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2 Thessalonians
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2 Thessalonians


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Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. 2 Thessalonians Blessed Hope Coming Again
  • 2. 2 Thessalonians Summary
    • Work, Wait – Jesus is coming
      • Jesus has work for us to do until He comes back to gather the church to Himself.
      • We must work – wait, pray – watch, while waiting for Christ to return.
    • In the NT, second coming of Christ is mentioned 318 times
    • Jesus said he was coming again (John 14:3)
    • 1 st Thess was about Christ coming back for His church, 2 nd Thess is about Christ coming with His mighty angels.
    • The Thessalonians are undergoing trials, persecutions. They are also worried that they missed the coming back and are in the tribulation.
    • There were false teachers who were teaching this
  • 3. 2 Thessalonians - Overview
    • Who – Paul, Timothy, Silus
    • What – Correct False teachings about the when “Day of the Lord” would happen, reassure them on how to live and wait.
    • When – AD 53 or 54, likely within months after 1 st Thessalonians.
    • Where – written from Corinth to the church in Thessalonica.
    • Why – Encourage the church in Thessalonica to stand firm and help them reject false teachings about the second coming of Christ.
    • Key Verse: 2Th 2:3 Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,
  • 4. 2 Thessalonians Outline Ch 1
    • Introduction ( 2Th_1:1 , 2Th_1:2 )
    • An account of his high esteem for these Thessalonians ( 2Th_1:3 , 2Th_1:4 ).
    • Comforts them under their afflictions and persecutions ( 2Th_1:5-10 ) and tells them what his prayers were to God for them ( 2Th_1:11 , 2Th_1:12 ).
  • 5. 2 Thessalonians Outline Ch 1
    • Paul encourages, before rebuking
    • He gives praise for their growth in faith
    • He reminds them that the Lord will right the current wrongs and afflictions when He returns.
    • He contrasts the glorious destiny of believers with the eternal punishment of the wicked. (v 7-12)
  • 6. 2 Thessalonians Outline Ch 2
    • Paul is very careful to hinder the spreading of an error into which some among them had fallen concerning the coming of Christ, as being very near ( 2Th_2:1-3 ).
    • Then he proceeds to refute the error he cautioned them against, by telling them of two great events prior to the coming of Christ –
      • a general apostasy,
      • and the revelation of antichrist (the man of lawlessness)
        • Spoken of in Daniel, Jesus (Matt 24:23-24), and in Rev 13:1-8
      • concerning whom Paul tells them many things, about his name, his character, his rise, his fall, his reign, and the sin and ruin of his subjects ( 2Th_2:4-12 ). He then comforts them against this apostasy, and exhorts them to steadfastness ( 2Th_2:13-15 ). And concludes with a prayer for them ( 2Th_2:16 , 2Th_2:17 ).
  • 7. 2 Thessalonians Outline Ch 2
    • Paul explains what must happen before Christ comes back for Judgement
      • A great falling away – 2 nd Thess 2:3, 2 nd Peter 2:1
      • Man of Lawlessness will not appear until Christ gathers the church to Himself in the rapture v 4 and 8.
      • Man of Sin will open a campaign against Christ
        • Will rule with power, signs, and lying wonders. A time of strong delusions. (Matt 24:24), v9
        • Establish himself in Jerusalem (Matt 24:15)
        • Make war with the saints (Rev 13:7)
        • Worshipped as God v 4
        • Will last 3 ½ years – Rev 13:5-6
    • will be cast into the lake of fire by Christ – Rev 19:20
  • 8. 2 Thessalonians Outline Ch 2
    • Gospel has not failed
    • The redemption plan is doing what the Lord intended, gathering His church to Himself
    • The mystery of lawlessness is at work v 7
      • Jesus said when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" Luke 18:8
    • The darkest clouds precede the coming golden days of the Lord.
  • 9. 2 Thessalonians Outline Ch 3
    • In the previous chapter, Paul had prayed earnestly for the Thessalonians, and now he desires their prayers v1, encouraging them to trust in God, He had confidence in their faith.
    • He presents another petition for them ( 2Th_3:1-5 ).
    • He then proceeds to give them commands and directions for correcting some things he was informed were amiss among them ( 2Th_3:6-15 ) and
    • concludes with benedictions and prayers ( 2Th_3:16-18 ).
  • 10. 2 Thessalonians Outline Ch 3
    • The delay in the Lord’s coming gives opportunity for service
      • Don’t be troubled or idle while we wait
      • Evangelize the world, v1
      • Live a holy life v6-14
    • Do not be lazy
      • V 10 – if a man will not work, he will not eat.
    • Paul closes with a prayer and confirms that he Paul, wrote this letter. V16-18.
  • 11. Significant Words – Deceive = exapataō
    • ἐξαπατάω
    • exapataō
    • ex-ap-at-ah'-o
    • From G1537 and G538; to seduce wholly: - beguile, deceive.