The H(app)athon Project - Updated Vision, Fall 2013


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Our first vision deck, posted 10 months ago, has now gotten almost 20K views. Since then, we've grown a great deal and are ready to being our Pilot with two cities in Massachusetts in the Fall of 2013. We've had a load of great press, done over 13 events in multiple cities around the world, and we're just getting started. To learn more, go to (we'll be updating our site soon with info in this deck), or email John C. Havens, Founder - john AT happathon DOT com.

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The H(app)athon Project - Updated Vision, Fall 2013

  1. 1. Connecting Happiness to Action. One Phone, One Heart, One City At a Time. One phone, one heart, one city at a time. Vision
  2. 2. Vision
  3. 3. The Science of Positive Psychology proves that when you’re engaged in activities that bring you meaning or when you’re helping others, your happiness increases. We use surveys based on economic Happiness Indicators people take over time on their phones. We use passive sensors in phones to identify behaviors or emotions related to our survey questions that provide insights on how people feel about their communities. Our goal is to foster transparent civic engagement while democratizing citizen data. We want to create an economy of happiness built on trust. Connecting Happiness to Action The Happathon Project provides a tactical approach to community engagement, equipping governing bodies with the ability to more accurately customize policy goals for the citizens they serve. Connecting Happiness to Action. One phone, one heart, one city at a time. One Phone One Heart One City
  4. 4. Roadmap
  5. 5. Our Beta Launch March 20, 2013 Building Awareness The “Common Wealth” Pilot Fall 2013-Spring 2014 Building our Platform The Conference March 20, 2014 Launching our Brand
  6. 6. Our Beta Launch
  7. 7. Our First Survey • Created by H(app)athon Committee with a team from MIT, Microsoft, ilumivu, UPENN, and multiple data scientists. • Approximately three hundred total respondents in four months • Life Satisfaction focus (over mood) • Sample questions sent two times a day via prompts: Who are you with? Where are you? What are you doing? (Multiple Choice) What brings you meaning? How would you define happiness? (Open Text Box) *What Brings You Meaning? • God and Love, which are one and the same. • The act of creating and the act of love. • Purpose. • Learning and connection and fun. • Feeling like I have a purpose. • Learning to progress. There is no successes or failures; just a constant process of learning until we die. • Finding my passions (especially karma) and being able to do them. • To help people, to love someone, being loved by someone. • Helping others. • My life's mission. • High quality social relationships, continuous learning and development. • Making the world a better place. • Discovering. • Experiences. • To be needed and wanted by other people. • Being loved. Doing something that matters and gives meaning to others. *Actual Responses to our open text box questions.
  8. 8. Workshops • Expert speakers cover topics around economics and positive psychology. • Attendees play an interactive game to create tactical approaches for civic engagement. • Workshops serve as a tool for Cities to identify and engage potential survey volunteers. Workshops (Traction) Thirteen workshops, seven countries in under five months. Over twenty videos with specific ideas from attendees from events. Hundreds of photos from all events. Workshops (Locations) New York (2), Indianapolis, Cincinnati, San Francisco, San Diego, London, Tokyo, Oslo (2), Bogota, Bhutan, Lisbon. Workshops (Scheduled) Sibos 2013 in Dubai – An advanced Workshop for world’s leading financial institutions.
  9. 9. Press Press
  10. 10. The “Common Wealth” Pilot
  11. 11. The Common Wealth Pilot The pursuit of happiness was a key goal of the Founding Fathers of our Nation. But this happiness wasn’t based on attaining positive mood or self-gain. Pursuing “common well- being” meant supporting your community and helping neighbors in need as a means to achieving happiness. As a way to build our Technology Platform, we have partnered with the cities of Somerville and New Bedford, Massachusetts (an actual American commonwealth) to create and launch versions of our surveys customized for their citizens. By correlating people’s responses to prompts (active data) with information reflecting their actions (passive data), we will be able to achieve our objective of providing a tactical approach for city governments to more accurately tailor policy for the citizens they serve. Commonwealth (def) The original phrase "the common-wealth” comes from the old meaning of "wealth," which is "well- being.” The term literally means "common well-being.”
  12. 12. It’s Time for a Citizen’s Data Bill of Rights. We are proud to be partnering with ID3, a non-profit organization based in Boston co- founded by Alex “Sandy” Pentland and John Henry Clippinger, to utilize their Open Mustard Seed Platform as the core, open-source technology powering our Platform. H(app)athon surveys taken in Somerville, New Bedford and into the future will be opt- in, but their data will be stored in their own “vault.” Providing a way for people to have control surrounding their data and identity, citizen volunteers can feel comfortable being transparent with their responses. Their data is their own, to share as they see fit. More about The Open Mustard Seed Project The Open Mustard Seed Project is an open-source framework for developing and deploying web apps in a secure, user-centric personal cloud. The framework provides a stack of core technologies that work together to provide a high level of security and ease of use when sharing and collecting personal and environmental data, controlling web- enabled devices, and engaging with others to aggregate information and view the results of applied computation via protected services.
  13. 13. The Conference
  14. 14. The H(app)econ Conference Happiness + Digital Technology + Economics = Happecon • March 20, 2014 at the Paley Center in NYC • Provides a high-visibility event to launch our Brand • Case Studies from both Cities about The Common Wealth Pilot • Releasing our Technology and overall Platform for other Cities • Free H(app)athon App also released – includes algorithm created from Pilot