Before The Moment of Intent: Utilizing Content to Shape The Buyer's Journey


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Marketers often focus on the moment of intent—that time period when the consumer is ready to move forward and take action. Maybe it’s a phone call, maybe it’s an in-store visit or maybe just a specific search query. But the consumer’s journey does not start at the moment of intent. It begins many steps back with needs, desires and interest. To reach these consumers at their pre-intent phases, brands need to develop a content marketing strategy that accounts for the consumer’s mindset while in the interest and discovery phases, where content focus is less confined.

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Before The Moment of Intent: Utilizing Content to Shape The Buyer's Journey

  1. 1. Before The Moment Of Intent:Utilizing Content To Shape The Customer Journey John Harris Location3 Media
  2. 2. @netharris#AAFCOS
  3. 3. EXHIBIT A
  4. 4. THE TRADITIONAL MENTAL MODEL OF MARKETINGS3mulus   First   Second   Moment   Moment   of  Truth   of  Truth   Sales   Experience   Representa3ve,   Website  or   In-­‐store  
  5. 5. THE NEW MENTAL MODEL OF MARKETINGS3mulus   First   Second   Moment   Moment   of  Truth   of  Truth   Pre-­‐Tail                               Sales   Experience   Research,  Educa3on,   Representa3ve,   Valida3on   Website  or   In-­‐store  
  6. 6. In 2010, we needed information from 5.4 sources before making a purchase. By the end of 2011, we needed 10.4.   Source: Jay Baer, Convince and Convert
  7. 7. The Buyer’s Journey: A consumer-directed, socially-influenced, brand-inspired pursuit of truth and opportunity. Research Content Content Interest Retail ValidationContent Intent Communities Brands Input Discovery Decision Content Friends Content Authorities Content
  10. 10. CONTENT AND SEO Brand Website Keywords Brand Social Media Assets Title tags Press Release Optimization URLs Directory Submissions Content Website META data Link-building Distribution Optimization Images Blogger/Influencer Outreach Text Guest Blog Posts Headers Social Syndication Internal linking Content DevelopmentOnline distribution and engagement of unique, Onsite keyword structure canfresh and relevant content can influence over influence over 25% of organic 50% of organic ranking factors ranking factors Blog Product/Service/Category Sub-pages Resource Section Infographics, Video, Posts
  11. 11. THE MOMENT OF INTENT Awareness Interest Intent Keyword-centric content •  Relevant to the search query Decision
  12. 12. We spend only 3% of our time online using search engines
  13. 13. MOMENTS OF PRE-INTENT AwarenessContext-centric content•  Relevant to the point of Interest distribution Intent Decision
  15. 15. MOMENTS OF PRE-INTENT Discovery-centric content •  Relevant and Valuable to someone’s life Awareness Interest Intent Decision
  16. 16. Content marketing is educating and inspiring people enough to do business with you.
  17. 17. Nothing that comes out of the mouth of a brand or any other institution has remotely theinfluence of what comes from the mouths of 7 billion bystanders freely trading opinions online.
  18. 18. Information + Inspiration x Influence = Intent
  19. 19. Great Content Doesn’t Just Happen
  20. 20. Understand The Understand The Needs of Your Deliver Value To Behavior of Your Your Audience Audience Audience
  21. 21. Sell something and you make a customer today. Help someone and you make a customer for life. @jaybaer
  22. 22. Content = YOUTILITY Source: Jay Baer, Convince and Convert
  24. 24. RELEVANT FUN
  25. 25. PRODUCT
  26. 26. THE L3 CONTENT INTEGRATION MODEL CUSTOMER-CENTRIC, PLATFORM-NEUTRAL How is your Keywords, Owned, Refine content intended to Create, Curate & Formats, Channels Earned & Paid Rinse serve the needs of & Owners Repurpose Media Repeat your customers?AUDIENCE PURPOSE AUDIT FRAMEWORK STRATEGY CREATION OPTIMIZATION DISTRIBUTION MEASURE OPTIMIZATION Who is your Evaluate Content Brand Narrative Findability Findabilitycontent intended to Inventory & Content Pillars Shareability Shareability serve Performance Content Calendar Performance Performance
  27. 27. The Human Behind The Click
  28. 28.   DEMOGRAPHICS
  29. 29. PERSONAS Demographics PsychographicsPersonal Motivations Pain PointsBrand Requirements Digital Behavior Digital Channels
  30. 30. Meet C hristy
  31. 31. her husband ng in Phoenix, Arizona with Christy is a 45 year old wife and mother livi ancial advisor and the girl’s activity Kevin and their two girls. Between her career as a fin sts. Her simple goal is one tively prioritize time for her intere schedules, Christy has to ac recipe, read one chapter of this t with one friend, try one new “me thing” a day – connec ds a busy life but wouldn’t have it any month’s book club selection before bed. She lea other way. time and unwind, usually y va cation to foster quality family Every year she plans a 10 da ir as a daily reminder to sm ile urns with one special souven on a beach. She always ret e. and breathe amidst the hustl her suit sionally. When she takes off Christy’s work demand s that she dress very profes n’t look sloppy. Christy has in something comfy that does after work she wants to relax h both pregnancies. Kevin tel ls ars, having gained weight wit been a size 14 for many ye ortable with her body, but sh e gets her every day tha t she’s beautiful. She’s comf men. Christy wantsChristy g plus-sized options for wo frustrate d with the limited and borin vibrant life. get dressed and reflect her clothe s that make her excited to  
  32. 32. SMB IT Managers   Enterprise IT Managers   Enterprise CIOs   Typically male Typically male Typically male Late 20’s to early 40’s Mid 30’s to early 40’s 40’s – early 50’sDemographics Wide range of work experience depending on +/- 15 years as an IT professional at both enterprise and 20+ years of experience in IT for enterprise companies industry/age mid-market companies Success – advancing up career ladder Success – advancing up career ladder Maintaining a successful position Personal To never stop growing and learning To never stop growing and learning To submit technology to his will Motivations To be perceived as intelligent and capable   To prove his mettle as a leader To make an impact as a thought leader   To leverage technology for impactful innovation   To deliver thoroughly vetted recommendations to bosses Make smart decisions, please stakeholders   Professional To keep the company working and connected   To meet performance goals To help the enterprise operate efficiently and succeed   Motivations Cost control due to recession-shrunk budgets   To keep the company working and connected To build confidence with CEO and C-level team   Difficulties of switching providers   Worried about recommending the wrong solution to boss Bridging gap between his IT team and executives   Pain Points Getting adoption among users   Getting adoption among users Needs to prove ROI of his decisions Need for scalability   Need for scalability Balancing breadth and depth of IT knowledge   Ease of deployment, training, and adoption Ease of deployment, training, and adoption Must be transformational, yet reliable Brand Affordable, scalable solution Reliable and impactful on business goals ROI must be clearly demonstrated Requirements “Help me be the game-changer”   “Help me advance up the ladder” “Help me stay on top”   Research, Learn, Watch, Read, Listen, Shop, Share, Research, Learn, Watch, Read, Listen, Shop, Share, Like,Digital Behavior Research, Learn, Read, Publish, Share, Like, Communicate   Like, Comment, Communicate   Comment, Communicate   Industry News,  Sports, Music, Finance, Movies, Industry News,  Business, Sports, Music, Finance, Movies,Digital Channels Industry News,  Business, Sports, Finance, Social Media   Social Media   Social Media  
  33. 33. Map The Path To Purchase For Your Brand Research Content Content Interest Retail ValidationContent Intent Communities Brands Input Discovery Decision Content Friends Content Authorities Content
  34. 34. TOOLS FOR GENERATING PERSONASPrimary ResearchSecondary ResearchAttribution ModelingKeyword and Search Insights Tools (Google Adwords, Soovle, Uber Suggest)Social MonitoringFacebook Ad ManagerOnline ForumsSales Force/Store-Level Employees/CRSsCustomer Feedback Loops
  35. 35. Content Pillars
  36. 36. CONTENT PILLARS INFORMATION & INSPIRATION I • Product (rational benefits, features, value) II • Customer Segments (application, education)III • Brand (promise, emotional benefits, inspiration, motivation)IV • Lifestyle (personal & professional growth, knowledge, entertainment)
  38. 38. CONTENT PILLARS1.  Product and Brand2.  Enjoying a Better Internet Experience3.  Powering Your Lifestyle4.  Timely Content
  41. 41. 2. ENJOYING A BETTER INTERNET EXPERIENCEExample Content:Infographic for Distribution to Personal Finance Blogs“Three Steps for Ensuring You Found the Best Deal”Offers practical resources including shopping searchengines, coupon code sites, and alternative places to looksuch as Ebay and Craigslist.
  42. 42. 2. ENJOYING A BETTER INTERNET EXPERIENCEExample Content:Guest Post on Internet Safety Blog“Scam School: Avoiding the Next Generation ofNigerian Princes”Many internet users are familiar with the common“Nigerian prince” scam setup, but may be unaware ofother similar setups with a different story. Concludeswith practical resources for identifying potentialscams.
  43. 43. CONTENT PILLARS Keyword-centric Customer-centric Brand-centric Idea-centric Distribution-centric
  44. 44. Content Amplification
  45. 45. Each piece of content should be optimized and distributed across owned, earned/shared and paid media channels. Below is a sample distribution list for a SINGLE content piece. Social Blogger LinkedIn Pin- You- Synd- Out- Influencer Comm- Twitter Channel Forums terest PRWeb Tube Out-reach unity Q&A ication reach Earned/ Shared Outreach Media Media Comm- Blog Face- Google LinkedIn Four- Pitch- Out- unity Comm- book + Group Flickr square Engine Email reach Outreach entingContent piece Landing Internal Promoted Paid Page Linking Forum Tweets Search GDN Owned Paid Media Media Thank Face- You book LinkedIn Website Blog Ads Display Page Ads
  46. 46. So…can you tell me if the campaign was successful? Of course it was.  
  47. 47. MEASURING SOCIAL & CONTENT INITIATIVES Audience/Awareness Views/Consumption Engagement Sharing Actions Search Impact @Location3
  48. 48. U7