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Ever since it’s release cut the rope dominated the top 10 paid apps chart for nearly two years now. Today, people can play cut the rope game in iPhone, iPad, iPod and even Android or PC

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Cut the rope game

  1. 1. Cut The Rope Game
  2. 2. Cut the rope is a cool app, developed for iPhone by ZeptoLab.Ever since it’s release cut the rope dominated the top 10 paid apps chart for nearly two years now. Today, people can play cut the rope game in iPhone, iPad, iPod and even Android or PC.
  3. 3. Not only that, but cut the rope creators has released three expansion packs for cut the rope game – cut the rope experiments, cut the rope holiday gift, and cut the rope 2.In this Cut The Rope Review, we’re going to introduce cut the rope game for you, just a little bit better.
  4. 4. In Cut The Rope, you have to feed your little green monster, called Om-nom with some candy.But how do i do that!? You guessed it! by cutting ropes that are attached to the candy!. Sounds simple? not quite…
  5. 5. This page gives you general cut the rope tips and information on how to face enemies effectively in cut the rope game, because there’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck in an annoying level you cant seem to figure out.We’re here exactly for that – to give you cut the rope tips and hints to make your life much easier, and make the game more entertaining!
  6. 6. Cut The Rope Tips How to slice ropesFirst, let’s address the main concept in cut the rope game. In every level you will be required to cut at least one rope, so we better get that out of the way real quick. To cut a rope, simply slide your finger over it to slash it where your want it to tear. This will make the candy drop or dangle in a different direction, but we’ll get into that later on.
  7. 7. How to multi-slice ropesIn certain levels, you’ll be better off slicing several ropes at the same time, rather than chopping them one by one. Why is that? Because Cut The Rope uses a physics engine that takes into account every little aspect of the game.
  8. 8. You can have two options as to how to slice multiple ropes at once – one would be making a long slicing motion to hack individual ropes separately, or you can use two or three fingers to cut off a bunch of ropes simultaneously!
  9. 9. How to deal with stretched ropesWhen you see a red rope, it indicates that the rope is exceptionally tight, and slicing it induces the candy to fly away in the opposite direction, so make sure you take angle into account! This information is useful, because some stars are very hard to reach, so you could launch the candy like you would with a slingshot.
  10. 10.  How to avoid spikesIn cut the rope game, the first obstacle you encounter is the dreaded spike. These thin lines are made up of knives, and when your candy comes in contact with them it instantly means game over. So be sure your precious candy stays away from the spike if you don’t want it to shatter upon impact.
  11. 11. How to approach automatic ropesIf you encounter a tiny blue button around a blue dotted circle line you are faced with an automatic rope. When a candy enters the circle’s perimeter the rope instantly attaches itself to it, making the candy dangle. Automatic ropes work only once, so make sure you plan your action a head, rather than just slicing like a maniac!
  12. 12. How to burst bubblesWhen you drop the sweet in a bubble, it will instantly go up towards the upper area of the screen. The candy will basically float until you touch the bubble with your finger. But be careful – should the bubbled candy surpass the upper screen, that candy ain’t gonna come back.
  13. 13. All you need to do to release it, is simply tap the bubble and the candy will plummet to the ground. But before you burst your bubble, calculate the angle and location you want it to drop into!
  14. 14. How to use air cushionsThese mini plastic canons send a massive blast of air that shifts your candy’s movement. The air cushions are extremely effective on bubbles, but also work on regular ropes.
  15. 15. What you need to do is tap on the air cushion and a stream of air will be released, forcing the candy to fly in the same direction. Use air cushions to stir the candy or bubble to the place you want. At times, you’ll have several air cushions lined up, so you’ll have to be pretty quick with your fingers!
  16. 16. How to avoid spidersOhh, the good old spiders. These creatures are Om-Nom’s worst nightmare, as they crave the candy just as much, but we won’t let them get it, right? Spiders chill out on pegs, and in the second a rope appears the spiders starts dancing towards the candy in sheer excitement. These buggers do move slowly, but rest assure that if they touch the sweet, it’s game over for you.
  17. 17. All you have to do, is simply cut the rope to release the spider’s grip and he will fall down the screen, before stealing your precious candy. Keep in mind that the spiders are pretty slow, so take the time and don’t get in panic. Well, at least not too much, okay?
  18. 18.  How to collect timed starsTimed stars are not like your regular stars. After a certain amount of time, they simply… disappear. If you act fast, you can reach those hard-to-obtain stars but you have to play the level a couple of times before you figure it out completely.When you see a timed star, relax. Just study the level, make your decision on how to obtain it, and restart the level to try again. Didn’t get it? try again!
  19. 19. How to Slide Moveable hooksMoveable hooks are bind to a slider, and allow you to stir the hook with your finger while the candy is attached to it, across the level. You control the speed, but watch it, as moving too fast can send your candy on a dangerously bumpy ride!
  20. 20. How to stay clear of sparksSparks are pretty much like spikes, only electric. If the candy touches the spark, it will vaporize. Keep in mind though, that the sparks go on and off in a fixed time set, so wait for the right movement to drop your sweet. Indeed, timing is key here!
  21. 21. How to control Rotatable hooksJust like the moveable hooks, you take control of this peg using your fingers. Only instead of moving you twist and rotate your pinky with a circular motion. You can shorten or lengthen the rope by doing so, as this allows you to direct the candy in a very precised location
  22. 22. Getting The Highest Scores and Fastest Level Times:When you finish a level, instead of moving on to the next level, hit replay and try to complete this level again, only faster and collect all stars.Happy Cutting!