June 2012 Newsletter


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The Regulator, 2175th Military Police Company, Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar.

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June 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. The Regulator 2 1 7 5 t h M i l i t a ry Po l i c e C o mp a n y , C a mp A s S a y l i y a h , Q a t a r We are actively trying to get Sara Evans, Missouri native, to come to Qatar and perform for us. We created a video invitation and posted it on YouTube along with our Facebook page. You can help us get her here by using the following link to our Facebook and click on the YouTube video. http://www.facebook.com/pages/2175th-MP-Company/117985751642224 JUNE 2012 2175th Military Police CoCommander CPT Shane SpellmanExecutive Officer 1LT John BodkinsFirst Sergeant 1SG Bobby RichardsHQ Platoon Sergeant SFC Ryan White1st Platoon Leader 2LT Thomas Goehring1st Platoon Sergeant SFC Michael Lilly SPC Walker, SPC White, SPC Blocker and SPC Finkle make their plan for the2nd Platoon Leader 2LT Randall Paton CAS triathlon 2012.2nd Platoon Sergeant SFC Ryan Williams3rd Platoon Leader 1LT Tommy Ervie3rd Platoon Sergeant SFC James Stark
  2. 2. COMMANDER’S CORNER What a busy May! If all you. It is moving into .that we will be months move as fast summer time here in back in the arms of then we will be home in Qatar with days averag- our loved ones no time. We are fully ing 115-120 degrees. soon. The sacrifices entrenched in our mis- The temperature and en- made by those at sion and things are mov- vironment can be diffi- home are more dif- ing quickly. The rapid cult to operate in but ficult than any we pace has kept your loved your Soldiers are meet- face. On this Me- ones busy and produc- ing and surpassing all morial Day month tive. For most people expectations. We thank we say, Thank stateside, school has let God the eyes of June are you!!! out and summer is upon upon us and we know Let me begin by saying I hope remaining in the lead overall once1 S G PR OU D L Y PR E S E N T S everyone had a good Month of again. The Soldiers have shined in May and hope that as you took every event thus far in what seems the time to remember Memorial like has been since the first day of Day. As we close out yet an- the deployment. The 2175th has other chapter in this deployment won the stateside event for as long we have continued to represent as many of us can remember. Our the unit if an ever impressive Soldiers continue to show the same way. We saw the long overdue performance year over year. Al- promotions for SPC Wilson, though we still have a few more SSG Norman, and 1LT Paton. events to compete in I am sure that Congratulations to these indi- they will continue to lead the way. viduals on a much deserved pro- Once again, If you have not seen any motion. This month as you can pictures of your Soldiers please let us see from the photos saw many of know and we will be sure to post our Soldiers competing in many them on our facebook page. FRG SPOTLIGHT commander’s cup challenges andHad a wonderful golf tournament, one to be home. BUT, therewith 29 teams, but there were is still a family picnicsome people who did not show which will be held in Mo-up.... Can you name anyone? You berly this year on Julywere missed big time. Thanks to 14th. Thanks to Danathe American Legion, the 50/50 McCune, things are runningdrawing which was held, brought smooth and we are lookingin a total of $500, Jeff Barton to have a great time.won, and choose to donate hisportion back to the kitty and the God Bless,proceeds where sent to Matthew Mama Zand Jena Garcia for Jessica. Weare counting the days for every- 2
  3. 3. Qatari Commander Cup Challenge– 200m Swim 3
  4. 4. 200m Swim, cont’d 4
  5. 5. CAS Fashion Show 5
  6. 6. CAS Fashion Show Cont’d 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. Write me JUNE BIRTHDAYS SPC BRUNO ROBERT 23-Jun SGT CARTER RYAN 22-JunFIRST NAME LAST SPC GAMBRILL STUART 16-JunNAME2175TH MP CO SPC GIPSON CHANNING 2-JunBOX 523 SFC JOHNSON SHANON 20-JunAPO, AE 09898 SFC LILLY MICHAEL 13-Jun SSG RIECHARD MICHAEL 21-Jun CPT SPELLMAN SHANE 28-Jun SPC TAFF CLAYTON 7-Jun SPC TORRES CHRISTOPHER 24-JunImportant Phone Numbers SPC TULEY GALEN 15-Jun SPC WALKER JACOB 27-JunHannibal Armory (573) 221-4471 SPC WRIGHT PAUL 3-JunState Chaplain (573) 638-9618Red Cross (877) 272-7337 Yellow RibbonIMPORTANT WEBSITES Reintegration Programwww.tricareonline.com Eventswww.armyonesource.comwww.moguard.comwww.armyfrg.org Saint Louis, MO October 20 & 21Military Community and Family PolicyWeekly Newsletter December 1 & 2http://apps.mhf.dod.mil/mcfp/weekly Location TBD 9