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Presentation at the launch of PushStart, a mentor driven community for startups, together with an accelerator from 31 March 2011. Checkout http://pushstart.com.au for more information!

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  • Roger, how do you want to be introduced?Kim approached RogerRunning MEGAANZA to China/USAChairman of Scan2List
  • Over 15 years of web business dev in Australia, in web terms that's generationsLots of experienced entrepreneurs, executives, exited founders, who want to give to the next generation but in many cases "who are they?" [These are the mentors]No easy way of connecting new founders with advice and knowledge that's relevant from those mentors (and sometimes that's from someone who is a few months further ahead than they are, not an exited mentor - eg first staff)The collective is not primary about $ capital - it's about knowledge, skills and networks (all the other forms of capital) Lots of vendors happy to take money to work on a startup as a development project, or equity for not much Amount of activity in the space - different people doing different = fractured:Already great communities doing great things (eg Silicon Beach, OpenCoffee Sydney, Brisbane, The Hive, StartupCamp, BootupCamp, others...)Culture
  • People guard their time and attention We are not "the valley“ Your mum or aunt wasn’t employee 14 at Apple, or Google, or Microsoft so the depth of those connections doesn’t existMentors feel like they get pitched for money, but might be able to help more than moneyWhen we started connecting mentors we found that many of them did not know each other (they knew of in many cases)No permission basis for reaching out as a startup entrepreneurMatching non-technical people with skilled techosGiving "permission" to do a startup
  • 1. Growing People = Win.There’s no secret recipe to startup success but if we help startup entrepreneurs, as people, develop their skills, knowledge and experience then they’ll have benefited even if their startup fails. 2. Building Community = Win. Cooperation and competition have long been acknowledged as key ingredients in the formation of successful industries. As such, the potential for success of each Australian tech startup improves dramatically the more we grow the local tech startup community. PushStart believes strongly in the idea that connecting people from different parts of the ecosystem is the best way to create a local community that will in turn create the type of startups that will bring the world’s attention to Australia.With that in mind, while we’re really keen to bring people together we’re also really keen to help people tap into other activities in the local startup ecosystem run by other incredible people who share a passion for building the Australian tech startup industry too. Whether community events, other accelerators, other funding opportunities or anything else, PushStart’s ultimate success will be judged by how high we can help the ecosystem as a whole rise, not just our own progress. 3. Open and Inclusive = Win. People and community are great but if the activities PushStart is involved with are closed off to a select few, then what will we really have achieved?As such, PushStart aims to be open and inclusive with all of our activities. Even things like our proposed Startup Accelerator, which will have a limited intake, is being designed to be inclusive of the rest of the community in various ways.
  • We are excited to announce (and formally launch):PushStart Mentor ConnectPushStart Activities PushStart Accelerator  Plug @ryancross here? McallamMicrosoftNineFold
  • Our underlying philosophy is that relevant, contextual advice and guidance is the highest value help you can offer an early stage startup. Exp So all of our activities start with that and iterate in various ways. Trying different things around that concept.  "Service levels" idea (SLA)It's about knowledge, skills and help, NOT $ capitalPermission network for mentors and startups to connect. Over 50 mentors who have agreed to be involved, most of whom have an active profile on the PushStart website Still looking to grow the mentor collective with the best people we can! Being a Mentor Collective member means you’ve put your hand up to be part of Mentor Connect, which matches startups with specific needs, with mentors whose skills and experience can help out.Obligations for mentors will vary depending on which of the PushStart activities you are involved with.For Mentor Connect the obligations are quite loose. All we ask of mentors is that you are responsive to any startups you’ve been matched with. That can be as simple as contacting the startup and saying “I’d love to catch up for a coffee and a chat” or “I don’t think I can help you right now” or even “I don’t think I can help you, but I think I know someone who can”The premise is simple. Don’t leave startups waiting to hear back from you. Time is important for startups so the least we ask you to do is to respond to them, preferably within 24 hours, with the next steps.Probably the most anticipated part of PushStartPushStart is in the final stages of organizing a Startup Accelerator, much in the same vein as other great programs like TechStars, Y Combinator and Australia’s own StartMate – but with a few things that will make it unique to the PushStart way of doing things. The PushStart Accelerator will offer seed capital, focused mentoring from great industry people and a location for you and the other successful applicants to work on your startups for 3 months.  At the end of the 3 months we will introduce you to a wide range of investors so that you can pitch for follow on funding (assuming you want to) If you’re keen to be one of the first to hear the details of our accelerator, register your interest below and we’ll keep you updated on all the important news surrounding the PushStart Accelerator.
  • Personal invitation to participate - there is a role for everybody in PushStart.Lots of reasons to visit http://pushstart.com.au today to learn more, start connecting.You're already a part of PushStart by participating in this community
  • PushStart Launch Presentation

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    3. 3. Problem<br />
    4. 4. Compli-cations<br />
    5. 5. Must be<br /><ul><li>People First
    6. 6. Community based
    7. 7. Open + Transparent</li></li></ul><li>Solution<br />
    8. 8. Mentor<br />Connect<br />Activities<br />Accelerator<br />
    9. 9. Community-focused, mentor-driven, activities to help Australian startups<br />
    10. 10. Your Invitation<br /><ul><li> Visit pushstart.com.au
    11. 11. Sign up for more information
    12. 12. Propose a mentor
    13. 13. Follow @pushstartau
    14. 14. Feedback welcome</li>