Combine web hosting to explode performance for 11.31 dollars per month


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Combine web hosting to explode performance for 11.31 dollars per month

  1. 1. Combine WebHosting to Explode Performance for $11.31/Month
  2. 2. By Combining Shared Web Hosting Services You Can Get Extensive Capabilities at a Very Low Cost We recently ran across web hosting resource problems on a client website. p The short version of this story is that we combined the services of the two web hosting companies H tG t and h ti i HostGator d Bluehost to provide a very robust solution. solution
  3. 3. Hostgator hosts the websites and Bluehost hosts the email hosting services.After the change, system performance change went through the roof. With a bit of tweaking, page load times went down g p g to less than one second (!) and the total cost for hosting is now $11.34 per month! th!
  4. 4. The Problem: A Known iPhone IMAP Problem Consumed All System Resources, Took the Web Hosting DownOur clients 80+ field techs were retrieving email with their iPhones and it g was consuming server resources so much that it took their website(s) and email down. d
  5. 5. The problem is a known one with iOS- based devices like the iPhone iPad and iPhone, iMac when IMAP is used for their email p protocol. IMAP allows emails to remain on the server after you view them with a mobile device. It is normal to use IMAP for mobile phones. This problem we had only occurs if you use push mail on an iOS device which is enabled by default. device, default
  6. 6. The Solution: Combine Web Hosting Companies to Maximize Resource AvailabilityA possible solution, but not so practical solution for this client, was to turn off push mail which is described in this post: p push-mail-on-iphone/. The technicians just j t weren’t so tech-savvy and if only ’t t h d l one of them did not change their settings then the systems could go down againagain.
  7. 7.  The solution we chose was to combine the web hosting services of HostGator and Bluehost to stabilize the systems. Hostgator has basically unlimited web g y hosting with powerful servers, but they have a limit of 25 processes which the iPhone emails were maxing out. When a i h il i h Bluehost website exceeds their allotted resources Bluehost puts them into time out which seriously affects the websites p performance. Bluehost, however, has essentially unlimited email resources that don’t end at 25 processes.
  8. 8. Our solution of combining the two web hosting companies stabilized our clients systems. We ended up with page load times under a second at a total monthlyy cost of $11.34. ppyProblem solved, customer happy.
  9. 9. Website Uptime Monitoring ServiceIn the process of attaining this solution we used a powerful and free online web hosting monitoring service service.You need to read this post about the free web hosting uptime monitoring tool and get the service. It is a real safety net for your business if you depend on your website for revenues.
  10. 10. About the AuthorMichael Cordova is President/CEO of 21st Century Technologies, Inc., a Denver SEO Company that specializes in SEO web design and has been doing it literally since the beginning of the Internet. 21st g g websites are built for sales or lead generation and always hit the mark.
  11. 11. Founded in 1993, 21st also provides WordPress SEO web design, Facebook design pages and marketing and custom database software development and p online technology and branding consulting.
  12. 12. To see how 21st can simplify and expand your online presence call for presence, a free initial consultation. You can call Michael directly at (303) 744-2178 or y ( ) contact 21st through our Contact Us page.