March Newsletter


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The Regulator 2175th Military Police Company, Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar

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March Newsletter

  1. 1. The Regulator 2 1 7 5 t h M i l i t a ry Po l i c e C o mp a n y , C a mp A s S a y l i y a h , Q a t a r We are actively trying to get Sara Evans, Missouri native, to come to Qatar and perform for us. We created a video invitation and posted it on YouTube along with our Facebook page. You can help us get her here by using the following link to our Facebook and click on the YouTube video. MARCH 2012 2175th Military Police CoCommander CPT Shane SpellmanExecutive Officer 1LT John BodkinsFirst Sergeant 1SG Bobby RichardsHQ Platoon Sergeant SFC Ryan White1st Platoon Leader 2LT Thomas Goehring1st Platoon Sergeant SFC Michael Lilly SPC Grummel, left, performs a records review with SPC Pomeroy, right.2nd Platoon Leader 2LT Randall Paton2nd Platoon Sergeant SFC Ryan Williams 1LT Bodkins works hard at his desk3rd Platoon Leader 1LT Tommy Ervie3rd Platoon Sergeant SFC James Stark
  2. 2. COMMANDER’S CORNER Another month down. We would like to wel- new endeavors. Please The time seems to be come 1LT Ervie to the take a chance to review flying here in Qatar and 2175th as we bid fare- or digital media, I hope and pray it is for well to 1LT Moore. As FACEBOOK and those back home as well. officers we move posi- ARMYFRG.ORG If It has been a great month tions and companies there is someone whose with promotions and much more frequently picture you haven’t schools. Congratulations than enlisted Soldiers. seen please drop us a to all the Soldiers. The This move comes at a line and we will be sure next month we will con- good time for both of to get some photos up- tinue to stay busy as we warriors. We wish them loaded. God Bless. tackle PT tests. both the best in their1SG PROUDLY PRESENTS Hello again, another month has half of the month. SGT Minor and successfully been logged into SGT Smith both completed the our deployment bringing us course and we are anxious for them closer to our return home. The to put to use the knowledge that they month of February has seen a learned with the Soldiers in their few changes in the company as charge. I look forward to sending we say farewell to LT Moore updates on other leaders and future and welcome to LT Ervie. We leaders as the months go by. For the had a lot of well deserved and farewell of LT Moore I bid a small some long overdue promotions piece of advise for him to take in his as well. I want to say congratu- future endeavors. GET A NEW lations to those troops as well. HAT!!! To LT Ervie welcome to the Congratulations on the following family. We have a great company of Soldiers for graduation of the the finest Soldiers in the army and Warrior Leader Course held in look forward to your leadership in FRG SPOTLIGHT Kuwait for most of the second the same.Our FRG meeting was held on Fed. The Golf Tournament is set.28th, We are working on Family Day in July which will beOur group of ladies are working held in Moberly.very hard to make sure we are stay-ing ahead of what needs to be ac- July 4th parade in Hannibal.complished. Will be sending out package within the next couple of weeks. These items have been donated to the unit. 2
  3. 3. We would like to welcome 1LT Ervie, Tommy to the 2175th. He and 1LT Moore are switchingcompanies. Officer’s switch companies frequently and this switch allows both of them to per- form a new mission. We welcome 1LT Ervie to the team and bid farewell to 1LT Moore 3
  4. 4. Qatar Traffic Safety BriefRibbon Cutting Ceremony for the opening of the ASG-Qatar Tax Center 4
  5. 5. Command Sergeant Major Grippe,Central Command Sergeant Majorvisits the 2175th MP CO 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. Congratulations to the following promotions SPC Pomeroy SPC Fender SPC Howard SPC Ross SPC Holton SPC Baker SPC White 7
  8. 8. 2012 Missouri National Guard Youth Symposium Registration Deadline is March 16, 2012 If you have questions please call 573-638-9500 ext 7729 or 7739Or email Nakole Wooley, State Youth Coordinator at 8
  9. 9. Write me MARCH BIRTHDAYS SGT DANNER JOHNNY WOODROW IIIFIRST NAME LAST SPC DAUGHTERY PHILLIP WILLIAMNAME SGT FORREST ANTHONY EUGENE2175TH MP COBOX 523 SPC GRAMENZ KYLE BRANDONAPO, AE 09898 SPC GRUMMEL HEIDI MARIE SPC SETLIFF BENJAMIN ALLEN SGT SLIDER ADAM DREW SPC VANDERMARK RONALDImportant Phone NumbersHannibal Armory (573) 221-4471State Chaplain (573) 638-9618Red Cross (877) 272-7337 Yellow RibbonIMPORTANT WEBSITES Reintegration Saint Louis, MO October 20 & 21Military Community and Family PolicyWeekly Newsletter December 1 & 2 Location TBD 9