PSU Lecture - New media


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Presentation deck to accompany a guest lecture I gave at Portland State to an advertising principles class. Was meant to be a quick introduction to new media and the marketing opportunities available with these options.

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PSU Lecture - New media

  1. 1. Alternative and Social Media John Gross Account Director HMH @johngee
  2. 2. Paid Earned OwnedTraditional Approach
  3. 3. Paid media
  4. 4. Earned
  5. 5. Owned
  6. 6. Evolution Paid Earned OwnedTraditional Approach
  7. 7. Paid Media
  8. 8. Owned – Old Spice• 3-days, over 180 video responses• Custom messaging to key influencers – Huffington Post, Apollo Ohno, Alyssa Milano, Gizmodo, Ellen Degeneres, Starbucks, even the Chicago Blackhawks – Even facilitated an engagement
  9. 9. Earned – Old Spice• Day 1 – Nearly 6 million views (more than Obama’s victory speech)• Day 2 – had 8 of the 11 most popular videos online• After first week, over 40 million views• Old Spice channel became all time most viewed channel
  10. 10. Results – Old Spice• Facebook fan interaction – up 800%• Website traffic – up 300%• In the last 3 months sales – up 55%• In the last month sales – up 107%• Old Spice is now the #1 body wash brand for men
  11. 11. Earned - Evolution• PR campaign• Possibly integrated with other communications, but generally separate• Focused list of media contacts nurtured over time• Primarily out-bound
  12. 12. Earned - Evolution• Critical component of overall communication strategy. So it must: – Enhance the brand experience – Be appropriate messaging for the medium and what your audience will give you credit for• Remember: – Far greater number of influencers – Most important, now a 2-way conversation
  13. 13. Earned - Evolution• Objectives can range from – Pushing company messaging – Customer service • company based • consumer-directed (forums) – Consumer research – R&D
  14. 14. Operational Challenges• Incorporating into existing structures• Dedicating full-time resources• Overall value of efforts still unclear• Requires measure of risk tolerance
  15. 15. Australia Tourism Board• Create interest in Great Barrier Reef• Global campaign on classified budgetSo how ….
  16. 16. Australia Tourism Board
  17. 17. Australia Tourism Board• 1.4 million applicants• - 4 million hits/hr on the first day of the campaign• More hits in the UK than Google• 35,000 video applicants from over 200 countries• Media coverage valued at over $80 million
  18. 18. Groupon
  19. 19. Groupon• Launched in ‘08, struggled to sell soccer tix in Chicago• Kept working on their owned media, their product, refining and honing• Focused on building their database• First 10-12 months, grew exclusively through WOM (earned)• Only recently expanded to paid media
  20. 20. Groupon• First national deal, with Gap, this August – $11 million in sales in one day• Valued at over $1 billion• Recently expanded into Japan and Russia• Still expends extensive resources in owned and earned media
  21. 21. Mobile• SMS• Mobile ads• 2D codes
  22. 22. Resources/Reading Read