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SGT Technology Services Corporate Overview
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SGT Technology Services Corporate Overview


SGT Technology Services Corporate Overview

SGT Technology Services Corporate Overview

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  • 1. SGT Technology ServicesCorporate Overview
  • 2. About SGT Technology Services
    SGT Technology Services is a leading Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing provider focused on the Energy sector. We help our global clients achieve speed, innovation, optimized cost and reliability.
    • Company Details
    • 3. 9 offices around the world
    • 4. Delivery centers in Bangalore and Chennai (India)
    • 5. 40+ current clients
    • 6. 200% year-over-year growth
    • 7. 500+ employees
    • 8. Website: www.sgtglobal.com
    • 9. Business Lines
    • 10. Information Technology
    • 11. Business Process Management
    • 12. We Help Our Clients Achieve ‘Global Excellence’
    • 13. Speed
    • 14. Innovation
    • 15. Optimized Cost
    • 16. Reliability
    • 17. Customer Focus
  • SGT Technology Services’ Value
    Our Strengths
    Your Needs
    • Focus on Value and business outcomes
    • 18. Energy sector business knowledge
    • 19. Large pool of high end architectural, design and
    testing skills in Energy domain
    • Flexible and dynamic development environments
    • 20. Rapid team mobilization
    • 21. On-time, on-budget, high-quality delivery
    • 22. Marquee accounts
    • 23. Solution Scope – People, Process, IT
    • 24. Improved cash flow
    • 25. Cost Control
    • 26. Faster time to market
    • 27. Variable costing
    • 28. Access to domain skills
    • 29. Global Leverage
    • 30. Technology Alignment
    Competitor Weakness
    • Operations expertise
    • 31. Depth/breadth of solutions
    • 32. Depth/breadth of domain knowledge
    • 33. Track record
  • SGT Technology Services Portfolio of Capabilities
    Deep Energy Industry Knowledge
    Onshore/Offshore Delivery Capability
  • 34. SGT Technology Services Success Stories
  • 35. Case studies
  • 36. Large APAC Oil & Gas Company – SAP Upgrade
    Duration: 5 Months
    Team size: 25 (peak)
    Model: Global Delivery Model (Onsite/Offsite)‏
    • Implementation of SAP ECC 6.0
    • 37. Big Bang approach: MM, SD, FI, CO, PP, PM, PS, HR, IS-OIL
    • 38. Engagement Scope
    • 39. End-to-end Data Migration
    • 40. Extraction from legacy systems including SAP R/3 4.6c
    • 41. Cleansing and Loading of Master and Transaction data
    • 42. Details
    • 43. Developed more than 120 data migration scripts
    • 44. Stream-lined existing migration & load process
    • 45. Performance tuning of extract and load scripts
    • 46. Consolidated reporting using ‘UniLink Migrator’ (SGT’s Intellectual Property) Migration Workbench capabilities
    • Improved data quality reports, and audit trail reports with the introduction of ‘SGT Data Migration Workbench’
    • 47. Re-vamped existing load processes to improve performance, which saved days of critical cut-over time
    Customer Appreciation
    “We would like to thank you for your sincere support . I wish to express my special appreciation to the team truly stood like a rock when the going was tough. ”
    - Program Manager
    SAP Implementation
    • SAP ERP 2005 (ECC 6.0)‏
    • 48. IS-OIL
    • 49. LSMW, BDC, BAPI, Batch and Direct Input programs
    • 50. SGT Data Migration Workbench
  • Fortune 100 N. America Electric Company – SAP Upgrade
    Duration: 7 Months (on-going)
    Team size: 8
    Model: Global Delivery Model (Onsite/Offsite)‏
    • Integration of SAP ECC 6.0 with Real Time Plant Applications
    • 51. Framework / Architecture – Enterprise SOA Approach
    • 52. Engagement Scope
    • 53. Architecture, Blueprint, Development & Implementation
    • 54. SAP PM Master & Configuration data feeds to Plant applications
    • 55. Real time synchronization of work orders, notifications and measurement documents
    • 56. Details
    • 57. Published both master data and transaction data services in Enterprise Services Repository (ESR) in SAP Netweaver
    • 58. Leveraged on UniLink Integrator (SGT’s Intellectual Property) to accelerate the development on SAP
    • First of its kind – Rule based real time application integration with SAP Plant Maintenance Module
    • 59. Re-usable SOA framework enables multiple applications to use the web services developed
    • 60. Accelerated interface development leveraging SGT Integration Work bench saved 30% of development time and efforts.
    • R/3 4.6c , R/3 Enterprise, SAP ERP 2005 (ECC 6.0)
    • 61. ALE/Idoc, BAPI/RFC
    • 62. SGT’s UniLink Integrator
    • 63. SAP Netweaver PI/XI 7.0
    • 64. Web Service / SOAP, Proxy Framework, RFC, IDoc
    • 65. .NET, MSMQ, SQL Server
  • Large Japanese Steel Manufacturer – SAP Upgrade
    Duration: 4 months (on-going)
    Team size: 15 (peak)
    Model: Global Delivery Model (Offsite)‏
    • SAP Technical Upgrade from R/3 4.6c to SAP ECC 6.0
    • 66. Engagement Scope
    • 67. Upgrade Analysis
    • 68. Project Planning
    • 69. Code Remediation Catalogue for Custom components
    • 70. Inventory Report detailing custom objects and enhancements
    • 71. Niche Consulting on SAP NetWeaver
    • 72. Details
    • 73. Assisted the customer to present business case for upgrade
    • 74. Helped customer to come up with a detail upgrade strategy
    • 75. Performed detailed analysis using ‘Upgrade Impact Analyzer’ (SGT’s Intellectual Property)
    • 76. Generated program wise ECC Compatibility report
    • 77. Educated customer on SAP NetWeaver and the value proposition
    • Automated analysis covering all custom objects
    • 78. Exhaustive reporting at code level aids the project team for precise estimation and planning.
    • 79. Program level checklist generated serves effective during realization as well.
    ** NEW ***
    • Partnered with this IBM-Japan company for co-development of ‘Upgrade Automation’ tool
    • 80. Joint go-to-market and Upgrade project execution
    • 81. Project started Oct-2009.
    • 82. First Pilot customer project for Tool usage: March 2010
    • R/3 4.6c, SAP ERP 2005 (ECC 6.0)‏
    • 83. SGT Upgrade Workbench
    • 84. ABAP, HTML, Java Scripts
  • FuelQuest Development Project
    Business Challenge
    To develop software solutions that enable Downstream Oil secondary distribution services including the collection of exact demand data and online integration with Suppliers and Carriers. The solution supports different markets (Motor Fuels and Lubricants) and numerous pricing strategies. Minimizing their total cost of operations was a critical requirement for FuelQuest.
    SGT Solution / Service
    SGT in partnership with FuelQuest, developed several solutions over the last 2 years. These solutions are currently being used by large Retail Fuel Marketers such as Wal-Mart, Chevron, 7-Eleven and Circle K
    SGT also helped FuelQuest accelerate custom development work for its clients and to deliver enhancements on schedule and under budget
    As a result of our partnership, FuelQuest was able to accelerate software solution enhancements for its clients and deliver niche solutions such as The Polling Engine. Other examples include an electronic Bill Of Lading (eBOL) solution that allowed Wal-Mart to reduce their Invoice Reconciliation business process by more than 50%. SGT’s Business Process Outsourcing capabilities gave FuelQuest the capability to offer their Alarm Management Software system as a service (Software as a Service - SaaS).
    Technology Environment
    J2EE platform, O/S Linux and Windows, Java J2EE 1.5, Database Oracle
  • 85. FuelQuest – Business Process Outsourcing
    Business Challenge
    To develop / mirror the 24/7 monitoring the issues arising from Alarm Management System installed in various retail outlets. The issues have to be escalated to the FuelQuest team. This includes, New Vertical – Veeder Root Level 1 Certification and onsite/offsite training. 365 days 24/7 support, infrastructure mirroring, testing schedule and methodologies.
    SGT Solution / Service
    SGT in partnership with FuelQuest, developed and mirrored the infrastructure required for monitoring alarms.
    Resource shifts allocated in such a way that they are not exhausted. Resources trained in the testing methodologies
    Scheduled monitoring tasks automated internally for better performance
    SGT’s successful implementation and execution of AMS has resulted in FuelQuest entrusting SGT with the NOC
    Substantial savings for Fuel Quest and Increased Client base
    FuelQuest is currently working with SGT to provide solutions for issues detected in monitoring activities [NOC]
  • 86. P2 Energy Solutions- Development Project
    Business Challenges
    • P2 Energy Solutions offers land/lease management solutions for oil and gas companies
    • 87. Owing to continuous acquisitions, P2e has had to integrate other products to become a comprehensive source of exploration, development, production and management solutions for the energy industry
    SGT Solution/Service
    • SGT has technically complimented P2e’s development team for integrating land-management applications, by moving them from a Client/server architecture to a Web-based architecture
    • 88. SGT has also enhanced the applications for including advanced workflow processes and for better User Interface
    • The technical improvements have reduced deployment effort and has also improved the performance of these applications
    • 89. The enhancements have facilitated in creation of textual and spatial maps by clients, that can help in critical land management decision-making
    • MS Win 2003, MS Visual Studio, MS ASP .NET, MS .NET Framework 3.0
  • Business Challenges
    DrillingInfo provides IT solutions to major Oil & Gas companies in the US in the area of Knowledge Management. DI’s offerings include tools and utilities that help in monitoring, analyzing and interpretation of upstream oil and gas activity. They also provide in-depth Business Intelligence solutions on production data with charts and graphs.
    SGT Solution/Service
    SGT in partnership with DrillingInfo, has developed their new product called DrillingInfo Network Applications which provides them a hierarchical Content Management solution which can help clients for organizing all their artifacts.
    Using the DNA application, clients have been able to integrate all Products, Features and Services that DrillingInfo has provided them.
    Technology Environment
    J2EE platform, Agile and Test Driven Development
    DrillingInfo Development Project
  • 90. Business Challenges
    Syntex is a leader in technology and practice of Operational Risk Management. They provide software and services that help companies protect worker health & safety, avoid devastating accidents, protect the environment and cut costs.
    Syntex needed a tool that enabled companies to keep track of risks and mitigation plans occurring at remote locations, where there was no internet connectivity.
    SGT Solution/Service
    SGT in collaboration with Syntex, has designed and developed a smart client application named Offline Forms, that works in a stand-alone mode in remote areas, either using a Laptop or Tablet PC. This application tracks risks and mitigation plans and also integrates the information with the main ERP application.
    The Offline Forms solution demonstration given to Syntex’s customers was well received and resulted in further enhancements to the application. This application is currently under User Acceptance Test by clients, who will be putting it into production.
    .NET 2.0 platform, CAB Architecture, OS Windows, Database SQL Server Mobile Edition
    Syntex Development Project
  • 91. Lightridge Resources (Production Visualization) Project
    Business Challenge
    The Oil and Gas industry needs a solution to monitor and optimize the operation of Oil and gas production facilities, refineries, power plants and other complex and aging critical infrastructure.
    The Oil & Gas companies that own and operate facilities have the need to continuously implement new methods reducing ongoing operating costs, maximizing asset value, minimizing investment risk and controlling plant emissions.
    The solution should take advantage of graphical analysis for rapid summarization of data and decision-making.
    Roles and Responsibility
    PE-Advisor™  is an enterprise software application designed to deliver a world-class integrated energy and utilities performance management platform
    The product is built on the Microsoft .Net platform, enabling
    Control and cut costs (Key to success)
    Helps to reduce energy use and increase efficiency (A proven strategy for cutting and controlling costs with improved returns)
  • 92. Riversand Development Project
    Business Challenge
     Develop Data Analysis tool and Data Quality workbench for managing Structured content within the Product Information Management (PIM) product
    Extend the development capacity of the Product Information Management (PIM) product
    Support existing Client implementations for the Spare Part Management system (SPMS)
    Quality process definition and implementation
    SGT Solution / Service
    Dedicated offshore product development team for the PIM product
    Design and Develop Data Analysis tool and Data Quality workbench. This included:
    Duplicate Identification
    Data normalization, Standardization and Validation
    Data Quality Approval workflow
    Maintenance and Support team for supporting Client Implementations
    Define the QA and configuration management process for PIM product development team
    Buy side and SPMS solution includes:
    Supplier Portal
    Spare Part Inventory
  • 93. “SGT’s supplier on-boarding work has been so successful that we’ve now expanded the scope of our SGT partnership… SGT is now leveraging its co-source model to take ownership of development and ongoing maintenance for some of our older product offerings. As we go forward and prove the success of this partnership model with SGT, I anticipate that we can grow this partnership further by leveraging SGT for new product R&D as well.”
    Chairman and CEO
    Client Case Study
    Perfect Commerce - Sourcing, eProcurement Services
    • Scope of KPIM Services (IT and BPO)
    • 94. Supplier enablement and content management services
    • 95. Marketplace connectivity and integration
    • 96. Spend analytics
    • 97. Invoice processing
    • 98. Approach
    • 99. Integrated 30+person onshore/offshore team
    • 100. Distributed BPO services
    • 101. Teams working in Europe and NA business hours
    • 102. Benefits
    • 103. Substantial cost and time-to-market advantages
    • 104. Single point of accountability and leverage (complete content management)
    • 105. Defining factor in driving profitability and cash flow
  • Spend Analysis
    Johnson & Johnson - Global Pharmaceuticals
    • Project Needs
    • 106. Need to create shared procurement centre
    • 107. Combined Spend Assessment of 12 businesses
    • 108. Identification of opportunity areas and weak spots
    • 109. Scope
    • 110. UK & Ireland
    • 111. Considered Purchasing volume ~ 400 M €
    • 112. Disparate data sources , formats and complex reporting structures
    • 113. Approach
    • 114. Spend consolidation
    • 115. Consistent spend grouping
    • 116. Spend reporting Strategic Opportunity mapping
    • 117. Opportunity listing
    • 118. Recommendations
  • 119. Client Case Study
    Global Sourcing
    WR Grace - $2.8 B Specialty Chemical Manufacturer
    • Project Needs
    • 120. Regional supply sources
    • 121. Dispersed Procurement across Global sites
    • 122. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • 123. Scalable supply partner
    • 124. Commodity
    • 125. TEA (TriEthanolAmine 85%)
    • 126. Annual demand: 30,000 MT / Annum
    • 127. LCCS Demonstrated savings: US$ 1.2 Million(7.7%)
    • 128. Approach
    • 129. Evaluation of 10+ potential suppliers
    • 130. Supplier Qualification and Development
    • 131. Negotiation & Contract
    • 132. Packaging & Logistics
    • 133. Order Expedition
    • 134. Ongoing Quality Management
    “SGT has helped drive savings in excess of 30% in several product categories. More importantly, SGT has added energy and innovation to my organization which has been contagious. In addition, SGT has helped us identify, qualify, source and test several innovative new product ideas. I’m expecting several valuable patents to result from this work, and some significant new revenue and market opportunities.
    Fred Festa, President and CEO
  • 135. Client Case Study
    Invoice Data Processing
    TransZap (Oildex)-Leading service provider for Oil & Gas companies
    in the US serving around 3,400 firms and processing approx.
    $ 69B in transactions annually
    Project Needs
    • Conversion from summary invoice process to Detailed invoice process
    • 136. Huge volume of processing ( 500,00 records per Month )
    • 137. Multiple clients with varied billing templates [2200 Payers]
    • 138. Complex Tax regulations and PetroXML format
    • 139. 24 Hr turnaround cycles with more than 99.8 % accuracy specifications
    • SGT deployed proven ‘Image Pro’ application for data capture to achieve higher accuracy and
    faster turnaround
    • Created Master Databases for Payer/Receiver , Tax , Deductions and products for
    comparing historical records in Real-time processing, enhancing accuracy and productivity
    • Trained team on Stand-by for immediate Scale-up scenarios
    • Oildex was able to achieve higher level of satisfaction with existing customers and acquire
    new customers with this value-added offering
    • Scalable and flexible operations to suit Demand and deliver significant savings
  • 140. For more information please contact:
    John Finta
    VP Sales and Business Development
    Office: 713-979-3970 x105
    Cell: 832-264-5111