H(app)athon Global Launch - NYC Prezo Deck


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H(app)athon Global Launch - NYC Prezo Deck

  1. 1.         Welcome!       H(app)thon  Global  Launch,  3.20.2013  
  2. 2. Picture Beehive by MakeitHappy
  3. 3. A  Social  Experiment    What Makes YOU Happy?
  4. 4. Process Process
  5. 5. FREE PRESS
  6. 6. Happening – at SOWA, Boston
  7. 7. @ The Happy Post Project for Japan is an initiative we started as a call to action to help the victims of the recent Tsunami in Japan. Our goal was to collect messages of support for the victims in JapanEVENTS and spread happiness by delivering these messages to them on an installation that will travel from Happening – at SOHO, NYC shelter to shelter. We collected messages in the “Dear Japan, We Love You” Art Exhibition and SOHO NYC @ Silent Auction at the Open House Gallery in SOHO, NYC EVENTS SOHO NYC
  8. 8. EVENTS @ Baruch We visited Baruch University to invite students to join the Happy Post initiative. We addressed their Psychology Class where we inspired students to participate in this movement for positive change. Our society focuses too much on the negative and its time to shift into a positive focused society. Happening – at Baruch Collegue, NYC We were inspired by the students who are currently helping us gather happy posts for the first NY University local Happy Post exhibition.
  9. 9. Happening – at Tokyo, Japan
  10. 10. Happening – at TEDxDubai
  11. 11. Happening – at TEDxBogota
  12. 12. Happening – at Cartagena, Colombia
  13. 13. Happening – at Nairobi, Kenya
  14. 14. NYC!!!
  15. 15. 3.20
  16. 16.         John  C.  Havens,  Founder       H(app)thon  Global  Launch,  3.20.2013  
  17. 17. Introduc9on                        Happy  Post  Project      H(app)athon  Topics                    Presenta9ons      H(app)athon  Workshop                  Your  Turn!   H(app)thon  Global  Launch,  3.20.2013  
  18. 18. H(app)thon  Global  Launch,  3.20.2013  
  19. 19. We’re  Filming  Tonight!  
  20. 20.         Project  Vision       H(app)thon  Global  Launch,  3.20.2013  
  21. 21. H(app)thon  at  Social  Media  Week  
  22. 22. H(app)thon  at  Social  Media  Week  
  23. 23. What  is  the  Measure  of  Your  Life?   H(app)thon  at  Social  Media  Week  
  24. 24. Accountability  Based  Influence   H(app)thon  at  Social  Media  Week  
  25. 25. H(app)thon  at  Social  Media  Week  
  26. 26. H(app)thon  at  Social  Media  Week  
  27. 27. H(app)thon  at  Social  Media  Week  
  28. 28. H(app)thon  at  Social  Media  Week  
  29. 29. H(app)thon  at  Social  Media  Week  
  30. 30. The  Second  Guy  H(app)thon  at  Social  Media  Week  
  31. 31. The  GDP  is  not  a  sufficient  measure  of  holisSc  value  of  well-­‐being  for  individuals,  countries  or  the  world.        
  32. 32.     GDP  Counts   GDP  Doesn’t  Count   •  Air  polluSon   •  The  health  of  our   •  CigareXe  adverSsing   children   •  Locks  for  our  doors   •  Quality  of  their   •  Jails  for  people  who   educaSon   break  them   •  Joy  of  their  play   •  DestrucSon  of  the   •  Beauty  of  our  poetry   redwoods   •  Integrity  of  our  public   •  Napalm   officials   •  Nuclear  warheads   •  Our  wit   •  Armored  police  cars  to   •  Our  courage   fight  riots   •  Our  compassion          
  33. 33. Consume  
  34. 34. To  uSlize  emerging  technology  to  improve    human  well-­‐being  and  drive  posiSve  social  change.    
  35. 35. The  CommiHee        
  36. 36. Goal  1:      By  March  20  2014,  release  individual  well-­‐being  indicators  (a  person’s  “Personal  Happiness  Indicator”)  based  on  each  persons  own  well-­‐being  definiSon.        
  37. 37.  Goal  2:    By  March  20,  2014,  release  an  open-­‐source  applicaSon  that  provides  users  access  to  well-­‐being  scores  for  themselves  and  others  plus  provide  resources  for  improving  well-­‐being.  
  38. 38. UNIQUE    We  are  not  generaSng  quesSons  to  be  measured  on  a  populaSon  level  from  which  we  will  infer  an  individuals  level  of  personal  well-­‐being.      We  are  starSng  with  the  individual  and  creaSng  soeware  that  will  learn  what  is  meaningful  for  that  person.  This  type  of  person-­‐centric  methodology  wasnt  logisScally  feasible  before  the  Smartphone.          
  39. 39. REAL  -­‐  TIME    We  arent  just  collecSng  data  once  from  individuals.    Were  creaSng  a  living,  growing,  real-­‐&me  global  well-­‐being  indicator.    Once  the  survey  is  done,  mobile  phones  keep  collecSng  data  and  providing  well-­‐being  metrics  for  every  person  who  has  taken  the  survey.          Users  can  see  the  changing  well-­‐being  scores  without  taking  further  surveys.              
  40. 40. Your  MeDP  
  41. 41. Path  –to-­‐Purpose   Reflect   OpSmize   Purpose  
  42. 42. Resource    ConnecSon  
  43. 43. Match  You  to  Your  OpSmized  Purpose  
  44. 44. Where  There’s  a  Need  
  45. 45. You  Get  Happier.    
  46. 46. We  Save  The  World.  
  47. 47. Claim  Their  Value.    
  48. 48. Thank  you.    
  49. 49. Interact  while  Elvis  plays.    
  50. 50.     Why  Hack  Happiness?     Jon  Hall,  Human  Development  Report  Office,  UNDP     jonathan.hall@undp.org      
  51. 51. Reshaping  the  Future    “What  we  measure  affects  what  we  do.  If  we  have  the  wrong  metrics,  we  will  strive  for  the  wrong  things.  In  the  quest  to  increase  GDP,  we  may  end  up  with  a  society  in  which  most  ciSzens  have  become  worse  off.”    Joseph  SSglitz,  2009  
  52. 52. Reshaping  the  Future          “The  welfare  of  a  naSon  can  scarcely  be  inferred  from  a  measurement  of  naSonal  income.”    Simon  Kuznets,  1934  
  53. 53. Yet  the  gross  naSonal  product  does  not  allow  for  the  health  of  our  children,  the  quality  of  their  educaSon,  or  the  joy  of  their  play.  It  does  not  include  the  beauty  of  our  poetry  or  the  strength  of  our  marriages;  the  intelligence  of  our  public  debate  or  the  integrity  of  our  public  officials.    It  measures  neither  our  wit  nor  our  courage;  neither  our  wisdom  nor  our  learning;  neither  our  compassion  nor  our  devoSon  to  our  country;  it  measures  everything,  in  short,  except  that  which  makes  life  worthwhile.  And  it  tells  us  everything  about  America  except  why  we  are  proud  that  we  are  Americans.“        Robert  Kennedy,  1968    
  54. 54. SubjecSve  Wellbeing  –  the  New     Business  of  Government    From  Bhutan  to  the  UK,  governments  are  gepng  serious  about  measuring  “happiness”    …  “subjecSve  wellbeing:”  …  “flourishing  socieSes”    
  55. 55. SubjecSve  Wellbeing  –  the  New     Business  of  Government      ”Improving  our  societys  sense  of  wellbeing  is,  I  believe,  the  central  poliScal  challenge  of  our  Smes."    David  Cameron,  BriSsh  PM  
  56. 56. SubjecSve  Wellbeing  –  the  New     Business  of  Government      A  new  science.    We  know  that  wellbeing  maXers.    But  it’s  a  steep  learning  curve.    We  need  data.      
  57. 57.     Happiness  &  Health      
  58. 58. Happiness  &  Health        
  59. 59. New  Data  –  New    ….    •  Conversa9ons  •  Behaviours    (e.g.  commuSng)  •  Policies  (e.g.  police  invesSgaSons)  
  60. 60.     ObjecSve  &  SubjecSve  What  would  a   High  Crime  Rate   Low  Crime  Rate  policy  maker  encourage  you  to  do?  High  Fear  of  Crime   Pe99on  the  Mayor   (aXer  you’ve  fed   your  Doberman)  Low  Fear  of  Crime  
  61. 61.     ObjecSve  &  SubjecSve  What  would  a   High  Crime  Rate   Low  Crime  Rate  policy  maker  encourage  you  to  do?  High  Fear  of  Crime   PeSSon  the  Mayor   (aeer  you’ve  fed   your  Doberman)  Low  Fear  of  Crime   Buy  a  Doberman   and  then  pe99on   the  Mayor  
  62. 62.     ObjecSve  &  SubjecSve  What  would  a   High  Crime  Rate   Low  Crime  Rate  policy  maker  encourage  you  to  do?  High  Fear  of  Crime   PeSSon  the  Mayor   Swap  your   (aeer  you’ve  fed   Doberman  for  a   your  Doberman)   Goldfish  and  thank   the  Mayor  Low  Fear  of  Crime   Buy  a  Doberman   and  then  peSSon   the  Mayor  
  63. 63.     ObjecSve  &  SubjecSve  What  would  a   High  Crime  Rate   Low  Crime  Rate  policy  maker  encourage  you  to  do?  High  Fear  of  Crime   PeSSon  the  Mayor   Swap  your   (aeer  you’ve  fed   Doberman  for  a   your  Doberman)   Goldfish  and  thank   the  Mayor  Low  Fear  of  Crime   Buy  a  Doberman   Enjoy  Tokyo!   and  then  peSSon   the  Mayor  
  64. 64. SubjecSve  Wellbeing  –  the  New   Business  of  Government      From  Bhutan  to  the  UK,  governments  are  gepng  serious  about  measuring  “happiness”    …  “subjecSve  wellbeing:”  …  “flourishing  socieSes”      A  new  science….  but  we  know  that  wellbeing  maXers    By  2030…?  Radical  reform  of  the  how  we  understand  policy…      
  65. 65. We  used  to  think  that  revolu&ons  are  the   cause  of  change.  Actually  it  is  the  other  way  around:  change  prepares  the  ground   for  revolu&on.     Eric  Hoffer    
  66. 66. Discuss  with  Delbert.    
  67. 67. AUGMENTED  REALITY  &  Smart  glasses The next quantum leap   rob  gordon   chief  technology  officer   march  20,  2013  
  68. 68. What  can  AR  Glasses  do?What  we  have  found  crea9ng  “Terminator  Vision”  for  the  military  community   Augmented  Reality  Provides  Excellent  SituaSonal  Awareness  to  the  User     •  Real  Time  Alerts,  3D  Objects,  Hazards,  Danger  Areas   See  What  I  See,  Real-­‐Time  SituaSonal  Views  to  Wearers   •  Extensible   Hands-­‐Free  OperaSon     •  Non-­‐interference  with  Weapons,  Radios,  Equipment     •  Allows  Medical  Triage  and  Treatment   Provides  Discreet,  Unobtrusive  InformaSon  Capture  and  DisseminaSon   Allows  Rapid  Reachback  for  Data  Access     IntegraSon  and  Training  of  the  Technology  is  Natural  and  IntuiSve        
  69. 69. Advances  in  Industry Commercial  pressures  are  accelera9ng  technology  base  Processor  Power   SoXware  Ecosystem  •  Benefit  from  Cell  Phone  industry  and  mobile  device  market   •  Google  and  Microsoe  are  entering  consumer  trials   size   •  APX  working  on  industrial  OS  &  Ecosystem  •  Quad-­‐core  mobile  processors   •  Component  algorithm  maturity  &  availability  improving.  •  Hardware  accelerated  computer  vision  subsystems   (I.E.  Computer  Vision,  indoor  navigaSon)  •  BaXery  life  conscious    •  AdapSve  Voltage  Scaling  Op9cs   Data  Connec9vity  •  Industry  is  about  to  come  out  with  curved  waveguide.   •  Open  standard  driving  integraSon  opSons  and  sensor  data  •  40°  FOV  common.  120°  expected.   availability  •  Massive  industry  investment  in  projecSon  and  opScs   •  Biometrics,  object  recogniSon  &  telepresence  driving   producSon  techniques  (SMD,  Hi-­‐Max,  Lumus,  Epson,  etc)   commercial  adopSon   •  Availability  of  LTE  and  other  TCP/IP  backhaul  contribuSng  to   use  cases   “Smart  Glass  and  other  wearable  devices  will  be  worth  $1.5B  by  2014.”    -­‐  Juniper  Research  Oct  2012  
  70. 70. Significant    Industry  growth Projected  Adop9on  Timeline   Consumer   Mass  market,  global  potenSal.   •  Google,  Epson  and  Microsoe  are  entering   now   Commercial   •  Tracking  the  smartphone  adopSon  curve   •  MulS  $Billion  industry   Largest  near  term  market  with  a  broad-­‐based  users   and  posiSve  effects  on  supply  chain   •  MulSple  industries  (AutomoSve,  LogisScs,   Military/Government   Entertainment,  Medical,  Sports)   •  PosiSve  effects  on  efficiency  &  effecSveness   Empowering  the  future  warrior   •  10%  of  working  populaSon   •  Delivering  product  today   •  The  early  adopter     •  Compelling  use  case   •  Largest  single  customer  Q1 2013 Q2 2013 Q3 2013 Q4 2013 Q1 2014 Q2 2014 Q3 2014 Q4 2014 Q1 2015 Q2 2015 Q3 2015 Q4 2015
  71. 71. 8   K   [   OTHERS   SELF …   What does it all5   mean? 9   $   WORTH   THINGS S  
  72. 72.     Ari  Meisel    
  73. 73.    Script  for  Host:  (in  your  own  words)    Now  it’s  Sme  for  the  InteracSve  PorSon  of  our  evening!    We’re  going  to  break  up  into  small  groups  of  6-­‐8  people  and  play  a  game  to  help  you  understand  how  emerging  technology  and  Happiness  Indicator  Metrics  can  help  save  the  world.    But  first,  let  me  explain  the  game.          
  74. 74.    Script  for  Host:  (in  your  own  words)    The  country  of  Eudaimonia  needs  your  help!  While  they  have  some  metrics  that  are  opSmized  for  the  well-­‐being  of  their  ciSzens,  there  are  many  areas  that  could  sSll  be  improved.    What  this  means  is  that  they’re  flourishing  or  doing  well  with  some  of  the  economic  and  other  aspects  of  their  lives,  but  need  help  finding  balance  all-­‐around  for  the  greatest  benefit  of  their  CiSzens.    So  you  all  are  going  to  help  brainstorm  ideas  to  help  them!              
  75. 75.  Script  for  Host:  (in  your  own  words)    StaSsScs  for  Eudaimonia  that  are  provided  in  this  game  mirror  the  types  of  metrics  used  by  Bhutan  for  their  Gross  NaSonal  Happiness  Index  and  many  other  countries  around  the  world.  It’s  important  for  you  all  to  recognize  that  Happiness  Indicators  are  not  based  on  mood  or  ‘fluffy’  metrics,  but  are  quanStaSve  measures  helping  to  reshape  our  world.      This  is  why  it’s  so  powerful  to  map  your  own  well-­‐being,  or  happiness  to  a  Personal  Happiness  Indicator  –  you  can  start  to  understand  your  holisSc  value  in  the  context  of  where  the  world  is  moving,  which  is  away  from  the  GDP.    It’s  also  very  cool  to  note  that  the  United  NaSons  support  Bhutan’s  work  and  is  also  trying  to  help  all  their  member  countries  discover  how  THEY  can  work  with  their  countries  on  these  types  of  happiness  metrics  to  help  their  ciSzens  find  well-­‐being.        Let  me  show  you  some  examples  of  exisSng,  actual  Happiness  Metrics.       92  
  76. 76.  Script  for  Host:  (in  your  own  words)  –  for  the  following  slide:      The  first  example  shows  all  the  areas  that  Bhutan’s  Gross  NaSonal  Happiness  focuses  on.  “Living  standard”  is  in  there,  which  reflects  money  and  wealth,  but  that’s  only  one  aXribute.  There’s  also  “educaSon,”  “community  vitality,”  “culture,”  and  things  like  “Sme  use.”      Are  you  starSng  to  get  a  picture  how  emerging  media,  especially  things  like  QuanSfied  Self  will  be  so  important  to  dovetail  to  these  metrics?    The  QS  movement  is  already  transforming  millions  of  lives  by  helping  people  opSmize  their  Sme  use  and  health.    These  are  the  types  of  things  that  can  be  leveraged  for  the  work  we  (this  includes  you  as  a  Collaborator)  are  trying  to  do  with  the  H(app)athon  Project.       93  
  77. 77. 94  
  78. 78.  Script  for  Host:  (in  your  own  words)  –  for  the  following  slide:      Here  are  some  other  quick  examples  –  the  OECD  BeXer  Life  Index  that  measures  these  types  of  Happiness  Indicators  for  mulSple  countries,  staSsScs  taken  from  the  United  Kingdom  where  Prime  Minister  Cameron  is  using  these  types  of  quanStaSve  and  qualitaSve  measures  to  help  improve  ciSzen’s  well-­‐being,  and  an  enSre  (large)  page  on  Wikipedia  under  “Happiness  Economics”  where  you  can  learn  about  other  efforts  being  done  in  Brazil,  China,  Australia,  and  mulSple  parts  of  the  United  States  and  the  World  at  large.      So  keep  in  mind  as  you  play  this  game  –  Happiness  Indicators  are  a  real  and  thriving  set  of  metrics  around  the  world.    Y/our  ideas  for  how  to  Save  Eudaimonia  could  be  uSlized  at  some  point  to  help  an  actual  country  improve  their  Happiness  Metrics.    No  pressure.    J     95  
  79. 79. 96  
  80. 80.         United  Kingdom     Prime  Minister  Cameron     97  
  81. 81. 98  
  82. 82.  Script  for  Host:  (in  your  own  words)  –  for  the  following  slide:      Now  check  out  the  Happiness  Indicator  Metrics  for  Eudaimonia.    These  are  printed  on  the  handout  sheets  I’ve  given  (OR  I  WILL  GIVE)  to  facilitators  for  each  breakout  group.    What  you  see  here  is  a  more  holisSc  portrait  of  this  country  than  just  looking  at  their  GDP.    You  can  see  areas  where  they  have  an  abundance  of  one  metric  (like  a  high  health  saSsfacSon)  and  a  lower  abundance  of  a  different  metric  (like  housing).      So  one  major  advantage  of  looking  at  a  more  holisSc  portrait  of  value  is  in  seeing  how  you  can  leverage  a  country  or  a  person’s  strengths  to  help  the  areas  they  need  to  opSmize.    Using  real-­‐Sme  data,  you  can  also  see  how  improvements,  when  provided  to  a  country,  can  immediately  start  helping  individuals,  communiSes  or  even  an  enSre  populaSon.       99  
  83. 83.   Happiness/Well-­‐Being  Indicators  for  Eudaimonia:       Income:  (Average  Annual)  $38,500  USD  (equiv)   Employment  Rate:  65%  (êsince  previous  year)   Housing:  (35%  of  average  income)     Work  Sa9sfac9on:  (59%  happy  at  work)   Health:  (self  reported)  80%  saSsfacSon   Educa9onal  AHainment:  (goals/level)  65%   Community:  (social  network  penetraSon)  85%   Civic  Engagement:  (voSng)  76%   Environment:  (prox  to  green  space)  65%   Life  Sa9sfac9on:  59%           100  
  84. 84.         Now  it’s  Sme  to  play  the  game!   101  
  85. 85.    What  Your  Group  Needs  to  Create  in  the  next  30-­‐45  Minutes:    Please  come  up  with  a  soluSon  to  help  ciSzens  of  Eudaimonia  achieve  a  higher  level  of  well-­‐being  based  on  the  ficSonal  Happiness  Indicators  provided.    You  can  do  this  in  a  few  different  ways:      •  Create  an  App  •  Create  a  MarkeSng  or  other  Awareness  Building  Campaign   102  
  86. 86.      Here  are  some  tools/samples  of  Apps  to  get  your  ideas  flowing:                  Surveys  for  subjec&ve  data,  Sensors  to  measure  heart-­‐rate/health,  RFID  to  measure  machine  data,  Smartphones  to  measure  GPS,  voice  recogni&on,  Accelerometer  data,  Blue-­‐Tooth  for  NFC)   103  
  87. 87.  Script  for  Host:  (in  your  own  words)  –  for  the  following  slide:      In  just  a  minute,  we’re  going  to  break  into  small  groups  of  6-­‐8  people.    I’ll  pass  out  worksheets  to  facilitators  so  you’ll  have  these  direcSons  when  you  play  the  game.    (NOTE  –  the  following  instruc&ons  mirror  the  worksheets  you’ll  be  passing  out).    Once  you  break  into  small  groups,  you’re  going  to  introduce  yourselves  quickly  to  each  other  (your  names).  Then  you’re  going  to  decide  on  and  write  the  names  down  of  those  who  are  willing  to  take  different  roles  in  your  group  (this  is  on  your  worksheet).      Next,  you’re  going  to  review  Eudaimonia’s  Gross  NaSonal  Happiness  Indicators  (the  ten  metrics  I  showed  you  above  and  that  are  printed  on  your  handouts)  and  come  to  a  consensus  on  ONE  indicator  your  group  would  like  to  focus  on  to  improve  well-­‐being  in  the  region.       104  
  88. 88.  Script  for  Host:  (in  your  own  words)  –  for  the  following  slide:        Next  you’re  going  to  brainstorm  ideas  for  soluSons  to  help  Eudaimonia  improve  in  the  one  indicator  your  group  came  to  consensus  on.    Note  you  can  uSlize  other  indicator  data  to  support  your  choice  (e.g.,  “Our  app  leverages  high  civic  engagement  to  improve  work  saSsfacSon.”)  SoluSons  can  come  in  the  form  of  an  app/technology,  or  a  markeSng  or  awareness-­‐building  campaign.      Then  you’ll  need  to  refine  your  ideas  based  on  answers  to  the  following  quesSons:  1.  What  is  the  problem  your  idea(s)  seeks  to  address?    2.  How  will  the  idea  address  this  problem?  3.  How  will  you  know  when  your  idea  is  successful?       105  
  89. 89.  Script  for  Host:  (in  your  own  words)  –  for  the  following  slide:        Then  you  need  to  review  all  ideas  and  come  to  consensus  on  the  one  idea  that  seems  to  be  gepng  the  most  energy  and  excitement  from  the  group.  If  you  are  having  trouble  coming  to  consensus,  you  may  ask  members  to  advocate  for  ideas,  try  combining  ideas,  or  conduct  a  vote.        You’ll  need  to  create  a  name  and  a  graphic  for  idea  &  prepare  for  presentaSon  that  best  represents  your  idea.    The  “graphic  arSst”  in  your  groups  will  create  the  graphic  on  a  piece  of  chart  paper.  Write  the  answers  to  the  three  quesSons  described  above  below  the  graphic.   106  
  90. 90.  Script  for  Host:  (in  your  own  words)  –  for  the  following  slide:        Finally,  develop  any  addiSonal  talking  points  needed  to  support  presentaSon  of  idea.    Pick  a  presenter  who  knows  and  is  fine  with  being  videotaped/placed  on  the  H(app)athon  Website.      People  report  their  idea  for  2-­‐3  minutes.       107  
  91. 91.    Aeer  everyone  is  finished,  we’ll  vote  for  a  “winner.”    There  are  NO  bad  ideas,  but  it  will  be  helpful  to  see  what  people  choose  as  an  idea  that  could  truly  change  the  world.    We’ll  clap  for  a  winner,  who  will  receive    And  don’t  forget  to  cheer  for  your  presenter!      Here  are  two  sample  ideas  to  get  your  minds  going:     108  
  92. 92.  Sample  App  Idea    CiSzens  of  Eudaimonia  will  create  wearable-­‐sensor  clothing  for  employees  to  analyze  when  they’re  happiest  at  work.    Fabric  will  change  colors  based  on  mood  so  people  can  be  more  sensiSve  to  their  colleagues  and  increase  producSvity.     109  
  93. 93.  Sample  Marke9ng  Campaign  Idea    “The  Thank  You!  Campaign”  –    CiSzens  of  Eudaimonia  are  assigned  25  people  in  one  day  they  try  to  thank  for  something  they’ve  done.    Each  person  who  is  thanked  is  asked  to  wear  a  fitbit  or  biometric  sensor  that  will  show  their  increased  (posiSve)  heartrate.  The  improvement  in  health  over  the  course  of  one  month  will  be  mapped,  as  well  as  the  correlaSon  of  data  around  health  insurance  rates  being  lowered.    Local  employers  will  be  able  to  charge  less  for  insurance  and  have  more  money  to  hire  more  employees.     110  
  94. 94.       It’s  your  Turn.    Help  Eudaimonia   Get  H(app)y!  
  95. 95.       Five  Minutes  Lee  –  Wrap  it  Up  
  96. 96.       IMAGINE  PresentaSons  
  97. 97.       Vote  for  a  “Winner!”  
  98. 98.       The  “Winner”  Will  Receive...   H(app)thon  Global  Launch,  3.20.2013  
  99. 99. 250    Trillion    Dollars.    
  100. 100.         How  You  Can  Help  The  H(app)athon  Project      
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