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buroserv suite of telco services

buroserv suite of telco services



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    Buro Product Portfolio V10 Buro Product Portfolio V10 Presentation Transcript

    • buroSuite
      1. Telecommunication Wholesale Services
      buroserv provides a comprehensive suite of competitive Wholesale Telecommunication network products, contents and devices, with access to major domestic and international network carriers and content providers
      • buroVoice
      PSTN Services IP Telephony
      ISDN Services Virtualised PBX/KTS
      Inbound Services Conference Services
      Mobile Services
      • buroStream
      Broadband Services - XDSL
      Fixed Wireless Broadband 
      Mid Band Ethernet 
      ISP Services
      IPTV - to be launched shortly
      Triple, Quad and Multi play
      •   buroCPE - Customer Premises Equipment 
       2. White Label virtualised services
      The Infonova OSS/BSS platform provides Service Providers and Operators with a fully automated Order to Cash system.
      • buroBill -Infonova System
    • Businesses are exploring the world of VoIP, trying to understand how it works, what quality can be expected, what benefits are brought, what risks are faced and how to easily deploy a business grade IP Telephony solution
      In Australia, many businesses are aware of the potential cost savings and added benefits including future proofing of their business as the deployment of business grade broadband services increases
      Experience in other parts of the world has taught us that business grade IP Telephony is achievable when deployed and managed through a quality single Tier1 carrier network and when delivered via end user hardware that is capable of QoS and prioritisation. The solution that buroserv offers provides users with the peace of mind, cost benefits and an enhanced feature set at a very competitive price
      buroVoice IP Telephony
    • buroVoice IP Telephony Service Platform
      The buroVoice Service Platform defines the common functionality and features for all buroVoice IP Telephony services. The Platform is deployed by our Carrier of choice and managed on their infrastructure to provide IP Telephony services. The service provides basic and enhanced telephony functionality, call routing and call features on the network. There is a network of gateways in several major states across Australia and interconnect relationships with multiple Tier1 telecommunications carriers in Australia are in place to offer IP Telephony services
      Outgoing Call Termination
      buroVoice IP Telephony outgoing call termination allows calls that have originated from the end user to be terminated by our platform, on either the fixed PSTN or mobile network or to another buroVoice subscriber. The End User originates the call (‘A’ party) and our service terminates all outgoing calls to the called party (‘B’ party)
      Incoming Call Origination
      buroVoice IP Telephony call origination allows incoming calls originated from the fixed or mobile network to be terminated by our network to the buroVoice end user. Incoming call origination requires that the end user is allocated by us a buroVoice IP Telephony number. LNP is also supported for number transferring to allocated geographical zones
    • buroVoice Virtual PBX
      The buroVoice VPBX is a hosted IP-PBX that provides a business telephone solution suitable for SOHO, SME and Enterprise customers
      buroVoice VPBX allows a fully functional IP-PBX to be deployed quickly over broadband connections, without the need to purchase in-house PABX systems or software
      buroVoice VPBX provides a scalable and flexible solution, removing the initial capital investment, and ongoing maintenance and support cost associated with traditional Customer Premises PABX systems
    • The buroVoice Virtual PBX platform is hosted within our Tier1 carrier’s core network on a high availability Operator Server Platform
      The buroVoice Virtual PBX platform is directly connected to the network core to provide scalability and allow simple integration with other buroVoice services
      Customers are assigned a secure dedicated virtual IP-PBX within the Virtual platform where dedicated extensions to users are provided with optional IP Polycom handsets
      Trunk services are assigned to the IP-PBX to allow incoming and outgoing calls to the PSTN environment
      • Voicemail with email integration
      • Call splaying for Direct In Dial Numbers
      (calls ringing to multiple locations e.g. desk
      phone, mobile or home)
      • Caller ID (CLI) and caller ID restriction
      • VPBX call forward, call diversion and
      follow-me functions (web interface)
      • Call transfer (Blind and Announce)
      • Do not disturb
      • Call back, redial and missed calls available
      • Call Parking
      • Conference facilities (Phone Based)
      • Directory Numbers for each Branch or
      • Custom On-Hold Music
      • Extension based dialing
      • Choice of Codec (G711 or G729)
      • Extension Hunt/Ring Groups
    • The buroVoice Virtual PBX allows Service Provides to quickly deploy a reliable and scalable network based Business phone solution for their customers. The buroVoice Virtual PBX Service relies on the quality of the broadband connection and the customer premise LAN network and equipment for the end-to-end delivery of services. We recommend buroserv layer 2 services to provide reliable Broadband with QoS guarantees
      Product Summary:
      buroVoice Virtual PBX provides clients with a virtual PBX that supports the features and functionality of traditional Customer Premise PBX systems:
      • Virtual Call Features
      • Direct In-dial and LNP support
      • 4,8,16, 32, 64, 100, 200 and 200+ extension options
      • Integrated with Buroserv Carrier Grade IP Telephony Platform provided by Nextep
      • Supports Buroserv Office(single line) and Enterprise(multi-line) trunk services
      • Suitable for single or multi-site connections using dedicated or Internet-based
      Broadband link
      • Secure Web based administration
      With integration to the buroserv OSS/BSS platform, buroBill, for billing purposes, buroVoice Virtual PBX provides Services Providers the ability to supply a ‘White Labeled’ complete Business Telephone solution including branded voice usage reports and invoices to their clients.
    • buroVoice Inbound
      buroVoice Inbound is a highly flexible inbound advanced calling service and is available from anywhere in Australia.
      13, 1300 and 1800 numbers are offered to business customers or end customers that want to employ an easy to remember number for their own customers and prospects on a national scale.
      Calls can be made by the public to buroVoice Inbound services from anywhere in Australia from a mobile or fixed line phone and can be terminated at the end customer-nominated sites anywhere in Australia or overseas.
      buroVoice Inbound improves productivity and responsiveness with call routing. A Customer can redirect inbound calls to their nominated offices. This allows them to better handle call volumes and to free their staff for other activities.
      buroVoice Inbound Calls can be routed many different ways including state based routing, exchange based routing, Mobile Location Identifier (MoLI) routing, post code routing, selected caller routing, charge zone routing and call splaying,
    • buroVoice Inbound Customised Call Barring allows calls from certain numbers to be blocked. For example, calls from mobiles, selected callers or certain calling areas
      When coupled with buroIntelligence’s enhanced reporting functionality, ad hoc and recurring reports can be generated to meet a customer’s call , cost and marketing management requirements
      buroVoiceInbound’s flexible call distribution allows customers to distribute calls across multiple answer points
      Using buroVoice Inbound can present Customers with the following value
      • Make it inexpensive for a prospect or customer to call
      • Encourage a Customer’s prospects and clients to call the business. 13, 1300
      and 1800 numbers are easy to remember and accessible from anywhere in
      • Improve productivity and responsiveness with call routing. A Customer can
      redirect inbound calls to their nominated offices.
      • Increase market reach and save on advertising complexity and costs by
      standardising the message across geographic areas. One number, multiple
    • Flexible Call Distribution:
      • Australia Wide Routing
      • State Based Routing (8 zones)
      • Mobile Location Identifier (MoLI) Routing (203 zones)
      • Charge District Routing (206 zones)
      • Standard Zone Unit Routing (2,099 zones)
      • Exchange Service Area Routing (4,965 zones)
      • Postcode Routing (2,593 zones)
      • Call Splaying
      • Call Overflow
      • Time of Day Routing
      • Day of Week Routing
      • Day of Year Routing
      • Selected Caller Routing
      A call routing plan may combine 2 or more call distribution methods to achieve the customers desired outcome.
      Changes to answer points can generally be made on line.
    • buroVoice Mobile Advantage
      The buroVoiceMobile Advantage Program is a partnering arrangement buroserv has with a national mobile carrier that deals with two key issues:
      It allows end users to work with one company when discussing, establishing and supporting their IT&T needs
      It allows solution providers to make sure they are seen as the one stop shop for their client
      Specifically this program allows partners to offer a complete end to end solution without the partner needing to invest in handset subsidies to support sales with rate plans, end-user support, billing infrastructure to support mobile services.
    • What are the benefits to the partner?
      Commission on sales: By introducing buroserv’s Mobile Advantage product to clients our carrier will support you through the sales process, You’ll manage the client relationship, buroserv will manage the relationship with the carrier, the carrier will provide support for you to close the mobile services including:
      • Pre-sales support
      • Pricing
      • Customer presentations
      • Plan optimisation
      • Service provisioning and bill establishment
      Commissions will be simple to understand, per connection on voice services and Mobile Broadband data services. Commissions will be paid by buroserv, and can be taken as a payment or as a credit on your buroserv account.
      Exclusive group: This program is limited to medium to large size customer segments that buroserv Service Providers address . The partnering arrangement buroserv has in place with the carrier is for selected parties that specialize in focusing on the mid-market users and provide specific expertise.
    • buroVoice Conference
      buroVoice Conference is an on-demand audio conferencing service available 24 hours, 7 days a week specially designed for frequent, regular or last minute meetings. Our conferencing service offers an unparallel level of service and professionalism. You can start your conference at anytime, enabling you to communicate remotely to a large number of participants regardless of their location
      buroVoice Conference offers traditional features of an audio conference service, with the added flexibility of customisation. buroVoice Conference can provide you with tailored welcome messages, branded web access, local Access numbers, web console controls and many more, to help personalise the service to best fit your business requirements
    • buroVoice Conference offers traditional features of an audio conference service, with the added flexibility of customisation. buroVoice Conference can provide you with tailored welcome messages, branded web access, local Access numbers, web console controls and many more, to help personalise the service to best fit your business requirements.
      buroVoice Conference can be used for:
      • Regular discussions
      • Informal meetings
      • Project development updates
      • In-house meetings
      • Summits
      • Crisis Announcements.
      Conduct highly professional meetings with ease:
      • Utilise web scheduling to plan calls in advance
      • Instant access
      • 24/7/365 communication
      • Local Customer Service, Operator assistance
      • Cost and time savings
      • Customise welcome messages or hold music to suit your requirements
      • Provide flexible access with local and toll free Access numbers
      • Includes international toll free access capability
      • Provide secure PIN Codes to each individual for limited access.
    • buroStream Fixed Wireless Broadband
      Flexibility Security
      Scalability Reliability
      Speed Lower contention
      Fixed Wireless can be used to support Internet access and VoIP, both for thebusiness and the Enterprise markets
      The very high maximum throughput(speed), as well as the symmetric capacity and the capability to cover largedistances, make this technology ideallysuited to businesses wanting to upgradefrom legacy broadband systems to faster solutions
      Fixed wireless data encryption alsooffers excellent link security to protectagainst undesired interception and manipulation of sensitive traffic. Fixed wireless also offers a high degree ofscalability made prioritise voice possible by the QoS, which is used to (telephony among branches, VPN, data financial transactions, email, Internet,
      and Intranet) and video (surveillance, CCTV) traffic
    • Whenever your business is ready to:
      Experience super fast symmetrical speeds up to 100 times faster than ADSL Increase or decrease Broadband bandwidth with a simple phone call. Upgrade your business to new technology applications such as VoIP, video streaming, or PC videoconferencing that require more Broadband bandwidth
      Need to move premises and take your connection with you (mobility). Connect multiple offices quickly and cost effectively (private networking)
      Take advantage of the most cost effective Broadband network in the country
      Talk to us!
      State-of-the-art network authentication and encryption ensures superior data integrity.
      Low Contention
      Contention ratios available from 1:1 for the most demanding enterprise applications.
      Future-proof with no limits on upgrade path.
      Increase bandwidth with a simple phone call.
      Industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)guarantees throughput, latency and uptime.
      Exceptionally fast provisioning times ofservices.Carrier grade infrastructureprovides fibre speeds wirelessly, without the fibre, for the fastest connections at significant savings.
      Total end-to-end network control and ownership ensures comprehensive autonomy, complete accountability and an unrivalled response time.
    • buroStream Mid Band Ethernet
      Flexibility Cost Effective
      Choice Powerful
      MBE is a high speed, fast throughput, synchronous, guaranteed performance, access secure internet solution with uplink and downlink speeds up to 40Mbps, that can adapt to changing requirements.
      'Plug and play' - Ethernet technology
      Simple, cost effective access to over 580,000 businesses in Australia
      Running over a Tier1 carrier grade MPLS network with enhanced VLAN management to ensure privacy and security, VPN and Remote access, supported with 24/7/365 proactive monitoring
      The simplicity of Mid Band Ethernet reduces support costs
      Simple, cost effective pricing, full duplex, plain English service levels
    • Mid Band Ethernet:
      Mid Band Ethernet ( MBE) is used to deliver Ethernet to businesses utilising existing copper infrastructure through over 100 exchanges, providing coverage to over 500,000 businesses nationally
      MBE provides high speed synchronous business grade internet access at very compelling prices
      Significant Advantages over SHDSL :
    • buroBill Infonova
      The Telco industry is changing rapidly with new revenue models being invented and delivered by dot.com type companies.  In addition there are other multiple overlapping factors that are dramatically impacting the Telco business: deregulation, competition, margin erosion, network services commoditization and particularly IP convergence which is resulting in the fundamental question as to whether the traditional Telco business model is approaching 'end of life'. To stay ahead in today's volatile market Telco's will have to transform and operate both Telco 1.0 and Telco 2.0 (two sided) business models and eventually to the Industry 2.0 model
      buroBillinfonova’s Next Generation BSS/OSS platform is specifically designed to support Telco 1.0 and Telco 2.0 business models:  triple & quad play bundling, white labelling, rich wholesale products and innovative partner models. At the same time, Infonova’s platform helps to optimize existing business models and allows flexible interchange between ‘legacy’ and ‘next gen”
    • buroBill the Infonova Next Generation BSS is a technology neutral front and back office business platform that has been designed to support multi layer business models. It supports white-label order-to-cash operations at wholesale and retail levels simultaneously, providing highly automated real time order fulfilment for suppliers, customers, channels and end users. Virtual operators get their own product management configuration, customer management, fulfilment, billing and collections capabilities
      buroBill’s platform partitioning enables each retailer to operate their own brand of product bundles at their own pricing - and of course they can also add in their own products into the mix
      buroBill BSS is a highly pre-integrated solution stack sitting on top of a SOA-aligned integration platform, enabling Telcos to significantly enhance their BSS capabilities. The solution covers the entire order-to-cash lifecycle from creation of products and channels, through ordering and billing, to service management and accounts receivable. The modules of buroBill BSS support the six core stages of the order to cash business process:
      • Platform & Business Management
      • Product Management
      • Customer Management
      • Order Management
      • Billing and Finance 
    • buroIntel Business Intelligence
      buroIntel business Intelligence provides Service Providers and Operators the capability of extracting information from their own customer base and market data to provide an insight to the business and to support a better decision making process and to improve business performance.
      Our business Intelligence product provides clients the capability to create intelligent reports based on their individual business plans and KPI’s.
      Industry approved data models are utilised and developed from the data structures within the buroserv Business Intelligence solution based on the Telco Industry data model (TMF). Embedded software tools from leading local vendors are used to create this capability for clients to create and analyse their own business with easy to use wizard based report creation capability.
    • buroIntel Business Intelligence product provides clients the capability of analysing large amounts of stored data, to track and detect trends and patterns and assist the business to make better decisions
      Business Intelligence solutions assists telecommunications Operators and Service Providers to operate effectively to acquire, retain, and support their customers in a more efficient and profitable manner. The data attained, stored and used by telecommunications Operators and Service Providers is massive and increasing significantly on a daily basis. Core data used in business intelligence applications includes:
      • Strategic Performance Management
      • Campaign Management
      • Event based Marketing
      • Cross Sell/Up Sell
      • Business Profitability
      • Customer Management
      • Customer Segmentation
      • Customer Profitability
    • buroserv’s Value Proposition
      Dashboard reporting provides finger tip access to information
      Business Intelligence dashboard
      Business Intelligence dashboards
      Business Intelligence dashboard
    • Order-to-Cash life Cycle Model
      Proven product family components cover the enhanced 'Order-to-Cash' lifecycle:
      • Platform and Business Management
      • Product Management
      • Customer Management
      • Order Management
      • Billing
      • Finance