S4U 2012-feb2


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Private presentation of Science4Us, K-2nd Science Curriculum

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S4U 2012-feb2

  1. 1. Our mission is to provide a curriculum that, in the reality oftodays educational environment:• Engages students to learn and to like science• Increases teachers comfort with, and commitment to, teaching scienceAfter one month of using Science4Us.com with my second graders, they discovered and learned the basic science curriculum. So did I Palm Beach Second Grade Teacher
  2. 2. • Comprehensive digital curriculum• Standards based• K-2 banded structure with leveled offline support• Built using the Inquiry-based 5-E Instructional Model
  3. 3. Engage Explore ExplainElaborate Math Skills Investigation Literacy SkillsEvaluate
  4. 4.  Physical Science - 15 modules Life Science - 6 modules Earth and Space Science - 12 modules Inquiry - 3 modules Total 36 modules Tools, technology, engineering, and careers are integrated within the content areas Each module is designed for two weeks
  5. 5. • The in-house development team’s recent credits: o VocabularySpellingCity.com, an award-winning, nationally-used educational service• Content Expertise o Adjunct professor of Elementary Science Methods, 5 years NSF project experience in elementary science education (Science IDEAS). Doctoral education degree in progress. o Three experienced science teachers including two Florida Science Teachers of the Year• External Academic Involvement o Florida Atlantic University School of Education faculty members o University of Iowa faculty with specialty in science PD o State level curriculum instruction from Vermont o McRel (in discussions)
  6. 6. • Science4Us meets the needs of todays classroom o Tech savvy students o Flexible delivery:  Whole class, small group, or individual  Online and printed materials  Access specific sections or use systematically  Lesson plans for hands-on science included o Convenient accessibility for students and teachers o Science4Us is a complete curriculum
  7. 7. • Student Activities o Animated Videos o Interactive Games o Digital Notebook o Stories and Songs o Simulations and Explorations o Offline skills lessons, follow-up and hands-on activities• Teacher Resources o Embedded PD as videos or articles o Cross-curricular connections to math and literacy o Multiple assessment formats o Detailed lesson planso Plus District & Data Resources
  8. 8. • In development since 2009• Development team has grown to10 people full-time, plus 10 offsite contractors• Applied for a NSF SBIR grant for efficacy testing• Building relationships for further growth and review• Expect to complete K-2nd development Nov 2012• Fall 2012: Fourth round of field testing • Commitments from 34 schools, 257 teachers, 7 states • Finalizing an efficacy study with McRel • Building Broader Relationship
  9. 9. www.Science4Us.com 954 771-0914Catherine E. Christopher, cathy@science4us.comContent ExpertSondra Pena, sondra@science4us.comContent ExpertJohn Edelson, mayor@spellingcity.comFounder, President