Voice of Integrity Summer/Fall 2003


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I was senior editor of this publication while volunteering as Integrity USA's Director of Communications.

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Voice of Integrity Summer/Fall 2003

  1. 1. Vo i c e o f I n t e g r i t yVOLUME 12 NO. 2 SUMMER/FALL 2003 No good thing will God withhold from those who walk with Integrity. — Psalm 84:11
  2. 2. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 Editors Voice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Last Thoughts from the Outgoing President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 The Road to Minneapolis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 What Happened in Minneapolis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 GC2003: A Photo Essay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 GC 2003: Resolutions Monitored by Integrity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 GC 2003: How Did Your Deputies and Bishops Vote? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Resolution C051: Blessing of Committee Same Gender Relationships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 FAQs About C051 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 What Next? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 To the Outgoing Integrity Board: A Very Hearty Thank You! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 New Board of Directors Elected . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Summary of Spring 2003 Board Meeting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 An Unexpected, Yet Bidden, Journey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 The Hopkins Fund for Global Mission . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 A Book of Uganda Revelations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Local Voice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Treasurer’s Voice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 In Celebration: Integrity’s First National Convention . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Integrity Talk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 INTEGRITY’S MISSION IS TO BE A WITNESS OF GODS INCLUSIVE LOVE TO THE SUMMER/FALL 2003. VOLUME 12 NO. 2 EPISCOPAL CHURCH AND THE GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL, AND TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY. Contact Info Integrity’s Board Voice of Integrity General Address: of Directors editorial and 1718 M Street, NW President production staff PM Box 148 Susan Russell Washington, DC 20036 Secretary Publisher Memberships/Donations: Sarah Dylan Breuer Integrity’s Board of Directors PO Box 1246 Treasurer Senior Editor Bayonne, NJ 07002-6246 Frank Dowd John Clinton Bradley Information: Regional Vice Presidents Editor 800-462-9498 Brad LaMonte (Southeast) Douglas Ball info@integrityusa.org David Tarbet (South Central) Design www.integrityusa.org Bruce Mason (Western) DKG, Inc. Neil Houghton (Northeast) Printing Pam Stephens (Midwest) Todd Allen Printing Past President The Rev. Michael W. Hopkins Director of Programs The Rev. Elizabeth Kaeton Director of Communications John Clinton Bradley Executive Secretary Douglas Ball2 VOICE OF INTEGRITY
  3. 3. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 begin serving as senior editor of the Voice continues to be a vitalFrom the New EDITORS VOICE this magazine. medium for distributing key infor-Senior Editor mation to our far-flung member- As you may have noticed, publica- ship and witnessing to the larger tion of the Voice has been some- Episcopal Church. So, I pledge to what sporadic in recent years— you that, beginning with this issue, averaging two issues per year. the magazine will be regularly There are two primary reasons published every four months why this as has been the case. (three times per year). First, Integrity is an almost all-vol- unteer organization. Although we To make sure Integrity has suffi- are blessed with a part-time, paid cient funds to publish the maga- editor, Doug depends on volun- zine this frequently, we have taken teer writers for much of the con- several steps to decrease produc- tent. Second, the magazine is tion costs—including switching expensive. It costs over $10,000 printers and using a cheaper class to publish each issue. Frankly, of postage.by John Clinton Bradley there have been times when Integrity did not have sufficient If you have suggestions forIt has been my privilege to regular- reserves to publish the Voice. improving the Voice of Integrity,ly contribute articles to the Voice please e-mail me atof Integrity for some time. So, as Although Integrity’s electronic editor@integrityusa.org or writeIntegrity’s new Director of communication channels have me at 8146 Mandan Terrace,Communications, it is an honor to become increasingly important, Greenbelt, MD 20770.Editor’s Voice been a long hiatus between issues of this magazine. God willing and president, Susan Russell, has two very important articles in this an ample Integrity treasury, we will issue: “What Happened in be sticking to the schedule of issu- Minneapolis,” her reflections on ing a Voice three times a year. General Convention, and “What Next?” for Integrity and the As I’m sure you have observed so church—don’t miss either! far, there are some role changes for Integrity. Under the new board of For those of you who were unable directors (see article inside), John is to follow the daily deliberations at now Director of Communications— General Convention, the various with that task comes the job of articles in this issue should prove Senior Editor of this magazine. I very helpful. John; the treasurer, welcome John’s skills and experi- Frank Dowd; and I have attempted ence, especially his ideas that will to bring you up to date on thisby Doug Ball make this magazine pertinent and year’s Integrity board actions and timely to all Integrity members. the financial state of things.THE VOICE OF INTEGRITY ISBACK! Please read, if you haven’t Our departing president, Michael HAVE A GOOD READ.already, John Clinton Bradley’s arti- Hopkins, has composed his vale-cle above to see why there has dictory—don’t miss it! And our new VOICE OF INTEGRITY 3
  4. 4. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 of the Claiming the Blessing col- Russell. Working with her over this Last Thoughts laborative—uniting Integrity in com- past triennium has been one of PRESIDENT’S VOICE from the mon purpose with organizations the great blessings of my life. with whom we previously had Outgoing been in ambiguous, if not hostile, As for me, I do not plan on disap- relationship. Second, the opening pearing from the scene. For one, President up of international work—particu- our bylaws stipulate that the Past larly in Uganda, where we contin- President remains on the Board ue to provide assistance to a com- for one year. I hope to continue munity that struggles against an work on the international scene, as entrenched and officially hostile well as continuing to assist in the Church. Third, a tangible increase collaborative efforts with other in the measure of respect and col- Episcopal Church justice organiza- laboration we now have with other tions—both areas that I believe are justice organizations in the essential to our future. Episcopal Church, as well as with much of the national church and I would be remiss not to give diocesan leadership. We also have thanks to God for sustaining me a much better working relationship through this ministry—largely with other GLBT religious organiza- through the continued love and Dear Members and tions and with secular organiza- support of my partner, John Friends of Integrity, tions such as NGLTF, GLAAD, and Clinton Bradley, and of my parish. the Human Rights Campaign. In The amazing fact that I have been It has been my privilege to serve this regard I have been able to able to do the work of Integrity as your President over the past build on the good work begun by and be the full-time rector of a five years. To quote A Tale of Two my predecessor, Fred Ellis. thriving congregation is owed to Cities, they have been the best of that congregation’s commitment times and the worst of times. I Challenges lie ahead, some of to generosity and their vision of began in 1998 soon after the them no doubt exacerbated by the inclusion as the very heart of the Lambeth Conference—which had “things left undone” over the past Gospel we proclaim. I have been gone so badly and seemed to five years. Communication coupled blessed as well to serve on the threaten to turn the church back with an empowerment of the local Integrity board and the Claiming from its forward movement in the Integrity members need vital atten- the Blessing steering committee full inclusion of GLBT people. In tion, particularly post-GC 2003, with some amazing people. addition, my first official act as now that both the possibility of President was attendance at the greater acceptance and more hos- Finally, as I have met so many of funeral of Matthew Shepard. I end tility toward GLBT folk have been you in my travels around the in 2003 just after the General heightened. There are aspects of country over these years, I have Convention that consented to the our organization that remain always come away with a renewed election of Gene Robinson as “clunky” and generally unhelpful for sense of hope, born out of the Bishop Coadjutor of New the varied situations we find our- Gospel to which you bear witness. Hampshire and moved us another selves in today. A viable alternative I believe that God is using GLBT step forward in inclusion on the to the old chapter model (which people, and straight folk who have issue of blessings. What a ride! still works well in some places but taken up the cause of our inclu- not in others) is needed. Networks sion, to renew the Church. It has In between these two milestones I are a start, but only a start. often been a struggle and it will believe we did some good work, continue to be so, but the cross is and certainly the grace of God has The good news is that we have not the last word. shown through time and time very capable leadership coming on again. I count as the three greatest board. I have nothing but confi- With deep gratitude, accomplishments of this time the dence, as I do admiration and following. First of all, the formation respect, for my sister, Susan Michael W. Hopkins4 VOICE OF INTEGRITY
  5. 5. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 Michael Hopkins and Susan Canon Jeffrey John, a gay man,The Road to Russell meet with Rev. Canon was appointed Bishop of Reading NATIONAL VOICEMinneapolis David Anderson and Bruce Mason in England. of the American Anglican Council.A number of important events They discussed the status of the The Supreme Court struck downoccurred in the Episcopal Church Episcopal Church going into state sodomy laws. The Episcopaland the Anglican Communion General Convention and the possi- Church and Integrity were bothbetween the publication of the last ble outcomes and consequences signatories to an amicus briefissue of the Voice and General of General Convention’s decisions. opposing the laws.Convention. Below is a summary They agreed to be respectful ofof what happened. Details about one other and to contact one Michael Hopkins and Susanall of these events can be found another when necessary to avoid Russell met with the Bishops’at www.integrityusa.org. misunderstandings. Theology Committee to explain why their report was so offensiveMarch May to gay and lesbian Episcopalians.Michael Hopkins and Susan Russell Michael Hopkins and Susan Julyattended the Episcopal Urban Russell participated in the NationalCaucus in Chicago. The Caucus Reconciliation Conversations spon- Canon Jeffrey John was pressuredpassed a resolution supporting a sored by the Rt. Rev. Jon Bruno, to withdraw from his appointmentrite for same-sex blessings. Bishop of Los Angeles. as the Bishop of Reading.The final version of the Claiming The primates of the Anglican Secular gay rights activist Peterthe Blessing theology paper was Communion met in Brazil. They Tatchell and others disrupted thedistributed to the House of Bishops issued a pastoral letter stating that Church of England’s Generalprior to their meeting in Kanuga they could not support rites for the Synod in protest over Jeffrey blessing of same-sex relationships. John’s withdrawal.At Kanuga, the Bishops’ TheologyCommittee issued a report recom- Claiming the Blessing and Integrity Twenty-three ECUSA bishopsmending that General Convention issued a press release expressing signed “An Open Letter to thenot vote on same-sex blessings. disappointment in the primates’ Concerned Primates of theA resolution was presented to pastoral letter. Anglican Communion.” Fearing thatendorse the report as the “mind of General Convention would confirmthe house.” However, the bishops The Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham, the Rev. Canon Gene Robinsonrejected that resolution and instead Bishop of New Westminster, and authorize the blessings ofvote to accept the report and rec- Canada, authorized the blessing same-sex relationships, theyommend it for further study. of same-sex relationships. Less appealed for intervention by the than a week later, the Rev. wider Anglican Communion.Integrity issued a sharply critical Margaret Marquardt blessed thepress release about the Bishops’ 21-year same-sex relationship ofTheology Committee report. Anglicans Michael Kalmuk, 49, and Kelly Montfort, 62, at St.April Margaret’s, Cedar Cottage Church in east Vancouver.The Most Rev. Drexel WellingtonGomez, Archbishop of the West JuneIndies, published a paper titledTrue Union in the Body? The paper The Diocese of New Hampshireargued that no province of the elected the Rev. Canon GeneAnglican Communion should bless Robinson as the first openly gaysame-sex relationships. bishop in the Episcopal Church. VOICE OF INTEGRITY 5
  6. 6. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 of GLBT clergy. But as I stood near Robinson’s consent process, What the end of the fabulous proces- General Convention felt to me like NATIONAL VOICE Happened in sion outside St. Mark’s and saw it a ten-day-press conference. I winding its way up the hill to the never in my wildest dreams imag- Minneapolis? cathedral stairs past the waving ined being on CNN, Fox News, flags and banners, all I could think MSNBC, BBC-TV...and Good was, “Lord, who may dwell in your Morning America! (Not to mention tabernacle, who may abide upon the yin and the yang of radio your holy hill?” The answer was shows: NPR’s Morning Edition and stretched there in front of me and a Minneapolis AM, drive time talk it was US...all of us...preparing to radio call-in show!) My 18-year-old meet each other and Jesus in son said, “I didn’t even miss you Word and Sacrament. this time, Mom—every time I turned on the TV you were on it!” As we entered the packed church with the colorful kites soaring in It was an extraordinary opportunity front of us, rising to meet the to tell the Good News of the organ music soaring around us, I Episcopal Church to an audience knew that the ground we were that didn’t even know they were by the Rev. Susan Russell treading on was holy indeed—and looking for it. I like to think of it as was overwhelmed with a sense of Stealth Evangelism—and I firmly So what really HAPPENED in gratitude and privilege at being believe the seeds planted during Minneapolis? It’s still a bit of a part of this particular incarnation of General Convention are there, wait- blur—those ten days of General the Body of Christ—this Episcopal ing to bear fruit for the Gospel in Convention 2003. I know I was Church—this Integrity community. the weeks and months ahead. As there—I have the press clippings Bishop Gayle Harris’s brilliant and challenging and gut wrenching as and video clips to prove it. A little prophetic sermon, the gracious those 11th hour allegations of mis- like Dorothy back in her bed at hospitality of Dean Spenser Simrill, conduct lodged against Gene were, Auntie Em’s, I’ve found myself the support of Bishop James I have never been more gratified to wondering if Oz was a dream or Jelinek of Minnesota, Michael be part of this church than I was by reality—not to mention who ARE Hopkins’ gifted presence at the the dignity and expediency with all these people in my room? But altar—these are but a few of the which they were resolved. Under fact is sometimes more amazing snapshots of grace and holiness I the hot glare of the international than fantasy, so here are some of took with me from the cathedral in media spotlight, the Episcopal my Postcards from Oz (AKA Minneapolis. And then there were Church acquitted itself nobly. It Minneapolis), which I hope will the scores of vested clergy—includ- served as an example of a faith offer a window into what it was ing the bishop-elect of New community with a process in place like to be part of this extraordinary Hampshire—who surrounded the to handle such challenges with piece of Episcopal Church history. altar during the consecration. The transparency, honesty, and care for icon their presence offered was a all concerned. It was without a The Integrity sacrament in itself: an outward doubt one of our finer hours and it Eucharist and visible sign of the inward and was such a privilege to be there spiritual grace of the multitudes of and to be a part of it. Convention began on Wednesday, GLBT folk—lay and ordained— July 30, and we ended that first whose ministries enliven the The Bishop Of New long legislative day with the church and whose lives incarnate Hampshire Integrity Eucharist—a service that the Gospel. will forever be etched in my mem- Okay, he’s only the coadjutor-elect ory as one of the high points of The Media Frenzy at the moment—but Gene my liturgical life. I thought nothing Robinson’s grace, faith, and holy could top Denver, with its proces- Beginning the day we arrived and example was so utterly awesome sion and concelebration of dozens reaching a fever pitch during Gene that he will forever have set the6 VOICE OF INTEGRITY
  7. 7. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003standard for me of what it is to who have been laboring for send to us. We are so verystrive to live into the full stature of decades in this Gospel work of blessed to have not only this workChrist in the midst of such extraor- inclusion. But I want to say in no to do but also the will to do it!dinary pressure. What a privilege uncertain terms that hearts andto call V. Gene Robinson both minds HAVE been changed in the Finally, Thefriend AND bishop-elect! And what years I’ve had the privilege to be Thank Yousa great day for this great church of part of this work: I have seen itours it will be when he becomes a happen. In 1991 the House of Impossible to even know wherebishop in the church of God! Bishops couldn’t even civilly dis- to begin: the Integrity board and cuss human sexuality as it applied volunteers, the CTB steering com-Gethsemane to the ordination canons—in 2003 mittee and staff who worked soEpiscopal Church the election of Gene Robinson tirelessly, the popcorn poppers, was consented to as the Bishop folder stuffers, arm twisters, ban-Throughout our time in Coadjutor of New Hampshire. I quet arrangers, bartenders, dataMinneapolis the downtown parish believe this election and consent compliers, vote counters, pressof Gethsemane offered an amaz- has in effect called the question monitors, coffee fetchers, musicing oasis of hospitality and grace, on decades of debate about makers, and copy editors. Ed,under the leadership of the fabu- whether or not GLBT Christians Michael, Elizabeth, Louie, andlous Rev. Sandye Wilson. It was are truly entitled to full and equal Cynthia out there on the frontthere where we gathered on claim on the pastoral care, con- lines. Kevin, Rosa Lee, Colleen,August 7th—that hot, sultry sum- cern, and love of this church. And I Stephanie, Carol, Katie, BJ,mer evening near the end of con- am convinced that the question Shannon, Sean, Ethan, and all thevention—to celebrate with a Holy could never have been called had others making the journalismEucharist all that had been accom- it not been for the persistent wid- thing happen. John Clinton andplished and to recognize all there ows among us—those who have his amazing Nerve Center Team.was ahead of us to do. Bishop labored tirelessly in the vineyard of Christine (the Hospitality QueenJelinek set the tone by reminding committee hearings, legislative of Hearts) and Jim O (master ofus of the difference between joy sessions and compromise resolu- the non-anxious presence!). Jimand triumphalism—giving us the tions. Minneapolis 2003 and White (the Rock of Gibraltar) andpermission we needed to release Phoenix 1991 were light years Peggy, Kim, Lori, et al.—legislativethe former without fear of being apart. That movement forward— strategists par excellence!accused of the latter. Michael those hearts and minds changedHopkins’ sermon left socks still and committed to the inclusive Much has been accomplished buthanging from the chandeliers. Gospel—would never have hap- there are miles to go before weWho would have ever imagined pened if it hadn’t been for the res- rest. May the God who has given usthe Anglo-Catholic boy who sang olutions passed by one General the will to imagine these things givethe Eucharist like an angel in St. Convention after another. We have us the grace and power to continueMark’s Cathedral would a week edged our way —sometimes two the journey to that holy hill—wherelater preach like a tent-meeting steps forward, one step back— all may dwell in the tabernacle,Baptist across town at toward realizing the dream of the where all are welcome home.Gethsemane Church? Wow! full inclusion of all the baptized into the Body of Christ. LegislationLegislating Change DOESN’T change hearts and minds—but it creates the context“Legislation doesn’t change hearts where the Holy Spirit can. Makeand minds” we heard over and no mistake—there is much workover and OVER again as we ahead of us. (See my other article,moved toward this 74th General WHAT NEXT?) But for the momentConvention of the Episcopal I rest in gratitude and appreciationChurch. I’m still a rookie at this for those who have gone beforeconvention stuff—this was only my us and in anticipation and excite-fifth—and I know there are many ment about those who God will VOICE OF INTEGRITY 7
  8. 8. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 The Sunday evening before the official start of General GENERAL CONVENTION 2003: A PHOTO ESSAY Convention, a Eucharist was held for Integrity/Claiming the Blessing volunteers. Michael Hopkins preached and Susan Russell celebrated. As usual, members of Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church were present to protest General Convention. Photos courtesy of Jo Belser, Cynthia Black, John Clinton Bradley, and Jim Langston Local folks offered an alternative viewpoint. General Convention attendees take a moment to relax at the Claiming the Blessing booth. The Every Voice Network provided computers and Web access so that folks could check their e-mail.8 VOICE OF INTEGRITY
  9. 9. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003The Integrity Eucharist was held on 30 July atSt. Mark’s Cathedral. It was a colorful event,complete with processional kites.During the Integrity Eucharist, theRt. Rev. Gayle Harris, Suffragan Bishop ofMassachusetts, preached. President MichaelHopkins presided. Michael invited all gay andlesbian clergy to gather round the altar duringthe Eucharistic prayers.After the Integrity Eucharist,Claiming the Blessing sponsoreda reception. Michael Hopkins andSusan Russell presented the Rev.Malcolm Boyd (left) with theLouie Crew Award for his lifetimeof promoting the equality of gayand lesbian people in the church. Michael Hopkins and Susan Russell presented Phil Nichols (left) and his partner Hans Franzen (unable to attend) with the President’s Award for their life- time of service to Integrity. VOICE OF INTEGRITY 9
  10. 10. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 Bruce Wagener, John Dorr, and Tom Fehr staffing the Integrity booth. GENERAL CONVENTION 2003: A PHOTO ESSAY John Clinton Bradley leads the staff of the Integrity/Claiming the Blessing Nerve Center during a team meeting. The Nerve Center was in a hotel five blocks from the convention center. On the evening of 31 July, an open hearing was held on the blessing of same-sex relationships. The room was packed. The Very Reverend Samuel G. Candler, Dean of the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta, gave a 20-mine talk in favor of blessings. Kendall Harmon, a deputy from South Carolina, gave a 20-minute talk against blessings. Afterwards, deputies and bishops were permitted to speak. Here, the Rev. Brian Baker of Idaho speaks in favor of blessings. Gene Robinson’s confirmation in the House of Bishops was delayed so that two last-minute allocations against him could be investigated. Here, Michael Hopkins and Susan Russell talked to the press about the delay. Gene was exonerated the next day and the House of Bishops voted to confirm Gene.10 VOICE OF INTEGRITY
  11. 11. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 On 3 August, the House of Deputies confirmed the election of the Rev. Canon Gene Robinson as the first openly gay bishop. Here, Gene rejoices with the rest of the New Hampshire deputation as the vote is announced.On 7 August, after GeneRobinson was confirmed and aresolution was passed grantingpermission for same-sex bless-ings, a service of thanksgivingwas held at GethsemaneChurch. The Rt. Rev. JamesJelinek, Bishop of Minnesota,presided. Michael Hopkinspreached. Gene Robinson (farright) also had a few words tosay. A reception followed. VOICE OF INTEGRITY 11
  12. 12. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 Resolutions Monitored by Integrity NATIONAL VOICE Integrity closely monitored 24 resolutions during General Convention 2003. Of these, only one had an outcome unfavorable to Integrity’s position. For the full text of these resolutions, visit www.integrityusa.org/gc2003/. Number Title Integrity Position Outcome A018 HIV/AIDS Drugs Full Inclusion FOR EXPIRED in House of Deputies A019 Continue Standing Committee FOR ADOPTED by House of Deputies; on HIV/AIDS CONCURRED by House of Bishops. A020 HIV Medications Availability HIV/AIDS FOR EXPIRED in House of Deputies A021 Broadening HIV Prevention Methods FOR ADOPTED by House of Deputies; CONCURRED by House of Bishops A026 Baptismal Parity FOR ADOPTED by House of Deputies; CONCURRED by House of Bishops A029 Open Dialogue on Difficult Issues FOR ADOPTED by House of Bishops; CONCURRED by House of Deputies B001 Endorse Certain Historic Anglican AGAINST FAILED in House of Bishops Doctrines and Policies B007 Affirmations for Facilitating Emergence AGAINST DISCHARGED of Consensus B009 Request for Faith and Order Commission AGAINST ADOPTED by House of Bishops as amended; NOT CONCURRED by House of Deputies C001 Opposition to Reparative/Conversion Therapy FOR DISCHARGED C004 Reparative Therapies FOR ADOPTED by House of Deputies; CONCURRED by House of Bishops C005 Rites for Blessing and Supporting FOR DISCHARGED Committed Relationships C006 Evangelism to the New Majority FOR ADOPTED by House of Deputies; CONCURRED by House of Bishops C014 Reaffirmation of Faith and Purpose AGAINST REFERRED to interim body C022 Explosion of AIDS Worldwide/ FOR EXPIRED in House of Bishops Continuing Epidemics in the United States CO45 Consent to the Election of FOR ADOPTED by House of Deputies; The Rev. Canon V. Gene Robinson as Bishop CONCURRED by House of Bishops Coadjutor of the Diocese of New Hampshire C051 Blessing of Committed FOR ADOPTED by House of Bishops with Same-Gender Relationships amendments; CONCURRED by House of Deputies D003 Revision of the Catechism FOR REFERRED to interim body D011 Anglican Communion: Appending FOR ADOPTED by House of Deputies; “Anglican Communion” to materials CONCURRED by House of Bishops D017 Promoting Reconciliation and FOR REFERRED to interim body Minimizing the Likelihood of Schism D022 Resolution On Rites Supporting Life-long FOR DISCHARGED Relationships Other than Marriage D029 Homosexuality: Reparative Therapy AGAINST DISCHARGED D036 Marriage AGAINST ADOPTED by House of Deputies; CONCURRED by House of Bishops D071 Oppose Federally Sponsored FOR ADOPTED by House of Deputies; Marriage Promotion CONCURRED by House of Bishops12 VOICE OF INTEGRITY
  13. 13. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003How Did Your Deputies and Bishops Vote?Note: The information contained in this article was collected by Integrity monitors and is not official.However, it appears to agree with official records.DeputiesThe House of Deputies took a vote “by dioceses and orders” on two resolutions related to gay, les-bian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) issues. In these votes, the clerical and lay orders in each dio-cese cast a block vote. If the majority of the deputies in a block agreed with a resolution, a YES votewas reported. If the majority of deputies in a block disagreed with a resolution, a NO vote was report-ed. If the deputies in a block were equally divided about a resolution, a DIVIDED vote was reported.A majority of dioceses in both orders had to vote YES in order for the resolutions to be adopted.Diocese Resolution C045: Consent to the Election of The Rev. Canon V. Gene D051: Blessing of Committed Robinson as Bishop Coadjutor of Same-Gender Relationships the Diocese of New Hampshire Clergy Laity Clergy LaityAlabama Divided No No NoAlaska Yes Yes Yes YesAlbany No No No NoArizona Yes Yes Yes YesArkansas Yes Divided Yes DividedAtlanta Yes Yes Yes YesBethlehem Yes Yes Yes DividedCalifornia Yes Yes Yes YesCentral Florida No No No NoCentral Gulf Coast Divided No Divided NoCentral New York Yes Yes Yes YesCentral Pennsylvania Yes Divided Yes NoChicago Yes Yes Yes YesChurches in Europe Divided Divided Divided NoColombia No No No NoColorado Yes Yes Yes YesConnecticut Yes Yes Yes YesDallas No No Divided NoDelaware Yes Yes Yes YesDominican Republic No No No NoEast Carolina Divided Divided No No VOICE OF INTEGRITY 13
  14. 14. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 Diocese Resolution C045 Resolution D051 NATIONAL VOICE Clergy Laity Clergy Laity East Tennessee Yes Yes Yes Yes Eastern Michigan Yes Yes Yes Yes Eastern Oregon Yes Yes Yes Yes Easton Yes Yes Divided Yes Eau Claire No Yes Divided No El Camino Real Yes Yes Yes Yes Florida No No No No Fond du Lac Divided Divided Divided Divided Fort Worth No No No No Georgia Divided No No No Haiti No No No No Hawaii Yes Yes Yes Yes Honduras No No No No Idaho Yes Yes Yes Yes Indianapolis Yes Yes Yes Yes Iowa Yes Yes Divided Yes Kansas Divided Yes No Yes Kentucky Yes Yes Yes Yes Lexington Yes Yes Yes Yes Long Island Yes Yes Yes Divided Los Angeles Yes Yes Yes Yes Louisiana Yes Divided No No Maine Yes Yes Yes Yes Maryland Yes Yes Yes Yes Massachusetts Yes Yes Yes Yes Michigan Yes Yes Yes Yes Milwaukee Yes Yes Yes Yes Minnesota Yes Yes Yes Yes Mississippi No Divided Yes Divided Missouri Yes Yes Yes Yes Montana Yes Yes Yes Yes Navajoland Yes Divided Yes Divided Nebraska Yes No No No Nevada Yes Yes Yes Yes New Hampshire Yes Yes Yes Yes New Jersey Yes Divided Yes Divided New York Yes Yes Yes Yes14 VOICE OF INTEGRITY
  15. 15. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003Diocese Resolution C045 Resolution D051 Clergy Laity Clergy LaityNewark Yes Yes Yes YesNorth Carolina No Yes No YesNorth Dakota Divided Divided No NoNorthern California Yes Divided Yes NoNorthern Indiana No No No NoNorthern Michigan Yes Yes Yes YesNorthwest Texas Yes Yes Yes YesNorthwestern Pa Divided Yes No YesOhio Yes Yes Yes YesOklahoma No No Divided NoOlympia Yes Yes Yes YesOregon Yes Divided Yes DividedPennsylvania Yes Yes Yes YesPittsburgh No No No NoPuerto Rico No Yes No NoQuincy No No No NoRhode Island Yes Yes Yes YesRio Grande No No No NoRochester Yes Yes Yes YesSan Diego No Divided Yes YesSan Joaquin No No No NoSouth Carolina No No No NoSouth Dakota Yes Yes Yes YesSoutheast Florida Divided No Divided DividedSouthern Ohio Yes Yes Yes YesSouthern Virginia Yes Yes Yes YesSouthwest Florida No No No NoSouthwestern Virginia Yes Yes Yes YesSpokane Yes Yes No NoSpringfield No No No NoTaiwan No No Yes YesTennessee Yes Yes Divided DividedTexas No No No NoUpper South Carolina Divided No No NoUtah Yes Yes Yes YesVermont Yes Yes Yes YesVirgin Islands No No No No VOICE OF INTEGRITY 15
  16. 16. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 Diocese Resolution C045 Resolution D051 NATIONAL VOICE Clergy Laity Clergy Laity Virginia Yes Yes Yes Yes Washington Yes Yes Yes Yes West Missouri No Yes No Yes West Tennessee No No No No West Texas No No Divided No West Virginia Divided No Divided Divided Western Kansas No No No No Western Louisiana No No No No Western Massachusetts Yes Yes Yes Yes Western Michigan Yes Yes Yes Yes Western New York Yes Yes Yes Yes Western North Carolina Yes Yes Yes Yes Wyoming Yes Yes Yes Divided TOTALS Yes=65 Yes=63 Yes=62 Yes=58 No=31 No=32 No=34 No=38 Divided=12 Divided=13 Divided=12 Divided=12 Bishops The House of Bishops voted on resolution C045 by paper ballot. Only “bishops with jurisdiction” voted on that resolution. The House of Bishop voted on resolution CO51 by voice. Since a roll call was not taken, there is no record of how individual bishops voted on that resolution C045: Consent to the Election of The Rev. Canon V. Gene Robinson Bishop Diocese as Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of New Hampshire Ackerman, Keith Quincy No Adams, Gladstone B. (Skip) Central New York Yes Adams, James M. Western Kansas No Alexander, Neil Atlanta Yes Allen, Lloyd Honduras No Alvarez-Velazquez, David Puerto Rico Yes Bainbridge, Harry Idaho Yes Bane, David Southern Virginia No Beckwith, Peter Springfield No Bennison, Charles E. Pennsylvania Yes Bruno, Jon Los Angeles Yes16 VOICE OF INTEGRITY
  17. 17. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003Bishop Diocese C045Caldwell, Bruce Wyoming YesChane, John Washington YesChang, Richard Hawaii YesCreighton, Michael Central Pennsylvania YesCroneberger, John P. Newark YesCurry, Michael J. North Carolina YesDaniel, Clifton East Carolina YesDaniels, Theodore A. Virgin Islands NoDuncan, Philip Central Gulf Coast NoDuncan, Robert Pittsburgh NoDuque-Gomez, Francisco Colombia NoDuracin, Jean Haiti NoEly, Thomas Clark Vermont YesFairfield, Andrew North Dakota NoFolts, James E. West Texas NoFrade, Leopold SE Florida YesGarrison, J. Michael Western New York YesGepert, Robert Western Michigan YesGibbs, Jr., Wendell N. Michigan YesGray III, Duncan Mississippi NoGregg, William Otis Eastern Oregon YesGrew, J. Clark Ohio YesGriswold, Frank Europe YesGulick, Edwin Kentucky YesHenderson, Dorsey F. Upper South Carolina NoHerlong, Bertram Tennessee NoHerzog, Dan Albany NoHolguin-Khoury, Julio C. Dominican Republic NoHowe, Barry West Missouri YesHowe, John W. Central Florida NoHughes, Gethin San Diego NoIhloff, Robert Maryland YesIker, Jack Fort Worth NoIrish, Carolyn Utah YesJacobus, Russell E. Fond du Lac NoJecko, Stephen Florida NoJefferts Schori, Katharine Nevada Yes VOICE OF INTEGRITY 17
  18. 18. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 Bishop Diocese C045 NATIONAL VOICE Jelinek, James Minnesota Yes Jenkins, Charles Louisiana No Johnson, Don E. West Tennessee No Johnson, Robert H. Western North Carolina Yes Kelsey, James Northern Michigan Yes Kelshaw, Terence Rio Grande No Klusmeyer, Mike West Virginia No Knudsen, Chilton Maine Yes Krotz, James Nebraska No Ladehoff, Robert Oregon Yes Lai, David Jung-Hsin Taiwan No Lamb, Jerry A. Northern California Yes Larrea, Neptali Central Ecuador Abstain Lee, Peter Virginia Yes Leidel, Edwin Eastern Michigan Yes Lipscomb, John Southwest Florida No Little, Edward Northern Indiana No Louttit, Henry I. Georgia No MacDonald, Mark Alaska Yes MacPherson, D. Bruce Western Louisiana No Marshall, Paul Bethlehem Yes Maze, Larry Arkansas Yes McKelvey, Jack Rochester Yes Moody, Robert Oklahoma Yes Morante, Alfredo Litoral Ecuador No Ohl, C. Wallis Northwest Texas No Parsley, Henry Alabama No Persell, William Chicago Yes Plummer, Steven Navajoland Yes Powell, F. Neff Southwestern Virginia Yes Robertson, Creighton South Dakota Yes Rowley, Robert Northwestern Pa. No Salmon, Edward L. South Carolina No Sauls, Stacy Lexington Yes Scarfe, Alan Iowa Yes Schofield, John-David San Joaquin No Scruton, Gordon Western Massachusetts Abstain18 VOICE OF INTEGRITY
  19. 19. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003Bishop Diocese C045Shahan, Robert Arizona YesShand, James Joseph (Bud) Easton YesShaw, Thomas Massachusetts YesShimpfky, Richard L. El Camino Real YesSisk, Mark S. New York YesSmalley, William Kansas YesSmith, Andrew Connecticut YesSmith, George Wayne Missouri YesStanton, James Dallas NoSwing, William E. California YesTheuner, Douglas E. New Hampshire YesThompson, Herbert Southern Ohio NovonRosenberg, Charles East Tennessee NoWaggoner, Jr., James E. Spokane YesWalker, Orris G. Long Island YesWarner, Vincent Olympia YesWaynick, Catherine (Cate) Indianapolis YesWhitmore, Keith Eau Claire NoWimberly, Don Texas NoWinterrowd, William J. Colorado YesWolf, Geralyn Rhode Island YesWright, Wayne Delaware YesTOTALS Yes=62 No=43 Abstain=2How To Respond to Your Deputies and BishopsYour deputies and bishop need to be held accountable for their actions at General Convention.Consider the following actions...Ask each individual how he or she voted. If they voted positively, thank them. If they voted negatively,ask them why. Tell them politely why you disagree with their vote.During the next three years, work to elect deputies and bishops who will vote more positively atGeneral Convention 2006 in Indianapolis. Don’t be afraid to ask candidates their position on GLBTissues, nor to provide diocesan convention delegates with a sample ballot.During the next three years, work to educate your deputies and bishops on GLBT issues. Telling yourpersonal story is one of the most effective strategies. VOICE OF INTEGRITY 19
  20. 20. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003 exist among us about how best continued prayer, study, and dis- Resolution to care pastorally for those who cernment on the pastoral care for NATIONAL VOICE C051: Blessing intend to live in monogamous, gay and lesbian persons, to non-celibate unions; and what is, include the compilation and of Committed or should be, required, permitted, development by a special com- or prohibited by the doctrine, dis- mission organized and appointed Same-Gender cipline, and worship of The by the Presiding Bishop of Relationships Episcopal Church concerning the resources to facilitate as wide a blessing of the same. conversation of discernment as Resolved, the House of Deputies possible throughout the church. concurring, that the 74th General 4.That we reaffirm Resolution D039 Convention affirms the following: of the 73rd General Convention 7. That our baptism into Jesus (2000), that “We expect such Christ is inseparable from our 1.That our life together as a com- relationships will be characterized communion with one another, munity of faith is grounded in by fidelity, monogamy, mutual and we commit ourselves to that the saving work of Jesus Christ affection and respect, careful, communion despite our diversity and expressed in the principles honest communication, and the of opinion and, among dioceses, of the Chicago-Lambeth holy love which enables those in a diversity of pastoral practice Quadrilateral: Holy Scripture, the such relationships to see in each with the gay men and lesbians historic Creeds of the Church, other the image of God”, and that among us. the two dominical sacraments, such relationships exist through- and the historic episcopate. out the church. 8.That it is a matter of faith that our Lord longs for our unity as his dis- 2.That we reaffirm Resolution A069 5.That, we recognize that local faith ciples, and for us this entails living of the 65th General Convention communities are operating within within the boundaries of the (1976) that “homosexual per- the bounds of our common life Constitution and Canons of The sons are children of God who as they explore and experience Episcopal Church. We believe this have a full and equal claim with liturgies celebrating and blessing discipline expresses faithfulness to all other persons upon the love, same-sex unions. our polity and that it will facilitate acceptance, and pastoral concern the conversation we seek not only and care of the Church”. 6.That we commit ourselves, and in The Episcopal Church, but also call our church, in the spirit of in the wider Anglican Communion 3.That, in our understanding of Resolution A104 of the 70th and beyond. homosexual persons, differences General Convention (1991), to FAQs About the best spirit of Anglican compre- hensiveness: recognizing that rites which will move the church for- ward in mission and ministry — if C051 for blessing are and will be used by we will claim it and proclaim it. those who choose to offer them in What does this reso- response the pastoral needs of We believe it is an opportunity for their constituency and providing evangelism which will breathe lution accomplish? room for theological consensus to new life into our work and our wit- It recognizes what we believe is emerge out of liturgical practice. ness to those yearning to hear an one of the most distinctive features alternative to the strident voices of of Anglicanism: the ability to main- We believe that the fuller inclusion the religious right who have for tain unity without requiring unifor- of all the baptized into the Body of too long presumed to speak to the mity. We are convinced that this Christ is not an issue which will culture as representing Christian resolution offers a way forward in split the church but an opportunity Values. We have Good News to20 VOICE OF INTEGRITY
  21. 21. Voice of Integrity SUMMER/FALL 2003tell and it’s time to get on with the agreement but table fellowship Presidential Election in Florida.business of telling it. that makes us a communion. One There is no jurisdiction. diocese or province declaring itselfWill these actions of out of communion with another is We are concerned that a newGeneral Convention meaningless. We are in commun- standard of theological consensus ion with each other by virtue of is being invented which has nei-cause schism? our being in communion with ther roots in historical AnglicanismNo one is or will be compelled to Canterbury — who is on record in nor room for prophetic witness.bless same-sex unions in this saying that these are not issueschurch, but the church must also that rise to the level of doctrinal What message is therespect the theological judgment differences worthy of division. Episcopal Churchof those who wish to bless these sending about sexu-relationships by providing such The Primates: In their May 27,rites for the use of the church. 2003 Pastoral Letter, the al morality and tradi- Primates committed “to respect tional family values?It is true that many view this issue the integrity of each other’sas fundamentally about the author- provinces and dioceses, acknowl- The message we are sendingity of Scripture, and therefore, cen- edging the responsibility of about traditional family values istral. At most, however, it is about Christian leaders to attend to that those are the values thatthe interpretation of Scripture, and the pastoral needs of minorities emerge from significant, commit-if how we interpret Scripture is to in their care.” We believe that the ted human relationships, including,split us apart, we are in for splitting pastoral needs of the GLBT per- but not limited to, marriage.on a whole host of issues. sons in our care can best be met by the exploration and experi- The message we are sendingThe larger question is whether or ence of rites for the blessing of about sexual morality is that thenot this issue is so central to our their committed, faithful, monog- expectations of fidelity, monogamy,common faith so as to split us amous, life-long relationships. We mutual affection and holy love areapart. The answer is “no”— as give thanks for the passage of the same for all Christians…gay orstated unequivocally in the C051 by General Convention straight, bisexual or transgender.House of Bishops’ Theology 2003 that recognizes that realityCommittee Report: and asserts that such pastoral care [operates] “within the [5.3] We believe that disunity bounds of our common life.” over issues of human sexuality in general, and homosexuality The Lambeth Conference, often in particular, needs to be taken cited as the source of statements seriously by all members of the opposing the full inclusion of gay Church. And diverse opinion and lesbian folk in the church, has needs to be respected. But we no authority over the Episcopal do not believe these should be Church — or any other constituent Church-dividing issues. member, for that matter. Neither do the Primates. To infer so is toWhat about the construct a false magisterium hav-Anglican ing neither roots in Anglican histo- ry nor authority over current polity.Communion?Canterbury: Historically, member Calling on the Primates to inter-provinces of the Anglican vene in the domestic affairs ofCommunion have always acted ECUSA makes as much sense aswith “mutual deference,” as equal it would to have called on thepartners. The Archbishop of Security Council of the UnitedCanterbury has said it is not Nations to intervene in the 2000 VOICE OF INTEGRITY 21