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  • 1. John Fudrow http://johnfudrow.wordpress.com Interests: Web 2.0, Library Technology, Social Tagging, Webware, Gaming
  • 2. Sides and Solutions
  • 3. Information is good. Too much is confusing.
  • 4. Don’t bury information.
  • 5. Time and Attention
  • 6. What Can We Do? Use Find Show Listen
  • 7. Media Made Easy Create Broadcast Inform
  • 8. As easy as pointing and clicking. Link to your Flickr or Facebook account. Select images and then add information.
  • 9. Add your own videos from you desktop or You Tube. Compose or upload presentations or documents, and then annotate them with text or audio.
  • 10. Finding an Audience
  • 11. facebook A social networking tool with over 37 million users worldwide. Sixth-most trafficked site in the United States (comScore) More than 47 billion page views per month in May 2007 More than 1/2 of active users return daily People spend an average of 20 minutes on the site daily (comScore) All facts found at: “ Facebook | Statistics,” http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics (accessed September 3, 2007).
  • 12. facebook UIUC Network shows 60,218 members as of 09.01.2007. Searching and services, side by side. Users who already are in Facebook could begin to share and create shows.
  • 13. Seamless Layers
  • 14. LibGuides Collaborative Information Resource
    • Uses Dynamic Media Such As:
    • RSS
    • Video
    • Scripts
    • Polls
    • Rated Links
    Easy to edit, easy to share.
  • 15. LibGuides Collaboration between modules means faster publication and manageable quality control. Splashcast and Facebook interaction can be easily linked and shared. Libguides allows you to listen to the audience
  • 16. Keeping It Together
  • 17. Sharing and Listening Location, Location, Location. Two Way Communication Fix it or Leave it.
  • 18. Social Interaction
    • Bridge the gap.
    • Familiar face.
    • Future explorations.
  • 19. Make It Easy
  • 20. Thank You.