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Mqc d00024 cpr minequest consult company profile

  1. 1. MineQuest Consult (Pty) Ltd Mining Consultancy ServicesCompany Profile“Value Creation through Optimisation”
  2. 2. About MineQuest ConsultMineQuest Consult (Pty) Ltd was started in2009 by a team of professionals who have made ittheir mission to provide leading mining consultancyservices and innovative solutions to the mineralsindustry in Africa.As a mining consulting company, MineQuestConsult’s number one goal is to provide its clientswith practical and sustainable solutions to the variouschallenges arising in the field of mining.Today, MineQuest Consult draws on a team ofsome of the best people in the industry with vastpractical, technical and business experience andexpertise.MineQuest Consult’s principal capabilities address three core elements - Mining Business Optimisation, Independent Mining Reviews and Technical and Economic Evaluation Services - and within these elements, MineQuest Consult will strive to provide specialist consulting solutions to the exploration, mining and financial service industries. MineQuest Consult’s service offering is delivered with a high level of mining experience, expertise and competence, covering senior management, technical and mining business expertise and a thorough understanding of mineral asset valuation. MineQuest Consult’s mining expertise covers mainly underground mining, and includes commodities from base metals (nickel and copper), to gold, as well as platinum group metals (PGMs). Our consultants and associates have a track record of delivery in terms of quantity, quality, efficiency, cost effectiveness, performance and excellence of work in the various operations, projects and areas that they have been involved in. “Value Creation through Optimisation” p1 of 9
  3. 3. Our Vision & Values Our Vision MineQuest Consult’s vision is to be a leading provider of innovative and practical solutions to the mining and minerals industry, as an independent mining consultancy services company. Our Mission MineQuest Consult’s mission is: to enhance the integrity of the decision-making process, ? taken over the entire mining value chain; to promote and enable the use of innovative mining ? optimisation techniques; to provide practical solutions to enhance decision- ? making; and to ultimately satisfy the quest for safe, profitable and ? sustainable mining.Our ValuesMineQuest Consult believes in:? transparencyTrust and? and honestyIntegrityCore focus on our clients and people?Teamwork, ownership and empowerment?At MineQuest Consult we are passionateabout and committed to everything we do. “Value Creation through Optimisation” p2 of 9
  4. 4. Our Service OfferingThe MineQuest Consult (Pty) Ltd service offering is to provide independent consulting servicesto its clients and alliance partners in the following fields: Mining Business Independent Mining Technical and Optimisation Reviews Economic Evaluation Enterprise Optimisation þ Due Diligence Studies þ þManagement Project Support þDecision-making Inform Mining Study Reviews þ Process (e.g. Tender Mine Design and Lay-out þ Selection, Equipment Short, Medium and Long þ Selection, Project Term (LOM and Mine Planning and þ Ranking) Business) Planning Scheduling Reviews þ Probabilistic Risk and þ Asset Valuation Mineral Modelling and Analysis Competent Persons þ Reports þ Simulations Mining þ Studies Trade-off We emphasise on front-end loading Scoping Pre-feasibility Feasibility Operating Studies Studies Studies Mines “Value Creation through Optimisation” p3 of 9
  5. 5. Mining Business Optimisation MineQuest Consult has recently partnered with Whittle Consulting, whose integrated approach to Enterprise Optimisation modelling for the mining industry involves a combination of: ? analytical, costing and advanced operational modelling techniques ? use of Gemcom Whittle software advanced ?Consulting Prober – B optimisation Whittle software (proprietary) ? data base and data processing efficient management ? experience in mining optimisation extensive and business planning challenges This integrated approach to EnterpriseOptimisation is the umbrella process that combines the knowledge and relevant information from alldisciplines and areas within the organisation, and is used to develop strategies that identify the bestoptions for value enhancement. The result is an optimised Long Term Plan, Business Plan, Project orBusiness Case with a significantly improved cash flow profile – thus reducing risk and creating majorvalue add options for the client. The ability to model potentialfuture scenarios and simulate how a responsive organisationcan mitigate threats and capitalise on opportunities gives us newinsights into the potential of a mining business.MineQuest Consults service offering in this field coverssuch techniques and practices as informing the decision-makingprocess (e.g. tender selection, equipment selection, and projectranking), risk and probabilistic modelling and analysis, miningsimulations, as well as trade-off studies. Using these techniquesand working together with mining houses, financial institutionsand other mining consulting companies, we are able to ensureinnovative and practical solutions to various mining challenges,as well as the optimisation of the mining processes throughoutthe mining value chain. “Value Creation through Optimisation” p4 of 9
  6. 6. Independent Mining Reviews The team at MineQuest Consult is able to provide a comprehensive and independent offering with regards to mining reviews. This includes due diligence studies, mining study reviews (from conceptual to feasibility stage), as well as the review of short, medium, and long term (Life of Mine and Business) planning. We are also able to conduct competent persons reports and our opinions are based on many years of operating and technical experience in the mining industry. Our review work covers a wide range of commodities.Technical & Economic EvaluationsMineQuest Consult’s technical andeconomic evaluations offering includes theprovision of project management supportservices, mine design and layout, as well asmine planning and scheduling work.Our economic evaluation expertise is deliveredwith a combination of experience coveringsenior management, technical and financialexpertise and a thorough understanding ofmineral economics.We use the latest in 3D modelling andscheduling software as well as powerful miningsimulation tools. “Value Creation through Optimisation” p5 of 9
  7. 7. Our Team of ExpertsThe team at MineQuest Consult (Pty) Ltd combine excellent academic qualifications, practicalexperience gained on the mines and a commitment to providing their clients with value adding, longterm sustainable solutions to the challenges arising in the field of mining.In addition, MineQuest Consult draws on its existing network of associates & strategic alliancepartners with specialist skills and knowledge.John Guy Taylor - Director & Principal ConsultantJohn Guys career started as a Learner Mining Official with the Bindura NickelCorporation (BNC, AmZim), in Zimbabwe, before studying for an honoursdegree in Mining Engineering at the Camborne School of Mines in the UnitedKingdom. On return to Zimbabwe he rose through the operational ranks at thevarious mines within BNC, reaching the position of Mine Manager at itsMadziwa mine. He has also completed various management and technicalcourses and programmes related to mining.John Guy has a strong production and management/leadership background interms of experience, with more than 14 years in an operational role with theAmZim group of mines in Zimbabwe. He also gained practical technical andplanning skills, in an operational and long term environment with the AmZimand Konkola Copper Mines in Zambia, having spent more than five yearsleading the mines’ technical and mineral resource management departments.He also has exposure and a high degree of competence in mine financial andbusiness case modelling, analysis and evaluation with the Anglo Platinum group in South Africa, where he wasalso involved in the Groups Mine Extraction Strategies, Long Term Planning, Business Planning and Budgetingprocesses.John Guy has exposure and a high level of expertise in the development and implementation of technical andoperational systems and processes, including the development and implementation of trackless mechanisedmining systems, planning systems, performance management, and safety and environmental managementsystems on large scale massive mines, as well as tabular, narrow reef ore bodies. “Value Creation through Optimisation” p6 of 9
  8. 8. Our Team of ExpertsThe team at MineQuest Consult (Pty) Ltd combine excellent academic qualifications, practicalexperience gained on the mines and a commitment to providing their clients with value adding, longterm sustainable solutions to the challenges arising in the field of mining.In addition, MineQuest Consult draws on its existing network of associates & strategic alliancepartners with specialist skills and knowledge.Luke Zindi - Director & Principal ConsultantLuke completed an honours degree in mining engineering from CamborneSchool of Mines in 1984. He did a Masters in Business Leadership with UNISASchool of Business Leadership in 1999. He is a registered professional withECSA and holder of a Mine Managers Certificate.Luke completed his post-graduate mine training at Shabanie Mine in Zimbabwewhere he was exposed to massive underground mining methods such as blockcaving, sub-level mining and vertical crater retreat mining.Luke has more than 25 years of experience in hard rock underground and openpit mines. He has extensive open pit and underground mine planning experiencein the gold, chrome, and platinum industry. He led the Anglo Platinum team thatdeveloped and implemented the MRM and borehole radar system at RustenburgPlatinum Mines.In 2005, Luke spent a year at Anglo Platinum’s head office in the StrategicPlanning Department as Planning Analyst responsible for the Eastern Limb projects and Unki Platinum Project.The experience in strategic planning brought together all the learning and experience in MRM and his miningexperience. He also gained experience in financial modelling of mining projects.In 2006, Luke joined Impala Platinum as the Greenfields and Brownfields General Manager: Projects. He wasresponsible for a project portfolio of over R20 billion. No 20 and 16 Shaft projects were in implementation phaseand were both managed through EPCM contractors. He had the opportunity to lead the team during a pre-feasibility study and, after board approval, conducted a full feasibility study with the assistance of an EPCMcontractor for the No 17 Shaft project. During this experience, Luke led a multi-discipline team of EPCMpersonnel, shaft sinking specialists, and internal departmental personnel. On all the projects he had closeinvolvement with the top EPCM and shaft sinking companies – TWP, RSV, Hatch, Shaft Sinkers, and MRC.When Luke left Implats earlier this year he had gained extensive mining project experience covering studyphases, project start-up and ramp-up phases. He also wrote a paper on the technical challenges related to fourthgeneration shaft mining and presented it at the SAIMM Platinum conference in 2008. “Value Creation through Optimisation” p7 of 9
  9. 9. Our Team of ExpertsThe team at MineQuest Consult (Pty) Ltd combine excellent academic qualifications, practicalexperience gained on the mines and a commitment to providing their clients with value adding, longterm sustainable solutions to the challenges arising in the field of mining.In addition, MineQuest Consult draws on its existing network of associates & strategic alliancepartners with specialist skills and knowledge.Cuthbert Musingwini - AssociateCuthbert Musingwini currently lectures at the University of Witwatersrand,Johannesburg, South Africa, where he lectures in Mine Financial Valuation,Applied Operations Research in Mineral Resources Management and DecisionMaking for Mining Investments. He has over 18 years mining engineeringexperience spread across mine production management and planning,consulting and academia. He is also an associate consultant responsible formineral asset valuation at Venmyn, a South African advisory consultingcompany specialising in mineral project valuation and statutory compliance.Cuthbert is a registered professional mining engineer with the EngineeringCouncil of South Africa (ECSA), the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers (ZwIE), isa member of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM)and a member of the Mining Technical Programmes Committee (TPC), a sub-committee of the SAIMM. He also serves on the SAIMM PublicationsCommittee that is responsible for publishing the Journal of the Southern AfricanInstitute of Mining and Metallurgy.Cuthbert met the requirements for the award of a PhD on multi-criteria, techno-economic optimisation in planningBushveld Complex conventional breast mining platinum mines and graduated in May 2010. He has presentedpapers at international mining conferences and authored/co-authored several peer reviewed journal papers. Hisresearch work is internationally recognised as evidenced by the inclusion of part of his published work in a bookby authors in Canada and citations on the ISI and SCOPUS citation indexes. His research interests lie in minefinancial valuation, operations research and optimisation in mine planning. “Value Creation through Optimisation” p8 of 9
  10. 10. Contact DetailsPhysical address:No. 17 L’Abri3 Panther RoadBoskruinRandburg2188Postal address:PO Box 511BromhofRandburg2154Telephone: +27 (0) 11 792 3395Cellphone: +27 (0) 83 455 7082Fax: +27 (0) 11 792 3395E-Mail Address: Address: “Value Creation through Optimisation” p9 of 9