Tips on finding feng shui master in singapore


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Feng Shui is an art which was developed by the Chinese more than 5000 years ago. It was initially only used by the royals and it was kept a top secret. Gradually, it was known to the common man as well.

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Tips on finding feng shui master in singapore

  1. 1. Tips On Finding Feng Shui Master in Singapore
  2. 2. Feng Shui is an art which was developed by the Chinese more than 5000 years ago. It was initially only used by the royals and it was kept a top secret.Gradually, it was known to the common man as well. It can be called both a science and an art. It is basically the knowledge of balancing the energies and creates peace for a person.
  3. 3. In Chinese Feng means wind and Shui means water. Of all the natural elements found in the nature, Wind and Water are said to be the most powerful elements that can balance the energies.These are also the most important elements required for a person to survive. Feng Shui believes that all the things in this universe are connected to each other.
  4. 4. The energies created out of this is responsible for maintaining the peace in the society and one’s home.Feng Shui is a set of rules that a person has to follow in order to create harmony. It can be applied to all the areas of our lives. Be it personal or professional.
  5. 5.  There are various schools of Feng Shui but the basic concept remains the same for all. The map of Feng Shui is called “Bagua” which is divided into 9 different areas of our lives namely prosperity, relationships, children, career, health, family etc. It is based on the simple principles like, the space we live or work in should be comfortable and clutter free and safe. One needs to be happy with what he has and should learn to love it instead of creating a negative energy by hating it.
  6. 6. A clean and a well organized place are important so that the mind also remains clutter free. It also gives the opportunity for the person to express himself creatively.Singapore has a fair amount of Feng shui masters thanks to the fact that Singapore has 77% Chinese population. It is followed even by the Government for the prosperity of the country.
  7. 7. There are many locations in Singapore which was built after taking expert advice from the Feng Shui master. The success or failure ultimately depends on the master we chose and how knowledgeable he is.The popularity of Feng Shui in Singapore can also be measured by the fact that it offers an Feng Shui tour for the tourist who visit the city. There are also quite a number of famous Feng Shui master in Singapore.
  8. 8. It is said that Feng Shui can be used to improve each and every area of our lives.The examples could be strained relations, poor performance at work or in studies, frequent ill health, building a new home, business deals, relocating to a new place etc. Any of these can be made positive using Feng shui.
  9. 9. Creating a clutter free place can be generally done by anyone without any expert advice but, when following in dept it is always better to take advice from an expert.This is to take care that it does not create more negative energies if it is not done properly.
  10. 10. Selection of a Feng Shui Master in SingaporeThe selection of a master is the critical criteria. For this it is always better to do our own research on the master before going for his advice. One has known what the various schools of Feng shui are and what the basic difference between each school is.
  11. 11. Choice has to be made based on what we understand the most and we feel would work better for us. One can also take the advice of friends and relatives and get their suggestions as to who would be able to help us the most.Once we have a list of the masters ready, we can talk to them and see with whom we are more comfortable sharing our needs and which is that we are able to understand and implement easily.
  12. 12. In this web age we also have numerous forums. We can also find out about the master we chose from the other people’s experiences.You can also find out for how long the master has been practicing, what he would charge and what all areas do they cover in their consultation. A good Feng Shui master should be able to explain the rationale behind every suggestion they give.
  13. 13. When it comes to payment, in the olden days payments were not any fixed amount and the payment for the consultation was made in red packets or red envelopes.The red packets were considered as a symbol of good luck and were mostly presented at family or social gatherings. It was believed that gifting of money in red packets bring in good luck and wards off the evil spirits.
  14. 14. But, in today’s world the Feng Shui consultants take a fixed amount for each consultation depending on how complex it is and the amount of time spent in it.The amount may sometime be very high. Hence, it is necessary to take care while choosing a consultant with good skills.
  15. 15. This could be the only disadvantage of choosing a bad consultant. We not only lose money but will not get any peace of mind.Such bad experiences would lead to making us losing belief in a system which when practiced properly would produce excellent result.
  16. 16. It is believed that the Feng shui masters who are authentic will pass on their knowledge only to selected people and that too only to their relatives. So, while choosing a master for consulting, it would help to know for how many generations they have been practicing this art.
  17. 17. If all these factors are carefully considered before choosing a master, it would benefit the person immensely.Read more about feng shui services in Singapore here: