1. who came first the englishman or the celt
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1. who came first the englishman or the celt






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1. who came first the englishman or the celt 1. who came first the englishman or the celt Presentation Transcript

  • The History of Occupation andInvasion of the Island known as England
  • Vocabulary• Superior – Higher in rank, status, or quality: "a superior officer".• Slain – Kill (a person or animal) in a violent way• To Settle – To establish as a resident or residents in a new place.
  • In the Beginning• First peoples are thought to be Iberians (from Spain) – Not Much is known about these people and their way of life. • They had no written history• We know they first inhabited the British isles around 3000 B.C.• Used Stone weapons and tools View slide
  • Here Come the Celts• During the period from the 6th to the 3rd Century B.C. a people called the Celts spread across Europe from east to west. – Arrived in Britain around 500 B.C.• There were many Celtic tribes.• Many of these tribes invaded Britain.• Iberians were unable to fight back against the Celts because of the Celt’s superior weapons.• Most of the Iberians were slain in the conflict. – Some mixed with the Celts.• The Modern day Welshman/woman is a descendant of the Celts people. View slide
  • The Tribes that Invaded• The tribes called the Picts and the Scots settled in what is now Ireland and SCOTtland.• A powerful tribe called the Britons held most of the country. – The southern half of the island was named after them: Briton. – The Famous King Arthur was, according to mythology, A great British(Celtic Briton) King who fought off the Saxons invasion in the 5th Century AD.
  • Culture of the Celtic Peoples• The people were tall and blue-eyed. – They had long mustaches but no beards.• Lived in tribes and were ruled by chiefs.• Lived in villages and had no towns.• They worshiped Nature. – Had many gods and believed in spirits – Their religious leaders were called druids.• Lived under communal land system of farming.• Mythology and story telling was very important to their culture. – Beowulf
  • Celtic Symbols
  • Review Questions• What do we know about the Iberians?• Who were the main tribes who invaded the British Isles?• Where did each tribe settle?• Which tribe was the most powerful?• Describe the look of a Celtic man• Describe the culture and traditions of the Celtic People.
  • In-class Activity Timeline/complete the sentence• Students get a sheet of paper with part of a sentence written and have to match it with the appropriate time period and correlating sentence.• 3000BC- [The Iberians inhabited][the British isles]• 6-3 cent. BC- The Celts Spread][Across Europe] – Tribes that came to England? • [The Picts and Scotts settled][In what is now Scotland and Ireland] • [the Britons held][most of the country]• 5th cent.- [King Arthur][fought back the Saxons invasion]
  • Who Will it Be? Home Task• Write at most 20 sentences about a particular part of Celtic history that interest you the most.