal Banking Front-end, built on Domino XPages – “i-Apps” with intelligent and compelling UI, Dashboards, Follow objects, Activity Stream, Produpedia etc., result in new user experienceBenefits: – Enhanced service quality, better Marketing- & Sales efficiency – Embracing networks of people to create new business value and opportunities – Making better decisions, faster. Reduction of process complexity and information overload.
  • 112. Challenge: Analyze and deliver gigabytes of complex data to thousands of customers reliably and securely – 50+ GB of Data – 300,000 + RecordsSolution Description – Notes/Domino and XPages – Secure and easy entry of new data in Notes – Efficient and safe storage of critical data – Secure delivery on a subscription basis via XpagesBenefits: – Performance – Security “Notes and Domino enable entry, storage, and analysis of critical data securely and easily, then easily deliver that data to customers on a subscription basis via a great – Reliability looking, high-performance Web site using XPages.” Brian Benz – Deloitte Recap LLC
  • 113. Heart Failure AwarenessBusiness Challenge & Web Shop – Expand sales by establishing establishing a portal heart failure and defibrillator products – Target private, business and the public sectorSolution Description – Built on Domino 8.5.2 and XPages – Features a content management system (CMS) and a web shop – Integrates with existing product catalog, CRM and ordering system which are all Notes based applications – Web shop integrates with 3rd party payment card gateway to off-load PCI complianceBenefits – Provides way to raise awareness on heart failure and increase revenue thru Web commerce – Integrates with existing Notes/Domino based applications
  • 114. Smart Government: DLR Rhein Hessen-Nahe-Hunsrueck GermanyDIENSTLEISTUNGSZENTRUM LAENDLICHER RAUM (DLR)RHEINHESSEN-NAHE-HUNSRUECKBusiness Challenge Eco-Farming where Better Research = Better Wine Partnership between government and local businesses – Environmental friendly agricultural production processes – Pilot operations for cultivation of vine-grapes – Sharing research, statistics and first-hand experience – Accelerate advances in horticultureSolution Description Sharing of information across 350 users / 20 locations – Consolidation of disparate data / applications on Domino – XPages enable web access to the data by role / by locationBenefits From prototype to production in 6 months – Reducing the amount of time to find location specific information by 50% – Eliminating unwanted / unneeded information reduces search time by 75%
  • 115. ModelleisenbahnKeeps track of customer signals with IBM Lotus Notes® and Domino®Business Challenge “This CRM solution from – Model railway manufacturer Modelleisenbahn wanted to capture more COC IT-Services proves the detailed information about its sales team’s interactions with customers to utility of IBM Lotus Notes and enhance sales management and provide a platform for analytics. The Domino as a platform for company also wanted to find a way to give travelling sales staff instant applications that can help access to daily sales data. deliver real business value.”Solution Description — Wilfried Kreuzbauer, Head of IT at – CRM solution based on the company’s existing IBM Lotus Notes and Modelleisenbahn GmbH Domino platform, and integrated with its Infor ERP Baan solution. The solution leverages XPages to provide a rich and flexible interface, accessible from the Lotus Notes client or any standard web browser. Solution components:Benefits IBM Lotus Notes and Domino – All customer interactions – whether face-to-face or by phone or email – are logged in a single system, enabling managers to gain a comprehensive overview of sales activity. – Field sales staff can instantly access current sales data, helping them prepare more effectively for customer meetings and maximise revenues. – Office-based staff should be able to spend less time dealing with inquiries from sales staff, helping them focus on more productive tasks. LOP14217-ATEN-00 (September 2010)
  • 116. Next steps for Notes/Domino developers• Learn to use XPages • It is the strategic direction for N/D application development • Start from http://xpages.info• Download ready-to-use libraries and components from openNTF.org • XPages Extension Library, Mobile controls, Connections components...• Invest into the new technology trends • HTML5, CSS • Mobile platforms • JavaScript, Dojo • Gadgets, iWidgets, OpenSocial
  • 117. More next steps....• Start to use Java pervasively • XPages business logic, agents... • Discover the power and flexibility of OSGi • Java tasklets from openNTF, XPages Extensibility API• Join the IBM Social Business Toolkit Community • https://greenhouse.lotus.com/communities/community/ibmsocialbusinesstoolkit• Download the Social Enabler Project • http://socialenabler.openntf.org/
  • 118. XPages Jumpstart for Notes Developers1) XPages Books 1) Click books  for links to purchase page2) Follow the Podcasts 1) http://notesin9.com 2) http://thexcast.net3) Work thru Declan Lynchs XPages Tutorial: 1) http://www.qtzar.com/learning-xpages/4) Xpages.info for all the information, videos, and more5) OpenNTF.org 1) Extension Library Download 2) Lots of projects
  • 119. Summary• Social Business applications build on our heritage...• ...but Social Business today demands new types of applications • Beyond the firewall • Systems of systems • Both Cloud and on-premises• The IBM Social Business Framework enables IBM customers and partners to capitalize on Social Business opportunities • All IBM collaboration products are part of the framework • Big opportunities for general web developers and established Lotus developers, building on their existing skills• The new IBM Social Business Toolkit are planned to enable a new class of unified social capabilities based on the latest born-on-the web open standards • Consistent extensibility across products, deployment models and user experiences• Easy to get started with todays products and cloud developer options
  • 120. Some Additional Resources• DeveloperWorks • http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/ • http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus/community/wikis.html• Greenhouse • https://greenhouse.lotus.com• openNTF.org • http://www.openntf.org• xpages.info • http://xpages.info/XPagesHome.nsf/Home.xsp• Videos – Youtube, VideoFest... • https://greenhouse.lotus.com/wikis/home?lang=en#/wiki/W6696b8ac7465_4a5f _9327_94f1a5d82132/page/VideoFest• Resources also provided by the community • http://xpages.tv/, http://xpagesblog.com/...
  • 121. Questions and Your Feedback How to reach John: How to reach tall John: John Head John Beck jhead@psclistens.com john_beck@us.ibm.com www.johndavidhead.com Twitter.com/jhnbck www.pscgroup.com LinkedIN.com/in/jhnbck Facebook.com/johndhead Twitter.com/johnhead LinkedIN.com/in/johndhead Slideshare.com/johnhead Youtube.com/johnhead